Matthias Chang’s response to Tun Salleh Abas



by Matthias Chang

I was just informed by Rocky that Tun Salleh has issued a challenge to me in response to my article which was published in MALAYSIA TODAY and

I immediately visited Rocky’s blog to read the challenge and to say that I was most disappointed in Tun Salleh’s challenge, is an understatement.


He asked me to demand from the government to establish a Royal Commission to investigate into his dismissal. Why should I? I hold the view that the Tribunal had every reason to hold that Tun Salleh had misconducted himself as per the charges.

Is it my responsibility to call for a Royal Commission when a Tribunal convened by King himself found him guilty of all the charges that was proffered against him? He should be the one who should “lobby” the government if he feels strongly that he has been unjustly victimised!

In anticipation of Tun Salleh’s reply that he did not demand a Royal Commission during Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure as Prime Minister because it would not receive a favourable response, my query to Tun Salleh is:

Why have you not demanded a Royal Commission after Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad retired in October 2003, and thereafter in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and only now in 2008?

You are legally trained and held the highest judicial office. So, if anyone knows about rights and legal remedies, it must be you. All these years why have you not commenced any legal proceedings to establish, as you have alleged, that you have been wrongfully dismissed? You had a team of senior lawyers advising you. What was their legal advice?

It is a pity that Tun Salleh does not realize that the powers that be have used his dismissal to prop-up the Badawi regime after the 12th General Elections fiasco. Tun Salleh is a mere pawn in this political wayang kulit orchestrated by the spin doctors of the Badawi regime.

In my article, I posed certain questions to Tun Salleh and demanded to know his answers.

Why is Tun Salleh avoiding the issues posed by my questions and diverting the issues by asking me to “lobby” for a Royal Commission?

Tun Salleh should be transparent first and answer my questions.

1) Did Tun write two letters to the Agong? What was the content of the first letter?

2) Did Tun advise his fellow judges, especially the five judges who supported him, the contents of the first letter?

3) If Tun did, what was their response?

4) If Tun did not advise the judges, what were Tun’s reasons for the cover-up?

ROCKY, I am truly disappointed in you. You have read my article and having done so, have you posed the questions to Tun Salleh?

After all, you are assisting in Tun Salleh’s memoirs. Surely, you should be equally interested in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Please pose this response in your Blog.

Thank you.

Matthias Chang

25th May 2008 7.25pm

Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Dear Matthias,

    I am not from a legal background but I do have a few questions to ask. Should/Can MPs continue to practice law?

    Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim had resigned as chairman and senior partner of law firm Zaid Ibrahim & Co, the country’s largest law firm, following his appointment as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

    I find it alarming that some MP cum laywer still continue to practice, whether with fee or not. If businessmen are expected to commit 100% to their new role, why doesn’t this apply to laywers?

    It is highly hypocritical that those who support the Lingam inquiry, and those who vouch for the separation of Executive and Judiciary, are themselves not practicing what they preach. Are these people above the law not that they are in position of power?

  2. BD,

    I am sorry this has got nothing to do with this post. As you are aware, our opinions tend to contradict each other from time to time. 🙂

    However, I heard you are a millionaire on the net now. Congrats my friend! SO proud of you.

    Love to my lovely friend Aishah, whom I assume must be elated with the school hols now. Take care.

  3. mr matthias, sorry i am not supporting anybody but i think your ex-boss manage this country like a ditatorship compare to current PM. If he doesn’t like anybody just simply sack him or them!!! Pity you support but understand the reason of your loyalty, millionaire!!!!!

  4. Bro,

    Yes, i agreed with matthias chang. Why did Tun SA did not explain the content of the first letter? What is he trying to cover-up? What is the main reason that he disagree with Agong at that time? All this reason must be explain by Tun SA ?

    There is so many question but no answer just a loser (Tun SA)wanted a change of face. The reality is that Tun SA is a judge who think that he as a Lord President, he is above the law. What a shame !!!

  5. congrats too!

