Tun Dr. Mahathir on Hardtalk: “He (PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah) is making use of the system in the worsts ways!”

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad today described PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as “Making a political move, a very unpopular man trying to do something ‘right’”. “He is making use of the system in the worst ways”, when reacting to the suggestion of the Prime Minister attempting to “make good against the Judiciary”, which purportedly was damaged during the former’s time.

Talking to Stephen Sackur in a BBC “Hardtalk” first aired this afternoon, who described him as “A personified fellow and opponents call him a ‘Dictator and Racist’ ”. The program was taped in London on Friday, 18 April 2008. This was his first interview on air in a foreign media since the 12th Malaysia General Elections on 8 March 2008.

He said “Results of the GE show former supporters of the ruling party (BN), voted Oppositions, not because they liked them!”. When asked for the reason, the stern response was “The Government promised to remove corruption but they themselves are corrupt”. He also explained that PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah must go now because the next leader needed time to revive the party and the support and unless there are changes, then this might be the beginning of the end of BN.

On the New Economic Policy, “It was a system initiated by my predecessors. The system worked for the past 50 years, and had worked very well. It was to correct the imbalance created since the British days”. Sackur asked about “The real discontent” from different ethic groups in the country and charged, Malaysia, especially during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s time, practiced racial-biased policies. Sackur remarked that the NEP is no longer relevant, nor acceptable. He even quoted Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s statement. The former Prime Minister’s response was “Malaysia is built for all. Everyone is prosperous. All benefited from the Government policies and progressed. Why only now and not during my time?”.

Then Sackur charged if people were to voice out against him then, they would be arrested. “Hundreds of people were arrested?”, Tun Dr. Mahathir’s instant response, “Who are they?” and vehemently contradicted the host with “The first thing I did as the Prime Minister, was to release many political detainees”. He then added that foreign media is fond of making up these stories and end up propagating them as “the truth”. “Tell me who are the hundreds who I have put in prison (for political reason)?”.

In the case of Anwar Ibrahim, when asked to comment about having the support of many, and even BN MPs are ready to defect, and wanted to make changes in the system, including racially-based policies, “He is welcomed to do that, when he becomes the PM” and added, “The present leadership should be blamed for losing the support of the BN MPs”.

On issues raised by Anwar, which is favourable to the minority groups “Now, there is an opportunity for him. He was in Government before. He did not complain”. Then the issue about his arrest and conviction was trumped up and now proposing that the former regretted on that episode, “Why should I regret? He was arrested under the laws of the country, tried under the laws of the country and locked up for abuse of power. This is accordance to the Malaysian law”. Sackur then added that Anwar wanted to do a full and thorough public inquiry for all of Tun Dr. Mahathir’s wrong doings in the 22 years in office. He responded with sarcasm, “Let’s see if he can obtain a fully impartial inquiry. Probably he can get foreigners”.

When responding to Sackur’s list of Western report of unfair trial for Anwar, Tun Dr. Mahathir asked in return “What are the track record of these countries? These are the sort of people who arrest people without law and trial, like Guantanamo Bay”. Then, the issue was raised about the use of the Internal Security Act, which was put in place as an Emergency Ordinance by the British. “We did it under the law of the country. We needed to prevent people from causing racial riot and disharmony”. He later elaborated on Malaysia being multi-ethnic and multi-religious society.

On the Judiciary, relating to the issue involving a video with lawyer V K Lingam purportedly talking on the phone and mentioning Tun Dr. Mahathir’s name, “This man had his video taken because he was defending me. This man was defending me, and Anwar is the one who released this tape. Anwar wanted to blackmail him!”.

On the move by PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah making ex-gratia payments to dismissed Lord President Tun Mohamed Salleh Abas and five Supreme Court Judges, “A political move by a very unpopular man, trying to do “something right”. He is not dismantling the system. He is making use of the system in worst ways!”. What he did not say was, none of the members of the bench attended the Bar Council dinner where PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah made the announcement.

About the appointment of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah, Tun Dr. Mahathir explained that the former seemed ‘clean’ and ‘pious’ when he was appointed as the successor, even though he did not have the bigger support as the Vice President of UMNO. “We all made mistakes. Just like the British people made a mistake by putting a liar like Blair to power”.

The debate continued towards democracy. He elaborated that democracy has to be fully understood and used with the right intention, otherwise, it can turn into anarchy. He also quoted that many earlier civilizations did not practice democracy and they turned out to be great. “Democracy is good when the leader is good”. He reminded that “It was a leader of a democratic country who dropped atomic bombs”.

Sackur then charged him as being ‘Anti-Semitic’ and the instant response was “Anti-semitism is something created by the Jews themselves”. He then related to the earlier issue of democracy. “There are journalists who were arrested for talking about and against the Holocaust. Where is the ‘Freedom of Press’ then?”. He also explained on the quote from his speech “The Jews rule the world by proxy”, with “The United States allowing the Israelis to do anything they want”.

The interview was ended when he was asked, whether he will continue to attack the Leadership and Government and whether “It’s time for you to be quiet”. His response, with the typical smirk, “Why should I be quiet, when they are doing something wrong to my country?”.

The wide ranging 30-minute program, was a really good interview, indeed.

*Updated on 6.20pm

The interview can now be viewed on the BBC.com Hardtalk page.

*Updated on 12.10am Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bernama.com report on the program:

April 22, 2008 00:02 AM

Dr Mahathir: I’m Not Anti-Western But Will Point Out Their Wrongdoings

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 (Bernama) — Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that he is not anti-Western but will continue to speak up about their wrongdoings against other people.

“I am not anti-western, I’m against the bad things done by the western countries,” he said.

He said the Westerners, especially the British, had given the Malays many negative labels like lazy and incompetent, and expected them to like it.

He stressed that therefore, the Western people should also be ready to hear what others think of them.

“The British used to call us lazy Malays, incompetent Malays, untrustworthy Malays. We couldn’t say a thing about you, so when I was in a position to say what I think about you, and then said it, you don’t like it. When you say it to us, you expect us to like it, we don’t like it but we don’t have a way for our voice to be heard,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said this during an interview in “Hard Talk” aired by BBC in London, Monday.

He admitted saying that Anglo-Saxon Europeans were proponents of war, slavery and the holocaust.

“Which is true… I am stating a fact. This is their character and I will continue to say so,” he said.

On democracy, Dr Mahathir defended the brand of the system being practised in Malaysia.

“It is not necessary that the system will work for everybody, but if they have a bad leader, even a democratic system will fail.

“You must remember that it is a democratic country that dropped the atomic bombs killing more than 200,000 people,” he said.

He said if one were to look at the history of the West, they would find that the Westerners normally came up with all kinds of ideologies.

“They used it for some time and then they found it to be defective. They dump it and they start on another. One day, they are going to forget about democracy because in some countries, democracy usually ends up with anarchy, and there is practically no government,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said democracy was not a system that could fit everybody.

“You must have a certain understanding of the limitation of democracy in order for it to work,” he said.

Dr Mahathir was also asked to comment on the recent general election result where the ruling party lost five wealthy states to the opposition coalition allegedly due to the racial division pursued by him during his tenure.

“I know that was a wishful thinking on the part of foreign critics but the fact is that in this election result, it is due to the dissatisfaction on the part of the ruling party’s supporters with the present decisions,” he said.

He also defended the implementation of the New Economic Policy which was said to be the cause of the loss, saying that it was a necessary step to correct the imbalances that existed since the British days.

On questions regarding Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Mahathir said if Anwar were to become the new Prime Minister, he was welcomed to conduct a full and thorough inquiry on his (Dr Mahathir’s) so-called misdeeds.

“Well, he is welcomed to do so, but I hope that he finds people who are neutral, who are impartial, probably foreigners because I don’t trust people they are putting in charge of the people they don’t like,” he said.

Dr Mahathir was also asked whether he regretted what he did to Anwar.

“Why should I regret, he was arrested under the laws of the country, he was tried and sentenced by the court, if he was not wrong, I don’t think no matter what you think about the our judiciary, I don’t think he would have been sentenced to prison,” he said.

On the judicial system in Malaysia, Dr Mahathir vehemently denied that he appointed judges in the Supreme Court and stressed that he always had faith in the system.

“I didn’t appoint the judges, the judges were recommended by the chief justice, and my duty is to check whether they had any record or not, and after that it was presented to the King who then appoint the judges,” he explained.

He also commented the move by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to apologise and offering monetary compensation to judges removed during his time as “a political move”.

“It’s a political move, something a man who is very unpopular now wanting to show that he has to do something right,” he said.

Dr Mahathir also accused Abdullah of making use of the system in the worst possible way.

“Nobody can say anything against him, he has newspapers who duly report about him and how great he is, and he was misled by his own supporters into believing that he would win big in the recent election,” he said.

Asked why he choose Abdullah as his predecessor, Dr Mahathir said, “These people, they are very smart in hiding their true character, he was known as Mr Clean and I thought I should appoint a clean person to succeed me… although he was not the one with the highest votes (as vice president) in the party but I thought that he was older and I appointed him thinking that he is not going to do anything very wrong, but this man gives greater priority to his family rather than to the country.”

Dr Mahathir admitted openly in the talkshow that it was “a fundamental

lack of judgment on his part” to appoint Abdullah as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

He was also asked why he could not keep quiet after he retired.

“Why should I, they are doing something very bad to my country and I should not let it happen.

“I would be irresponsible if I do that,” he added.


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  1. Bro, when is the rerun?

    Tonight (Monday, 21 April 2008 ) on BBC World (Astro Ch. 512), 1030pm (Kuala Lumpur time)

  2. has it come out on the youtube

  3. Well done Tun ! you have given Stephen Sackur a very good lesson, dont belittle malaysian .The mat salleh always think they are the most cleverest race in the world but today he was caught with his pents down. How come a malaysian dare to tell him that the whites are the race that colonized,rob,steal and murdered innocent people and this was said in the capital of THE GREAT BRITAIN.Who dares to say such words non other than TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMMAD,SYABAS TUN !

  4. I wonder, what will Paklah says when Sackur ask the same questions?

  5. ohh! best sungguh cara Tun jawab! as usual, tepat, jitu dan bijak! Syabas Tun!

    like bzz said, I was wondering the same…

  6. “It was a system placed by his predecessors. The system worked for 50 years and worked very well.”

    It stopped working well after Tun came along.

    Tun destroyed the democratic institutions in our country.

    That’s a fact. And to paraphrase Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Tun is entitled to his opinions, but he is not entitled to his own facts.

    My only regret is it took so long for the Rakyat to revolt against BN.

  7. Bangga dengan TDM. Walau pun TDM dah berusia tapi masih berjaya menangkis soalan2 maut dari orang putih tu. Bravo Tun. Rindu dengan leader yang berani seperti Tun. Walau pun ada orang2 yang kutuk Tun , lagi saya makin kagum dengan pendirian dan keberaniannya. Orang2 yang kutuk2 dan inginkan perubahan ni tak sedar dan bersyukur dengan kemajuan negara. Sibuk sangat nak perubahan,padahal mereka pun merasa dasar2 kemajuan seperti kemudahan sekolah dan pendidikan lain, kemudahan kesihatan yang antara termurah di dunia dll….nak sangat perubahan lain dan nak jadi macam Pulau Singa ke?.. heii..saya tak sanggup

  8. Thank You Tun,You gave a very feisty performance as Mr Sackur had many times made mince meat of others who was brave enough to be interviewed in Hardtalk. For one brief moment in Hardtalk just now, you made me remember that I was once very proud of this great country of ours.

