Former AG slams Justice Chin

Former AG Slams Justice Chin

News Headline 2008-06-11 17:41

PETALING JAYA: Former Attorney General Abu Talib Othman today slammed High Court Judge Ian H.C. Chin claiming that former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had threatened judges during his premiership.

Abu Talib who is also Human Rights Commissioin (Suhakam) chairman said the judge, “should not talk about this outside the court, his action was inappropriate because his allegation was not related with the cases which he is handling now,” Abu Talib told Sin Chew Daily when contacted in Petaling Jaya Wednesday (11 June).

Abu Talib said Chin’s action has violated the code of ethics and he urged the High Court Judge to look seriously on this issue.

The former AG saidAbu Talib said it was impossible for former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed “to issue a thinly veiled threat to remove judges by referring to the tribunal that was set up before” at the judges’ conference in 1997 as alleged by Chin.

He added Mahathir only expressed his personal views on the judgment by Chin, and his statement might be wrongly interpreted by Ian Chin.

He said he was disappointed with the judge ‘s action when he read the news in the newspaper.

“Since the case mentioned by Ian Chin happened in 1997, therefore I am not sure about the case,” he said. (He was the former Attorney General and he retired in October, 1993).

Justice Ian Chin said that former prime minister Mahathir Mohamed had threatened judges. He also said he and selected judges were sent to a boot camp to ensure they got the message.

Justice Datuk Ian Chin, 60, is the most senior of the 48 High Court judges in the country.

Justice Chin said this before hearing an election petition on Monday (9 June) challenging the results of the Sarikei parliamentary seat which was won by a Barisan Nasional candidate by just 51 votes.

Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir has refused has declined comments. By LEE MENG FUN/ Sin Chew Daily)

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  1. All these attacks against our former PM should cease and desist as we all know the underlying reasons. Their motives are so “thinly veiled” we can actually see the protagonists.

  2. Bigdoggy,

    Let the worms out of the woodworks!

    The Courts is burning.

    Let us rebuild a new, better courts
    with judges noble, brave and fair.

    Not like these chinless chins
    whose balls are in their throats

    Let the worms out of the woodworks!

  3. I find your emotional response devoid of sense and reason.The blind support of the previous administration(despite being led by scoundrels,thieves and crooks)is mind boggling,to say the least.Everybody can choose their time and forum to make any disclosure…the more important issue is whether the issue has any merit.Do not sideline the issue but face it head on…the truth will prevail(the is such a thing as devine retribution)

  4. This attack on Tun is played by certain media only. Trying to look good infront of the master.

  5. Based on the newspaper report, this one Justice Ian Chin can be seen as a move on his part to position himself for a higher post in the soon to be “reformed” justice system. It is a very selfish move on his part.

    However, whatever “veiled” that he is behind, we can almost see the “invisible hands” behind him.

    If what Justce Ian Chin blurp out is bad, the call by the Chaiman of Bar Council on the setting up another Royal Commission is worse. To her, as long as I can pile on the popularity on herself and put aour beloved Tun Dr. Mahathir in a bad light, she would jump at such opportunity without exercising proper judgement. In the end, she is seen as a person that have an unending vendatta against TDM.

    Shah Alam

  6. This news wont be publish by berita harian as today berita harian headline SUCKS

  7. Congratulations to Justice Dato’ Ian Chin : he has passed the test and now a member of the prestigious
    whistle blowers’ club.I urge his brethrens to follow his foot steps.They will be given immunity from being tribunalised. Then our Judges are no better than crooks without sense of morality and betray their oath of office.

    What a shame to our Judiciary !!

    Hang Jebat is a better person than Ian Chin.He never betrayed Hang Tuah.

    Hang Jebat

  8. Indeed Justice Chin explosive exposure has been proven unfounded and MBB President Ambiga has again shown her foolishness and bias true self. Perhaps Justice Chin and Ambiga wants to ensure that there is further justification for Judiciary Reforms particularly in support of the defacto Law Minister’s imminent proposal to amend Article 121 (1A) of our constitution.

    To me, UMNO’s Supreme Council should be convened immediately to discuss in great depth the said proposed constitutional amendment to Article 121 (1A)before tabling to the cabinet and parliment. Such proposed amendment is indeed of crucial national importance that could have consequential dangerous ramifications to the multi racial and religious equilibrium of the country. Hopefully UMNO Supreme Council would say “NO” to the said amendment at this point in time.


  9. The Chief Justice is to be retired compulsorily soon, in AUG 2008?Let us agree that he has a brilliant judicial service record up to now !! But he will not be remembered as such if he does not recommend to the Yang DiPertuan Agong for Justice Dato’ Ian Chin to be tribunalised .If this happens , then the image of our Judiciary too is enhanced.

