Press freedom: Why is Chun Wai getting calls on stories about Tun Dr. Mahathir?

News editors now getting calls from ‘Level Four’, for giving too much coverage to former Prime Minister and UMNO President Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s, especially on the shocking announcement to conditionally withdraw from UMNO and how it reflected on the poor leadership of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the President.

Tun Dr. Mahathir made this shocking announcement in Alor Setar on Monday and this is the hottest news, probably in the month. Mainstream media ran the story and all relating to it, since. One of it is The Star. However, its Group Chief Editor Dato’ Wong Chun Wai received a call from ‘Level Four’ for “Giving Tun Dr. Mahathir too much coverage for the leaving the party”.

How and why is ‘Level Four’ now playing the role of assessor and jury on what is news worthy and how much coverage should one get, for issues been brought up? If issues like Tun Dr. Mahathir abruptly withdrawing from the party has commercial value for a major English daily like The Star, who is anyone within ‘Level Four’ has the right to ‘sound out’ the daily to “slow down”?

This grip of mainstream media isn’t really what it seemed. At least to the public eye, it is completely something else. Khairy Jamaluddin, an  ‘officially’ former ‘Level Four’ VIP talked about the freedom of press earlier in the month. He even said the same thing at the forum organised by NUJ in Balai Berita. Then Rembau BN MP even raised in the Dewan Rakyat.

So all these talk about ‘Freedom of Press’ is just purely smoke screen or in better term, “Wayang“, to show that PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s administration’s ‘populist approach’ of so-called subscribing to transparency and so forth where else in reality, its just “Cakap tak serupa bikin“?

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Tun Dr. Mahathir berucap di Cawangan UMNO dalam Selangor

UMNO Cawangan Cawangan Zon 12

Bahagian Petaling Jaya Selatan

Dengan kerjasama UMNO Cawangan Seskyen 14

menjemput semua hadir diprogram

“Suntikan Semangat Satria”

Ucaputama oleh

Mantan Presiden UMNO

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad


31 Mei 2008

900 pagi

Hotel Crystal Crown

Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya

Sila hantar butir butir penyertaan seperti nama penuh, no. telefon dan organisasi (termasuk Cawangan/Bahagian UMNO – sekiranya ada) kepada pra-pendaftaran online di, bagi menjamin tempat yang dijangkakan amat terhad. Perhatian dan kerjasama semua amatlah dihargai.

*Ini merupakan majlis pertama Mantan Presiden UMNO Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad berucap atas platform UMNO setelah mengumumkan keluar bersyarat dari UMNO pada 19 Mei 2008 di Alor Setar, Kedah

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