  9. Caya lah Tun… A man with principle.. tak macam mamat unpopular tuh… DSAI pun terkantoi masa hardtalk dulu tu…

  10. i remember anwar interview with sackur a few years ago. i will suggest someone to put up the interview with anwar/sackur and mahathir/sackur in youtube. then rakyat can COMPARE.

  11. penyokong2 tun ni, mereka ni tak pernah terbuka mindanya dek kerana terkongkong dek selama 22 tahun. itu pasal bila rakyat berubah macam2 dia cakap. Tu la, minda dah bebal, susah nak ubah.

    apa2 pun, tahniah tun sebab pandai jawab. pandai jawab bukan bermaksud anda tu betul. moga dapat hidayah dari allah, moga segera insaf.

    kepada aah

    negara britain tu media dia bebas, sebab tu orang boleh cakap apa pun. tu la, otak dah beku, tak habis habis nak mengampu. orang macam ni yang buat tun lagi bertambah sesat. susah tun nak bertaubat kalau ramai pengampu macam ni

  12. I just admire how he handle all the questions…. Profesional and very firm and straight to the point..

    He really knows his stand and he really believe in his philoshophy… Well some of his answer may not be well received, but to give a brave and firm answer at London, well hats off to TDM…

    Some may think that he is old, but he is still the man we know…..

  13. Tun did so badly on the interview. My god, he really made a fool…

  14. Teruk benor puak anti TUN ni, tak nampak kebenaran yang dikata.

    Teringat member dok kata, “kalau bergoyang lalang, tok keua kata LEMBU tu ! Segera hebahkan LEMBU disebalik lalang”

    Tetiba terbangun si KERBAU bergerak jelas sebalik lalang, dikabarkan orang KERBAU dan ternampak sah KERBAU, bila orang tanya apa tu tadi ?

    LEMBU tu ! jawabnya.

    Demikianlah beratnya mereka nak akui kebenaran !

  15. BD,

    Thank you for this report.

    Now that you’ve rushed the copy so we could read it while panas, I hope you would edit the entry before more sites link or pick it up. There are so many typos here that quotes of TDM’s response come across as full of grammar mistakes when the former PM’s English, per usual, was as excellent as his replies.

    Done. I was rushing for a meeting earlier. Thanks

  16. Penyokong puak anti TUN apa pun kebenaran dikatakan oleh TUN tetap tak diakuinya.Tak terkecuali ajip.

  17. Penyokong puak anti TUN apa pun kebenaran dikatakan oleh TUN tetap tak diakuinya.Tak terkecuali ajip.

  18. ajip said:

    “negara britain tu media dia bebas, sebab tu orang boleh cakap apa pun. tu la, otak dah beku, tak habis habis nak mengampu. orang macam ni yang buat tun lagi bertambah sesat. susah tun nak bertaubat kalau ramai pengampu macam ni”


    hahahaha….seorang lagi makhluk Allah yg cuba mencampuri urusan Allah dlm penentuan keimanan hambaNya!…atas kategori atau perkara apa yg anda katakan yg Tun Mahathir tu sesat??mmmmmm….media britain memang bebas sampai kalau nak tengok susu tergantung pun tak payah beli playboy!….cukup beli suratkhabar harian!

  19. I am proud of you Tun, you are the greatest leader that Malaysia ever had… and Badawi is the worst leader Malaysia ever have…

  20. Respect tun mahathir.. pandai menjawab dan menangkis.. dia yg rosakkan malaysia. dia tau la cemana nak jawab…sebab dia sedar ape yg telah dia lakukan dahulu.. hehehe

  21. I keep wondering who being arrested for voice out during Tun era ???? butt naaaahhh what a wasting time..

    its clearly that Sackur not doing a enough research .. more likely an opposition minded .. i mean Pakatan Anak Beranak laaa (Lim Kit siang and son & Anwar and Family)

  22. Tun memang jahat !!!!! sebab sampai sekarang aku tak mampu pakai kereta, tak mampu belajar di universiti, hidup merempat, makan tak cukup… sebab ape Tun jahat… sebab Tun dah rosakkan malaysia…. Nampaknya semua ahli parti pembangkang membesar dan dibesarkan dinegara lain, sebab tu kita tengok ramai dikalangan mereka berjawatan tinggi, golongon professional mungkin jugak kah mereka dibesarkan dan membesar dinegara asing… gamaknya puak puak lawyer tu dapat LLB dari India kot… Maklumlah Malaysia ni dah dirosakkan oleh Tun sampai tak ade universiti langsung hehehehe

  23. On April 21, 2008 at 6:22 pm bzz Said:
    I wonder, what will Paklah says when Sackur ask the same questions?

    Bro, you must be joking….do you think he dare enough to be interviwed by Sackur….baru kena interview dgn Anuar Zaini pun dah berpeluh… dapat soalan bocor lagi… itupun dah berapa ratus kali punya rehearsal …letih si anuar zaini… asyik cut cut! je… heheheh

  24. sampai bila la …tun nak berhenti membelit…..

  25. anakjati_sgway Said:

    hahahaha….seorang lagi makhluk Allah yg cuba mencampuri urusan Allah dlm penentuan keimanan hambaNya

    bila masa pulak aku cakap dia tak beriman, sesat dgn tak beriman beza tu.

    susah la nak cakap dengan orang otak beku. suka sangat mengampu. tu yang buat tun ingat apa yang dia buat semuanya betul. orang macam korang yang sebenarnya rosakkan tun

    aku tak cakap pun semua yang dia buat salah. aku cuma cakap yang salah tetap salah, contohnya memfitnah orang. tak tahu la mahzab mana yang ko ikut. memfitnah orang boleh, tun sahaja yang betul, orang lain semua tak betul. sori la kawan, jangan amik hati pulak. kalau korang suka sangat nak fitnah orang lain, teruskan, semoga dapat balasan setimpal kemudian hari

  26. Pak Mat Tempe… Said:

    Tun memang jahat !!!!! sebab sampai sekarang aku tak mampu pakai kereta, tak mampu belajar di universiti, hidup merempat, makan tak cukup… sebab ape Tun jahat… sebab Tun dah rosakkan malaysia…. Nampaknya semua ahli parti pembangkang membesar dan dibesarkan dinegara lain, sebab tu kita tengok ramai dikalangan mereka berjawatan tinggi, golongon professional mungkin jugak kah mereka dibesarkan dan membesar dinegara asing… gamaknya puak puak lawyer tu dapat LLB dari India kot… Maklumlah Malaysia ni dah dirosakkan oleh Tun sampai tak ade universiti langsung hehehehe

    tengok ni, sorang lagi otak beku, dah tak de idea, buat la cerita bodoh macam kat atas ni

  27. As usual, he likes to show off, but he sounds more like a school head-master, and at times he displays his poisonous snake-venom … he is more dangerous than a king cobra.

  28. Sakur was not prepared lah. That’s why Mahathir got off so easy. Sakur did not ask him about the 60 nominations rule in order to run for UMNO president – a rule Mahathir instituted to keep himself in power. He could have asked why if he transitioned smoothly to Pak Lah, why can’t Pak Lah do the same with Najib? Sakur could have gloated and said: “eh eh eh, caturan politik anda telah makan anda sendiri wakakaka!”

    He did not ask Mahathir why Tun Salleh Abbas was sacked.

    Sakur could have asked why the beloved Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman refused to speak or even to look at Mahathir.

    Sakur could have asked why did Petronas bail out his son’s company Konsortium Perkapalan?

    Sakur could have asked if NEP is for all, why are there so many poor and jobless Malays around becoming Mat Rempits unlike in Singapore which has no NEP? Why are there a few rich UMNOPutras who live in huge mansions and drive fancy cars while many Malays hidup kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang?

    Sakur could have asked why is Malaysia’s gap between rich and poor one of the largest in the world despite NEP? He could have asked if NEP is for all why are the Kadazans, Ibans, Orang Asli not to mention the Chinese and the Indians so very angry with the Malays?

    Sakur could have asked why our universities are not ranked in top 200, don’t even compare with UK or Singapore which have universities in the Top 20?

    Finally, Sakur could have asked if Mahathir’s father is an Indian and therefore is he half-Indian?

  29. ..looks like doeth protest too much on this blog.
    This is where the pro-mahathirist congregate. we must see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil on this blog.
    Mahathir is the greatest.

    Yeah greatest liar.

    I see many die-hard are still impressed with this talking. You should see his wayang kulit. non stop after 40 years of reels of his wayang kulit. maybe its time to bake cakes and breads.


  30. TUN memang pandai, pandai kelentong, menipu , dan memutar belit semua hal.

  31. banjaran forgot that in 1990 (maybe a bit earlier), TDM apologised to Tunku publicly. there even was a picture of TDM holding Tunku’s hand while helping Tunku climb down the stage of an Umno general assembly. i thought that was magnanimous of TDM to apologise to Tunku eventho Tunku had criticised TDM badly during the from the day TDM became the PM till the height of the 1987 – 1988 crisis. anybody remember that picture? These days, TDM couldn;t even get an invitation to attend an Umno general assembly, let alone be voted to be part of the delegation!

  32. banjaran also can ask how come anwar gave a lot of projects to his cronies during his tenure as the finance minister. also, he can also tell sackur to ask pak lah how come all mega projects in Malaysia were handled by his relatives. and how can pak lah let his son in law run in politics? isn’t that construed as nepotism? and how can anwar let his wife and daughter run for elections when in 1996 he was aggresively criticising his own boss of nepotism and cronysim. can u imagine at that time, even the umno youth head (zahid hamidi) were criticising the PM publicly of cronyism in 1996 and the PM let him get away with that. Did we hear any criticism of the leadership in every umno assembly after 2004? Mana ada! semua puji je memanjang.. and then zahid hamidi and anwar were forced to eat humble pie when TDM released lists of ppl getting contracts and shares by the govt. Turned out, anwar’s family and cronies had the biggest share of the cake. korang percaya la dgn si anwar munafik tu. nak tuduh org pasal corruption, sendiri pun buat benda yg sama.

  33. jebatmustdie – hello?? Sakur is interviewing Mahathir la – not Anwar.

