Anwar Ibrahim unlikely to become PM

The talk about former Deputy Prime Minister and abuse of power convinct Anwar Ibrahim will ever made it as the Prime Minister, despite Pakatan Rakyat won unexpectedly big in the recently concluded 12th General Elections (12 GE) on 8 March 2008, which saw Barisan Nasional (BN) lost its traditional 2/3 majority and control in 5 + 1 states is really doubtful. This is despite that many quarters within BN, like Wanita UMNO, Sabah UMNO dan Sarawak BN were gravely unhappy on the allocation of Cabinet seats for their representatives. These speculations that 30 BN MPs have been ‘induced’ to jump ship and go with the Pakatan Rakyat have been widely spread, especially amongst alternative media.

The fact is that Pakatan Rakyat won not because the rakyat wants Anwar as their leader, but they are simply fed up with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and wanted to send a strong message on the immense dissatisfaction. The Pakatan Rakyat big win also does not mean that the Pakatan Rakyat is ready to be given the mandate and confidence of the rakyat, to manage the country. He also reiterated his wary feeling on how and why the Jews all over the world and even Israelis, pay so much attention on Anwar’s development here in this country.

The word ‘Pakatan’ itself brought a notion of negative connotation. In Malay, ‘pakat’ is often used to depict “plotting to do something not good”. After all, this ‘unholy alliance’ between PKR-DAP-PAS can be clearly be seen, especially in recent adverse statements made by PAS spiritual leader Dato’ Nik Aziz Nik Mat and DAP stalwart Karpal Singh, on issues like Islam and leadership of an Islamists.

Anwar is no longer acceptable and wanted into UMNO, by the UMNO circle. The sentiment on this is very clear. For example, when a young man claiming to be ‘Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Cawangan Batu 8, Sekinchan’ brought up the notion that UMNO should bring Anwar back in, at a Forum organized by on 1 April 2008, he was jeered so hard that the security had to drag him out, for his own safety.

Then again there is issue will the Pakatan Rakyat PKR-DAP-PAS unholy coalition government ever be an effective government, if ever they made it to form the simple majority government, as and when there is enough defections from BN MPs.

One is the issue will the all 24 PAS MPs give Anwar that strong support? The DAP, with their anti Islam standing and statements, as member the coalition partner in Anwar’s future government will be a point to be really looked into, especially by the PAS hardliners. Then again, the hardliners faction within PAS is also very uncomfortable the known fact that Anwar is very close with Jewish personalities like Wolfowitz, Cohen, Rubin and Albright.

Two, as and when the Pakatan Rakyat government get into the administration positions, theoretically DAP will get 1/3 of the Cabinet seats. Will the 98% Malay majority civil servants, especially the senior positions will ever give co-operation to the DAP Cabinet Ministers, especially with their anti-Malay and anti-Islam policies, despite these past month some of their leaders trying very hard to shed all these characteristics about the Chinese chauvinist party? Showing up at Mauludir Rasul celebrations just simply would not do to convince the Malays. This ‘silent civil service rebellion’ factor is made worse if DAP were to be allocated strategical Cabinet posts such as Treasury, MITI, Domestic Trade and Consumerism and Primary Industries and Commodities.

Three, it is apparent that PKR never imagined they could do this well, in the 12GE, let alone able to form a government. That is why they promised the moon-and-the-sun as a campaign manifesto. Now, PKR need to prove themselves first and deliver the promises, in places like Selangor. The management of the nation, with its diversity and complex resource management is a completely different ball game entirely. Do PKR have really credible personalities, to assume positions in the administration, if ever they get there, when they have candidates like Loh Gwo Burne, who does not even reside in this country?

Four, before the whatever number of MPs, be it PKR, DAP, PAS or defected former BN MPs wanting to throw their support behind Anwar, whenever the decision needed to be made, wouldn’t they think how far and long will this fragile and loosely formed coalition government, with adversely unholy aspirations and objectives last? This is expected would be a major consideration, amongst these MPs.

Five, people will still remember, especially Sabahans how Anwar never live up to his promises. Example was in 1994, when in the midst of defection campaign against the then PBS government, USNO and PBS ADUNs were promised RM 10 million by Anwar. Dato’ Lajim Hj Ukin, was said to only had received RM 500,000 for his willingness to defect into UMNO.