  6. just because i made negative comment, you rejected my comment.

    thanks mr millionaire

  7. I agree with Matthias that his questions should be answered by TSA and TSA should have taken his responsibility to request for RCI for any injustice toward him. Why should others do this on his behalf where he is not in anyway to be stopped from doing it himself (unless there is/are some secret agreements hidden from the public).

  8. Dear Matthias Chang,

    This is the first time I’ve visited your popular blog. It has been described to me that you are a rabid supporter of UMNO. That is very interesting in itself. After reading some of your posts, I am rather appalled by your lack of objectivity.
    Your recent attack on Tun Salleh Abbas is just contemptible. You accuse him of insolence and misconduct but you cannot provide a shred of evidence that Tun Salleh has done any wrongful act. Even the purported letters you so arrogantly display in your blog fail to indicate any ill-intent by Tun Salleh. For a senior lawyer such as yourself, you should know that it is utterly inadequate to display evidence that is not even an exact copy of the original.
    Furthermore, your ill-conceived logic that since Tun Salleh Abbas has indicated that he is prevented from performing his duties properly, he should be summarily dismissed is more fictitious than Star Trek. Never since “The War of the Worlds” has we seen such fantasy.
    I cannot help but conclude that your attack on Tun Salleh Abbas is totally inappropriate, that you have certain ulterior motives for doing so, that you promote theories more worthy of a lunatic fringe than a concerned and passionate citizen, and that you purposely fabricate statements for your own convenience.
    Should I remind you that due to your tenure as a political aide to the immediate past Prime Minister of Malaysia, you are in a better position than most to put forth clear and precise critique of the current political situation. It is most unfortunate that you choose to make these unsupported, vague and prejudicial statements in print and propagate them.
    BTW, I find your casual anti-Zionist assertions full of malicious intent and utterly disgusting.

  9. Totally agreed with you Mr. Marthias.

    Sila jawab Salleh … jawab, jangan tak jawab.

  10. Totally disagreed with you Mr Marthias.

    Jawab Marthias jangan tak jawab…jawab.

    I can’t spell your name correctly as I’m a ordinary guy. Will remember to suck up to you and your boss if our paths cross.

    Dear Marthias, got to say you have a nice website. I didn’t know your nickname is Big Dog. You always sign off as Big Dog. Now, in every article you use your real name.

  11. Let’s show solidarity to Tun and resign from UMNO! His intellect is not for us to question. Let’s show his insolent and traitorous son Mukhriz that his father is worth resign for. Mahathir first before UMNO!

  12. you better get someone back home to keep yesterday’s (may 2th) the Star because BDDC was mentioned on the front page…hihi…

  13. that wld be may 26th. thank you.

  14. “Why is Tun Salleh avoiding the issues posed by my questions and diverting the issues by asking me to “lobby” for a Royal Commission?”…

    Dear Mathias,

    Don’t bother the request by Salleh the Crap for you to lobby… Don’t you know that “lobby” in Malaysia now is a serius offence… Remember???

    Salleh is nothing to even Tun Fairuz… Using his “case” to enhance his political “dream” may be.. bust history proved..HE IS A LOSER. A SORE LOSER.. Either in Judiciary or Politics.!

  15. hahaha always a great articles from Mathias … so salleh what are you trying to hide ???

    The funny thing is someone think this Bigdog blog as Mathias blog … dont speed reading mannn , use your brain next time ! hahahaha

  16. Dear mr Matthias
    please email me your article on
    matthias response to TSA and PulauBatu Putih Case A Strategic Disaster for Malaysia

  17. Tun Salleh is riding on his (increased) popularity.

    I believe it is pointless for his critics to demand from the government to establish a Royal Commission to investigate into the dismissal.

    Who is Matthias Chang to make such demand to the government. Can any Tom, Dick and Harry who happen to be the Tun’s critics make the similar demand? The government then got little thing to do other than establishing Royal Commission on countless issues.

    As far as I know, there is such thing called ‘locus standi’.

