PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah secretly went of to Dubai?

PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was said to have left the country, under an absolute clandestine mode to go and meet the Emir of UAE Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayid Al Nuhayyan in United Arab Emirates last Wednesday. No one accompanied him on this one day trip, not even any of his aides and anyone of the ‘Level Four Boys’. Neither is the specific purpose has been properly identified.

Popular suspicion is that the purpose was something got to do with money, as UAE is a capital rich state in the Persian Gulf area and now gaining prominence in the global financial capital geography.

This Gulf state has a very bullish economy. UAE has almost USD 30 billion reserve in an economy worth USD 190 billion per annum. The GDP per capita (adjusted to purchase power parity) is USD 55,000 per person, which is one of the highest in the world. The government even has a 34% surplus budget every year.

Whether PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah also met any of the Al Maktum family, currently the Vice President and Prime Minister of the emirates, cannot be certain either. Let’s carefully watch any close development on this ‘secret’ trip.

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  1. kalau atas urusan rasmi kerajaan, mengapa mesti dalam keadaan rahsia dan tidak diumumkan? ketelusan dijanjikan di mulut tetapi kalau tindakannya begini, sudah hilanglah aspek itu. nak buat macam mana, dah jadi trade mark.

  2. Perhaps PM must have wanted some time to be alone and some peace of mind away from all the troubles created from the immature and foolish advice from the SIL and the 4th Floor boys. He knows with those high profile boys and big bucks around he doesn’t want to be asked “who’s the young punk making the decisions?” Otherwise what will these people think of him and his administration

  3. Kalau anak badawi bekerja untuk rakyat kenapa perlu keluar negara secara sembunyi seperti penjenayah..Pi negara Arab tu nak buat urusan peribadi ke urusan rasmi..Kos perjalanan tu siapa yang tanggung..

  4. Ala.. simple la. His arranging for an escape. A place to hide when UMNO collapse. Maybe even looking for a mansion, a place for a boutique, a beriyani shop and a marina to park the yatch.


  6. kalau rahsia, tak da la wisma putra nak letak berita tu kat website kot. Apa ni? Jangan rendahkan tahap pemikiran pembaca. Spekulasi murahan (yang bagi komen). Penulis pun mungkin perlu cari motif yang lebih kukuh la sebelum tulis sesuatu artikel.

  7. ye la.. tak kredible la this blog. lain kali check dulu sahih ke tidak cerita awak sebelum post.
    thank you roslan for clearing the air.

  8. rrr cuba bagi link skit.. kt mana wisma putra tu bagitau pm tu pegi dubai dalam website dorang?

    kalau takde.. hang pun sama gak la ckp kosong, hehe..

  9. Kadang kadang kita perlukan juga tarian gelek untuk menenangkan kepala yang pusing dan dalam hal hal sebegini anwar adalah di antara yang terbaik untuk ‘arranged’ satu perjalanan dan hiburan sebagai tanda ‘kerjasama’ yang berterusan. Perdana Menteri dan Perdana Menteri Yang Menanti, apa bezanya ???

  10. The past two months has been hell for him. He needs to get away from it all. He needs to get away from the fourth floor boys and other Umno yes boys. He needs a breath of fresh air. He’s been dying to stay at the Burj-al-arab hotel. wrap around the satin sheets, and escape into fantasy island……

  11. That’s news to all Malaysians. It’s true or not! If the PM goes overseas even for an hour, protocol details follow and i think somebody responsible should issue an official statement. Will Datuk Kamal Khalid come out clean on this as the rakyat wants to know if indeed our PM went overseas.

    Another speculation or otherwise will kill those cruel critics in order to indemnify PM from all those unkind comments, etc. Malaysia is already in deep political limbo and yet the real power behind PM is locked jaw and not responding to the people.

    Where is our political delivery system to the people who had voted all politicians into power, and yet after more than two months they are still playing hide and seek, in and out of parliament.

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