Therefore, the tenure of Anwar as the Prime Minister is actually numbered, before he even ever got there.

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  1. YES!!! The best piece of news so far.

    Mr bigdog
    do you think this jews – anwar relationship was there even when he’s in UMNO?

  2. Your writing is purely raw and immature. The damn most important element in your writing is missing….that is sincere! Wake up dude

  3. You and your bullshitting about jews, which goes to
    show how shallow and narrow minded you are. Please tell
    us what has jews got to do with malaysia> Is it that you
    are an agent of Tun and has been instructed by him to
    just attack the jews and pin them on Anwar? Or do you
    think that Sorros did Malaysia some wrong during the
    currency crisis and your instruction to push all the
    blame on Anwar for being close with the jews..
    Please note that if Sorros did make a fool of the
    Malaysian Government then under Tun, it was because
    greed,corruption, cronyism and stupidity of the highest
    order prevailing at that time which enable Sorros to
    make a circus out of the Malaysian Currency.
    Go tell Tun that he is a SATAN in the absolute sense
    re-incarnated and without him at the helm for 22 years
    Malaysian would probably have attained “develop”
    status today.

  4. Your argument about his association with the jews is rather silly to say the least. I wonder if you ever read the history of Islam and our Prophet’s (BPUH)personality. Are you aware that one of his wives was jewish? I’m not trying to make any comparision between Anwar and our Prophet(BPUH), but the fact that as a Muslim, one has to emulate what our Prophet(BPUH) did. I think you need to distinguish between Jews and Zionists and Neo-cons. So be careful with your facts about jews. Many Jews are Muslims too. Many jews support Palestinian causes. A blanket statement like yours is dangerous. I am not sure what you have in mind about Anwar, but your argument does sound like racism to me. If you try to sell your propanda to Malaysians, please get your facts right and don’t ASSume we are so ignorant and stupid or GET A LIFE!

  5. Although i do not agree with all your data, i do agree that anwar cannot yet be the pm. his party, the pkr, is the weakest among the 3 coalition partners. PKR has negligible membership and very little active branches. reason >> people were afraid to be associated with anwar or pkr before the elections. without strong grassroot backup, anwar would have to depend on pas and DAP, expecially DAP.
    And i think the time time is not right for the DAPisation of Malaysia.
    Pas of course may abandon whatever coalition there is when this happen. Even now the hardliners are preparing to dump their leaders.
    So the logical step is to strengthen PKR first.

  6. Anwar is charismatic, but his tendency to kill and leave the pack is dangerous and worrying. God knows what his intention is. Ask Rahim, Muhamad Taib, Najib and Sanusi and there are a lot of old notes to look and refer.

  7. world malaysia today…YAB Tan sri Anuar Ibrahim..the prime minister after raja Abdullah Shah

  8. […] Anwar Ibrahim unlikely to become PM […]

  9. Being a pro umno am nya dan muhkriz khusus nya, your views should be one sided and are expected. Your article is nothing new that we haven’t already know and shouldn’t be celebrated as such.

  10. Ini apala racist punya artikel ni!!! This artikel is seditious…patut masuk lokap ISA! BN is so korupted with BILLIONS wastage and the rakyat suffering still you cannot wake up. Bila dah jumpa Tuhan ..ingatla dosa dosa kamu

  11. I agreed that Anwar really close with some Jews. I think the media should also reveal on how close his relationship with Yusuf Qardhawi or other Muslim activist (non Malay)

  12. Cuba ko tgk surat ni
    Aku nak ko komen.

  13. Kekok 3.02pm,

    Surat itu tidak dapat disahkan kesahihanya kerana:

    1. Rujukan surat itu tidak difailkan dalam susunan no. rujukan surat Perdana Menteri Malaysia

    2. Setiap surat PM Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad kepada pemimpin negara asing ditulis dengan tangannya sendiri; “Dear Mr Ehud Barak”

    Contoh: Sila rujuk surat surat kepada pemimpin dunuia yang diterbitkan semula oleh Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad dalam “Selected letters to World Leaders”