  34. serling, cakap macam mane pon hati diorg nie dah buta agaknye.. x nampak apa2 dah kebaikan orang yang selama nie menaikkan nama malaysia…

    it’s either 2 org2 yg tulis kat sini.. sama ade orang yang sokong PR atau pon orang2 Pak Lah, KJ yg di hantar ‘turun’ ke cyber ni utk cari org2 yg sokong Tun.. tu je..

    apa2 pon kalau tak puas hati pada Tun punyer jawapan/kepimpinan selama ni, tu korang punyer hal.. tp utk persoalkan Tun ni x insaf la, tun ni bila nak taubat la… aku rasa itu tak patut. Siapa korang nie yg beria betul nak suruh orang lain taubat2 dan tau ke korang apa yg Tun buat biler takde depan korang? itu urusan Tun dan Allah, buat apa kita nak sibuk, jaga amalan sendiri sudahlah, kalau nak tegur bukan begini caranya. ntah kemana adat ntah kemana santun pon tatau…

  35. Ramai yang tidak bersyukur dengan perkara kecil yang dinikmatinya. hanya menyumpah serana perkara besar yang tak apat diperolehi mereka. Mahathir telah menunjukkan bangsa malaysia wujud kepada dunia. Mungkin kesilapan telah dilakukannya (masyaallah kita bukan malaikat atau nabi yang besih dari kesilapan)Tapi kenang juga kebaikan dan kemajuan yang dibawa. Timbang yang mana lebih berat (kesilapan atau kebaikan). Walaupun hidup sederhana tapi keamanan serta rezeki tidak berkurangan. Cuma yang perlu dilakukan perubahan bukan alasan an perpecahan.

  36. TDM made a fool of himself in this interview. I agree with Stevie “Tun is entitled to his opinions, but he is not entitled to his own facts”. TDM is a master in creating his own logics and facts. He said he released all the political when he became the PM but some years later made probably the biggest political arrest called op lalang to save his political career. TDM will do anything to save his politics and he has proved it many times in his career.

  37. OH MY GOD!!!!







    • To the writer named ‘Mahathir Is A Liar’,

      If you were the one interviewing Tun M you wouldn’t stand a chance and therefore make a bigger fool out of your own self, save yourself the humiliation and go read a book.

  38. aah,
    hello???Did u just come back from the 14th century?Have you ever been to ANY western country before?I must assume you have not,with the idiotic comment you made.You are still delving into past history which they have rectified and succeeded magnificently.My reasoning is these people know that they have done wrong before and are now pursuing to correct it and make it even better.True,they may have some questionable traits towards their foreign policies but as far as their citizens are concerned
    they do not practise double standards.
    Someone said before that even developed countries
    also have racial discrimination.Please allow me to reiterate that THEIR governments do not practise racial discrimination;it is the people themselves
    who are doing this and the government is strongly against this as can be seen in most,if not all the developed countries.One of the actions they are taking now is to allow people from other countries(regardless of whether from 3rd world country or otherwise)to migrate to their countries.Do we practise it here?Maybe we do but don’t forget,we still have the issue of those people born here but still not citizens.
    I have worked in Australia before and I have
    never been treated like an outcast or looked at with contempt at any time.Everyone is the same,health care,
    taxes,jobs,all have equal opportunities.
    In summing up,all I am saying is these countries have the opportunity to go forward and make things right again for the betterment of its people and their nation and they made full use of it.
    Are we?

  39. very few malay can speak like tun….but i’m one of tun’s alike……so pak lah, kj & anwar…wait for your day….i will smack you in your arse!

  40. TDM is one man who will never admit making mistakes, but will always blame on others – MASTER OF LIARS.

    It is a pity and a big shame, a statesman like him continue to manipulate, and find faults on everyone. He blamed on the judiciary for Anwar imprisonment without realising that the verdict on Anwar’s quilt was simply because he himself decided the script in passing the judgment with the AG who went all out to please this man, and is now rotting in hell, and it will be hell too for TDM when his turn comes. His 22 years in office may be described as Reign of Terrors. UNDER MATHAIR NO OPPOSITION. There was no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no freedom of assembly.

    It was his deliberate attempt to appoint a weak man like Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be his successor so that he can continue to manipulate and bully him. He did want someone else to over shadow him, at least during his life time. Thanks to him for doing it, and at least we now have hope for a new beginning.

    In this country there are no more who curse him than those who believes that he had done good for the country. It is sickening even to mention this man, and even his whole family.

  41. Hey people of Malaysia esp whoever do not appreciate and refuse to accept the truth of Tun’s great success in managing our country to be what we are today. Please stop blaming Tun or others for your own failure in elevating your life to greater level while others have successfully live their life to the best in taking the great opportunities provided by this country under Tun. Once for all, accepting your own fault for your own doing. The world is never be fair, get that into your think scull and accept the reality. Many of us have moved low to middle income earner. I am one of them, there’s never a day that I thankful to Tun for what he has done to the country to allow me to change my family life from poor to a decent life. Tun might not have done all right thing, hey.. who has??? If Tun has achieved 6 out of 10 positive contributions, it’s enough for me.

    To all the people who against Tun, please stop blaming Tun for your frustration in your life but to blame yourself. If Tun has not done a good job, you were not be able to chat on computer and doing what you are doing now.. such as blogging to condemn Tun. A parent in a household provide the same environment to all their children, why some are doing good and some are not??? It is the same analogy.

    For all Anwar’s supporters, remember he is nobody if Tun did not take him to be in Umno. He’s totally a changed person from a humble person to an elite politician wearing thousands ringgit Armani coat. It is sad that now he is condemning the person who brought him out from his little cocoon to where he is today. I would pity Tun more as being a person to bring in and raise him from no where to what he is today. Yes, Anwar is insaf now.. hopefully, but he is still Anwar the one that I see when he was in Umno except the man without an expensive coat. He is a clever chameleon who would change from one platform to another in a blink. In his early or student years, he was fighting for Islamic course, when he was in Umno, he was an ultra malay, and now he is fighting for Malaysia Malaysian.. a man with no principle but an opportunist.

    I know my comment on Anwar will not receive well by Anwar’s supporters. If they accuse Tun’s supporters being blind but I think Anwar’s supporters are worst. TO all you, stop denying Tun’s success though it’s hard to swallow by you guys, and stop blaming him for your failures. Examine your self and find a cure to your self. As for Malay, remember that Singapore was once a malay land where now even Singaporean Malay has been marginalised. For non-malay, be greatful that we still can earn a decent life in Malaysia, even if we are in the most democratic country in the world such as America, we are still be treated as 2nd class citizen though we have live there for past 3 generation as long as we hv yellow skin or slit eyes, as for indian, aren’t you guys much better here compared most of people in India, even to dream to own a car is also impossible despite of many billionaires produces by their country. I have seen this!! To all Malaysian, be greatful for what we have today, excel to achieve a better life, work on your own ways to success, stop rely on others to get what your want and above all.. THE WORLD IS NOT FAIR and LIFE IS NOT FAIR TOO!!! so it depends on you to chart what you want.

  42. Ha ha…Nak tergelak tengok senyum TDM yang macam senyum pahit…

    Apa pun yang aku tengok ada dua benda…ada benda yang Tun boleh jawab dan ada benda yang dia kantoi…

    Mengenai situasi di Malaysia sekarang dah isu racism dan kehakiman…Tun nampaknya tak mahu terima hakikat…dia dok ngata PakLah lemah tapi sebenarnya Stephen Sackur berjaya mendedahkan Tun yang sebenarnya jadi diktator…Tun juga akui melalui sejarah banyak raja juga diktator dan berjaya memerintah…ni nak menghalakan apa yang dia buat selama 22 tahun tu…tu yg jadi senyum terpaksa…tu yg dia kantoi…takleh nak jawab sampai terpaksa nafikan dia pernah tahan orang sedangkan Human Rights Watch dah sedia fakta…

    Isu kehakiman Tun Salleh Abas dan Anwar yg mana pemerhati luarnegara semua akui kegagalan sistem perundangan Malaysia.

    Cuma bab yg boleh dipuji ialah mengenai sejarah dan juga mengenai isu Semitic dan Israel. Ni bolehla dipuji sebab memang betul pun.

    Apapun keseluruhannya nampak Tun ni tidak selesa menjawab soalan bila ditekan. Dari lenggok badan dia dan cara dia tersenyum nampak dia resah bila soalan kena batang hidung dia…tapi bila soalan mengenai soal kuasa besar western yg tidak adil dia nampak yakin…

    Kalau aku hakim aku bagi la takat C+ jer…

    Tu belum kena Jeremy dari Newsnight wawancara dia. Aku suka jer tengok wawancara provoke macamni…nak tengok sabar ke tak atau merapu ke tak jawapan…

    Sesapa la yang kena jadi tetamu dalam wawancara dengan media yang pengacara dia suka provoke kemudian nanti siap sedia la dengan ilmu anda.

    Sekali tengok Mahathir ni jawab macam Mugabe jawab pulak.

    Ki Ma

  43. What a wretched and vile old man! And its strange to see some people here even think that his answers were “intelligent”! Hahaha! What a joke!

    Per usual, this hag blames everyone but himself.

  44. Of course Anwar did not complain.

    Anwar or anybody would be jailed if they complain during Mahathir’s time.

  45. Mahathir, always talking cock.

    Always saying Badawi doing things for political motives.

    Then what is the old cock doing in London?
    Talking rubbish to hoodwink the people.

    Sudah lah.

    Go an enjoy your ill gotton gain before Anwar put you in prison.

  46. Mahathir laments British called the Malays, lazy, incompetent.
    Well, Mahathir has proven the British right!.

    Mahathir is truly incompetent.

    Look at the damage Mahathir haas wrecked onto this country for 22 years.

  47. Bersih Amamanh dan cekap.

    Looks like Corruption, more corruption and most corrupted corruption.

    Mahathir, Father of Corruptio.

    Mahathir, Father of all things wrong in Malaysia.

  48. I just don’t understand some m’sians….

    We had a leader who screwed our country from behind for 22 years. He allowed corruptions (if he is as capable as you believe, then ask yourself why he couldn’t clean our country up despite given 22 years of power? He didn’t want to do it. Hence he is a lousy leader. Period. – Don’t blame ABB who has 4 years) He messed up the racial unity. He screwed our judiciary… etc (for other sins, see others’ comments). And just because of a short interview, suddenly you are so proud to be m’sian again.

    For those of you who are impressed with his performance, you are just a stupid sucker who IS easily tricked by slick packaging and aggresive acting. (not unlike those who truly believe wrestling on the telly is real fighting).

    The TDM contents, after 22 years, have already been proven as toxic. And still he is yr hero???!!!

  49. Masa TDM PM, hampa kata dia diktator, semua tak bebas, semua pun tak baguih. Kalau TDM tak dak pun Malaysia boleh maju. Lani dah tukaq PMkan, Malaysia semakin maju ka? Rakyat hidup lebih selesa ka? Bukan semua pun kena ikat perut ka lani. Sapa sapa pun boleh jadi PM, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi semua ni pun boleh jadi PM, tapi boleh ka depa bawak kita ke depan, kalau asyik dok tengok blakang saja. Dok tengok salah orang, bila nak tengok depan.

  50. This was Mahathir’s comments 5 hours later after the BBC Hardtlk show.

    It looks like me, sounds like me and behave like me, but but it wasn’t me.

    I forgot la. Lupa la. It was such a long time ago.

  51. tengku affendy,
    who told you that singapore malays have been marginalised? in fact, they are living a better life than most malays in malaysia. don’t believe everything you read or heard about singapore malays being marginalised.

