Anwar Ibrahim unlikely to become PM

The talk about former Deputy Prime Minister and abuse of power convinct Anwar Ibrahim will ever made it as the Prime Minister, despite Pakatan Rakyat won unexpectedly big in the recently concluded 12th General Elections (12 GE) on 8 March 2008, which saw Barisan Nasional (BN) lost its traditional 2/3 majority and control in 5 + 1 states is really doubtful. This is despite that many quarters within BN, like Wanita UMNO, Sabah UMNO dan Sarawak BN were gravely unhappy on the allocation of Cabinet seats for their representatives. These speculations that 30 BN MPs have been ‘induced’ to jump ship and go with the Pakatan Rakyat have been widely spread, especially amongst alternative media.

The fact is that Pakatan Rakyat won not because the rakyat wants Anwar as their leader, but they are simply fed up with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and wanted to send a strong message on the immense dissatisfaction. The Pakatan Rakyat big win also does not mean that the Pakatan Rakyat is ready to be given the mandate and confidence of the rakyat, to manage the country. He also reiterated his wary feeling on how and why the Jews all over the world and even Israelis, pay so much attention on Anwar’s development here in this country.

The word ‘Pakatan’ itself brought a notion of negative connotation. In Malay, ‘pakat’ is often used to depict “plotting to do something not good”. After all, this ‘unholy alliance’ between PKR-DAP-PAS can be clearly be seen, especially in recent adverse statements made by PAS spiritual leader Dato’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat and DAP stalwart Karpal Singh, on issues like Islam and leadership of an Islamists.

Anwar is no longer acceptable and wanted into UMNO, by the UMNO circle. The sentiment on this is very clear. For example, when a young man claiming to be ‘Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Cawangan Batu 8, Sekinchan’ brought up the notion that UMNO should bring Anwar back in, at a Forum organized by on 1 April 2008, he was jeered so hard that the security had to drag him out, for his own safety.

Then again there is issue will the Pakatan Rakyat PKR-DAP-PAS unholy coalition government ever be an effective government, if ever they made it to form the simple majority government, as and when there is enough defections from BN MPs.

One is the issue will the all 24 PAS MPs give Anwar that strong support? The DAP, with their anti Islam standing and statements, as member the coalition partner in Anwar’s future government will be a point to be really looked into, especially by the PAS hardliners. Then again, the hardliners faction within PAS is also very uncomfortable the known fact that Anwar is very close with Jewish personalities like Wolfowitz, Cohen, Rubin and Albright.

Two, as and when the Pakatan Rakyat government get into the administration positions, theoretically DAP will get 1/3 of the Cabinet seats. Will the 98% Malay majority civil servants, especially the senior positions will ever give co-operation to the DAP Cabinet Ministers, especially with their anti-Malay and anti-Islam policies, despite these past month some of their leaders trying very hard to shed all these characteristics about the Chinese chauvinist party? Showing up at Mauludir Rasul celebrations just simply would not do to convince the Malays. This ‘silent civil service rebellion’ factor is made worse if DAP were to be allocated strategical Cabinet posts such as Treasury, MITI, Domestic Trade and Consumerism and Primary Industries and Commodities.

Three, it is apparent that PKR never imagined they could do this well, in the 12GE, let alone able to form a government. That is why they promised the moon-and-the-sun as a campaign manifesto. Now, PKR need to prove themselves first and deliver the promises, in places like Selangor. The management of the nation, with its diversity and complex resource management is a completely different ball game entirely. Do PKR have really credible personalities, to assume positions in the administration, if ever they get there, when they have candidates like Loh Gwo Burne, who does not even reside in this country?

Four, before the whatever number of MPs, be it PKR, DAP, PAS or defected former BN MPs wanting to throw their support behind Anwar, whenever the decision needed to be made, wouldn’t they think how far and long will this fragile and loosely formed coalition government, with adversely unholy aspirations and objectives last? This is expected would be a major consideration, amongst these MPs.

Five, people will still remember, especially Sabahans how Anwar never live up to his promises. Example was in 1994, when in the midst of defection campaign against the then PBS government, USNO and PBS ADUNs were promised RM 10 million by Anwar. Dato’ Lajim Hj Ukin, was said to only had received RM 500,000 for his willingness to defect into UMNO.

Therefore, the tenure of Anwar as the Prime Minister is actually numbered, before he even ever got there.

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