    3. Setiap surat PM Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad kepada pemimpin negara asing ditanda tangani sebagai Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dan BUKAN “Mahathir Mohamad” sahaja

    Contoh: Sila rujuk surat surat kepada pemimpin dunuia yang diterbitkan semula oleh Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad dalam “Selected letters to World Leaders”

    4. S.K. sepatutnya ditulis sebagai Embassy of Malaysia to Washington D.C., United States of America dan biasanya, surat kepada pemimpin dunia TIDAK DISALINKAN KEPADA mana mana Kedutaan Malaysia.

    Contoh: Sila rujuk surat surat kepada pemimpin dunuia yang diterbitkan semula oleh Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad dalam “Selected letters to World Leaders”

    Inilah yang menjadi norma surat surat rasmi dari Perdana Menteri Malaysia

    5. Perdana Menteri Malaysia Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad TIDAK SESEKALI AKAN MENULIS SURAT kepada mana mana pemimpin negara asing untuk meminta sumbangan bagi UMNO atau mana mana parti politik dalam negara, termasuk BN. Ini akan menjadi bahan tawa seluruh dunia!

    HANYA spinmaster Pembangkang, terutama aktivis Keldaian sahaja yang mampu mengeluarkan SURAT PALSU yang BODOH sebegini, untuk memburukan Tun Dr.
    Mahathir Mohamad!

  14. Saya tak pernah surat ini, terima kasih kepada kekok kerana membawanya ke pengtahuan saya, dan kepada orang ramai. Kita tak tau asli ke palsu. Tapi jangan kata “…TIDAK SESEKALI AKAN…” Orang putih kata “Never say never”. Harapkan tidak ada PM atau rakyat Malaysia menulis surat seperti ini. MasyaAllah…Jauhkan lah.

    Dalam politik semuanya tak mustahil. Di Malaysia, orang akan buat apa saje untuk menang dalam politik. Walaupun jual maruah dan negara. Bacalah sejarah Melayu, soal pembesar-pembesar yang jual negeri-negeri melayu kepada penjajah. Berebut nak jadi MB di Terengganu, hanya untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat ke?

  15. I like you respon to kekok! Yeah bigdog, caya la lu.

  16. Ahem, is the Perdana Foundation trying to use the Jewish bogeyman again in their efffort to demonize Anwar? Did they get the memo that Mahathir has backtracked on his claims that Jewish financiers like Soros was responsible for the 97 crisis?

  17. Hey, do yourself and the rest of your Tun Mahathir lickers a favour. Get off the Anwar case. I know you guys are scared shit of the day when Anwar becomes PM. But your strategy to counter that armageddon stinks. you see the more you try to rubbish him, the cleaner he looks.
    this jew thing was over and done with long time ago, just like the IMF shit that your old man tried to pin on him. and then there’s that chandra anak lelaki (was it pillai or something?) calling him anti Chinese and anti hindu.
    when are you bozos gonna realize that you’re dealing with more sophisticated netizens? we’re not NST or Utusan readers. Please, common sense lah, pakailah otak sikit.

  18. hahaha .. bro bigguy … good point and very good answer to that guy who know nothing ..

    Down to racist DAPig … and bro i know some jews who support Palestian and some of them Islam … and reality as your article , the jews who behind Anwar is clearly not , blood on their hands !!!

  19. mangkuk hayun punya artikel

    belajar tinggi-tinggi tapi jadi bodoh. Hotak kau dah penuh dengan taik dan tipu helah mahathir. UMNO rosak pasal mahathir kau tau kan? Sapa kau nak hentam paklah?
    Sapa mukhriz nak hentam paklah? sapa mukhriz kalau bukan anak mahathir? aku rasa ko pun takkan sokong mukhriz.

    woi jibrauk, bukaklah sikit mentaliti kau tu

  20. You are a chauvinist and racist. Obviously you are a TDM man, blinded by all the harm he has caused to Malaysia. Give Pak Lah credit for undoing the things that TDM did. And give DAP credit for perseverance despite TDM trying to kill them off including jailing Lim Guan Eng instead of jailing the CM that raped the 16 year old MALAY girl.

