‘Level Four Boys’: Damaging bane for PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah?

The ‘Level Four Boys’ have been suspected to be the real and actual ‘decision maker’ of the Government, since the creation of the office in 2003. They are now believed to have an unprecedented overpowering absolute control of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in the official capacity as the Chief Executive of the country and leader of the ruling party.

The primary function of this Private Office of the Prime Minister is to assist the Prime Minister in doing his job. It then grew so powerful that it actually undertook a lot of decision making process influences previously provided by agencies like the Economic Planning Unit, Manpower Planning Unit and at times, Cabinet itself. Of course, some of top party decisions are also undertaken by this team.

The ‘Level Four Boys’ is a term first introduced by the Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in his dedicated speech to criticize PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and his administration in a closed-door event. The event was organized by Malaysia Today at Century Paradise Club, Taman Melawati, Ulu Kelang on 22 June 2006. It was in reference to the ‘inner circle’, comprising of his son, Dato’ Kamaluddin Abdullah, son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin and close personal aides such as Dato’ Ahmad Zaki Zahid, Dato’ Kamal Khalid, Dato’ Dr. Vincent Lim Kian Tick, Dato’ Wan Farid and a few others.

Many speculate the overwhelming ‘influence’ these thirty-something gentlemen possess. With top British university education and grossly lack of experience and exposure (especially macro-management), they are often coyly referred to as, “Budak tak kerin’ idun” (wet behind the ears) by Tun Dr. Mahathir. Somehow, the real far-reaching effects these young men have on the decisions by PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah, is really both strategically and tactically damaging.

It was Dr. Vincent Lim and Zaki Zahid who influenced PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah on the decision to cancel the “Scenic bridge-replacing the Johor Causeway” in March 2006. Then, these duo, also concocted the blue-print of the mega project South Johor Economic Region (SJER). It has since been renamed twice, as Iskandar Development Region in November 2006, and last week, Iskandar Malaysia. It is deemed that Iskandar Malaysia is a comprehensive development program to benefit Singapore strategically, allowing contraband from nations such as Israel, to be channeled into this region of 240 million Muslims, via Johor Bahru.

Iskandar Malaysia is now being seen as the beginning of the demise of the New Economic Policy as PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah long time mentor, now made IDRA Advisory Panel Chairman Former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam made the announcement in Johor Bahru March last year.

Zaki has been said to have sat with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah at the many Khazanah Holdings Bhd. Special briefings to the Prime Minister. He is said to be the one who asked the many questions transpired after each briefing. Holding such a strategic position and having a very close ear to PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah, led to the Proton scandal of disposing highly valuable MV Agusta to highly elusive and mysterious Gevi S.p.A for one Euro and Husqavarna (one of the brands under MV Agusta) was then sold off to BMW Motorcycles last year for a whopping Euro 93 million price tag.

The National Automotive Policy, which is the systematical and structured program to see the slow demise of Proton, was actually put in place by Zaki, with the help of his long time buddy Omar Mustapha Ong of Ethos Consulting. The duo were also instrumental in the giga economic development corridor humongous masterplans of Northern Corridor Economic Region, Eastern Corridor Economic Region, Sabah Development Corridor and Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy. The implementation and deliverance of these giga proportion economic development projects is thought by many to be highly doubtful.

Khairy Jamaluddin is said to have brought Air Asia’s boss, Tony Fernandes, to the Seri Perdana Complex for a private briefing with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah on the weekend before the Malaysia Airlines Rationalisation Plan was announced. Suspiciously, Malaysia Airlines had to give up its entire domestic route (plus Rural Air Service) except for nineteen to AirAsia. This program saw an immediate redundancy for over 3,500 loyal serving airline professionals. Khairy’s close association with Fernandes was finally revealed when the latter joined ECM Libra as a director and shareholder, after Khairy made the announcement to sell of his stake in the recently obtained a universal stock broking license for the now capitally and resource enlarged firm.


Khairy, who had left the Prime Minister’s Office as the Deputy Chief Secretary in August 2005, was actually brought in to a special briefing on Singapore to the Prime Minister by Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Syed Hamid Al Bar. The insistance of his stay in the meeting was, “Khairy is an expert on Singapore”. Khairy’s personal affiliation of Singapore is so apparent that since PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah ascended to Premiership, the bi-lateral relationship with Singapore had never been so close. So much so, even Malaysian Government and Khazanah are emulating and adopting ‘The Singapore Way’ of doing things, et al; including their terminology, “Government linked company” (GLC) in exchange to previous used “Government controlled company”.

Conveniently, at the ASEAN Head of Government meeting in November 2005, held at KLCC Convention Centre, Malaysia as the chair and host, led a charge against Myanmar in the pressure for ‘democratization’. This is very much favourable to the West, and was previously, a Singapore’s crusade within ASEAN. Malaysia, as a founding member defied its own policies and breached the fundamental ASEAN principle of “Non-interference in domestic politics” policy. In short, Malaysia saw a shift in foreign policy since Khairy came into the main administration scene.

In December 2005, when asked by The Star, on the proposed merger of ECM Libra and Avenue Capital, which directly involved his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah conveniently answered “I don’t know, I am not involved”. There is a serious breach of several explicit provisions within Securities and Companies Act, as Khairy, obviously, had vested interests in the high-powered but dodgy deal. Protests by the Minority Stockholders Watchdog Group against several issues in the merger were conveniently ignored by the Securities Commission. Until present, the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee had not resolved the findings to his highly talked about scandal, especially within the capital market practitioners.

Khairy sekeluarga

Recently, the sixteen-page private letter which Wanita UMNO Head, Dato’ Seri Rafidah Aziz had sent to PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah as a post-election reaction. The letter somehow found its way to Khairy’s mother, Datin Rahmah Abdul Hamid, and the former got a surprising earful from the latter, via telephone.

Dato’ Kamaluddin Abdullah, the biggest shareholder of Scomi Bhd., has the most to gain. His company had a meteoric rise in the Malaysia corporate scene since five years ago. Recently, post 12th General Elections (PRU 12), after Tun Dr. Mahathir and Dato’ Mukhriz demanded PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah to resign immediately, and Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah asked 18,000 UMNO branches to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), Tun Musa went to meet PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah at Seri Perdana. As a former ‘leader’ to PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah, Tun Musa was giving his two bits personal advice on current political situation in the private meeting, when suddenly, Kamaluddin stormed in and said to his father “What ever you do, do not agree to an EGM!”. The immediate reaction from Tun Musa was, “Who is the Prime Minister, you or him”, pointing towards Kamaluddin.

Kamaluddin was the organiser of the infamous Seri Perdana Merdeka Soiree, the week Malaysia celebrated its 50th birthday at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, Seri Perdana. An esteemed flock of high-powered Malaysians were the only admitted guests, plus some from abroad, to enjoy the R & B renditions of George Benson and Al Jarreau. The fact is that, since occupying Seri Perdana, the first family have not been having the average Malaysians as guests. Not even the traditional first day Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Open House, introduced during his predecessors’ time. The only time average rakyat were allowed access into Seri Perdana since five years ago was during Datin Seri Endon Mahmood’s passing in October 2005.

Of course, the issue of media control, is the real propaganda agenda which has been taken to task by the Prime Minister’s Office Media Coordinator Dato’ Kamal Khalid. Nowadays, the mainstream media editors get calls from this office more frequently than ever. Not only what were allowed to be published were discussed, the angle of the news and the photos to be used were instructed and selected. Surprisingly, these spin effort were never really discussed with the Boss. For example, the weeks preceeding to his wedding with Jeanne Abdullah in June 2005, editors were instructed that the rumours cannot be raised during any media conferences with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah. Conveniently, the sloppy Malaysian leader ‘let the cat out of the bag’, voluntarily.

The most recent incident took place, just before the PRU 12, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah did something amazingly unprecedented as UMNO President and BN Chairman. In a meeting with UMNO Management Committee, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah suddenly took over the prepared BN Manifesto. When asked by Rafidah “Lah, siapa buat BN Manifesto ni? Kita tak pernah tahu pun!“. Coyly, the answer was “Ini Zaki yang buat. He is very good, you know!”.