  52. Sesiapa sahaja akan mengakui kehebatan Tun, cuma ada segolongan orang yang menipu diri mereka sendiri dengan mengatakan tidak. Mengapa? Kerana mereka tidak akan dapat jadi sehebat itu!

  53. ijustdon’tunderstand, your writing perfectly describes you. YOU JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND because you are an illiterate ignoramus who does not read history. Your only information source is probably rabid and serial anti Mahathir comments posted in Malaysia Today by kiddies who were still sucking milk from their mother’s titties when Dr Mahathir was busy developing Malaysia.

    Yes the man is only human and he has his flaws and I must say he biggest mistake was to be duped into choosing the current born again “reform” PM but we cannot deny how much good he has done for this great country of ours.

  54. On April 22, 2008 at 3:14 am samarlin Said:

    hahahaha “Everyone is the same,health care,
    taxes,jobs,all have equal opportunities.” HAHAHA
    more hahaha

    one question only how about the indigenous people..
    last time i remember is the apology made by the current PM..

    past=for taking indigenous children, current=for not
    taking care their problem i.e alcohol, health

    may i ask u.. did ANY person in Malaysia is treated this bad..

    and pls pls check how those white people arrive on aussie land.. wonder why they not have any cultural to
    promote.. y their sports was their symbol?

    so r u riding the opportunity there behalf on the suffer of indigenous people?.. hard leh to answer right.

    hardCHAT peace off LOL

  55. and one more question for all the commentator here

    any of u leader,manager, boss some sort of department or company?

    is all people in your direction satisfy with u?
    hard leh to satisfy all right?

    so give and take okay. whats good is ours to fellow and whats wrong is ours to take lesson

    enjoy ur life guys 🙂

  56. Other races will laugh when we malays fights with each others…..they will “tikam-menikam” our people until yang “kalah jadi abu & yang menang jadi arang”…..they will ask the same treatment to be given to them as if this is their land…..but we must remember, Malays is the owner of this country……be it in US, or UK or anywhere else in the world…..they wont treat the foreigner or other races that come to their country the same….its all bullshit….I’ve been to so many countries…and of course I was treated as foreigner……still remember who fought for our freedom…We, the Malays….just look at Singapore today…..we cannot see the same treatment was given to Malays overthere….like the western said…”They saw, they came and they conquer”….and still we are fighting with each other…….this is really “Melayu Mudah Lupa”….

  57. On April 22, 2008 at 9:47 am ijustdon’tunderstand Said:

    owh yeah maybe he screwed us for solid 22 years..
    but i dont mind being screwed by having minimal fees for school, ah and dirt cheap health care

    various MNC setup while he was in power, some of u really pointed out that certain country was very transparent and some of the MNC here are from those ccountry, so basically if our country is so bad in management y they still pour money to our DIRTY land?

    so it is our right to critic wrong policies by him so do our right to recognize his contribution, be fair

    i wonder is there any so called dictatorship country who enjoyed the same wealth as ours?

  58. haha good one eddy. some people just do not understand and short sighted. what’s worse, saome of them DO NOT WANT to understand!

  59. waaahhh…ur page is being flooded by UMNO 2008’s cybertroopers!

  60. tu la, otak dah beku selama 22 tahun semasa pemerintahana tun. Yang salah pun di kata betul.

    cukup cukup la.

    apa yang mahathir buat salah, tetap salah. tak yah la nak tegakkan benang yang basah

    Pembangunan yang ada kat malaysia ni bukan sumbangan dia sorang. ramai yang terlibat. tak yah la nak ampu lebih lebih.

    sumbangan mahathir kepada negara dihormati.

    tapi kalau perangai suka fitnah orang, aniaya orang lain tu tak boleh diterima. kalau dia bangga dengan perbuatan dia yang zalim tu, tak tahu la nak cakap macam mana.

    penyokong mahathir bukan nak betulkan kesilapan yang dia lakukan, tapi ampu lagi. tu yang dia terus menerus melakukan kesilapan.

    kesalahan sesama manusia kena la minta maaf pada manusia yang dianiaya, bukannya terus mengutuk orang yang dianiaya dan sombong serta bongkak dan tak pernah mengakui kesilapan.

  61. http://karya-merdeka.blogspot.com/2008/04/mahathir-lagi-bilakah-semua-ini-akan.html

    Mahathir lagi: Bilakah semua ini akan reda?

    Saya benar-benar kagum akan Mahathir, khususnya terhadap kemampuan dan kedegilannya untuk menyatakan pandangannya.

    Dia akan terus bertakata-kata, meskipun sudah tidak ada lagi orang yang mau mendengar pandangannya itu – kecuali mungkin beberapa orang yang mau memperalatkannya sebagai sumber “pendapat” bagi maksud tertentu – untuk menyerang Abdullah Badawi, misalnya.

    Dan bagi tahap umurnya, tenaga Mahathir memang luar biasa. Suaranya masih lantang, sebutannya masih jelas – meskipun daya ingatannya ternyata sudah kabur (banyak yang tidak diingatnya atau sudah tersalah ingat), daya analisisnya sudah longgar, rasa hormatnya terhadap lojika, etika, maupun kebenaran jelas sudah berkecai.

    Namun, bagi saya, apa yang lebih menakjubkan ialah masih banyak antara kita yang masih sanggup mendengar racauannya itu. Oleh itu, bila Mahathir akan diwawancara untuk rancangan “Hard Talk” baru-baru ini saya menjadi kebanjiran dengan pesanan SMS maupun posting blog tentangnya.

    Memanglah Mahathir merupakan seorang yang degil, yang tidak puas-puas meracau di mana sahaja. Dia akan berceramah di majlis ceramah anjuran PROWARIS atau bahagian-bahagian Umno yang tertentu, berdebat dalam forum anjuran laman blog MyKMU, ditemuramah oleh Malaysiakini.com, malah menulis kata pengantar untuk buku Dr. Collin Abraham.

    Tidak ada sesuatu yang baru dalam apa yang diperkatakannya, namun orang tetap akan mendengar malah melaporkannya kembali di tempat lain, di muka akhbar maupun di laman blog. Tidak ada yang mendalam atau profound dalam analisisnya, namun masih banyak yang menganggap kata-katanya sebagai semacam mutiara ilmu.

    Dan inilah yang menakjubkan saya. Apakah yang menarik tentang Mahathir ini: mutiara ilmu yang keluar dari mulutnya atau sekadar personanya? Dan apakah yang menarik tentang persona itu – auranya atau sekadar latarbelakang dirinya yang pernah menjadi ahli politik yang memberontak terhadap establishment Umno tetapi kemudiannya bertukar menjadi establishment itu sendiri yang amat menindas?

    Baru-baru ini Mahathir tampaknya telah berhasil pula menjaja misteri dirinya itu ke luar negara. Dia sanggup ditemuramah di ruangan “Hard Talk” BBC yang terkenal kerana soalan-soalan mendalam lagi kasar terhadap sesiapa sahaja – khususnya para pemimpin negara dunia ketiga.

    Mahathir memang tahu tentang reputasi rancangan Hard Talk itu, namun naluri dan semangatnya untuk terus berkata-kata itu ternyata tidak akan dapat diredakan. Otot di sekeliling mulutnya yang overdeveloped itu tampaknya tidak akan dapat dilemahkan.

    Satu sifat dan sahsiah Mahathir yang asasi sehubungan dengan nalurinya yang mau terus berkata-kata ini ialah sifatnya yang combative – yakni dia akan menyerang bila dia mendapati dirinya terdesak oleh serangan orang lain khusus pihak yang mempersoalkan kredibiliti hujah dan kata-katanya.

    Dan apabila Mahathir mulai menyerang, dia akan melakukannya secara dogged (hantam keromo, membujur lalu melintang patah). Bila Mahathir menyerang, maka jelaslah terserlah sifatnya yang samasekali tidak menghormati dan mengendahkan kebenaran, fakta, logika atau malah urutan dan tertib hujah yang siuman.

    Saya telah melihat perkara ini berlaku beberapa kali sewaktu Mahathir diwawancara oleh media antarabangsa (Mahathir dalam nada prasangkanya sendiri akan mengatakannya “media barat”).

    Beberapa tahun lalu, sewaktu Mahathir ditemuramah oleh Zain Verge dari CNN, bila dia didesak dengan soalan-soalan yang hangat dan pedas, dia akan segera menjadi combative – menuduh sipenemuramah itu sebagai mewakili prasangka “orang putih” yang senantiasa memandang rendah terhadap orang kulit berwarna seperti dirinya.

    Hakikat yang tidak diendahkan Mahathir ialah hakikat Zain Verge merupakan seorang wanita keturunan Pakistan yang dibesarkan di Afrika – hanya kulitnya sedikit cerah berbanding Mahathir.

    Kali ini sewaktu menghadapi asakan soalan-soalan panas dari Stephen Sackur, hos rancangan Hard Talk ini, huraian Mahathir tentang prasangka orang Barat terhadap orang pribumi kita tampaknya diasaskan pada ikhtisar pandangan beberapa tokoh pegawai penjajah British satu dua abad lalu seperti Swettenham, Winstedt.

    Pandangan berprasangka seperti itu sebenarnya sudah tidak kedengaran lagi hari ini, dan malah hujah seperti yang dikemukakan oleh Mahathir itu juga sejak lama sudah tidak digunakan lagi oleh para pembahas dan sarjana anak negeri. Namun demikianlah adanya vintage Mahathir: dia tidak teragak-agak menggunakan hujah dan mauduk dari dua abad lalu untuk memenangi perdebatan hari ini.

    Mahathir agak beruntung bila berhadapan dengan para wartawan seperti Zain Verge dan Sackur itu. Mereka ini sebenarnya tidak begitu tahu tentang realiti politik di Malaysia, oleh itu tidak dapat terus bertanya (probing) bila Mahathir memberikan reaksi yang sebenarnya tidaklah seratus peratus tepat.

    Huraiannya, misalnya, tentang penyingkiran para hakim, tentang pita V. K. Lingam, tentang keadilan yang diterima Anwar dari sistem kehakiman Malaysia sudah pasti akan mengundang asakan yang malah lebih kuat lagi dari seorang wartawan yang lebih tahu tentang Malaysia berbanding Zain maupun Sackur.

    Namun Mahathir, bagi saya, tetap merupakan seorang watak awam yang bijak lagi licik. Dia pandai menggunakan segala macam helah dan permainan citra untuk mempertahankan dirinya dan mengelirukan para pendengarnya. Sebab itulah setiap gerak geri maupun kata-katanya akan menarik perhatian, meskipun tidak terdapat barang seurat ketulusan maupun kebijaksanaan dalam penampilan citra dan cendekianya itu.

    Bilakah permainan penampilan dirinya yang penuh helah ini akan reda – demi menjaga kewarasan dan kesehatan minda (mental hygiene) masyarakat kita sendiri?