  21. Ni plak komen dari Rashid Abdullah, komen yg berjaya menarik perhatian aku:

    While surfing the net to get my dose of the blog jokes, I saw thisentry. Well, I was interested in what you wrote. Then I checked thewebsite and saw the owner of the blog and what he has been writing.Credibility somehow seemed low and honesty was missing according to muthinking which can be right or wrong though the truth never getssubmerged even under deluge. What I saw were innuendos, characterassassination, illogical input and outright lies that probably can beused to soothe toddlers.

    Please note that I will try to beneutral as much as I can and try to be honest much the same despite myown shortcomings. Also note that my argument is not in defence of Anwarthe person but a reply and a general answer from both political andIslamic point of view in relation to the Jewish Issue and other pointsthat you have raised.

    Before I answer whether AnwarIbrahim is a Zionist or not, (seems you don’t know what Zionism is inthe 1st place), I want you to know that Jews as a people are part ofGod’s creation. Allah SW condemns unbelieving Jews much as He condemnsunbelieving Malays. Your closeness to Allah (SW) is decided by your ownTaqwa and belief more than it is decided by your own allegianceto UMNO or Mahatir or your belonging to the Malay Community. That said,to be friends with Jews, to marry from them or to live with them isneither disliked by Islam nor prohibited by it. Having known that; letme address your innuendo in a number of points.

    1.You said Anwar was close to the “Poster Boy of the Zionists”: Wolfowitzand therefore he is a Zionist. This is like saying someone has beeninfected with AIDS simply that he has touched a person with AIDS. It isa scandalous claim that defies logic and reason. First of all, to be afriend with a Jew doesn’t make you a bad person. The problem does not lie in making friends or alliances; the issue has to deal with taking allies against Muslims.You should know that. There was a day the Prophet (pbuh) was sittingand then the casket of a Jew passed by, the Prophet (pbuh) stood up.His Companions asked him why did he stand up to respect the casket ofthe Jew who was his enemy and he fought him once; the Prophet (pbuh)answered: “Isn’t it a soul?” In other words, respecting Jews like any other human being is a must.

    2.There is this question: is there is any wrong in your friend being aJew? No! That asked, there is nothing more important in engaging yourenemies today. There is nothing greater than talking to your enemy andmaking him understand your case. Standing there and insulting peopledoesn’t help us. This is why Tun Mahatir paid millions through aRepublican Jewish lobbyist who is today serving his sentence forcorruption in order to meet Bush for 30 minutes and take our case tohim and make him understand our point of view. If he (Bush) doesn’tknow, you don’t expect him to change his hostile stand or tone down hisviolent rhetoric. Gentle lecture and tête-à-tête discussion is bothIslamic and logical at this age and time. The Prophet’s wife Aisha’(RA) urged dialogue and restraint saying that the Prophet (pbuh) hassaid: “Allah loves kindness and gentle approach to all issues and cases.”

    3.You can’t deny that Anwar is “competent” as you pointed out. Only thatyou did shut your heart and it became constricted. The reason you gavein relation to the man who has appointed him is puerile. The Photo isnot an issue. Would Tun Mahatir meeting Soros as he did be an issue?Absolutely not! For you Tun paying millions from our taxes to a Zionistlobbist is not an issue because you are not driven by objectivity. Pliznote that I don’t object to Tun Mahatir meeting Zionists or paying themto get Bush’s ears. We need that otherwise our enemies will get hisears. But I’m pointing to the irony.

    4. Having saidsomething being a friend with a Jew or a non-Muslim, let me look atArab-Anwar relation. First of all, Anwar has good relations with theoverwhelming leadership of the Arab world. However, for me, thatdoesn’t point to any significance. Arabs today are their own enemies.Anwar is still close to many Arab leaders but what does it signify?Nothing! Only in 2007, he has met at least 6 Arab leaders and quite adozen of Arab foreign ministers. But does that mean anything? In theMuslim world, he is quite popular. But does popularity in the Muslimworld guarantee any good for anyone? Anwar also is close to non-ArabMuslim leaders including Turkish President Abdullah Gul and PrimeMinister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and both Indonesian current President andimmediate President. In fact, they (Turkish leaders) invited him toIstanbul one week after their crushing victory last year. Indonesianscall him “Pak Anwar”. Mahatir even didn’t build close relations withMuslims. He concentrated on ASEAN. However, that doesn’t help me orMuslims. What helps us are the institutions (Judiciary, police,civil society, free media, etc) a Muslim leader leaves behind. Even theunborn knows where Malaysia is today in regard to the said institutionsform the bedrock of any strong nation.

