Zionism is blatant heretic and anti Judaism

Orthodox Jews are vehemently against Zionism and the State of Israel and call for the peaceful dismantling the unlawful state created by immigrant Akhenazi Jews, since the movement of Zionism started a little over 100 years ago.

Rabbi Yishroel Dovid Weiss, a Brooklynn Orthodox Jew was in town this morning. He was accompanied by another New Yorker, Rabbi Rosenberg and a British national Rabbi Cohen, in their attempt to spread the campaign against the State of Israel and ever lasting peace in West Asia (the Holyland), here in this region. They belong to the Jews United Against Zionism movement called “Neturei Karta International”.

They said that Jews are meant to be stateless and supposed to honour and observe the laws and customs of the host country, provided it is not against their strict Kosher laws. They resided the fact that it was God’s decree that they are expelled from the homeland, Canaan (present Palestine), because of punishment against their impurity to the holiness. “To serve God, Jews are not supposed to return to the holyland”. The claim of statehood and nationalism, according to these Rabbis are against the Torah and Talmud.

“Please do not equate Judaism to Zionism. Judaism is about serving and submission to God and Zionism is a political movement, for nationalism” Rabbi Weiss sternly said “Zionism was started by a secularist Theodore Herzl, who is not a practicing Jew”. Infact he hated religion! Zionism is also the greed for materialism and very strongly add “Hypocrites adulterate the Judaism religion to support their selfish interpretation of God’s words to justify for the Zionism movement. It is corruption of everything which is Jewish”.

He also elaborated that the Jews lived peacefully and co-exist with the Muslims in many cultures throughout 1300 years of history in Medina, Jerusalem, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Morocco until came Zionism. “Since Zionism, the had been consistent trouble amongst these two sons of Abraham. Zionism is actually satanic!”.

“People who support Zionism are blatant heretics”, he explicitly wanted the phrase to be recorded. “We protest against Zionism and creation of the State of Israel since 80 years ago and never been recorded nor reported, by the Zionist supporters who control media!”. He was making a reference of the consistent massive demonstrations in London and New York, by Anti-Zionist Jews.

They portray that Anti Zionism = Anti Semitic. Rabbi Weiss also said that history shown that Eichmann collaborated with some Zionist activist, like Chaim Weizmann (The first President of Israel) used the Holocaust to reduce the number of ‘uneducated’ Jews and actually justify their claims for a nation”. Holocaust was used by the Zionist to create their homeland that the so much desire and taken by force, which saw so many Palestinians, Muslims and Christian alike been displaced and expelled from their homes.

“Zionist constantly lie through their intense propaganda that the Arabs would throw them out into the sea and used this to jsutify their continuous cruelty and oppression”.

Zionist started Reformed Judaism and pick-and-choose what ever they like about God’s religion. Many defied Kosher and even consume forbidden meat like pork. “Moses Mendelsohn started to reform God’s law and calls it Reformed Judaism”.

When asked about their stance on Jerusalem, Rabbi Weiss explained that it is a cardinal sin for them to set foot in Mount Temple (the site where Solomon’s Temple used to be and now Al Aqsa Mosque stand erected). “Jews need to reach a certain level of purification before one can come back to Mount Temple” and elaborated on it was God’s decree that the Jews were expelled from their homeland 2,000 years ago and made to wander all over the world.

For the record, tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of the proclamation of the State of Israel by a Haganah terrorist David Ben Gurion. Haganah have waged terrorism against the British and Arabs in Palestine since 1920. This is the origin of the Israeli Defense Force, which continuously do atrocities against unarmed Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Egyptians and Syrians, all these years for the unlawful Zionist State of Israel. Israel went to war with the Arabs in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 and 2006. In 1981, they bombed the Iraqi nuclear facility.

These peace loving Rabbis are very committed in their work, to detest Zionism and demand the peaceful dismantling the State of Israel. They cited the overnight dismantling of the Soviet Union and communism in 1990 and South Africa doing away with apartheid and the the whites and non-whites co-exist as examples. They submit to God for their prayer and hope to see Palestinians return and claim their homes.

These Hassidic Jew Rabbis left for Jakarta this evening.

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*An update as of 15th May 2008.

Today is the 60th anniversary of El Nakba. El Nakba is the remembrance the proclamation the unlawful and inhumane creation the State of Israel and the begining of the expulsion of Palestinians from their rightful homes and wander into oblivion. El Nakba has been defined as “Day of catastrophe” and marked the Palestinian exodus.

Last Saturday, Just World with collaboration of Peace Malaysia, organised a special forum on El Nakba in Petaling Jaya.

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