Time and again, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah overtly vehement denied that his son-in-law, Khairy, was ever involved in his decision-making, be it in the Government, or the party. Since the famous TV 3 special interview, conducted by Bernama Chairman Annuar Zaini, no one in the streets actually believed him. Not even the folks in the boondocks, who have never in their lifetime had access to internet. When UMNO Pulau Pinang met up with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah on rumours that certain unfavourable characters were to be pitted by BN as candidates in the state, his response was “Nanti saya balik, bincang dengan Khairy“.

Within this week, one of the Press Secretary Wan Esuriyanti was leaving her post. Khairy took to the task to interview Dato’ Ainon Ahmad, a former NST journalist, for the job. PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s trusts for his aides like Kalimullah “Riong Kali” Hassan, had actually propelled him on a self-destruction mode, prematurely.

The most recent controversial is the ‘self-righteous populist’ direction PM ‘Flip-Flop’ is going, with regards to the Judiciary issue. Last night, he announced the reinstatement of gratuities and emoluments, ex-gratia, of the sacked Judges since the highly controversial but lawful ejection of Lord President Tun Mohamed Salleh Abas and four other judges in August 1988. It was almost an admission of guilt and will lead to endless further ramblings. It is still a mystery why PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah is willing to depart from the normal convention and thread along these ice-thin line which set a new irrevocable precedent, when it actually served no tangible value for the majority of Malaysians, who are actually non-chalant about this whole issue. The fact that Tun Salleh is the father-in-law of his son’s partner in Scomi, Shah Hakim Zain, is not quashing other speculations by skeptics of this odd move.

It is too apparent that the PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah has been grossly insulated from real information, and an over-reliance to the ‘Level Four Boys’ for the information all way through the decision making process. The decisions made had reached its overbearing level and inviting series of ‘mini rebellions’, within the society and system. An example never before in the 35 year history of illustrious service of Malaysia Airlines, did passengers feel so frustrated with delays and poor service of the once pride of the nation. Of course, the rate of the Police Force efficiency has deteriorated greatly, ever since the “Naked-ear-squat-in-lock-up” case, which also saw Malaysia made a totally unneccessary apology to China.

All these, were actually the most important factors why the rakyat decided to vote against BN. Blaming it on UMNO and BN’s fifth columnists was never the right approach, nor convincing enough. This is further topped by the continuous grossly vomit-level arrogance of, “We won big. We have a big mandate from the rakyat. Just eight short of two-third majority”, which will systematically drive the rakyat’s confidence and support away from UMNO and BN.

In short, the once respectable Cabinet Minister for his “pious and clean” outlook, is now being systematically destroyed and it is damagingly irreversible, by a small group of thirty-something, for his grave over reliance and morbid dependence on information and decision making process.

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  1. amat malang sekali apabila pak lah mengumumkan suruhanjaya badan pelantikan hakim semalam.

    ini bermakna, para peguam dan para hakim boleh melantik dengan sendiri di kalangan mereka kepada jawatan Ketua Hakim Negara. Memandangkan majoriti para hakim dan peguam di malaysia ini bukan berbangsa melayu, tak lama lagi kita akan mendapat Ketua Hakim Negara dari kalangan bukan Melayu.

    PAS di dalam Harakah bersetuju dengan penubuhan suruhanjaya ini.. begitu juga Pakatan Rakyat. Mungkin Melayu dikalangan mereka tidak berfikir panjang lagi.

    Di masa akan datang, kes kes besar yg melibatkan agama, kerakyatan, dan bangsa, kaum melayu akan susah hendak menang di mahkamah tertinggi Malaysia iaitu di Supreme Court. Kenapa? Kerana mungkin, Ketua Hakim Negara yang baru ialah Karpal Singh atau mereka yang sewaktu dengannya. Nak tunjuk independent sangat? Melayu kena mula berdiri dengan kaki sendiri nampaknya. Manalah tahu, dah la Ketua Hakim Negara berbangsa bukan Melayu, President Mahkamah Rayuan pun bukan Melayu juga. Minta minta Peguam Melayu masih berbangsa Melayu. At least adalah sikit peratusan boleh menang.. walaupun sedikit.

    Walaubagaimanapun, tahniah kepada Pak Lah. Di harap dia faham natijah keputusan yg dibuatnya semalam. adakah ianya akan memakan diri bangsa sendiri di kemudian hari? hanya waktu yg boleh menilainya. Namun sekarang, diharap dia berbahagia dengan sokongan sementara yg di capainya sekarang. Satu pukulan tikam belakang yg bagus kepada Tun Dr Tun Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir. Siapalah Tun Dr Tun Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir yg hanya tahu membuang hakim hakim sahaja. Nasib baik ada Pak Lah yg tahu membodek bapa mertua kepada boss anaknya.

    Apa yg berlaku di tahun 1988 bukan sebab utama BN kalah di tahun 2008. Jikalau betul, nescaya pd pilihanraya di tahun 1990, 1995, 1999 dan 2004 BN sudah kalah teruk. Bukan. BN kalah di tahun 2008 kerana Pak Lah sendiri yg buta hati.

  2. Apa salahnya kita mendapat ketua hakim dari kalangan bukan Melayu kalau dia benar-benar layak? Bukankah itu menjamin keadilan? Perkauman ini assobiyah dan assobiyah diharamkan dalam Islam.

  3. We should be worry if the chief judge is capable or not.

    Not about what race the chief judge is.

  4. Bro, this is one hell of a write up. I will share this information with my friends about these tingkat 4 boys wrecking the nation through their inexperience and greed,no wonder there is this so called thawing of relations with Singapore and now Malaysia’s FDI to Singapore is more than Singapore’s FDI into Malaysia. We have traitors in our midst.No wonder they are pulling out everything even giving monry to sacked judges, to defend Dollah’s position as PM but time is not on their side the UMNO wolves are hurt and very angry and are slowly closing in on Dollah and his band of Singapore symphathizers.

    Also the part about Kamaludin barging in when Tun Musa was talking to Dollah was very revealing, no wonder Musa kept quiet since the results of the PRU12 merajuk lagi gak.

  5. Kenapalah pak lah tak nak berfikir panjang sebelum melakukan sesuatu. Tak fikir ke implikasi jangkapanjang dan lain lain yang berkaitan. Now nak lanjutkan persaraan to 60. Tak fikir juga effect nya terhadap generasi muda kita.
    When will all this end? I agree with the commentator that BN lost in 2008 is not because of what happened in the past but the present. We are in dire need of a leader. May Gold help all of us.

  6. Apa yang di risaukan tentang suruhanjaya kehakiman yang di war-warkan oleh Pak Lah semalam ? Perlantikkan hakim dibuat setelah ditapis bukan sahaja oleh Majlis Peguam tetapi oleh ahli-ahlinya dari Hakim-hakim , Jabatan Peguam Negara dan KSN . Apa pun adalah lebih jika ada sebuah badan yang menentukan calon-calon yang layak untuk di lantek sebagai hakim daripada keadaan sekarang dimana hanya Ketua Hakim Negara sahaja yang berhak mencadangkan nama-nama calon hakim .

    Kalau tidak maka jadilah keadaan dimana orang-orang macam VK Linggam , Vincent Tan dan Adnan Mansor naik tocang dan boleh memasukkan nama calon-calon hakim untuk kepentingan diri masing-masing bila ada masalah kelak .

    Apapun kita lihat apakah bentuk Suruhanjaya Kehakiman yang agak diperkenalkan kelak ?

  7. Kalau kau berfikiran sebegitu…. tak salah laa kalau kita lantik PM dari kalangan bukan melayu…Kalau die benar benar layak… setahu saya banyak bukan Melayu yang berganda ganda lebih baik dari Pak Lah… Kau sanggup ker lantik mereka jadi PM……

  8. lets not get mixed up. yes, the man has been and currently still being insulated from the truth.

    thats only half true.

    the man also has to carry the can for not wanting to find the truth himself.

    so, both are guilty and going by what the man is doing (ie admitting faults on 1988 judiciary episode), i believe he should flee malaysia as soon as he toppled.

    either by the people of malaysia, or people of UMNO.

    go anywhere. seek immunity and if he does find one, if our agent can capture him and bring him back to malaysia, various SuruhanJaya will be held to ‘correct’ what he had done during his tenure as PM.

    i will not forget the period of 5 years in my life under his rule and will be a living proof for my generations.

    and ahh..level 4 boys and kali, and everyone that closely associate with the man, will also be required to face those ‘correction Suruhanjaya’.

    just commit harakiri, and u’ll be spared.