    5. You callthe John Hopkins University a “hotbed of intellectual Zionism” simplybecause Anwar lectured in it. What a pity. God the Almighty! You remindme Prophet Shu’aib’s (As) people. The Prophet was good. However becauseof the hate they had for him, they rejected his message. Then he criedto them saying: “O my people, your hatred to me shouldn’t make you failin taking my message.” In this case, your hatred to Anwar is not onlymaking you a child but blind at the same time. First of all, there isnothing true in what you said in this instance. Secondly, if aUniversity becomes a “Zionist” because either the person you hatelectures in it or that it may have a Jew Professor, then you need toknow that 35% of Noble receivers are Jews while Muslims constitute0.2%. They work hard and excel in education. I remember Chief Rabbi ofIsrael saying last year: “You [Jews] have no future or strength without education”In Malaysia, we chase every professor who doesn’t *****foot the PM. Andyou know which PM ISA-ed a record number of Malaysian lecturers andsuffocated them and under which Minister of Education was the MalaysianUniversity students banned from politics and social activism. A friendof mine who is a medical doctor is from that University. It is anexcellent university and you can do a Masters or PHD research inIslamic Studies, Arabic Language or Islamic Jurisprudence if you need.They offer such programmes. Honestly speaking and with due respect,your argument is pathetic. Even if you want to scare someone, you needto be smart lest people laugh at you.

    On why Anwar or anyother person lectured, remember, in the US, the Universities compete toget world leaders including dictators to lecture in their Universities.They invite everybody from Ahmadinejad to Mugabe to increase theirprofile and get valuable lessons on the particular subject the lecturerlectures on. You must know that this is why they are ranked the topbecause the profile of the lecturers counts for 40% in ranking. Doingmy masters (2004) at Boston University, I remember we had 7Presidents/Prime ministers from Africa, Latin America and Asiolecturing at the University.

    6. You asked where does Anwar get money from “since he has no job”.Then you insinuated that he is being funded by Jews. As a believingMuslim, the worst you can engage is insinuation. Pliz take note ofthat. Anwar has multiple jobs. He did mention that he still remainswith the Universities where he was lecturing (The Sun Interview) andthat he intends to resign in the coming weeks. He also sits in theboards of Bahrain Islamic Finance, Qatari Muslim-West Dialogue whereDr. Qaradawi also serves as Deputy Head, Islamic Development Bank andother Boards. That’s a lot of money. But if you want to help him, Ithink that’s being a nice Muslim. (No pun intended).

    .7You said Anwar was corrupt and even lashed at his family. God is Great.My dear brother, why not proceed to the ACA and lodge complaint againsthim? If he is corrupt, why not produce the evidence? Does Islam (don’tlook at Anwar pliz) allow you to accuse someone without hard evidence?May be hate as I mentioned earlier and political expediency is makingyou fail to open your heart and relieve it. You have the choice mybrother. You said PKR is funded by his past corruption, evidence pliz?It is a simple Islamic requirement since you are using Islam todemonize a fellow Muslim.

  22. …apakah kalau kita berkawan dengan orang Yahudi kita akan menjadi Yahudi?

    inilah tahap pemikiran orang UMNO totok….



  24. “kata dulang paku serpih”

    great article mr.bigdog…


    the words above is just like a mirror to them…

  25. […] ini, beliau pernah amat yakin mempersoalkan kemungkinan MP BN melompat agar Kerajaan Persekutuan BN tumbang. Published […]

  26. To rashid abdullah and all blogger readers,
    Much has been said about Jews. My classmates in University were Jews. That didnt make me a Jew sympathiser.
    BUT, You see, in the Anwar context, he and the inner-elite-ring of PKR were particularly close to Wolfowitz.
    (Question: why Wolf picks Anwar??)
    Wolfowitz visited him in Munich. Concidence?
    You think Anwar specifically and in a very determined fashion “insisted” on going to Germany to be treated for his back, was a coincidence?

