Ex-gratia payment: Trying to make the PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah look good….?

He has done it again! For all intent and purpose, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi flip-flopped when he announced ex-gratia payment to the sacked former Lord President Tun Mohamed Salleh Abas dan the five Supreme Court Judges, despite there was no Cabinet approval on this. What is PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah trying to achieve with this payment?

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad explained and elaborated in great details in “The Tun Salleh Saga” what transpired 20 years ago and all the events and thoughts leading towards the dismissal of the supremo of the bench and five of his esteemed subordinates.

Can the Prime Minister of Malaysia undo the decision of His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, after a Special Tribunal found Tun Salleh guilty of misconduct of duties and unbecoming as the Lord President, 20 years ago? By which powers would the Prime Minister of Malaysia now has to undo such action?

It was unprecedented what transpired 20 years ago and the dismissal of Tun Salleh and the five men attracted so much attention, especially the detractors of then Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Malaysia. However, the right thing had to be done. It was done in accordance to the provisions made under the Constitution; the ‘Supreme Law’ all these liberalite law practitioners and civil society advocates consistent turn to.

What is the decision of the ex-gratia payment all about then? Show that he is a compassionate man?

All of these mumbo-jumbo of giving ex-gratia payments to these six men and their families are about making PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah look good to some people, with the deception of him having a ‘big heart’ and nothing more!

Was this Zaid Ibrahim’s personal agenda? At least, he did write that this actually made him proud.

Furthermore, all these six men were given pension, all these 20 years. As the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Zaid Ibrahim, who himself was found by UMNO Disciplinary Board as a ‘political-felon’, personally handed over these checques, it was for “An undisclosed amount”. So how much exactly is that? Could it be RM millions each, at this junction where almost majority suffered with a meteoric increase in petrol price?

The rakyat have the right know, how much money that the Chief Executive unilaterally decided to dish out, without any real purpose but were given over kill media attention.

If so, this unprecedented and non Cabinet approval ‘bonus pay-out’ of “big money” ex-gratia payments to the six men or their kin is nothing more than making PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah look good!

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  1. I really can not understand what the ex-gratia for ?
    So far, it is proven Tun Salleh is dismissed constitutionally.

    Can you blame me for suspecting that the PM flip-flop have other self-serving purpose for all this ex-gratia thing ? Some street people even started to believe someone might receive some kickback from part of the ex-gratia given !! Far-fetched ? Then why refuse to state out the amount given to the judges ?

  2. How much of the rakyat’s money exactly is paid to these people? Does anyone know?

    Tun made a good point in his blog questioning the time these payments are made. If the decision to sack Salleh was wrong, the payments should have been made soon after the present exec took over. But they are paid long after the takeover & only when the gomen needed to be seen as popular.

    Well, as they say – money talks!

  3. Mentang-mentang dia Menteri Kewangan, maka dia luluskan dan berikan duit ikut suka hati aja berapa banyak dan kepada siapa yang dia suka. Salleh Abas tu mertua kepada Shah Hakim Zain, rakan kongsi anak dia dalam Scomi boleh dapat jumlah yang tidak diisytiharkan. Mesti Shah Hakim Zain, sebagai rakan kongsi anak dia dapat lebih banyak. Dan entah berapa banyak pula yang anak dia sendiri dapat.

    Tidak timbul soal Salleh Abas betul. Memang dia dah didapati salah oleh Tribunal. Masalahnya dia yang besar kepala tak mahu iktiraf Tribunal yang dibentuk menurut peruntukan Perlembagaan. Bila Tribunal beri peluang untuk dia membela diri, dia mengabaikan haknya sendiri. Lepas itu mahu bising-bising kata dia tak bersalah. Tulis buku, bertanding pilihanraya atas tiket PAS dan jadi exco sepenggal.

    Akhirnya YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir mendedahkan kewujudan surat pertama yang menyebut tentang aduan gangguan bunyi bising di Istana SPB YDP Agong ketika itu. Ramai yang mempertikaikan kenapa YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir tidak berbuat demikian lebih awal tentang surat itu. Harus difahami bahawa YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir cukup berhemah dalam perkara itu kerana surat itu melibatkan SPB YDP Agong Sultan Iskandar. Bukanlah sesuatu yang wajar untuk mendedahkan sesuatu yang melibatkan SPB YDP Agong dengan sewenang-wenangnya.

    Dalam masa yang sama, YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir mungkin mahu menjaga nama baik Salleh Abas walaupun pihaknya bertalu-talu membuat tuduhan dan kecaman terhadap YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir. Ini boleh dijelaskan sekiranya umum menerima bahawa perkara pertama yang dimaklumkan oleh Dr. Mahathir kepada Salleh Abas selepas SPB YDP Agong mengeluarkan titah pemecatannya ialah supaya Salleh Abas berundur secara sukarela. Peristiwa ini turut diperakui oleh Salleh Abas sendiri dalam bukunya. Perubahan sikap Salleh Abas daripada rela berundur kepada sebaliknya dalam tempoh masa sehari adalah dipersoalkan.

    Sehingga kini Salleh Abas masih kekal didapati melakukan salah laku oleh Tribunal. Walau berjilid-jilid buku dihasilkan, walau beratus PM memberikannya ex-gratia, walau puluhan suruhanjaya ditubuhkan, walau jutaan peguam mengatakan sebaliknya, tanpa mengikut saluran undang-undang, Salleh Abas kekal dengan apa yang diputuskan oleh Tribunal kira-kira 20 tahun dahulu.