  9. big dog

    sudah sudah la fitnah orang, cukup lah, orang dah letih dengar fitnah

    moga tuhan balas tukang adu domba fitnah dengan balasan yang setimpal. Amin

    Ya Ka Big Dog memfitnah????

    Kalau tak sungguh, kenapa ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’ tak usaha betulkan keadaan dan persepsi?

    Mereka ada PR Co (Fox Communications) dan jentera lengkap! Tetapi kenapa tak buat?

  10. Kepimpinan Tun Mahathir dinilai oleh kepimpinan Pak Lah pada hari ini dimana segala ‘kekotoran’didedahkan untuk menutup mulut Tun tanpa belas kasihan dan jasa-jasa Tun dilupakan .Insyaallah kepimpinan Pak Lah juga akan dinilai oleh masyarakat akan datang dimana segala ‘kekotoran’ Pak Lah akan didedahkan.Mungkin salah satunya ialah kehancuran umno dan kuasa melayu akan hilang.

  11. Apa pun tuan-tuan, yang menghancurkan UMNO bukan orang lain, bukan melayu lain, sebaliknya MELAYU UMNO. Masing-masing hendak berpijak diatas keagungan sendiri dan bukan kepentingan bangsa. Jangan lupa BIG DOG, yang melantik PM Flip Flop ialah TDM.

    Nasi sudah menjadi bubur..anak kecil bermain api, tangan nya dah terbakar…sat lagi habih satu badan.
    Inilah hukum KARMA, buat baik dibals baik..buat jahat dapat jahat…..

  12. Itu apek tua Lee Kuan Yew manyak pandai ooh, sibulum dia pegi dia buat dia jadi Minister Mentos. Itu la dia ada pakai kapala otak dia, masa dia jadi PM, pun sudah ada olang hantam dia….jadi banyak bijak walau masih tua. Dr. M buat mistake busat la, kena hantam selepas lepas kuasa oleh UMNO sendiri…itulah, tak pandai lihat orang orang UMNO sendiri itu ULAR besar besar. Semua naik disebabkan politik wang…sebab tu rosak pendirian & peribadi. Susah mau cari orang UMNO yang betul betul berjiwa rakyat. Don’t worry, Malaysia boleh survive, we will go thru this period…

  13. Perhaps the dinner for Tun Saleh was also a stunt pulled by IQ level 4 boys, out of desperation to prolong Dollah political survival as Dollah is now reigning in a borrowed time.

  14. The difference between Pak Lah and previous leaders is that they make use of their staff to work for them while Pak Lah encouraged them work with him.

    A leader should be the one who decides on the vision/mission/objectives and let the staff workout the option/s available for implementation. Unfortunately it is not the case for Pak Lah.

    Mahathir admitted that it was his mistake for putting Pak Lah there. Let us now pray that our choice (currently not much to choose from) for the next PM is a better one.

  15. sekiranya nakhoda sendiri yang bocorkan kapal hingga kapal hampir karam minta tangguh untuk terus menjadi nakhoda konon untuk memperbaiki kerosakan kapal, jalan selamat untuk anak-anak kapal ialah menghumbankan nakhoda itu ke laut secepat mungkin tanpa diberikan pelampung supaya dia mati lemas atau dibaham sang jerung. cukupkah keberanian bahagian-bahagian umno untuk tidak mencalonkan pak lah ke jawatan presiden umno? sekiranya dia mampu mendapat pencalonan yang mencukupi, cukup beranikah para perwakilan untuk tidak memberikan undi kepada pak lah semasa pemilihan nanti?

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  17. Apa salahnya hakim bukan melayu tetapi adil dari org melayu sendiri..itu lebih baik dari hakim melayu yang penyangak dan busuk…UMNO will be sink!!confirm!!

  18. If all this is true, then on behalf of all true red blooded Malaysians I can only say this “WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED”. I’m disgusted with such ********! Sorry I cannot find any word in English dictionaries to befit such characters.

  19. nestapa kalau kau cakap perkauman ni assabiyah dan diharamkan dalam islam apa kata kita bagi PM pun bukan melayu? kan best tu?

  20. Read my page and you will see it’s the same all over just different subjects.
    Crims are crims with a legal name

  21. I found it very strange. Never thought of such things before. Good Post Dude.

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  23. O M G . . . . . .

  24. Salam Bro Melayu ku.

    Kesemua komen diatas betul, cuma nak tambah sikit, ini semua angkara pensyarikatan dan pengkopratan kita orang melayu mau kan, maka jadinya budaya politik UMNO sekarang jadinya budaya koperat dengan kuda2 nya semua orang orang yang nak jadi orang koperat cepat (instant mee) cepat kaya dan cepat boleh pakai mercedes dan duduk dlm banglo mewah tanpa perlu kerja kuat, tanpa pengetahuan dan tanpa fikir harapan dan masa depan anak bangsa. Yang di fikirkan adalah berapa banyak dapat, berapa cepat dapat dan bagimana nak dapat. Inilah yg terjadi sekarang berlimpah limpah ahli ahli UMNO yg terkejar sana sini ikut pemimpin mengampu, menonjolkan muka untuk dikenali. Yang benar benar berjiwa bangsa, berkebolehan memimpin “di bunuh” dalam karier politik dan yang punya wang ringgit di ampu naik samada dengan kudanya atau diri sendiri. Ini terjadi di setiap Cawangan dan Bahagian UMNO.

  25. Sekurang-kurang orang Najib, melalui JJ, dapat masukkan spy didalam organisasi Tingkat 4. Tahniah diucapkan kepada Dato’ Ainon Mohd, mantan Setiausaha Akhbar Dato’ Jamaluddin Jarjis.

  26. Very enlightening article and very very disturbing piece of information….I hope it would make Malaysians more aware of the cancer that is eating the country.

    Keep up the good work Matthias. I know the sentimeent is against you but the people need to open up their minds and know what is actually happening.

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  28. wow. great writing. the best i’ve read in this page so far.

    the part about Zaki Zahid is especially excellent. however there is a name that has been omitted in the whole article; Patrick Lim of Equin (Pat Hadhari), who seems to be calling our pal Zaki here on daily basis. Zaki even drops the ‘Tan Sri’ title – just Patrick for close friends (every pemuda putrajaya member can verify this claim). to those of u who dunno who the heck this Patrick Lim is…i’ll give u a hint: TERENGGANU.

    Patrick Badawi is an opportunists and beneficiary of ‘Level Four’ policies and instruction. He is not part of the decision making process.

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  32. soalan untuk jebatmustdie:

    apa guna ketua hakim melayu?? kalu seluar dalam bini
    dia pun ketua gangster cina yang belikan.

  33. nice one!

  34. correct correct correct

  35. korek korek korek

  36. the truth will always prevail. 4th floor are a powerless lot, just rationalises policy and communications plans. since KJ left 4th floor, this team has been redundant and only writes speeches. donr over rate them la.

  37. […] READ: Level Four Boys… Just go and read what ‘The Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit’ Guys Rambles… I have no comment on it… This entry was written by AkhbarulHaq, posted […]

  38. Kena beringat jangan asyik fikirkan nak keadilan, bangsa melayu diperkecilkan..bangsa lain akan tetap busuk hati dengan bangsa melayu..

