Hardtalk: Tun Dr. Mahathir compared to Anwar Ibrahim?

Two days post the landmark BBC program “Hardtalk” on Monday, 21 April 2007.

It is only wise to compare how Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad faired against his onetime-heir-apparent-turned-political-adversary Former Deputy Prime Minister and onetime convict Anwar Ibrahim, on the same platform, being grilled (although the latter were lucky enough to get the more milder Zeinab Badawi instead of caffeine-charged Stephen Sackur).

So, make your own comparisons.

P/S: For fun, we’ll throw in someone currently still in Government, then Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Syed Hamid Albar, on the same program being interviewed by Sarah Montague.

*Updated as at 11.15pm

Apparently, there was this one Sackur grilled Former Deputy Prime Minister and one time convict Anwar Ibrahim, two years earlier than Miss Badawi’s. This is really an interesting one. So, now do the comparisons.

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  1. big dog,

    there’s another anwar interview in May 2007 by stephen sackur himself where towards the end of the interview, former was grilled by the latter till he fidgeted in his seat!

    the link can be found in tunkuaisha’s blogspot here:


  2. http://tunkuaisha.blogspot.com/2008/04/tun-mahathir-interview-with-bbc.html

    Thanks. Already added Anwar grilled by Sackur in 2005

  3. While I have full confidence that Tun M will get through with no problem, I cringe everytime the current PM Pak Lah being interviewed by not only foreign media, but even local media! I can hardly hear his voice!

    Few yrs back, I saw one interview given by Loraine Hahn of CNBC Singapore, I can hardly hear what Pak Lah was saying. He in fact, was touching his face from time to time, which shows his nervousness.

  4. […] another note, there are two BBC HardTalk interviews with Anwar Ibrahim here and here. Courtesy of BigDog. Makes one wonder why Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has never appeared on HardTalk. Published […]

  5. TDM made SS speechless. Anwar is not is TDM’s league.

  6. TDM selflessly speaks for the sake of the Nation while Annuar speaks for his personal self interest, clouded with vengeance – hence any Ahmad, Ah Kow or Tamby who is unbiased can easily judge the (moral) difference.

  7. I watched the interviews by Sackur. Sackur attacked Anwar’s two-faced character and Anwar was having problems denying that. Mahathir on the other hand denied many of Sackur’s claims and instead attacked Sackur’s and Western ideologies to justify his position. Mahathir has always been an outspoken leader and is not afraid to condemn the West. So which leader do we need? Certainly not the two-faced-lalang-Western-lover!

  8. I watched Mahathir’s interview. As always, the great Mahathir retorts well but, as any lifeform with a semblence of intelligence, ie an arthropod other than monkeys, will attest, the doctor unashamely lies through his teeth. To the doctor and his followers, feigning ignorance is bliss.

    I guess if I was given a lot of money I’d do the same thing too. Wait, I actually have values and hypocrisy is not one of them.

    Yeah, to these apple polishers, Mahathir is the God given Angel who delivers his mercy to those who deserve it vs Anwar the plain evil man.

    Mahathir, through his grace, bequeth UMNO with Wang Ehsan while depriving malay muslims in Terengganu of RM 1billion a year because they support a malay muslim party.

    Mahathir, through his grace and cronies, paid Jack Abramoff, a jew to meet the ultimate good guy, George Bush.

    Mahathir, through his grace, supports the judiciary, to manipulate and favour UMNO and himself.

    Three cheers for Mahathir!!!

  9. Allo Promuda….PROVE YOUR CASES OR JUST SHUT THE ******* UP!!!

  10. If you want proof, no problem. Just wondering though which planet are you living on? Feigning ignorance is bliss yeah?

    Wang Ehsan
    KUALA TERENGGANU, April 20 (Bernama) — Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said Sunday asked the federal government to hand over to the state government the management of the latter’s oil royalty which amounts to nearly RM1 billion a year.

    He said the time had come for the annual five per cent oil royalty, which was withdrawn in 1999 when PAS captured the state and restored later as the Federal Government Special Fund, to be fully managed by the state government to carry out more development projects.

    “We want to be frank. We expect the (royalty) money to be given to us,” he told reporters here.

    After PAS took over the administration of Terengganu following the 1999 general election, the Finance Ministry announced on Sept 5 2000 that the five per cent oil royalty would be channelled directly to the people through development projects and no longer given to the state government.

    “Fmr Malaysian PM: Abramoff Was Paid to Arrange Bush Meeting”, Associated Press, 2006-02-21.

    Just read the newspaper, most english mainstream paper covers the rot from the 1987 crisis till the Lingam(have you heard of him?) tapes

  11. perancangan anwar menjadi perdana menteri


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