    M’sia had the best orthopedic doctors the world can offer, but he insisted on “going overseas”. (Here I had to digress a bit to give you the background picture for those who didnt know).
    This is the “P.M” you want to entrust your life to?

    He doesnt trust you M’sians. He doesnt believe in M’sians.
    But he needs M’sians (and their votes) to bring him to power.

    You see guys, Wolfowitz is a front-line (bukan calang2 orang kuat) Neo-Conservative and only alligns himself with ppl with similar ideology and mission.

    Gee, is it a “coincidence” that the most influential people in the Neo-Con movement are Jews?

    Pls.view the website below and the hyperlinks.
    (Wolf-CIA-US Dollar-)
    There are numerous links but I give you one.

    Books recommended (to understand the bigger picture if what’s really going on)
    1. THE NEW JERUSALEM, Michael Collins Piper.
    2. THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR, same author.
    4. AHMADINEJAD, The Tiger…cant recall the author..

    Neo-Cons think-thank and top ppl are pro-Likud, pro-Israel.Their ideology runs parallel with Zionism who wish to control the world through all means possible.

    For decades, they occupy the MOST VITAL top positions in the US administration that influence world policies: Defence Dept, & Justice Dept.
    They dont care about the sorry state of US health of the common Americans (or the welfare of the rest of the world, really).

    It’s ALL about making Israel as the dominant NATION (oops, it rhymes with United Nations(UN)..WHAT A CONCIDENCE).
    Unfortunately for them (Neo-Cons, Zionists and the likes of Wolf),ISLAM dominates the vital Middle-East. Islamic uprising is also happening just about everywhere (including tiny Malaysia).


    So, HOW to tackle this sticky issue? Neo-Cons and Wolf cannot do it all alone right?

    So,they identify, hand-pick “educated, eloquent” “moderate” “Muslims individuals” to spread the wings to the Middle East, with the “sincere wish” of “MODERATING ISLAMIC PRACTICES”, “”LIBERALISING ISLAM”, “PROMOTE GENDER EQUALITY AMONG THE ARAB WORLD AND ELSEWHERE IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES”…all done insidiuosly and over time, to WEAKEN the way-of-life of Muslims, and to create conflicts within the minds and lives of Muslims who have been practising the Islamic way of life PEACEFULLY, esp. in the Middle East.

    Such conflicts in ideology,as promoted by FFF (Foundation of the Future, Anwar was charman) and its associated “NGO”, will gradually erode the Islamic practice in Middle East and elsewhere, create in-fighting amongs Muslims in the same country (…deja vu..M’sia) and eventually…a “false flag” or trigger factor that will lead to the collapse of (or the invasion of) Muslim countries.

    It’s very complicated. No one book is able to describe it all.You need several.

    One needs to go through a number of literature and great authors who are impartial, who will give crystal-clear picture of the “NEW WORLD ORDER”. Of course, the Neo-Cons/ Zionists are NOT that stupid to elect an individual of Jewish origin to go around the Muslim countries to give lectures and get the ball rolling.
    Anwar was the right candidate. what a coincidence.

    Get the picture??

    p/s. I am non-voter all my life. Meaning, I dont care about Anwar nor any politicians, but I care about MY RELIGION and THE SOVEREIGNTY OF MY COUNTRY and THE SOVEREIGNTY OF MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

    My last advice: if you all write something in public, write with respect. You will look stupid (and maybe stupid too) if you express vulgar or distasteful sentences. There are ways to write constructive criticisms.

    Salaam from BANGI

  27. […] kerana kami yang jawapanya: Tidak mungkin ada MP PKR yang berani. Ini kerana kami amat yakin (semenjak pra-16 September 2008 lagi) yang Anwar berbohong dan memperdaya ramai pihak apabila mengumumkan bahawa pada 16 September 2008, […]

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