  39. Kenapa aku katakan bangsa asing tetap busuk hati dengan melayu, mereka akan berpihak kepada bangsa mereka, kejadian ini berlaku minggu lepas..aku buat panggilan kepada Pemaju untuk membeli office lot di kawasan setiawangsa, aku cakap melayu..Pemaju kata “tak da sudah habis semua jual”. Kemudian selepas 1 jam aku call balik, aku cakap “KANTONIS”, Pemaju mintak aku datang, boleh banyak lagi kosong dalam bahasa “KANTONIS”..si mamat Pemaju, terperanjat bila tgk IC aku Melayu ..so, Melayu kena sedar, tak kira lah kau UMNO ke, PAS ke, PR ke..semua kena ingat…jangan sampai terkena…

  40. nestapa Said:
    Apa salahnya kita mendapat ketua hakim dari kalangan bukan Melayu kalau dia benar-benar layak? Bukankah itu menjamin keadilan? Perkauman ini assobiyah dan assobiyah diharamkan dalam Islam.

    Kalau mcm tu biarlah Amerika dan Israel perintah dunia dan negaea arab, sebab mereka layak. Pada saya kalau kita serahkan perundangan kpd bukan islam yg tak tahu perundangan islam, maka musnahlah jadinya agama.

  41. strangely, how can UMNO and whoever can be absolved and be taken to task? Are not AAB and mostly level 4 boys part of the same institution?

    If only these small elements are corrupt & the rest are not, UMNO has a future. If not, then the organisation really need to look deeper and not just blame somebody else.

  42. This is an excellent post. It connects allthe dots for those of us who were aware only of the bits and pieces of what has happened since AAB took over the helms of governing the country (now, did he or did the 4th Floor boys?) Thanks, dude.

  43. Very disturbing indeed! And we all have been BETRAYED by this Flip Flop Trigger Happy PM and its beyond description!. That’s explain why he sleeps on his job! Too much of the Blue Jazz Rock n Roll nocturnal activities!..further severe damages to the nation.

    Enough is enough Lah..go take sabatical leave or leave for good!

  44. saya tidak kisah, budak tingkat 4 ke, budak tingkat 1 ke atau budak bawah tanah yang nasihat PM. Yang penting segala keburukan yang menyebabkan UMNO jatuh harus diperbetulkan segera. hAPUSKAN SEGERA ahli UMNO dan pemimpin UMNO yang pentingkan perut dari berkhidmaT KPD RAKYAT.

  45. Shocking, informative and mind boggling brother. Looks like the present system of choosing a Prime Minister is wrought with faults. There should be a separate election for the Prime Minister position or another Commission??? Anyone can stand for this position?

    Looks like Malaysia will always be run by commission (money politics) in the past and Commissions (Committees) in the future. What a joke?

  46. I don’t know what they see in Ainon Mohd. When she was in NST, her stories were all re-written in entirety. She can’t even string a sentence together. Also she is as corrupt as one can be. Rumour has it that she made about RM4 million when she was Press Secretary to Jamaludin Jarjis.

  47. […] April 22, 2008 at 8:32 pm · Filed under Uncategorized   ‘Level Four Boys’: Damaging bane for PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah? […]

  48. Manusia yang bernama paklah sudah pun memaksima kemampuannya, takat tu sahaja…jika beliau cuba lagi, hasilnya ialah kesilapan, kesalahan dan kehancuran..

  49. Sudahlah big dog. Sah seperti nama pilihan kamu ni “anjing” UMNO. Apa salahnya kalau bukan orang Melayu yang jadi hakim hatta Perdana Menteri sekali pun.

    Inilah musibah kepada orang Melayu dijajah UMNO sejak 50 tahun lalu langsung tiada keupayaan dan keyakinan diri.

    Sedarlah rakyat sudah tolak UMNO dan parti perkauman yang lain.

  50. The truth will prevail. Are these 4th floor guys even remotely aware of God above all of us? Please dont forget that the voice of the people has a bigger rating than these stupid idiots who thought that they can do anything. God is above and this earth belongs to Him and He will DESTROY whoever thinks can betray the people of this land. I foresee more ‘fun’ in the coming days as these 4th floor guys grovel in the dirt and the hole that they dug for themselves.

  51. All leads to more screw-up in Pak Lah administration. Left uncheck, it will be detrimental to the old man. I pity him, being so ignorance and stupid.

    Taking one of his “now-enemy” Press Sec is like preparing himself for a burial.

  52. kalau dah syg sgt melayu naper mase berkuasa dok aniaya org melayu/islam. sumbat penjara tanpe bicare, bolot harte sesama sendiri, buat mahligai mcm donia ana yg punye. kat bukan melayu bukan main tatang. semer tuh kerna harte seciput. masuk kubor nnt bwk kain kapan jer. bile tersempit kan main berjuang utk agama konon la, takut nnt bangsa lain akan tindas org islam cam isreal. org berjuang utk agama sepanjang mase ssh dan senang. baru la Allah syg.. ngok. ingat bangsa melayu spesel sgt ke disisi Allah cam NEP. bangsa islam yg lebih hebat Dia hapuskan dgn dahsyat di sembelih, dirogol, di bunuh kerana alpa dgn harte donia cam penah berlaku pd tamaddun baghdad dan bosnia. x payah jadi melayu yg hipokrit konon berjuang utk agama. padahal berjuang boncitkan perut yg berulat ajer…. jijik benor bile org islam kena penyakit wahn…

  53. Perhaps, someone want to do a background check on another press secretary, Azhar Osman – ex-TV3 news producer, although a non performing one but happened to be in the midst of things via ISIS, etc.Fourth floor lackey and yes-man to the hilt. Dumped wife for a puteri umno character from perlis upon hitting the ‘high life’ on that ‘4th Estate’:)

  54. I don’t care whether it’s malay, indian or eurasian who becomes the head justice. As long as our legal system is properly run


  56. lu orang semua anjing lah..bigdog ada prinsipal dan intergriti, lu orang semua nak beremosi sangat apa hal..biarlah dia nak komen siapa dan apa..

  57. apa yang gua tau ANWAR IBRAHIM lagi anjing besar..kalau dia naik, melayu lagi lingkup..Penang dulu semua hak org melayu dia ambil bagi cina..Yaushu..

  58. Aiya! The PM’s Press Sec Wan Esuriyanti is NOT leaving the PM’s office lah. I already check-check on this!

  59. ramai tul keturunan klu klux klan kat m’sia ni..wa igt dah berani la utk bersaing dgn bangsa lain,rupanya masih gak nyorok belakang jamban perkauman..malay too insecure???..hmmmm

  60. “Perkauman ini assobiyah dan assobiyah diharamkan dalam Islam.”

    well put bro!!kalau melayu tapi makan rasuah,kaki kroni,kaki belit,,,,haram tak guna

  61. UMNO memang sudah tak relevan lagi. Hanya pandai pegang kuasa untuk kayakan diri dan kaum kerabat. Tapi Melayu perlu bersatu walau apa pun terjadi, perlu bekerjasama untuk membangunkan bangsa sendiri. Jangan duk gaduh dan hasad dengki la. Bukan masa lagi untuk kita menunding jari pada sesama kita. Pasal AAB dan kerajaan 3 beranak tu.. biarlah mereka dengan labu2nya… insyallah Allah akan tunjukkan didunia juga segala keburukan yang mereka lakukan..paling tidak bila malaikat maut nak tarik nyawa mereka…nauzubillah…. jangan kamu permainkan hukum-hukum Allah

  62. well written but should be more objective

    1. Trying to instill good governance is not bad is it? Let’s stop singapore bashing (just because the example was singapore); what if the advice was to emulate Sweden? The concept is good no?

    2. Democratization(?) is a “western” concept? And what is an Asian concept?

    Not give democracry?
    Not stand up for human rights?

    I should think invading a country to install peace is western, NOT trying to use softer tactics to prevent
    a dictator regime from bashing in the heads of the majority!

    Will a destabilized Myammar be better for us?

    4. Bigdog – walk the streets of Singapore and ask the common person or a company how many wants to “invest” in Malaysia – whatevever the Israelite reasons.

    Sporeans have enough of the high crime rate in Msia and the poor property investments here.

    Singapore companies would rather be in Indonesia because in the event of any instability, they can just leave and know they won’t be touched – at least so fast!

    5. Tun Salleh Abas is the FIL of a director of Scomi. Come on – be more objective..do you hv any proof that TSA is corrupt or abusing his powers and in doing so has benefitted his SIL?

