Mukhriz hit out against Karpal and Tun Dr. Mahathir’s detractors


Jerlun MP Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir hits back at DAP chairman Karpal Singh for calling his father Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad a joker. Mukhriz said Karpal was resorting to personal attacks against Tun Dr. Mahathir because the former premier was still influential in the political arena even after retirement.

“This “joker” served as the Prime Minister for 22 years, and led the Barisan National to two-third majority victory through five general elections,’’ said Mukhriz.

He said this in response to Karpal’s statement that the country had a joker for a Prime Minister until Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over in 2003. Even DAP stalwarts Lim Kit Siang and Karpal were defeated in 1999 general elections during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s era, he said, adding that the former premier had successfully kept the oppositions in check during his reign.

Mukhriz said this after opening a pipe-laying project at Kampung Pida 1, Megat Dewa in Jerlun, Kedah, to improve the drainage system to check frequent flash floods in the low-lying area.

“Karpal’s call to Dr Mahathir to stop criticizing Abdullah is very revealing indeed,’’ he said, agreeing to Dr Mahathir’s conspiracy theory that the oppositions are ‘protective’ of Abdullah to capitalize on his apparent weakness in the next general election.

“It is very clear (what the oppositions are up to). We do not like it that the oppositions are taking advantage like that,’’ he said.

Karpal was also making a mockery of DAP’s stand on freedom of speech and expression when he called on Tun Dr. Mahathir to stop criticising Abdullah, he added.

On calls to stop “attacking” Tun Dr. Mahathir that was made during a recent closed-door meeting between Kedah Umno leaders and Umno management committee, Mukhriz said it showed that sentiments towards the former premier was still strong.

“The smear campaign against Tun Dr. Mahathir is one of the reasons why we suffered colossal losses in the northern region. People, including Barisan Nasional members, felt hurt, and they translated their feeling by swinging the votes. The state liaison committee has highlighted the message from the rakyat and grass root in Kedah to the Leadership,’’ he said.

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  1. Tun’s criticism towards Dollah is entirely UMNO internal affair as the party now grows weaker thanks to the manace by Badawi, son-in-law and their asskissers. So nape this punjabi tua meroyan tak tentu pasal macam orang hilang akal. And never never never did Tun seek help from opposition for that.
    And this punjabi tua, can’t believe those people made them as one of their leaders, as if much is gained for the nation by throwing words.
    Perhaps the DAPee leaders are having too much pig that they fill up their heads with taik babi.
    Hoi punjabi, it is not a choice for Tun to keep his peace because the people need him to speak. But in your case, while you are not yet numbered, do create peace within yourself before you make trip to grave in disgrace.

  2. Don’t treat us like we’re stupid. We know how to see. Treat the people well, people will vote for you, treat us bad….then BYE BYE for you. Very simple rule.

    PAS for ALL!!!

    PKR for JUSTICE!!!

    DAP for Malaysia Malaysian!!!

    In this complex meme global information age now. Old scare and race tactic won’t work. Please BN, re-invent yourself!!! You are trap in old mindset, paradigm shift your mind to modern trend. You can see everywhere is happening…the global trend is reversing. People are taking back their rights!

  3. My, my, we are getting hot here, Kelate School boy.The fact is Mahathir is an Indian (see his appliction form at Singapore University)who bullshitted his way into politcs by pretending to be a Malay. Malays are kind people who bought Mahathir’s lies of defending them. He got into power, sidelined true gentlemen politicians like Hussein Onn and Ghafar Baba, trampled on all the freedoms promised in the Constitution and helped his cronies loot Malaysia. Yes, he was there for 22 years because the other clowns around him were stealing money from the rakyat. If he is clean, he did not have to rort the judicial system by sacking the judges who tried to interpret the law correctly. At that time you and your type were and looks like are still too stupid to realise that llawyers like Karpal Singh were trying to protect YOUR rights. Karpal Singh could have become really rich if he had joined PPP, Gerakan,MIC or any of the other mosquito parties in BN. Thank your lucky stars that he was steadfast and took the side of the rakyat.He had the real UMNO deregistered and set up his fake UMNO Baru. Mahathir needs to be fully investigated. Abdullah Badawi can help himself and UMNO by kicking out those opposing him,or even locking them under ISA like Mahathir did, then idiots like you will respect him. He is a better PM than Mahathir ever was. I’m sorry to be so harsh but this looks like te only way to get across to you because of so much tahi in your kepala.



    Friday, April 11, 2008
    Leslie Lopez Demonstrates his Igonorance and Bias

    This reporter has no idea.

    He should instead apply himself to reforming Singapore and keeping up pressure on MM Lee Kuan Yew’s autocratic- locked down city state. The fact is Leslie Lopez is emasculated when it comes to issues concerning Spore. He is just another digit that needs to condemn Malaysia’s Father of Modernisation to gain some notoriety for his already end of the road career. . He attributes Badawi’s dismal election loss to Mahathir’s last stand. That is hardly fair. If anything Mahathir has been badly treated unbefitting his status by the present Government. Mahathir has had to fight tooth and nail to highlight the abuses of the present administration.

    What’s your stand on the assault on the Singapore Law Society-the Francis Seow debacle, or the attack on Spore’s feisty bloggers-Mr Brown etc and how many Malay commanders do you have in SAF? The increasing poverty and income gap among Sporeans warrant your attention.

    It’s time for you to make your last stand to gain credibility and contribute to reform in Singapore.

  6. The down fall of TDM is his own doing, history will write him off sooner than later. His sins are many and obvious, the list is long and very soon you will find the book “Mahathir’s sin” the #1 selling book. Be prepare.

  7. Dear Karpal,
    Now I agree with the morons in Parliment that GOD has punished you by taking away your legs. I pray after this that GOD will take your foul ‘mouth’ away as well.
    Who are you to to issue such a remark. You are not even the same level as his foot..

  8. Manusia bodoh, so sorry for your ignorance and stupidity, but your name really does spell your mind.

    PAS for all, of course I wish that would happen as well, but there is ONE BENGGALI who says over my dead body.

    PKR for justice, the de facto leader used to sing a different tune while in UMNO, and JUSTICE was not his agenda. Now he comes in many colour, dark, darker, and darkest. Can we trust him, I don’t think so. But rumour has it that he can THRUST for behind.

    DAP for Bangsa Malaysia, as if the party is now gaining support form all the races. Few names I could recall are BAI Karpal, Tak Rasa Kok (Babi), Lim Dynasty, ……wait a minute is there any Ahmad or Ali there. Even Kelantanese Mr Wee not contesting for DAP.

    Gina..Gina..Gina..wonder what is your racial background, because the way you put it is that Karpal The Bai is god sent folklore HERO always depicted in TAMIL MOVIE.

    Tun, I thank

  9. The downfall of TDM?Bila pulak TDM down and fall.Somebody must be day dreaming..wake up “umno sinking’..accept the facts TDM getting stronger more support each day..

  10. This place has really gone to the dogs.

    Oh my !!

    How much that asshole indian from Kedah has paid you to write all these craps?

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