A snippet from Brisbane Courier Mail, 28 June 1997

The Brisbane Courier Mail report, dated 28th June, 1997 under the heading Politician’s Property Empire Still Growing, in a report by-lined Sean Parnell, states:

The international property empire of an embattled Malaysian politician continues to grow despite concerns over how he funds the massive land purchases. Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, a vice president of the ruling United Malays National Organisation, resigned as chief minister of Selangor in April citing The Courier-Mail’s reporting of his activities as a reason for his decision.

On December 22 last year, Mr. Muhammad was detained at Brisbane International Airport as he was about to board a plane to New Zealand with the equivalent of A$1.26 million in Singapore, Malaysian and New Zealand currency in his luggage.

Customs officials have alleged that they were not told about the cash, and Mr. Muhammad will appear in committal proceedings in Brisbane’s Federal Court on August 19 on charges of failing to declare cash above A$5000 and making a false declaration.

The Courier-Mail has revealed Mr. Muhammad and his wife spent a week in Australia – checking on a luxury house being built on the Gold Coast and a 4500ha property in western Queensland – then flew to New Zealand for two weeks after Mr. Muhammad had appeared in court.

The properties – registered to his wife in her maiden name of Asnan – were purchased last year for more than $3 million.

It has been discovered more than $3 million of property has been purchased in New Zealand over the past year and registered to Ms Asnan.

Land title searches have revealed six properties on New Zealand’s north island – in total more than 140 ha – registered to Ms Asnan.

Documents show a 4573 sq m property in Pakurunga was purchased on June 18 last year; a 1713 sq m property in Otahuhu was bought on November 27 last year for $550,000; and four properties in Mataitai, totalling 144ha, were bought between November 29 last year and March 11 this year.
Purchase price for the Pakurunga and Mataitai properties were not disclosed on transfer documents, although stamp duty payments indicate a total transaction for the Mataitai properties of about $2.1 million.

The Pakurunga property was purchased from Hasan B.M.Taib of Singapore, who is Mr. Muhammad’s younger brother. Hasan purchased the property in 1990 for $520,000.

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  1. And this was the guy lied to the late Sultan of Selangor, pain RM12m for his divorce and yet got so much money to buy properties in Australia and New Zealand. Hello….ACA…please investigate this idiot.

  2. inform the Serious Fraud Organisation (SFO) of New Zealand and they will probably start an investigation into the land deals because the Kiwis there really abhor corruptions.You are welcome to report any hanky-panky deals that were being commited on their soil.


  3. The BN govt has still not learnt a lesson after performing disastrously at the recentley concluded elections. Pak Lah have still not read the signals of the voters. He still has the cheek to appoint Chief Robber Mohd Taib as a minister in his cabinet. His days are numbered, thats why he is fumbling around.

  4. That is the problem with the present goverment and its leaders. Corrupt practices is so blatant and yet all we get is – there is no evidence. Perhaps words such as Corruption and Abuse Of Power does not exist in the BN’s dictionary.

    This country once prided itself for its very low level of corruption and abuse of power, relative to our other Asian neighbours. After 20 years of Mahatirism, we now lead the pack, and Malaysian ruling elites become the byword for corruption and abuse of power.While our neighbours, The Phillipines, Indonesia and Thailand has made great strides in reducing these sickness in their society, Malaysia on the other hand, seems to have moved in the opposite direction.

  5. how come such a corrupt official can become a minister in His Majesty goverment? how does one amass such a huge fortune over such a short period of time? from his pay and allowances as a CM? the irony is that there was no case in Australia and Malaysia.

  6. NO, hanky-panky committed on our soil – Malaysia, and ill gains derived invested in NZ soil.

  7. this is nothing new.I am sure it is being done by all senior politicians. Best place to hide the ill gotten wealth…..the cave of Ali Baba…ha ha

  8. So Pak Lah appoints the chief robber in his cabinet so that he can learn from the latter how to acquire more properties Down Under without being caught (unless you carry undeclared cash in access of A$5,000)

  9. One consololation though. He’s not bringing all those properties with him to his grave.

  10. Malaysia Surprised ? I guess not. It is normal for any Politicians to be RICH in this region called Malaysia. All these reveal is bring heart ache and head ache to Malaysian. Malaysia BOLEH…

  11. Since he has bought new properties, he need to be reinstated to goverment to earn more monies mah.

  12. This M2taib shld be kicked on his ass for what he has done.I m wondering why Pak Bodohwi still appoint him in the cabinet.Lah…..Lah……Lah…….days are aldy numbered in the fingertips.Therefore, “Mr.Mike Tyson” pls resign ASAP b4 u get caught and investigated by the PR government in waiting….DSAI will definitely going against u by the help of DAP Lion, MR.Karpal Singh. If u dont believe, jz try it????Good luck to u….God bless u…Nope, God Blast u,God Curse u,God swear on u…May God punish u with what u hv done so far…Like what Lah Lah Lah said b4, Barisan Najis has enjoyed 4 good years earlier,the next 4yr is definitely going to be a “wonderful” year for u to get caught red-handed.I could c u hv been sweating from ur pants down to our scroutum ass aldy…..Good luck,may god curse u…How i wish Ahmad Shabery Cheeky Boy will also share the same fate for being a good “spy” against PR by being an Information Minister…Perhaps he is the supplier on the latest info for PAk Lah in the 4th floor of the PM’s Mentors….I mean Jacked Datuks??????May God “Bless” uuuuuuuuuuuu………………………

  13. M2 in New Zealand – Pak Lah in Perth together with Patrick Badaww, all down south to enjoy their coming retirement when malaysians are going through signs of recession.

  14. You guys may be barking up the wrong tree.

    Money is not the problem.

    Properties in NZ, AU, UK, US and elsewhere are not the problem either.

    The problem is in the gray matter of the UMNO goons, or rather, the lack of it.

    Case closed.

  15. good site

  16. […] I am not surprised at all. In fact I found that his statements was hilarious considering the fact we are now in the year 2008, not 1997 where even then news travel around the globe faster than you can say “AUD 1 .26 million”. […]

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