    6. Apology for a Travesty of Justice? Why not? Who says we the people do not care about Justice? If we didn’t care, will we be where we are today?

    What Mahathir did to the Judicial system was WRONG!

    Not everything Badawi is doing is wrong – no matter what his ulterior motives, he is RIGHT to right a wrong.

    Yes he is weak. Yes he is a coward. Yes he enriched himself. Sheesh I don’t like him as PM but as an evil creature? Nah…he can’t even do that right

    But B versus Mahathir who was strong, & a hero & who did not participate in his family’s increase in wealth?

    Pull the other one!

    Since you have written such an incisive piece into why NOT Badawi; why not put in an article on who you think should be the next PM? Why not? Everyone is laying wagers on it.

    But please – NO resurrection of the Mahathir ghost plse!

  63. Tul cakap bob tu…

    Baru ni aku nak tanya sewa lot kedai kat kompleks baru Nineteen USJ.. Bila dia tau aku Melayu, dia siap kata pemilik apartment tu majority cina… Apa? org Melayu tak leh niaga ngan Cina ker.. Cina nak niaga ngan Melayu leh lak!
    Nineteen Racist!!!

    Dr. Mahathir telah alami nya 50 tahun lalu…
    dan kini kita masih melaluinya…
    Aku percaya anak cucu kita akan lebih perit pengalaman mereka…

  64. Melayu memang tak berani bersaing kerana di halang oleh bangsa Cina dalam ekonomi. Jangan memandai kata dah bersedia nak bersaing dengan kaum tu kalau awak sendiri pun hanya hidup dengan makan gaji. Celikkan mata kita, jangan terpedaya dengan mulut manis diorang. Semua bahan mentah /bekalan/stok keluar masuk negara dikawal oleh Cina..kenapa mereka tidak berkongsi sikit dengan kita bagi menunjukan keikhlasan mereka. Lagikan peruncit-peruncit kecil melayu pun ramai di sabotajnya dengan pelbagai cara. Antara cara yang tersohor ialah membekalkan bekalan dengan harga mahal.Perkara itu boleh dielakan jika melayu adalah pembekal bukannya kerja makan gaji dengan pembekal.Kalau anda tidak tahu, pada mereka,melayu digambarkan bodoh dan pemalas. Ambik tahu dulu sebelum membuat sebarang kenyataan.

  65. Kala orang melayu kata cina tak adil,apakah orang melayu senang melihat orang cina menjadi pm?inilah dia semangat perkauman.tak serik-serik lagi.jika melayu ada pemikiran sebegitu,kaum lain juga akan ada pemikiran begitu.Yang paling penting adalah kedua-dua pihak berunding.

  66. Aku tak tahu kenapa orang Melayu suka salahkan orang lain kerana mereka tidak maju. Ini mungkin sebab budaya UMNO.
    Pakcik aku orang Melayu Malaysia telah bekerja di Singapura sejak bujang hingga sekarang tidak pernah salahkan orang lain. Dia lebih maju dari orang Melayu di Malaysia walaupun sekolah rendah saja di kampong. Sampai sekarang dia hanya balik ke Malaysia jika perlu seperti kematian keluarga. Dia takpun risau macam orang Melayu Malaysia.
    Tepuk dada tanya iman. Hanya orang yang tidak beriman saja yang takut tak tentu pasal.

  67. Saudari wanita melayu.,

    ‘Kalau mcm tu biarlah Amerika dan Israel perintah dunia dan negaea arab, sebab mereka layak. Pada saya kalau kita serahkan perundangan kpd bukan islam yg tak tahu perundangan islam, maka musnahlah jadinya agama.’

    Komen saya,

    Amboiiii…terus nak suruh Amerika dan Israel perintah! Sempit betul pikiran kalau cam tu…

    Bila saudara kita ckp Assobiyyah haram bkn maksudnya sapa2 pun boleh..kita org Islam kena pilih org Islam.
    Pilih org Islam lah yg sebetul2nya sebab org Islam wajib adil.. org Melayu kdg mengaku Islam tp rasuah sapu juga sebab Melayu ni bangsa je tp Islam adalah agama..Rasuah haram dalam Islam.. Dlm Melayu ada adat je., dlm Islam ada hukumnya..

    Kalau bangsa lain beragama Islam.. patuh ajaran Islam..adil.. kan lebih baik dari yg korek3 tu..
    Dalam Ketua Hakim org Melayu…org bukan Melayu jugak yg buat keputusan court…tak terasa Melayu dibodohkan ke??????

    Pilih Islam la kak…lebih baik dari Melayu.. Allah sayangkan org Islam..tak sebut sayang org Melayu pun..
    Ikut agama…kita tak takut kat sapa2 pun sebab Allah ada… Ikut Melayu..dalam dunia umno je parti Melayu.. Kalau pemimpin umno bangsa lain boleh beli, habis jugak Melayu…Israel banyak duit, bole beli pemimpin Melayu tau! Singapura bole jadi org tengah…HE! HE!

  68. Islam / melayu.

    Ada orang Islam tulen,tapi bila berdepan masalah yang perlu satu keputusan,takut,lalu memberi kenyataan politik,atas alasan Islam menghormati agama lain,kita mesti faham bangsa lain.

    Kita faham,tetapi adakala mereka tak faham faham,sebagai contoh,siapa kisah bila Guan Eng minta DEB diperhalusi sbb selama ini hanya memberi manafaat kpd sesuatu kumpulan sahaja,diakui benar madah Guan Eng.

    Bagaimana pula dengan sekolah sekolah cina yang bertebaran di malaysia,kenapa tiada suara yang berani minta sekolah sekolah cina ini diperhalusi semula sebab dari darjah satu hingga ke tingkatan lima mereka dikumpulkan dalam satu bumbung,mana mungkin nak disemaikan perasaan muhibah.

    Mana pemimpin UMNO,mana pemimpin Islam PAS,mana pemimpin melayu PKR berani utarakan pekara ini?

    Jawapan,kita kena hormati umdang undang sebab dah termaktub di dalam kontrak sosial,jangan persoal.

    Yang aku nampak,memanglah PAS tampak lebih ketrampilan,lebih ilmu,siasah baik dari UMNO TETAPI kedua duanya sama takut pada bangsa lain.

    Binakanlah patung setinggi KLCC di batu Cave,buanglah DEB dari m’sia,letaklah hakim hakim cina,letaklah jeneral jeneral cina di dalam ATM,adakah telah memuaskan hati mereka?

  69. “Binakanlah patung setinggi KLCC di batu Cave,buanglah DEB dari m’sia,letaklah hakim hakim cina,letaklah jeneral jeneral cina di dalam ATM,adakah telah memuaskan hati mereka?”

    Modal over exaggeration ini sangat suka digunakan oleh orang melayu yang lemah semangat. Isu DEB meleret pula ke orang cina mendapat kuasa. Sebenarnya siapa yang memberi mereka kuasa selama ini? UMNO juga kan?

    Sebenarnya yang pasti dasar seperti DEB membahayakan survival orang melayu dan amat patut dikaji semula. Malangnya ini dijadikan modal menakut2kan orang kita. Secara langsung wujud rintangan minda untuk bersaing dan berjaya.

    Kesimpulannya, kita tak patut tunduk kepada kaum lain tetapi pada masa yang sama bertindak adil kepada semua.

  70. Sebenarnya manusia ni sama je..melayu ke cine ke india, orang putih ke, orang hitam ke…semua di beri tuhan nafsu yang besar yang tak akan puas selama nyer…
    Moral of the story is, sapa saje yang ada kuasa akan menyalahgunakan kuasa untuk memuaskan nafsu masing masing. Aku tak berani komen sebab aku pung ada nafsu, cuma takde kuasa je…

  71. Go To Hell with KJ and all the K’s group including Kalimullah, Khairy, Kamaluddin etc.

  72. r u angry becoz KJ is a smartass or because we dare not follow after singapore’s model of success? I think there is no wrong in the cancellation of ‘crooked bridge’ because it serves no purpose. Why spend on something which is not useful in the 1st place. DRM is a bloody crooked PM and should be the one on the gallows now. I say KJ and gangs are the brave ones trying to put Malaysia back to business (corruption aside).