  62. […] More info, Tun Dr. Mahathir on Hardtalk: “He (PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah) is making use of the system in the… […]

  63. Aku masuk banyak blog yg include or even ulas pasal talk ni..Dan hampir kesemuanya byk org post comment..yg puji Tun banyak tapi yang aku terkejut/heran kat those yg kutuk or hentam Tun for whatever reason..Eventhough they hate him so much they still watch or even they don’t watch(I suspect ramai yg tak tengok pun but still want to comment) they still nak get involve. This just prove how people still want to hear his opinions or thoughts(Setuju or tak setuju tu lain cerita). So kesimpulannya Tun still relevant tak macam kata Karpal Singh or Anwar yang thinks dia dah nyanyuk..Pelikla kan BBC Hardtalk nak interview org tua nyanyuk..renung-renungkanlah

  64. […] was first found on BigDog’s blog here. Rocky’s Bru, Tok Mommy (Kak Ton) and Kak Nuraina also have their take on this. Published […]

  65. Asalamualaikum Semua

    Kelakar lah bila baca komen orang yang memang dah benci Tun Mahathir nie, takat mana Tun berhujah pun, diaorang akan membelit lagi

    bagi aku simple jer, what is Tun doing right now, is to save Malaysia form all the yahudi and singaporean … owh , i remember somthing, melayu singapore nie antara pehisap dadah tertinggi kat singapore…. and aku banyak dengar cerita melayu singapore nie, dari mulut melayu sinagpore sendiri, kesian, tak lama lagi kat penang jadi camtue lah , hidup Malaysian Malaysia..huhhuhu

    Balik pada asal, Tun buat semua nie, bukan nak nama, dia pun tak ingin nak tinggal nama dia , cth dia tak nak letak nama dia kat mana mana jalan pun, dia bukan orang cam ANWAR and AAB , bini AAB

    Tun buat semua nie , bukan nak kejar pangkat, dia dah berkuasa 22 tahun, dia nothing to lose…

    Cuma kekadang kita tak pernah bersyukur , mungkin kalau takde dia, kita tak boleh nak taip kat net nie, mungkin siapa tau, banyak lagi negara kat dunia nie takde internet, paling dekat ngan Malaysia Timur Timor

    apa pun, kita dengar nashat Tun macam kita dengar nasihat orang Tua kita,tak tahu lah kat sini ader orang tak suka dengar cakap mak bapak diaorang, ader yang dengar tapi tak ikut,

  66. 24th and 25th posters at Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters. Enjoy!

  67. “You must remember that it is a democratic country that dropped the atomic bombs killing more than 200,000 people,” he said.

    Wait, so Dr. M is saying he’d rather still have the Japanese building death railways using Malayan slaves all the way to Wawasan 2020?

  68. siapa siapa yang kutuk tun di persilakan untuk pergi berambus ke oz ke singapor… ke. oz n singapor… kan tak racist. tapi masa tun m memerintah sewaktu dia di kecam hebat, anak anak nya ada yang suruh dia berhenti. kenapa ye. tapi sewaktu pak lah sekarang kena kecam, kenapa anak anak nya tak buat sesuatu ye? hmm suspect betullah. apa apa pun congratulation to sackur for having been able to interview tun. it is a rare oppurtunity. good job.

  69. Yeah, the WEST is great… freedom of the press and everything. That’s why they can demean the Prophet SAW and make jokes about Jesus Christ and God, BUT NOT ABOUT JEWS.

    USA and Britain the most peaceloving nations on earth. That’s why they have been involved in every war in every continent in the last 100 years. They’re still at it today.

    who can stand up and expose them? Only TDM can !!!

  70. ajip, semua orang pon otak beku.. hang tak pulak beku2 ek?

  71. manusia kalau sudah ada perasaan membenci dihati akan terus membenci walaupun ada kebaikannya.Kebaikan Tun tidak dilihat tetapi Tun teruskan bersuara.nak cari macam Tun 100 tahun lagi belum tentu ada kecuali yang ‘Flip-Flop’.Kalau Pak lah diwawancara secara langsung tentu dah ‘flip-flop’walaupun dengan orang malaysia.

  72. Many of my local Muslim friends here, proud on how he handled questions in the HARDTalk. He did much more better than others Malaysian used to be in the prog (e.g Anwar, Hamid Albar). That Sackur quite bias, you can compare with how he interview with Derah (CEO of Black Entertaiment TV, US) – available for next 5 days

  73. Tun Dr Mahathir – PM Tormentor

    TDM favourite past time was to torment Malaysia’s Prime Ministers. Look at his track records …

    1st PM – Tunku Abdul Rahman – because of his vocal criticism TDM was thrown out of UMNO by the Tunku. He continued to criticise from outside UMNO. Eventually Tunku had to relinquish the top post.

    2nd PM – Tun Abdul Razak – the only PM that TDM did not criticise. The reason ? He indebted to Tun Abdul Razak because it was TAR who brought TDM back into UMNO.

    3rd PM – Tun Hussein Onn – TDM did not openly criticise THO but he brought in his distant relative, Sulaiman Palestin to contest against THO for UMNO president post. After a few years THO handed over the PM post to TDM. Health problems was the official reason why THO quit the PM post but everybody knew it was due to behind the scene manoevre by TDM.

    4th PM – TDM – nobody dare to go overboard (like what TDM is doing now) when criticising TDM or they will end up in Kamunting like what happen to Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and some other opposition leaders. Even TDM will end up in Kamunting if he criticises himself 😉

    5th PM – DSAAB – TDM thought that he found a bogey boy in DSAAB but DSAAB turned out otherwise. TDM made a mistake for not realising that there must be something in a person who prefer to be partyless rather than joined Semangat 46 or begged to join UMNO baru.

    6th PM – whoever he is – if TDM still alive, he will continue to torment the new PM unless the new PM comes to see TDM for approval before any new policy announcements

    Moral of the story – TDM thinks that nobody is qualified to become Malaysian PM except himself.

  74. No one…i repeat NO ONE! can bring Malaysia into World’s perspectives better than Tun Mahathir Mohamad. No one can stand on top leadership, styles and health for 22 years long; bringing prosperity, harmony and unity to all Malaysian of all religions and races other than Tun himself. Majority of 27mil Malaysian appreciate him. Majority of 27mil Malaysian love him and still do. Regardless of the authorities and powers he had; the SOLE REASON for him to still be in 22 years in charged of this great country, is because of 27mil majority Malaysian want him. While the spoiled minority and sector of gullible lots, can and will criticized Tun Mahathir, they cant deny the right and wishes of the majority Malaysian. Say what you ‘bad-apples’ scums wanted to, the very reason for you not getting what you wanted (on Tun Mahathir), was because you were for that 22 long years representing and sitting on the wrong side of the wishes of many. How many?? Enough to put Tun Mahathir back into active politic subsequently,head of Malaysian government, if Tun wishes to NOW. That many! What numbers?? Go Einstein and do the simple math yourself.

    Tun had his good and bad. So did anyone else. But for whatever his ‘bads’ are, the ‘goods’ have done much and greater in making this prosperous country called Malaysia, a place you, me, they and them can peacefully and proudly called HOME. Even foreigners would have no qualm in choosing Malaysia over her other neighboring countries, as their second and/or retirement homes. Although Tun criticized a lot of the Western nations; that nonchalance perspective of many foreigners in accepting Malaysia, is the true definitions (and recognitions) of what Malaysia and Tun’s 22 years in power, have brought since its humble acceptance into the world communities 50 years ago. From a nation full of despairs and treacherously among races, to the one that are today living peacefully, prosperously and united under all sorts of workmanships, leaderships and beliefs. If one cant accept this, then open your heart and realised it. If you cant realise it either, than stop patronizing your good-self as true beloving Malaysian so that you can still live in those clouded judgment of yours, sadly ever after. Because majority of the 27mil Malaysian know, without Tun’s 22 years, Malaysia is NOTHING. And we thank him for that.




    F.U.C.K.I.N S.T.U.P.I.D.S.O.N.O.F.A.B.I.T.C.H THAT’S WHAT U R!!!

  76. Mahathir could answer all the questions because he thought he did the right thing during his tenure as PM.But what he did not realise is that,what he did were all wrong.He thought he was right because nobody dare spoke against him.Now we can all see for ourselves.Everybody is talking against him,because he is not in power anymore.God extends his life,just because God wants him to see all the wrongdoings he did before.He is now tasting his own medicine.How come he is now talking about corruptions,cronysm,when he did nothing to stop it during his tenure as PM.

  77. sCOTT tHONG,

    If dropping atomic bomb is the solution to even one problem, the world would be a far more dangerous place.

    The end does not justify the means.

  78. I call him ‘Hero” …

    Latest from Royal Mongrel @ No Hole Barred … ROYAL SPIN

  79. Kepada Ajip Saad. jangalah menyalahkan orang lain atas kedangkalan anda sendiri. allah akan mengubah nasib kaum yang berusaha mengubahnya. bertaubatlah

  80. To yara (11:33 am), hello? open your eyes..It is obvious that Singaporean Malays have been marginalised. That’s a known fact!!! Wake up.. Oh well, they might be better off compared to Malaysian malay in kampung (definitely not professional Malay in urban) but please look at stats from Singaporean Govern and check where the malay race stands among the rest of races in Singapore. They cant even own a decent house and how many of them make their way to become top executives in Singaporean companies. They are the highest numbers in lowest level jobs. Most of Singaporean woman married Malaysian Man for a better life. So Yara, this is the fact tht you will find it hard for people like you to swallow, so does Singaporean Malay. They are still be blinded by their egos and arrogance to accept that are have been marginalised in Singapore. What a pity..

  81. People like PM Marina, Tengku Affendy Eddy etc are basically personality cult worshippers. They think Mahathir can do no wrong. When Mahathir put the API Index under the OSA during the 1997 haze, these people gladly inhaled the dirty haze from Sumatra with gladness in their heart because Tun Mahathir wanted them to.

    They will praise him unthinkingly. They clap their hands when he answer Sakur’s questions by attacking western countries because to these people, that is how to answer critics – by not answering at all and deflect attention. This is a dirty trick shared no doubt with despots like Zimbabwe’s Mugabe. Mahathir has not apologized for any of the mistakes he has made and to his supporters, this is a sign of goodness. So you can judge for yourself the moral and ethical fibre of Mahathirites.

    As for asking those who dislike Tun to move to OZ or Singapore, I think it should be you who move to OZ and Singapore. Only then will you understand what it means to be globally competitive first world nations. And in any case, maybe soon you won’t have a choice since Mahathir supporters will likely lose out to either Pak Lah supporters or Pakatan Rakyat supporters.

  82. Wakmasnoor: “But for whatever his ‘bads’ are, the ‘goods’ have done much and greater in making this prosperous country called Malaysia, a place you, me, they and them can peacefully and proudly called HOME. ”


    How dare you equate whatever Malaysia’s success with Mahathir! It is the rakyat who worked hard who made this country what it is. Not Mahathir. Mahathir gave us Proton, Perwaja, Tajudin Ramly, Renong, Tan Sri Mohamad Nor’s foreign exchange fiasco etc.

    Look at history. Malaya was one of the richest countries in Asia in 1950s. Where are we now compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea. Even Thailand and Vietnam catching up not to mention India and China. It is policy disasters by Mahathir and govt leaders who think like Mahathir that lead Malaysia to become less competitive and less developed than our Asian counterparts. And you think Mahathir made Malaysia successful? Get real.