  4. Where are the commission?
    as no fees was involved…

  5. Saw the Agong’s speech on tv mentioning about our public transport…sedih teramat sangat. He seems lost.

  6. what’s new? everything in this country has been done in hiding. tak boleh nampak terang. it has been the culture, so the current crop of people in power is just following what has been carried out before them. if we truly want transparency, then there should be transparency in all parts of government. this is what happens, when you dig a hole, you need to dig another hole to cover it up and in the end the whole country is full of potholes.

  7. Congratulations to the Prime Minister DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Do not, in this instance, worry about what TDM, Bigdogdotcom and the others talk. Tun Salleh and the other judges who were sacked by TDM was a regret. AAB you saved the day by awarding them a gratuity each. Thank you on their behalf.

  8. hask: agong is merely a puppet, reading speeches prepared by government. no one is allowed to question who prepared it, or risk being labelled as being seditious and traitor.

    this is malaysia – a counrty lead by a weak and incapable, surrounded with devils and political lunatics.

    the rakyat left with no choice but to make them disappear – send them to hell.

  9. salam. CYC saga ! macamana duit rakyat RM 17 juta boleh hilang sekelip mata. Siapa dia manusia di belakang Gifted Group tidak di ketahui. Kedua-dua menteri dan bekas menteri belia dan sukan senada seirama meminta Dato’ Mokhzani meletak jawatan. Najis sendiri (isu CYC) tutup rapat-rapat

  10. Bro BD, Wat transpire between PLah and Bush when he went to US of A after the Scomi(BSA Tahir/Kamaludin) thingy, heheh .. cud he have been blackmailed by d bush admin to release Bro AnWar and to follow d way dey prepared a document on how to run Malaysia the Illuminati way?? cud the number 13 be significant on Plah being the Caretaker till Anwar rise to power using proxy(d illuminatus likes to use proxies)i.e Anwar will get his doter or wife as PM and he rules Malaysia thru proxy, heheh..wat can I say…(“,) Michael Tsarion says d illuminatus target Asian countries to b under d NWO by year 2012 again d number 13 is significant dat is 2013 aftr they manage to take Asian countries..2013 being the year dey plan to unite the world under the New World Order?? come wat may, wat can i say,..heheh..(“,)..jst anothr conspiracy theory…

    There is a bit of a problem in your “conspiracy theory”.

    You see, Federal Court 2-1 over-turned the judgment on Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy conviction in 2004 and it was not until 2006 that PM ‘Flip-Flip’ Abdullah went to see President George W Bush.

  11. Saudara dusunbukit, a little advise for you, bloggers and commentators does not exist in a internet vacuum it is still subjected to the laws of our country and your comment about DYMM Agung is not very good, could cause trouble to the blog owner.

    Having said that, I thought Tun Mahathir’s comments on the Tun Salleh saga is nothing short of perfect timing just as the exgratia payment were being paid to the sacked judges just showed how ill informed Zaid and Abdullah were. I heard that Zaid was involved in an accident while acting as delivery boy to deliver the checks personally, poor Zaid, could be divine intervention you know.

    I hope that Tun salleh do not accept the payment as in all honesty as a learned and brilliant judge answerable to God Almighty, he will know that deep in him, he could not accept the Ex-gratia payment. By the way I think these exgratia will only make Abdullah popular with the hard core Mahathir haters in the Bar Council, Zaid of course, Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, maybe some in PAS and DAP only lah. The younger generations born after 1990 will only wonder what the hell is going on now that they have a chance to hear Tun Mahathir’s side of the story.

    This is just an expensive fishing trip to no where organise by Zaid for Abdullah and the rakyat ended up paying for it, that’s all. Maybe the next PM after Abdullah should recommend a Royal Commission to find out why Abdullah and Zaid menghina keputusan DYMM Agung Sultan Iskandar mengenai pemecatan Tun Salleh and advise if a crime has been committed for further investigation.

  12. apakah salah untuk mengembalikan kepada yang berhak sepanjang hidup kita ada melakukan perkara yang tidak betul memaafkan dan meminta maaf adalah tindakan mulia memang susah untuk melawan nafsu yang sentiasa
    mengatakan kita sahaja yang benar ingatlah dunia ini adalah fitnah yang nyata hanya akhirat yang kekal

  13. Pembayaran Ex-gratia adalah salah satu pembaziran.Cukuplah dengan meminta maaf kalau salah.Duit rakyat jangan di bazirkan,Saya percaya keluarga para hakim boleh menerimanya


    Betulkah zaid yang hantar wang ex gratia tu,sampai accident khabarnya. WHY ZAHID?????????? IS HE A POSTMAN????? JUST LIKE KJ BEING A POSTMAN TO ANUAR IBRAHIM!!!!!!! kenapa sembunyi sangat sampai tak nak orang tau jumlahnya.



    to TSA saya mintak dia pulangkan duit tu, malulah satu dunia tahu.

  15. Dear Mathaias,

    We have always hear the slogan “RIGHT THE WRONGSS” by Pak Bedol and his 4th Floor kids. OK, should the Government make ex-gratia payment to sacked judges whom were sacked appropriately and was given “full pension” by TDM, it implies that the “full pension” to sack judges was wrongfuly done by TDM. Please urge Pak Bedol and 4th Floor Kids send demands to those Judges to pay back the money “wrongful” paid to them plus interest.

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