  73. rakan,
    terdapat banyak sebab mengapa orang islam (bukan melayu) Malaysia perlu diletakkan sebagai pemimpin. Pertama. sejahil-jahil orang islam, dia akan tahu balasan di akhirat, oleh itu sebarang keputusan berkaitan agama dan hak islam akan dijaga rapi. Mungkin dia bodoh, bengap (macam la kita ni pandai sangat pun) tapi kalau berkaitan bab agama dan hak islam dia akan jaga.

    Ada banyak contoh mengapa saya katakan sedemikian.
    Dalam suatu kes di Mahkamah Persekutuan berkenaan dengan rayuan kes melibatkan hal syariah, ada 5 panel hakim dalam rayuan tersebut. 3 islam dan 2 bukan islam. 2 hakim bukan islam itu tadi menyatakan bahawa perkara syariah ini boleh dibicarakan di Mahkamah Sivil, manakala 3 hakim islam tadi menyatakan sebaliknya. Ini baru contoh biasa macam mana hakim bukan islam cuba campur tangan dalam hal islam. Iye, ramai akan kata , hakim boleh memangil orang islam yang pakar2 untuk memberikan pandangan. betul tu. tapi itu hanya pandangan, hakim boleh menolak pandangan itu. nah, cantik kan sistem kita ini. Orang biasa mungkin tak nampak, tapi ini lah kenyataannya.

    Ramai juga akan cakap, biarlah perkara syariah dibicarakan di Mahkamah Sivil, kalau begitu baguslah, cuma ingin diingatkan bahawa yang akan mendengar dan membuat kepurtusan itu orang bukan islam. Jadi ini campur tangan bukan islam dalam hal agama islam. mahukah anda ia jadi begitu?

    salam. err.atau pun patut diucapkan “chow”?

  74. Sir, I am totally agree with every single words you wrote in this column. The current leadership is very weak and I can’t stand it anymore. I have no regret if I don’t read the papers anymore or if I missed the 8 o’clock news coz nothing is new, it’s all stale and bodek news! I am impatiently waiting for the breaking news which I do not know when! Can someone pls. chase that fella a.s.ap! I got really sick to see his face or even hear his name. My God, does he needs a frog to kiss him to wakes up!

  75. U All

    Kenapa pulak sekarang ni nak salah kan PAS dalam hal ini. Pernah kah PAS memerentah kat Malaysia ni. Kalau takut smua ni berlaku, melayu kat Malaysia kenalah sokong PAS. Ini tidak.. PAS kena hentam hari2.
    UMNO dah lama merosakkan melayu. Menyiksa melayu kampung adalah amalan ruji puak2 UMNO. Kat Kelantan, bila PAS memerentah.. banyak perkara di nafikan. Siapa yang menyekat pelaburan di Kelantan? Mustapha Mamat dah mengaku kat dalam dewan Sidang DUN tahun lepas. Anuar Musa berperanan dalam mengalihkan pendaratan gas ke Songkla Thailand. Yang sepatutnya kat Bachok. Takut orang melayu Kelantan maju. semua tu kerja sapa kalau bukan UMNO!!!!. Lebih 95% penduduk kelantan adalah melayu. Dah hampir 20 tahun melayu kelantan di tekan, di seksa, di anaktirikan oleh UMNO. Nak tanya… UMNO tu bangsa apa? Sama bangsa dengan orang2 melayu Kelantan ke?
    So … tolong salahkan UMNO aje dalam masalah ni. Jangan cuba nak kaitkan dengan PAS!!!!!. Kalau nak libatkan PAS.. berilah peluang kat PAS memerentah kat malaysia dulu… FAHAMMMMM!!!!!

  76. 1

  77. Apa yang pasti, Pak Lah , Khairy,dan semua kroni/penasihat perlu undur. Lepas tu barulah orang melayu boleh berbincang dan bersatu semula antara Barisan rakyat dan UMNO.
    Tapi, kepada orang melayu kat sini, sedarlah kedudukan kita yang sebenar di negara kita sendiri. Terimalah hakikat yang kita masih lemah dan tak berdaya saing. Jangan kita berasa berani melampau disebabkan hidup mewah makan gaji RM10,000 sebulan. Tunjukan kebijaksaan anda dengan membuka empayar perniagaan sendiri dahulu dan buktikan anda berjaya .

    Pak Lah undurlah, apa sangatlah malu sebagai PM paling lemah dalam sejarah jika dibanding dengan catatan sejarah sebagai seseorang yang telah memecahbelahkan bangsa melayu.

  78. bukan harakiri lah dol! sepukku! kau pn yanyuk mcm M

  79. Nak buat camne, dia tu PM Malaysia. Kalau lah orang berkuasa UMNO berani topple dia masa Assembely nanti baru ok…tapi sapa berani? Najib pun dah kena potong…cakap banyak sikit nanti story Mongolia keluar. Pak Lah belajar dari Dr M…simpan orang busuk sebagai secret weapon..

  80. Saya setuju dengan apa yg tertulis….banyak bukti kebenaranye. Lihat sajelah Negeri Trg..siapa sebenarnya yg control duit royalty minyak hak rakyat Trg kalau bukan Khairy n Patrict lim. Mujurlah Sultan Trg Tengku Mizan sultan yang berdaulat…baginda tahu apa yang terjadi sebab tu tak mahu Deris terus jadi tali barut penyangak-penyangak ni dari merompak terus kekayaan Negeri Trg. Skrg bila Mat Said (initially he was also not favored by the rakyat…but now…) bongkar banyak projek mega kat Trg sebenarnya hanya mengkayakan perompak perompak di atas dan tidak memberi manafaat yang banyak kpd rakyat Trg sendiri. Mat Said berani (daulat tuanku!!! tindakan ni mesti direstui Tuanku…) mintak balik duit royalty minyak di kembalikan ke Kerajaan TRG sendiri dan bukan Kjn Federal yang memandai buat projek mega yg kononnya untuk manafaat rakyat TRG (???? quote Pak Lah..). Contoh paling terang projek Monsoon cup (Patrick Lim???), Masjid Kristal dan tamaddun islam (Patrick Lim????), pembesaran muara (untuk bot-bot mewah lalu???…yg dpt Inai Kiara…) tak de langsung manafaat kat rakyat Trg… Masa Patrick bina chalet untuk Monsoon Cup (yg kos RM1juta sebuah…alasan sebab buat dalam tempoh singkat???), orang kampung Duyong melopong tengok tak dapat tumpang jadi buroh kasar sebab Patrick bwak masuk semua pekerja dari yg mahir sampai kuli dari luar…orang kampung hanya dapat debu pasir yg lori pasir bwk lalu hari-hari ikut kg mereka. Yang paling kelakarnyer sampai ke saat ini, Tamadun Islam (TTI) MASIH di manage oleh Patrick Lim (takde ke orang Islam dari rakyat TRG yg mampu manage TTI tu???) Sales staff pun orc ciner. Logik ke nak jual TTI tapi yang buat sales prm pakai SKIRT???. Dengar citer application untuk Imam masjid pun, resume kena antar ke Patrick LIm (gamaknyer Patrick nak dengar dema tu mengaji masa interview kut???) Perkara ni benar-benar terjadi di TRG. Orang TRG nak teramat menyampah dengan apa yang berlaku…amat menyampah dengan Pemimpin yang pejam mata dengan apa yang terjadi…kenapa??? kenapa??…kenapa??? sebab poket masing masing dah penuh.. masing-masing sibuk membilang harta yg mereka dapat sampai tak sedar kampung mereka dah tergadai…huh..huh…huh…huh..

  81. banyak sangat teori la…Korang ingat senang agaknya jadi PM nie..Tegas cam TunDRM kata diktator, lembut cam Pak Lah kata lembek..bebudak hingusan buat keputusan untuk dia…ish ish..