    In the 50s, 60s, and even 70s the different races can mingle, share jokes visit homes, eat together and speak good English. Since then because of bad policies, many under Mahathir’s time as UMNO leader or PM, racial divisions became worse and our standard of English went down the drain. So don’t think that Mahathir did Malaysia any favors. In fact, it is we Malaysian rakyat who did Mahathir a favor. Look at the business empires of his sons. Look how Petronas bailed out his son’s company Konsortium Perkapalan. How many public projects funded by hard working tax payer rakyat’s money went to Mahathir’s sons and crony’s companies?

  83. Salam,..

    I suka bila part Sackur cakap masa zaman Tun memerintah, sesiapa yg bersuara kena tangkap…
    Then, Tun tanya dia balik…

    “WHO??”. Sackur speechless…

    Part Sackur bangkitkan isu HINDRAF, Tun dengan bangga jelaskan masa zaman dia, isu HINDRAF tak timbul. Gone thru 5 election, menang dengan majoriti besar. Terbukti isu HINDRAF adalah kepincangan Pak Lah memerintah.

    I’m proud with this interview. Selepas 5 tahun, western media walaupun pernah dikecam oleh Tun, tetap ingin menemuramah beliau dan ingin mendengar apa yang ingin beliau perkatakan. Media tempatan?

    Tepuk dada tanya selera….

    Terima kasih.

  84. Soalan untuk semua…

    Semasa Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri, cuba senaraikan siapakah yang tertindas dan ditindas?

    Maafkan saya yang berpengetahuan cetek ini, tetapi seingat saya dalam tempoh 22 tahun beliau sebagai Perdana Menteri, semua rakyat Malaysia gembira dan hidup sangat aman damai….

    Kecuali parti pembangkang.

    Tun telah meletakkan Malaysia di mata dunia. Celek internet membuatkan kita semua bebas bersuara dalam dunia tanpa sempadan walaupun ketika ini kita berada di atas katil rumah sendiri (di Malaysia).

    Putrajaya, KLCC, KLIA, Sepang Circuit, MSC, Wawasan 2020, Krisis Mata Wang 97/98, sepatutnya boleh membuatkan kita semua berfikir dengan waras..

    Tidakkah kita semua boleh berfikir?

  85. betul la cakap tun mahathir, ramai orang malaysia ni bermentaliti dunia ketiga.

    banggunan yang dibanggakan, bukannya ilmu.

    letih la

    yang salah tun mahathir buat tetap salah. kalau nak listkan berlambak. korang fikir sendirilah

    yang betul aku sokong

  86. ADam Dryx said:
    I suka bila part Sackur cakap masa zaman Tun memerintah, sesiapa yg bersuara kena tangkap…
    Then, Tun tanya dia balik…

    lim kit siang, lim guan eng, karpal singh, anwar ibrahim, mat sabu, nik adli, hishammudin rais, raja petra, saari sungip, banyak tu kalau nak list

    letih la kalau bercakap dengan orang otak beku

    • org2 ni kene cekup aku stuju 🙂 pasal pa karpal penah ckp suh anwar repent ye?? renung2kan pastu skang jd lawyer dia..renung2kn ..

  87. lim kit siang, lim guan eng, karpal singh, anwar ibrahim, mat sabu, nik adli, hishammudin rais, raja petra, saari sungip,hahah——-KILL THEM ALL!!POLITICIAN WANNABES

  88. What I like most about Tun is his consistency in replying any questions or statements, bravo Tun….. p/s: should read “Dr Mahathir’s Selected Letters To The World Leaders”, thumbs up!

  89. >>>>Putrajaya, KLCC, KLIA, Sepang Circuit, MSC, Wawasan 2020, Krisis Mata Wang 97/98, sepatutnya boleh membuatkan kita semua berfikir dengan waras.. <<<<<

    PutraJaya = Gajah Putih..
    KLCC = Managed by Australian Group – Westfield Holdings. Jewish company lah. Oii ta bolih manage sendiri ka????
    KLIA = cowboy shootout,,,CCTV tak lengkap ,,,,tak jalan. One big hotel for foreigner laborers.
    What’s the original budget? and how much did it cost eventually? korek korek korek

    Sepang = making money..? hmmmmm singapore pon ada F1 sekarang. maybe Bangkok next year. Malaysian driver?

    wawasan 2020 = apa tu?

  90. BANJARAN SAID> How dare you equate whatever Malaysia’s success with Mahathir! It is the rakyat who worked hard who made this country what it is. Not Mahathir.

    I SAID> The most idiotic and shallow minded statement. If you sell your own house (and earned handsomely gloated richest all the way to the bank), would you ever claimed and care to mention (or to even ponder) the sacrifices and sweats of others (the workers, architects, contractors etc) in building your house, in the first place? No you wont. Simply because the house is yours. And even if you did have sketchy thought of it, would you took the trouble to look-out for those people and acknowledged their hard appreciated works in building your house which you sold then, of course? No and why bother right. The understanding of where the house begin, is there, in everyone common senses and heads. Would anyone blame Proton for taking all the credit while knowing the workers were the one who actually built it (the car and the company)? Nobody really bother, cause the common and sense agreed to such and such being in place and perspective of meaning and accommodating of one another.


    BANJARAN SAID> Look at history. Malaya was one of the richest countries in Asia in 1950s. Where are we now compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea. Even Thailand and Vietnam catching up not to mention India and China.

    I SAID> Richest in what? Commodities or nett asset value and/or monetary reserve purposely for the use of Malaysian? Whose controlling it then during those 50s? Malaya or Malaysian didnt really get to enjoy the benefits of whatever assets we had then (what more controlling it) when the one with the real says and plays were the British. And if you went back to the 40’s, the Japanese will chop your head-off for thinking it was (the commodities etc) yours (Malaysian) for the taking. It was Nippon’s properties. So which facts via history are you referring to?


    BANJARAN SAID> In the 50s, 60s, and even 70s the different races can mingle, share jokes visit homes, eat together and speak good English.

    I SAID> Forgetting 13th May 1969? Was Tun leading the country then? Enough said.


    Dear friend.
    As i said earlier. Majority of the 27mil Malaysian (sorry if you’re not among them) put where Tun Mahathir is and was before. They too have eyes and ears and brain, which im sure, as big and god-gifted as yours if not better. They know what Tun is and was. The black and white ribbons (good and bad) are all tied to that tree of what Tun Mahathir was. We can pick any one black, and pinned it to our heart and mind and cursed the tree for as long as we wanted to. But the fact of we, given the shades and protections from the ever growing heats and rains, while running and playing happily under that tall 22 years ol’ scary but merry tree; made me and majority others of 27mil common and senses Malaysian, tied white ribbons around the tree (Tun Mahathir) with each and everyone having their own special notes attached to it saying “thank you dear tree for your 22 years of service”.

  91. Well said “wakmasnoor”……sometimes we always forget whats in front of us…untill we lost it, we keep blaming the past……and never realise that we are losing our country…..pity, we dont know what to tell our grandkids in the future…..we Malays must unite….then we become strong!!!!

  92. Tun mahathir is old and senile. he embarrsed our country.

  93. Ni Dia malaysian style..cayalah tun…
    kasik ketuk sikit kepala mat saleh kat western sana..
    diaorg ingat apa yang dia buat semuanya betullah…
    ini baru dikatakan pemimpin dunia..

  94. banjaran Said:

    “How dare you equate whatever Malaysia’s success with Mahathir! ”

    banjaran, do you like when you doing a good job and people dont give a credit on your effort ? ..

    then you do the job and ask your boss to pay your salary to me .. lol

  95. if you consider tun is senile , i wonder pak lah can be catagorized as puppet/big joker. at least tun prepare his own thoughts but pak lah give his level 4 to do. or else his simple and routine excuses are, tak pa bagi sinun buat keputusan or sinin buat keputusan. pak lah never answer any question at all.and not even have any brain same like otak udang

  96. Simple Sam said/ask about what is wawasan 2020? People should be positive minded about it and stop thinking and behaving negatively. I had studied the policies for my exam and I would agree with noble concept of wawasan 2020 whereby there is planning of development in many aspect, but I love the most when there is involvement of spiritual aspect. Come on all of the children who keep on bashing another Malaysian without any consideration, let’s stop behaving like a child, and develop your mind spiritually again all of negative thought. I had travel in few countries oversea but still love my own country the most.

  97. During “HardTalk”, Dr Mahathir appeared to pour cold water on the Royal Commission on the V.K. Lingam tape, suggesting that his lawyer was a victim of blackmail.

    To Dr M: It doesn’t surprise me. During your reign, you would probably call it “blackmail”. This time around, it’s called “exposing the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth”. Correct…correct…correct???

    Dr Mahathir also dismissed the notion that Anwar was savagely beaten by former top cop Tan Sri Rahim Noor, telling the interviewer: “savagely beaten? I know he was slapped and he had a black eye which was very useful for election purpose.”

    To Dr M: Gosh, you’re a practicing medical doctor before joining politics & you’re telling us that DSAI’s black eye was due slapping. We hope you didn’t cheat to get your medical degree!!!

    “He is welcome to do so, but I hope that he finds people who are neutral, who are impartial, probably foreigners, because I don’t trust the people that they put after people they don’t like,” said Dr Mahathir.

    To DR M: Are you still ok or not! During your reign, you almost always accused & blamed foreigners – especially Westerners & Jews – for being biased & not being fair towards Malaysia. Now you’re are asking for “people who are neutral, who are impartial, probably foreigners” because you no longer trust you own countrymen/women!!!

    Dr M, take our advice: Enough is enough lah. The more you open your mouth to do “hardtalk”, the more damage you bring upon yourself. Have a break, have a kit-ka

  98. tdm memang hebat, pandangan, kritikan , perancangan dan lainnya sangat membuka minda saya untuk maju dalam kehidupan dunia moden yang banyak masalah ini.org melayu patut bersukur bagaimana hebatnya tdm membangun negara 22 tahun lepas, kejayaannya itu menjadikan tdm dibenci bagi mereka tak hebat yang belum tentu boleh meneraju sebuag negara. pandai kritik pemimpin negara tapi diri sendiri tak boleh jadi pemimpin. walau macamana pun kita orang patut sedar bukan senang nak puaskan hati org2 yang tak tahu mana budi yang mana pendengki.

  99. Tun you are the best leader in Malaysia !!!!



  101. To all my fans and anti-semitics on this blogg, all I can say to each and everyone of you is “CORRECT!, CORRECT! CORRECT!


  103. Hi komeng…

    Can we please keep the bad words aside….?
    There is no use of that kind of language in here.

    Kalau si Ajip tak boleh berikan bukti-bukti yang sahih, dia cumalah membuat tuduhan yang tak berasas dan boleh diabaikan saja.

    Nak cakap kena ada bukti yang kukuh. Kalau sekadar menulis mengikut perasaan, itu hanyalah emosi semata-mata.