  18. ybhg tsa pls reveal the contents of the “1st letter” to vindicate yourself. or matthias, do u know of its contents? if yes, reveal lah. it’s not like it falls under the purview of the osa.

    or is it already revealed by tdm in his 50-point clarification?? something about tsa complaining to the agong re noises from the palace re renovation works?? if that’s the case…aiyoyoyo!

  19. as an aside, my opinions are
    i) tsa must hv been a good judge during 99.9% of his tenure but perhaps due to a lapse of judgement, wrote that ‘1st letter’, and, as they are want to say, the rest is history (for him). poor fella. he still has might respects nomatterwhat. if anything for his long service to the nation. i still dont like that tun hamid omar. for him to sit on that tribunal with glaring vested interest, is a no-no for me.
    ii) tdm had been receiving many brickbats during, and after, his pm-ship. the same i think of him. tdm did far more good to my country that any other previous pm (with the exception of the tunku; but then again that comparing oranges with apples). ok, so tdm was surrounded by nincompoops but tdm was never (never never) a nincompoop. even ops lallang was necessary, i feel. but some other goons shld be roped in with those 100plus; namely najib and those racists umno-putras (yes, was before the kerismuddin era, 20 years ago, those in the umno youth were already like that. mr najib, remember that keris wielding and the banner behind reading loudly “basahi dengan darah laknat cina..’ ? remember? why tdm did not roped this unch of goons in, i dont freaking know.

    but still, tdm has my respects for 99.9% of his actions etc… (but not because of the twin towers; this i dont freaking understand. maybe syok sendiri??)

    of course, u’d notice by now, my asides, they tend to be quite long. hahaha!

  20. tdm loves(d) the country. i am also a fan.
    i) he talks straight, in his speeches & writings & interviews. simple words. economical words. not long twisted and bombastic words. he’s confident and passionate – that’s why he oozes clarity.
    ii) he never banged the rostrums/tables or pitches his voice up and down and loud and soft like a fiery orator. you know, sometimes people say when you lack in substance, you make up with volume. tdm never never did that. he spoke almost monotonously (with oh that cheeky smile, oh tose cheeky put-downs, oh that cheeky innuendos, oh those clever clever little remarks he made – he made me think yes sir he did!). with him, u get his messages coming across loud (not volume lah) and clear. “apanama…..??” hahaha
    iii) 1957-2003. 46years independence. half of these years under tdm. surely, he has his little good points? ok, again i say, so the twin towers might be a syok sendiri project. but almost all other projects were started by tdm with noble intentions; just that when it reaches implementation stages, his people screwed them up.

    i am on a roll, am i not, tonight? haha.

  21. iv) and tdm never never put on a fictituous holy-pious-mask just unlike bodohwi. just look at that flip-flop pm, when he wants to appear oh-i-am-so-knowledgable-in-politics-and-religions, u see him toning his voice and choosing his words like a grandmaster of language. that’s phony. i could see thru him. (ok, that is not a measure of his policies, i agree). and that najib is worse, he can’t appear neither – all things about him ooze just one word – DUMB. he cant give speeches(oh how he tried), he cant look sincere (look at his eyes, just look at those terpeliak eyes when the camera zooms in), he just DONT HAVE IT. plain and simple. he is there bcos of daddy. same with kerismuddin (oh that silly “the joker in batman” grin).

    am i veering our of topic? heck i dont care. i am on a roll, dint it tell u? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  22. sigh!!! 99.9% out of 100% = 0.1% ruined!!!!

    at last TDM revealed everything on TSA’s case.

    I’ll have a good night sleep now.

  23. scenario1: there was such a first letter and it’s a very malu letter. then tsa will putar belit the isu.

    scenario2: there was such a first letter and it’s not a very malu letter. then tsa will reveal it. then it’s up to matthias to challenge it. but tdm and matthias et al will be malu-ed.

    my take? i think the first letter exists(-ed) and it’s a malu letter. so we wont be seeing it, not anytime soon. unless matthias already has a copy of it and he’s fishing…. u cheeky fella 🙂

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