    Janganla bagi teori macam2, nanti ramai yang x tau hujung pangkal percaya, pas tu cakap barapi2..ada bukti ka…jangan main percaya je..pas tu ikut hentam ikut suka..

    lepas tu sesama Melayu bertelagah…
    jangan emosi..be rational…malas nak cakap lebih2 pasal level 4, KJ & kroni2 nie…x de bukti fitnah namanye,sedar tak bahawa teori2 & gosip2 seperti ini yang akan melemahkan kepercayaan rakyat terhadap kepimpinan kerajaan. Bukanlah Pak Lah yang sebenarnya menjatuhkan UMNO, tapi kita yang bertelagah sesama sendiri cuba menegakkan teori kosong dan menabur fitnah kepada pemimpin kita sendiri…insaflah..

  82. baca jangan tak baca,dengar jangan tak dengar,teliti jangan tak teliti…

    kalau tak pandai membaca cuba dengar2
    kalau pekak…. tak boleh buat apa..kalau buta ..pun tak boleh buat apa2..

    ini pun kalau ada telinga dan mata yang baik,
    Penang,kedah,perak,selangor, wilayah dan hampir2 negeri sembilan.Kesilapan dalam kepimpinan!

    Ada otak fikir2lah.

  83. Tok Uban, kalau takde angin pokok tak bergoyang. Sekarang ni bukan je angin tapi ada monyet kat atas pokok tu yang dok goyang pokok…masih tak percaye juga?
    kita takde mase nak layan cakap kosong. kita bercakap bende yg benar dan terang. Masalahnye org yang terlalu loyal macam tok uban ni yg tak mahu menerima kenyataan…nak tunggu pokok tumbang tercabut akar baru nak percaya…masa tu dah terlambat..

  84. salam, dari banyak-banyak yang saya baca komen-komen tersebut saya mengandaikan yang bernaung bawah UMNO tu sebenarnya rugi besar sebab ketua-ketua yg dijadikan pemimpin negara tak berani tukar enakmen atau undang-undang kepada bangsa melayu dan islam lebih terjaga dan selamat, tapi semua ikut kata bangsa lain sebab nak isikan tembolok sanak beranak dan yg berkuasa jer dari menteri, polis, hakim, bpr yg penting aku kaya boleh beli macam-macam, pedulikan orang bawahan dan rakyat jelata, semua kita boleh kontrol dari media dan badan-badan berkanun lain. lihat….lihat…natijahnya selama 50 tahun dah berlalu….bahasa melayu pun nak di anaktirikan, semua boleh di kawal kalau yg jadi ketua tu tegas dan memahami kehendak rakyat…haraf maaf,,,,,iktibar untuk kita berfikir sejenak

  85. ha ha ha bagus-bagus banyak pendapat yg boleh buat kita berfikir….sebenarnya la, agak-agaknya la kalau kita jadi peminpin atau ketua dan boleh pegang kuasa selama 50 thn berani tak kita tukar enakmen atau undang2 kat m’sia ni lebih kepada bangsa melayu dan islam jika lebih 50% atau 2/3 majoriti diparlimen….so yg kita lihat dulu, kini dan selamanya….. sekarang nie macam mana ya..


    Tak merdekalah Tanah Melayu,
    habislah melayu,tiada pembela,
    habislah agama tiada yg nak bela,
    habislah DEB,
    sapa yg nak jaga Raja,
    negara hancur,
    negara tergadai,
    negara huru-hara,
    rakyat akan mundur,
    melayu akan ketinggalan,
    tiada pembangunan lagi,
    parti lain tak pandai perintah negara,
    bangsa lain akan melampau.

  87. nie le asyik harap DEB jer, tak leh idup sendiri…ingat Allah yg berkuasa atas segala-galanya

  88. wakman keje aper? petani ke peon?? Allah mmg berkuasa, tp sudah cukupkah usaha wakman mengukuhkan bangsa kita ni. jikalau wak man keje kerani jer, rasanya x layak ckp benda ni, tp kalo wakman ada bisnes besar, tlgla bantu dan bagi pekerjaan utk anak2 muda kita yg terlalu ramai terpaksa menagih peluang kerja dari kaum lain.

  89. […] They are now believed to have an unprecedented overpowering absolute control of the Prime Ministerhttps://bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com/2008/04/18/level-four-boys-damaging-bane-for-pm-flip-flop-abdullah…Compare prices on Husqvarna Husqavarna Pruning Saw – Epinions.comEpinions has the best comparison […]

  90. […] this time, BigDogDotCom managed to have several scoops, some controversial, including the one with Riong Kali enjoying his beverage. There was one which was translated into French and linked into an official French Navy […]

  91. […] dari perancangan untuk mengadai negara dan maruah dan kedaulatan negara (melalui rancangan licik ‘Tingkat Empat’) atau beliau merupakan seorang pemimpin yang dungu dan bebal, ianya tidak menjadi keutamaan lagi. […]

  92. […] should no longer have any role in either the party nor the Government. On the contrary, The ‘Level Four Boys’ were the persons responsible to recommend Riong Kali be given a ‘Tan Sri-ship. Possibly […]

  93. […] AirAsia, terutama dalam tempoh yang amat singkat. Kontroversi paling tiada tolok bandingnya ialah hubung kait terlalu rapat Khairy dengan ‘Budak Budak Tingkat Empat’, yang ramai percaya punca asal ketirisan kepimpinan dan ketokohan PM ‘Flip-Flop’ […]

  94. […] is interesting. It seems that the ‘Level Four Boys’ have got their tentacles in DPM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s own corridor of power. The […]

  95. […] include son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin and son Dato’ Kamaluddin Abdullah. Of course, we should never exclude the ‘Level Four Boys’ when we talk about PM ‘Flip-Flop’ […]

  96. […] yang sebenarnya mengharapkan perubahan dan tidak meneruskan agenda agenda yang direncanakan oleh ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’. Published […]

  97. […] Dato’ Seri Najib should at least undo, if not come up with better policies. Of course, the  ‘Level Four Boys’ network should not be part of the undo process or forming up new […]

  98. […] la parti kerajaan byk gak kepincangan..no thanks to current admin and top leaders (geng tingkat 4 and our "beloved PM")..tp kalau dpt dibetulkan dlm parti yg memerintah…insya Allah […]

  99. […] memang meletakan beliau sebagai seorang ‘pedigree’. Walaubagaimanapun, kedudukan ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’ memberi pengaruh kepada keputusan yang dibuat PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah dikaitkan amat […]

  100. […] But most agreed that he made a poor choice of judgment by surrounding himself by a coterie of advisors, both in their official and unofficial capacity. […]

  101. […] menunjukan keangkuh dan bongkakan Khairy dan seluruh jentera ‘Budak Budak Tingkat 4’ kepada menerima reliati sebenar bahawa rakyat amat bosan dengan keadaan. Mesej jelas PRU 12 masih […]

  102. kat sini sumer komen ngutuk Pak Lah, Khairy, Budak Tingkat 4.. Kita kene cari jalan camana nak selesaikan. Diaorang ada kuasa, duit, pengaruh dan macam-macam lagi. Yang kita ni asyik nak komen. Tapi agenda diaorang masih jalan lagi. SO, camana ‘buang’ diaorang ni.

  103. Aku cukup tak setuju dengan judiciary system baru ni. Ini seolah olah menjadikan satu lagi group yang untouchable.

    Yang paling penting sekali, Pak Lah kena tentukan siapa yang boss paling besar, Hakim ke?, Perdana Menteri? Kalau Hakim yang jadi boss, baik hakim jadi perdana menteri. Dalam semua organisasi kerajaan yang hebat dahulu samada Islam atau tidak, Ketua kerajaan adalah yang paling penting sekali, hakim semua tu kemudian. Yang penting Ketua Kerajaan kenala behave dan menghormati undang-undang itu saja, yang bagi extra power kat hakim ni buat apa!!!! Nanti diaorang pulak naik kepala macam mana!!!! Hakim pun manusia jugak bukan malaikat. Dan diaorang makan gaji dengan kerajaan yang Perdana menteri tetapkan, so ape cerita!!!