  104. komeng

    nak proof ya


    siapa yang salah guna kuasa bail out syarikat anak sendiri guna duit petronas ?
    jawapan : mahathir. apa dia ingat itu duit mak bapak dia ke?

    siapa yang salah guna kuasa bail out syarikat MAS dari kroni ? sepatutnya harga share market kurang 4 ringgit tetapi beli pada harga 8 ringgit
    jawapan : mahathir juga. apa dia ingat ini duit mak bapak dia ke?

    kalau anwar kena penjara 6 tahun sebab salah guna kuasa, kenapa mahathir tak kena penjara. perkara ni terang terang dia buat. siap mengaku lagi. pembangkang dah bentang kat parlimen, buat laporan polis. nape takde tindakan ?

    takde tindakan sebab itu peguam negara bacul, takut kat bos, hakim jugak bacul, takut kat bos, polis juga bacul, takut kat bos.

    apa kata ko bagi kuasa kat PR ? kita tengok samada mahathir kena dakwa atau tak ?

  105. komeng said


    yeah, like mugabe, idi amin, some of the third world leader, dictator, you name it

  106. tengku affendy,

    Like I said…don’t believe everything you read or heard about singapore malays being marginalised. don’t be too proud of the malay executives in malaysia because they are not in the same league as those in singapore…. some cannot even read and write proper english. sad but true.

  107. Yeah better to have dictator with brains rather than professor with an “Otak Udang”.

  108. Ajip,

    For your information, I had put my vote to opposition and i believe lotsa others had done but not because we believe in you or whatever reasons you want us to believe in.

    Now that we the UMNO members had already done so, isn’t it time for you to do something to prove him wrong? What else are you waiting for? This is the right moment to bring TUN to justice, if there is even any case against him. You all had won 5 great states and yet you are saying you all can’t do nothing???

  109. Yara,

    Yeah…like you know how to speak and write english well ay..

    No wonder i’ve seen lotsa them speaking broken english…not to mention those at geylang…

    Maybe you’re one of them.

  110. Aku bangga tengok cara TDM jawab masa interview. Sebenarnya yang banyak sangat puak-puak membenci TDM sebab dia orang cemburu je. Nak harap AAB atau Aljub menjawab macam tu..sampai kiamat pun tak kan ada. Ini semua dengan izin Allah s.w.t. Apa pun tuduhan kat TDm, kalau setakat cakap je tanpa bukti, cakap la sampai tercabut gigi pun.Tapi yang pastinya TDM dah buktikan dia pemimpin hebat, berbangsa melayu, beragama islam dan orang malaysia.Rasanya tak kan ada lagi macam dia dlam dunia ni. Kalau ini kita tak bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah, mcm mana Allah nak bagi lebih lagi.
    Kepada Ajip…kau cakap la sampai keluar kincit, pagi2 kau kena bangun gak pergi keje. kalau tak suka sangat, ergi dok singapore yang kau banggakan tu. aku kerat jari la kalau kau boleh buktikan kau boleh dengar suara azan dari masjid bila masuk waktu sembahyang. kau kau ni jenis manusia tak reti bersyukur. maksud aku bersyukur sebab ada otak untuk berfikir dengan waras tapi tak nak guna. balik2 kata orang otak beku. pasal tu la standard kau ni setakat menulis kat sini je. jenis lelaki takde maruah. layaknya kau ni, cabut telur bagi anjing makan je…spesis pengkhianat negara!!!!!
    aku bukanla taksub sangat dengan TDM tapi bersyukur kerana mak bapak aku mengajar aku tentang nikmat dan tau mengenang budi. dari situ aku berfikir dan tengok selama 22 tahun TDM sebagai PM di buktikan dia memang hebat.
    Mungkin salah kita juga sebab selama 22 tahun sebelum ni semua rakyat malaysia berasa selesa sebab bila bangun tidur je, apa pun masalah melanda..akan sentiasa ada TDM yang pasti menjawab segala permasalahan walau sesulit mana pun. JAdi bila zaman AAB ni..kita pun mengharapkan begitu rupanya bukan makain baik malah berundur makin laju ke belakang. Bila ada problem atau isu-isu kronik, orang tanya ja..”i dont know!!, i’m not involved” tak ke nak mampus namanya. bila orang kata dia lost control, marah plak sedangkan menantu dia nak menggadaikan syarikat milik kerajaan yang dia jadu menteri kewangan dia boleh jawab macam tu…bak kata Nabil juara lawak tu laa…” Lu fikir la sendiri”
    So pada kau Ajip, agaknya kau adalah yang puak-puak yang kecewa sampai semua jasa TDM kau nafikan atau kau ni ada orang bayar buat keje ni sampai buta mati hati kau.

  111. apa kata ko bagi kuasa kat PR ? kita tengok samada mahathir kena dakwa atau tak ?

    Jawabanya sebab Tuhan tak izinkan PR memerintah negara. terima je la..aku nak tanya kau…
    i) macam mana kalau ladang ternakan babi besar-besaran tu belakang atau depan rumah kau ke, kau rasa cantik tak?

    ii) apa pendapat kau bila malaysia sekarang dah wujud persatuan melayu kristian?

    iii) dulu hadi awang cakap UMNO kafir sebab berkerjsama dengan MCA. sekarang PAS mcm mana, oh ya..parti Aljub pun sama..kau rasa Hadi berani ulang tak fatwa dia tu. Kalau dia berani..aku terjun dari KL tower tu.connfirm tak berani punya!! sebab apa?? Lu fikir la sendiri

    aku tanya itu dulu…kalau kau boleh jawab dengan tenang dan lance tanpa emosi, aku bagi soalan lain..

  112. komeng, make that Gelang Patah.

  113. God, this man will get his punishment one day. Full of LIES!
    He’s the one who screwed this country and made it the most goddam corrupted country around. The judiciary was one of the best in the world – now its TOTAL SHIT.
    So he built KLCC and KLIA, etc? Haha! Big bloody deal! Any monkey can spend money on development projects. But only a real human will develop it without screwing others!

  114. Wakasnoor: Forgetting 13th May 1969? Was Tun leading the country then? Enough said.


    He was one of the Malay ultras and many believe the Malay ultras instigated the riot. That’s why you do not have riots anywhere else in Malaysia – just KL in 1969 when the Alliance (UMNO) lost and the Malay ultras panicked. Malays and non-Malays have lived together peacefully for centuries but trust me, there will only be racial riots when the Malay ultras go around instigating it.

    So stop hero worshipping and learn to question what you’ve been indoctrinated to believe.

  115. akushah: banjaran, do you like when you doing a good job and people dont give a credit on your effort ? ..


    What do you mean by good job??? After 22 years Malaysia is even poorer and more backward than tiny Singapore which has no natural resources. If this was Japan, Mahathir would resign in shame and humilation for failing to develop the country to at least the same level of Singapore, Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong.

    While other countries enjoy 100Mbps broadband as normal speed, we have 1Mbps.

    While other country can drink safe tap water we have to filter and boil the water.

    While other country university rank in top 20 our university cannot even rank in top 200.

    While other country per capita income is over US$20,000 our per capita income is only US$5000.

    Malaysian have to pay the same price for Proton or Perodua what other country pay for BMW or Toyota car.

    So what good job are you talking about?

  116. Banjaran, I believe you don’t understand the meaning between developed and developing country.

    Before anybody think of complaining, think these:-

    1) What have I done for my country?
    2) What have I done for my religion?
    3) What have I done for my race?
    4) What have I done for my family?

    If your contribution to any of these is almost equals to nothing, than you should stop complaining.

    He was one of the Malay ultras and many believe the Malay ultras instigated the riot. That’s why you do not have riots anywhere else in Malaysia – just KL in 1969 when the Alliance (UMNO) lost and the Malay ultras panicked. Malays and non-Malays have lived together peacefully for centuries but trust me, there will only be racial riots when the Malay ultras go around instigating it.

    You really need to check on the facts, my good friend. And after which you have done so, i do hope we dont comment the issue (as above) any further. The only thing i can say is that you are wrong about the 1969. And although it happened only in KL/Sgor, those involved in the riots were very much from outside those 2 states. And if it wasnt for the RAMD, stopping those outsiders further, we might have different demography for KL in existence now.

    And im not just pointing out the facts of yours given on this subject alone, but other subjects commented (on others) by you as well. Trying to be smart is one thing, but smarting your arguments is another. For eg pertaining to the GDP issue. Are you suggesting that all countries above us (Malaysia) in GDP/Capita, are doing better economically, socially and developing faster than Malaysia? Are you suggesting Gabon, Botswana, Romania, Seychelles, Libya and others which had higher GDP/Capita than Malaysia were of absolute and best comparison benchmarks of any of your chosen aspects against Malaysia? Would you at least and kindly please put some efforts to understand how and why and what constitutes the GDP/Capita of a country, before comparing Malaysia with like of Botswana, Gabon etc.

  118. What do you mean by good job??? After 22 years Malaysia is even poorer and more backward than tiny Singapore which has no natural resources. If this was Japan, Mahathir would resign in shame and humilation for failing to develop the country to at least the same level of Singapore, Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong.


    Singapore, Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong ( they are not so mutiracial country ( maybe except Singapore, but see the population by races C – 75% , m – 10% Others – 15%) compare to malaysia M 45, C 35, I 20 O 10 .. its hard to be fair to each other

    “While other countries enjoy 100Mbps broadband as normal speed, we have 1Mbps.”

    their people willing to pay more, but our people? naik seposen pun bising2 ayaih manyak mahal ..
    While other country can drink safe tap water we have to filter and boil the water.

    yeah .. clean, even urine wated recycle ..
    While other country university rank in top 20 our university cannot even rank in top 200.

    is it our leader failed? i think its the individual who dont want to improve themself
    While other country per capita income is over US$20,000 our per capita income is only US$5000.

    see fact 1


    Malaysian have to pay the same price for Proton or Perodua what other country pay for BMW or Toyota car.

    yes .. cheaper car, but the fuel? much more lo.. 3 times our country ..

    Its totally unfair to compare Malaysia and Singapore, despite Singapore having no natural resources.

    British have made Singapore as their trading port, 150 years before they gained independence. Meaning, all the systems are in place, especially financial, trading (warehousing, distribution and retail systems), some degree of industry and manufacturing and the nation-state was actually infrastructurally more sophisticated than any parts of Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur when they joined Federation of Malaysia.

    Hence, unlike us, they need to do little for themselves (We have to build vast roads, electrification and processed water system, schools, hospitals and on top of all that, develop economic development programs, with limited agriculture based and primary industry and minimal financial inducement/access). To make matters worse, we had to face communism insurgency, in the teething years of nation building and regional diplomatic conflict, like “Konfrotasi” and “War in Indochina”.

    Its just like comparing parents who are professionals and managing one child (who had the privilege of getting a free house and car from his inlaws) against a trishaw puller father, whose wife cannot work because she need to look after 15 children.

    Please compare “Apple for Apple”.

  119. and dont forget about our cukai.. it is the lowest among all the country that you compare ..

  120. ok ok, aku setuju dengan korang, aku tak nafikan mahathir bersama mat bangla dan indon bekerja 24 jam sehari bina banggunan klcc, klia dan putrajaya. ok aku setuju dengan korang.

    tapi salah guna kuasa, korupsi, aniaya orang tetap salah ok. kalau tak minta maaf pada orang yang dianiaya akan terima balasan kemudian hari. kalau korang rasa benda ni boleh buat dan tak salah, meh aku luku kepala korang sorang sorang. aku tuduh korang gay, masukkan korang kat mahkamah kangaroo, masukkan korang kat jail. kalau korang setuju baru aku percaya semua kata kata maha apanama tah

  121. sukhoi said

    Jawabanya sebab Tuhan tak izinkan PR memerintah negara. terima je la..
    habis tu kenapa la lembab sangat tanya nape mahathir tak didakwa. itulah, kalau otak dah beku susah la nak cakap

    komeng Said:

    Yeah better to have dictator with brains rather than professor with an “Otak Udang”.

    yes, mahathir dictator with brain, but people like you yang macam otak udang, otak beku, otak lembab, otak lembu, ikut tak tentu pasal

  122. sukhoi said

    i) macam mana kalau ladang ternakan babi besar-besaran tu belakang atau depan rumah kau ke, kau rasa cantik tak?
    apa kata ko tanya khir toyo dulu, bukan ke dia secara teknikal luluskan. pas tu ko tanya adun kawasan tu yang dah gi melawat ladang babi moden kat german, siapa tunjuk jari good tuu (ape ke he nye?), pastu tanya syarikat umnoputra yang bawa masuk teknologi tu. kalau diorang dah jawap baru aku bagi jawapan aku kat ko. ok?

    ii) apa pendapat kau bila malaysia sekarang dah wujud persatuan melayu kristian?
    50 tahun umno berkuasa, apa yang dia dah buat? dulu masa mufti larang pertunjukkan bogel, mahathir suruh pecat mufti tu. apa kata ko tanya mahathir jawapan ni. kalau dia dah jawap baru aku jawap. kan pemimpin ko ni otak bergeliga, mesti dia pandai menipu.

    iii) dulu hadi awang cakap UMNO kafir sebab berkerjsama dengan MCA. sekarang PAS mcm mana, oh ya..parti Aljub pun sama..kau rasa Hadi berani ulang tak fatwa dia tu. Kalau dia berani..aku terjun dari KL tower tu.connfirm tak berani punya!! sebab apa?? Lu fikir la sendiri
    yang ni aku rasa hadi tak berani. rugi la rasanya tak dapat tengok ko terjun dari kl tower. nak nangis la

  123. Look who’s talking!!! You’re telling Tun is corrupt, cruel and misused his power but what have you done to prove him guilty???? N.O.T.H.I.N.G!!! MEANING…IT IS YOU AND ALL OF YOUR SPECIES ARE FROM THOSE OF “OTAK UDANG” simply because, you all don’t have guts, brain and facts to put your case against him.


  124. Shukoi,…

    WELL SAID! Totally agree with you…

  125. TDM is truly the one and only bold Muslim leader in this modern age who will not
    beat about the bush about the ills done by the western neo-imperialists that
    wish to subjugate weaker nations if they could. Despite all the hatred thrown upon him by
    the critics, his contribution to Malaysia can never been denied by any Malaysian
    He puts Malaysia on the map of the world with KLCC project.
    During the currency crisis,
    his “solution” was critized as being heretical by the opponents, but now he
    had been
    proven right and this was acknowledged even by many external experts up till today
    (compare this to Anwar, who was pro-IMF at that time).
    Malaysians could have
    inherited a gruesome debt, if not for TDM ingenious and original leadership. Alas,
    many Malaysians are blinded by hatred of TDM regardless of his original
    leadership and wisdom. It is true as what TDM said, democracy has its
    Democracy is meant to give each and every citizens his right to choose, but
    this choice is absent in individuals who are ignorant– automaton robots who
    do not want to use their brain to see TDM contribution as it is, but
    rather they are ‘guided’ by emotion and hatred.

  126. oklah

    firaun hebat buat pembangunana, buat piramid, salah satu benda terhebat di dunia

    mahathir juga hebat buat klcc

    mahathir = firaun

    ok, puas hati?

  127. komeng Said:

    Look who’s talking!!! You’re telling Tun is corrupt, cruel and misused his power but what have you done to prove him guilty???

    hang pi semak kat balai polis, check laporan polis terhadap mahathir. nape peguam negara tak dakwa sebab dia pak angguk. takut kena marah. sama terlibat fitnah orang lain. kesian la kat ko komeng. nama pun dah komeng. komeng ni kebanyakkannya orang yang terencat. tak tahu beza yang baik dan buruk



  129. Mahathir buat KLCC…KO WAT APER??? WAT TAIK JER TAU!!!

  130. ye mahathir bersama dengan bangla dan indon buat klcc. aku percaya kata-kata ko komeng. tahun 1995 masa tengah construction klcc tu, mahathir beria-ia mengangkat batu dan simen. kerja selama beberapa tahun. tu yang kulit dia gelap sikit tu. masa tu aku engineer yang handle site tu lah. puas lah aku marah orang tua tu, buat kerja biar elok elok, cari rezeki halal, jangan ingat duit petronas tu duit bapak hang, boleh suka suka bagi kat anak, bila syarikat anak bengkrap. kebanyakkan syarikat anak mahathir lingkup, tak tahu la aku kenapa anak dia tak tahu buat bisnes, mungkin tuhan nak tunjuk kat dia jangan salah guna kuasa masa jadi PM. tapi sekarang ni alhamdulillah, syarikat anak mahathir beransur pulih disebabkan bapanya tak berkuasa lagi. bersyukurlah kepada tuhan, syarikat anak mahathir berjaya setelah dia tak jadi pm lagi.

    berkenaan laporan salah laku mahathir sepanjang dia berkuasa sebagai PM ada banyak laporan polis di pejabat balai polis jalan dang wangi. semoga en komeng aka terencat akal dapat merujuk di balai polis berkenaan. Nape polis tak buat siasatan, tu ko boleh tanya sendiri ketua polis kl dan juga ketua polis negara dan juga peguam negara. yang ni aku tak leh nak campur, di luar bidang kuasa. Insyaallah kalau di panjangkan umur kita semua dapat lihat sendiri kesalahan mahathir ni dibagi sebijik ke muka dia. Contoh pertama kes tun salleh abas. mahathir telah kena penampar pertamanya setelah 20 tahun.

  131. Camne plak ek buruh yang angkat simen, yang dijaga engineer macam ko boleh plak gi sauk duit petronas??? Tak masuk akai. Bukan ke korang engineer yang ada segala pelan bangunan dan tahu mana lorong nak masuk? Kelakarler…

    So…apsal lak korang tak gi wat report atas ketua polis kl dan ketua polis negara kerana melindungi sesuatu??? Kan korang dah kuat…dah ada 5 negeri dalam tangan campur ngan bekas2 hakim dan hakim2 yg ada, campur karpal dan sukusakat, campur al-jub dan yahudi, campur hadi ngan hero2 islam, campur dap ngan panglima2 babey dan memacam campur lagi. Al-jub kan ada connection kuat luar negara. takkan ler tak leh wat aper2 pada orang tua 80an yg dah takdak kuasa. Minta lagi ler pas wat sembahyang hajat…kali ni buat skali kat semua stadium. DAP plak suruh ler diorang ternak babey bebanyak pas tu jual dan guna duit utk humban TUN ke dalam.

    Apsal tak buat2? Nak tunggu aper lagi? Buatler memacam suruhanjaya utk siasat (macam kater si bongok fuckkklahhh).

  132. suruhanjaya dah ditubuhkan, dah soal pun mahathir, masalahnya dia dah tua dan nyanyuk lagi pelupa.

    ko tak ingat ke apa yang dia jawap masa tribunal kes lingam. saya tak ingat kata mahathir.

    lingam pun sama tak ingat. asyik sebut correct correct correct.

    aku pun simpati kat tun maha apanama tu. memandangkan dia dah tua. kubur kata mari, rumah kata pergi. so biarlah dia dengan perangai bongkak dan takburnya.

    ko menang lah komeng. syukurlah, kemenangan di pihak ko.

    ada pepatah menyebut

    “manusia akan sentiasa mengingati orang yang tertindas melawan orang yang zalim”

    “golongan yang sedikit menentang golongan yang ramai serta zalim”

    sejarah tak pernah silap.

    kisah perjuangan nabi-nabi semuanya menentang pemerintah/golongan yang zalim. zalim kepada diri sendiri dan juga kepada orang lain

  133. woh .. hebat ajib ..

    PAS dah diumpamakan Nabi ..

  134. tu lah, akushah

    otak dah tak boleh melihat kebenaran. termakan taik selama 22 tahun la katakan

    benda yang aku tak sebut pun disebutkan. golongan terdesak la katakan.

    dah tak de idea ke?

    apa pun, aku bagi kemenangan percuma di pihak ko

  135. Memang ler dia kater tak ingat, lagi pun bukan dia yang didakwa.

    Kan tugas mendakwa, membelit dan membuat orang percaya dengan apa2 dakwaan tu adalah tugas pendakwaraya/peguam, maknanya pendakwaraya/peguam tu semua bebal2 ler sampai tak boleh nak belit untuk kenakan dia. SIMPLE JER: MAKNANYA PENDAKWARAYA/PEGUAM TO SEMUA CUBA MEMBELIT DENGAN FAKTA2 YG DIADA-ADAKAN ATAU TAK JELAS. KALAU TAK DAH LAMA TUN SANGKUT!!!

  136. Tun Mahathir suka memberi comment dan untuk dapat sokongan orang lain daripada topicnya.Oleh itu, dia selalu comdemn orang lain dan negara lain serperti british dan amerika. KEnapa dia tidak mengambil contoh seperti asia barat, indonesia etc. Ini lah buktinya dia tu prejudice dan cuba memdapat sokongan.Ini orang sangat kotor dan tak bermaruah.

  137. […] malaysia ni bukan sumbangan dia … dan malah hujah seperti yang dikemukakan oleh mahathir itu …https://bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/tun-dr-mahathir-on-hardtalk-he-is-making-use-of-the-sys…Tun Dr. Mahathir&8217s call for UMNO in Johor Bahru &171 The &8220thirteen …Kepimpinan […]

  138. […] party and it has to be ‘rooted back’ to the members. When so much focus on UMNO, Tun Dr. Mahathir was invited to be interviewed in BBC’s Hard Talk and he clarified to the world what PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah was doing and who Anwar […]

  139. guyz…what goes around comes around…plz open our mind..why to need pointing each other..just prepare 4 the next election…

  140. Congratulation….! Syabas Tun sri Mahathir, saya sokong sepenoh nya ucapan bertulis anda yang jujor bersih dari sanubari Tun yang iklas.

    Abdullah anda pilih bukan nya silap , itu ada lah hikmah dari yang maha esa.

    Tapi kalau Anuar yang jadi PM Malaysia malapetaka lah bangsa dan Negara Malaysia.

    Hidup Malaysia, Hidup Melayu

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