    Saya tak peduli apa orang nak kata dengan komen saya. Kalau nak bagi extra power or privilage to the judiciary committee, kami dari medical industry pun nak special privilage like judiciary got, we want to be the untouchables and elite too. Remember we treat the judges if they are sick too. So whos important now?

    Get back to basic, just hormati undang undang thats all. And remember undang undang hanyalah perkakas untuk manusia bukan nyawa. Gunakan perkakas itu sebaik mungkin. Kadang-kadang undang undang di gunakan untuk justify peperangan dan pembunuhan seperti di gaza dan tempat lain. So at the end of the day hanyalah perkakas. Tak perlu bagi extra power.

    Kesimpulan, Pak Lah tolonglah berhenti dengar cakap budak budak tingkat empat tu. Diaorang tu masih muda. One thing the young will never have, it is wisdom, wisdom will come by experience and age not school. Sepatutnya pak lah dengar ckap old timer seperti Tun, Tun have been through alot. Even Tun can be considered not a nice guy, but his method seems to work, it gives stability and security.

    Strangely even im not in favor of Tun Mahathir, im kinda missed him, a guy like him will know what to do with this uncertain issues. Put some guys in ISA pronto then sort out the economy, done, everyone happy.

  104. […] More and more UMNO Leaders talk about the need to change for the sake of the Malays, especially via the ‘transition of power’. Many middle UMNO leaders felt that the rakyat, especially the younger generation need to see changes, to convince them back into giving support to the nationalist party. UMNO has been said to be an elitist party and it has to be ‘rooted back’ to the members. When so much focus on UMNO, Tun Dr. Mahathir was invited to be interviewed in BBC’s Hard Talk and he clarified to the world what PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah was doing and who Anwar Ibrahim really was. Despite of BN’s poor performance, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah remained under the spell of the ‘Level Four Boys’. […]

  105. […] meminta maaf secara rasmi kepada China mengenai kes ‘ketuk-ketampi-bogel-dalam-lokap’, ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’, Soiree di Seri Perdana, pembayaran gratuiti kepada Mantan Ketua Hakim Negara Tun Salleh Abas dan […]

  106. […] ialah kelemahan Kepimpinan PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang dibelenggu pengaruh ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’ dan isu isu seperti […]

  107. […] The Rembau MP was omitted from the Cabinet list announced 9 April 2009. Depsite winning the UMNO Youth Chief post equivalent of an UMNO Vice President, it clearly shows that Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak did not favour the founder and ‘controller’ of the ‘Level Four Boys’. […]

  108. […] an equal amount of media professionals expressed their grave concern on what seems to be another ‘Level Four’ development in the infant Prime Minister VI Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s […]

  109. […] newly elected UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin. Strong rumours have it that one of the ‘Level Four Boys’ will be joining MRCB Group as a Director and the other Media Prima Group as the Director in charge […]

  110. […] truth is far from what has been depicted. It was the ‘Level Four Boys’ who were calling up editors of mainstream media, sometime twice daily to ensure the ‘right […]

  111. […] Ong’s close association to the ‘Level Four Boys’ is unmistakable. His attempt to shred off the ultra close association is futile. The Malaysian public, especially […]

  112. […] Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to repeat the damage that has been done by his predecessor and Singapore friendly ‘Level Four Boys’ advisers. Malaysia should protect its sovereignty and interests at all cost. Most of all, Malaysia should […]

  113. […] all state economic development function, SJER was initiated by then the ‘Level Four Boys’. Political Secretary Dr. Vincent Liew aspire that South Johor to be ’serving’ the high […]

  114. […] much talked about ‘Level Four Boys’ was […]

  115. […] The inception of  ’Level Four Boys’ in 2004 which effectively took over the role several of strategic Federal Government agencies such […]

  116. […] It was he blogs which mounted scathing attack against the weak and abusive PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s administration, all way back since 2005. Even pro-UMNO portals such as MyKMU.net intensified attacks against one time Leader whom the country had so much hope of his ‘Mr Clean and son-of-Ulama’ image, whom so many believed was ‘corrupted’ by the greed of his family members namely son Kamaluddin Abdullah and son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin. Even the way how Federal Government plan and decide was taken over and to a point ‘controlled’  by the much talked about Khairy’s creation of ‘Level Four Boys’. […]

  117. […] is plagued by scandals caused and directly influenced by his immediate family and named the ‘Level Four Boys’ as the culprits which directly influenced the forging a lot of bad policies and poor judgment and decision […]

  118. Why don’t you blog in bahasa melayu so your fellow ketuanan melayus can understand your crap idiot? After all that noise abt changing the national syllabus inspired by your living god mahathir? People like you hide behind your apparent “tolerance” when on fact you’re a racist scumbag who thinks by virtue of being born on this piece of land you’re above everyone else. Keep waving your kris, and asking for your A word to be exclusive while the world and God laugh at you.

  119. […] PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and “pseudo-EPU” ‘Level Four Boys’ tenure, where the former is at  the very nerve of the Federal Government’s ‘project […]

  120. […] past Proton Chairman Dato’ Azlan Hashim, who so many believed was acting on behalf of ‘Level Four Boys’. Then again, when talking about ‘Level Four Boys’, it is always about then the […]

  121. […] example scandal of the sale of MV Augusta, during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s and ‘Level Four Boys’ watch. The sale consideration for 1 Euro was spun in such a way that in the end, the spin doctors […]

  122. […] ini ialah cara  dan intipati ‘Budak Budak Tingkat Empat’ dan Menteri EPU dan Mantan Menteri Kewangan II Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop ‘menasihatkan’ […]

  123. […] Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, custodian, protector and defender of all ‘Level Four Boys’ ill-conceived plans and pseudo-self-destructive decisions. The Minister of Finance II was Tan Sri […]

  124. […] and covering up a lot of quangos, whilst Nor Mohamed fortified his plans and the newly incepted the ‘Level Four Boys’ were in tandem with the Second Finance Minister to take over the function previously done by EPU, […]

  125. […] father-in-law PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the notorious ‘Level Four Boys’ is immensely lucrative. For the record, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ remarried shortly after Riong […]

  126. […] away by Alcatel to Consultants ‘A’ and ‘B’, it was at the times where the ‘Level Four Boys’ reign of terror. Everything was decided from the ‘Level Four’ of the Prime […]

  127. […] ‘People in the market’ are hedging bets that Azman be given the 2nd Minister of Finance or Minister-in-charge-of-EPU. He is a chartered accountant with corporate and merchant banking experience when he started his consulting firm Binafikir Consulting Sdn. Bhd. Whether or not Azman or Amokh (fondly known by his MCKK-mates) would do well as a Minister is anyone’s best-guests. However, many would expect him to continue the culture of employing consultants which include foreign based to advise and even do macro-economic planning for the Government, a legacy started during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and his infamous ‘Level Four Boys’ notoriety. […]

  128. […] the notorious ‘Level Four Boys’ was formed, structured and effectively, was the highest decision making forum in the […]

  129. […] beliau bertanggung jawab dalam banyak dasar dan keputusan Kerajaan Persekutuan yang dibuat melalui ‘Budak Budak Tingkat Empat’sehinggakan keyakinan rakyat kepada Kerajaan BN semakin […]

  130. […] In short, indirectly Zarinah played a strategically accessory role to BN’s poor performance in the 12th GE on 8 March 2008. Until today, BN has not manage to recover from the many of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s mess, which include the ECM Libra-Avenue scandal. Now Rocky is reminding us all her role in Proton’s ‘slow death’, which was an orchestrated effort led by immediate past Proton Chairman Dato’ Azlan Hashim, who so many believed was acting on behalf of ‘Level Four Boys’. […]

  131. […] is a notable  and very senior ‘Level Four’ character, who played very significant role in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s […]

  132. […] Government policies, especially during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s ‘Level Four Boys’ infested administration.  A quick example was 2006 ‘Airline Rationalisation Plan’, […]

  133. […] direct power. He was an instrumental personality during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s notorious ‘Level Four Boys’, which overtook and overpowered the roles of many executive and functionality of agencies under the […]

  134. […] direct power. He was an instrumental personality during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s notorious ‘Level Four Boys’, which overtook and overpowered the roles of many executive and functionality of agencies under the […]

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