    Hang Jebat


    Layan istimewa BH berikan
    Di muka depan mengejutkan
    Konon Tun membuat ugutan
    Pertuduhan perlu pembuktian

    Nampak benar Tun dibencikan
    Majlis Peguam ikut kesempatan
    Bagaikan Tun telah bersalahan
    Report polis, si karpal adukan

    Pandangan former AG tepatan
    Cara siaran akhbar perhatikan
    Samakah cara “ugut” diuarkan
    Begitu mantan PM dituduhkan

    Ketika harga minyak peningkan
    Mendadak naik di luar jangkaan
    Konon naik Ogos, tapi segerakan
    Pada rakyat “Buruk Tun” sajikan

    Kita yang rasional wajar fikirkan
    Tetiba sahaja dakwaan disuakan
    Adakah “naik minyak” dialihkan
    Strategi begini akhir makan tuan

    Ulasan Tun samalah ditunggukan
    Harap jangan tiru pak lah lakukan
    Curah air di daun keladi ibaratkan
    Segerakan penjelasan kita nantikan


  11. I wish the judges will diclose
    to the public what their heart desire,
    so that the nation will know
    her judges and where they stand
    and what they actually stand for.

    We a nation shall decide
    Are judges not men and women
    shall judges lead us
    in good faith holier-than-thou
    or shall we have consented to sadduccees
    and be contented with pharisees, too

    let the judges speak their minds
    let a magistrate speaks her’s too
    syariah and civil, both criminals
    and appelates

    while the nation pleads with her lord.
    will we discover their hearts

  12. Bigdoggy,

    Can you believe this?
    Do not show it to Kid Jerlun!
    His eyes will pop off and his smile turns
    into a sheepish wolfish shrewd grin.
    (Mukhriz: He don’t know what to think, and it is actually empty up there for answers; but the grin should make him look intelligent – he has read alot of books la)

    Anyway, New cities rise from Saudi desert
    By Crispin Thorold
    BBC News, King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia

    “KAEC will have a large port, leisure resorts, schools and universities”

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has a vision which if successful could soon transform the Kingdom’s economy and society.

    Six major developments will be built across the Kingdom over the next 15 years, the centrepiece being King Abdullah Economic City, 100km (62 miles) north of Jeddah.

    The new city is rising from the sands of the Arabian Desert and when complete it will stretch over 150 sq miles (388 sq km).

    The developers say that by 2020 more than one million jobs will have been created, in a city that will be home to two million people.

    “This is on a scale unheard of before in the world,” said Fahd al-Rasheed the CEO of Emaar, The Economic City, which is developing the site.

    “[The King Abdullah Economic City] includes one of the largest ports in the world, an education zone, a resort zone etc. It is the size of Washington DC and is being built in 15 years”…;


    All Members Should Be Allowed To Vie For Umno Posts – Muhyiddin

    MELAKA, June 12 (Bernama) — All members interested in vying for Umno posts in the upcoming party elections should be given the opportunity to do so, said Umno vice president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Thursday.

    Those who lost, meanwhile, should not be penalised by for example not allowing them hold government positions because Umno is a democratic party, he said.

    He was commenting on a suggestion by Penaga assemblyman Datuk Azhar Ibrahim for people eyeing to stand in the election for the three Umno vice president’s seats to quit government posts should their lose.

    “The implication of the suggestion is probably bigger than he thought. To me, we should not mix party elections with government positions.

    “Government posts either by appointment or election are at the discretion of the prime minister or the chief minister or some other,” Muhyiddin told reporters after a closed-door briefing on party ethics.

    Another vice president, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam who was present at the function, said the party’s constitution allows any members to offer themselves to stand in Umno elections and therefore it was all up to them.

    Meanwhile, he said all Umno members who had paid their membership fees by Dec 31 last year were eligible to attend the branch-level annual meeting that would begin on July 17.

    The party’s headquarters had sent the list of members to all Umno divisions to help them and the branches run the meetings smoothly, he said. “Umno members now totalled 3.4 million and most of them have paid the fees,” he said.

    He also urged party members to show maturity by not creating problems at the meetings to the extent of tarnishing Umno’s image.

    ps did they teach you how to duck from flying objects?

  13. Bigdoggy,

    What is Kid Jerlun doing this Sabtu 14hb?

    Will he be in Teluk Intan?

    Any video, Utube material?

    Reasons for Abdullah to step down is revised
    and is there a scenerio for dharurat considered?

    How is his security? The camera-man and his camera unit?

  14. Interesting old news:

    World Bank struggles with identity crisis
    By Steven R. Weisman
    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    WASHINGTON: The crisis has ended over Paul Wolfowitz, with his resignation as president of the World Bank last week. But the bank’s identity crisis has just begun.

    The entire international economic architecture established after World War II – the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and what is now called the World Trade Organization – is buckling under the weight of globalization, trade disputes and the ambitions of rising economic powers in Asia and elsewhere, experts and policy makers say.

    The World Bank and its sister groups were established to secure the international economy in 1944 at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

    The World Bank was supposed to rebuild Europe and reduce poverty elsewhere with grants and loans. The International Monetary Fund tried to avoid financial meltdowns by monitoring countries’ economic policies. The World Trade Organization sought to ensure the smooth flow of goods and services, thus keeping the world economy growing.

    The World Bank’s cumulative lending to China, for example, is $40 billion for 274 projects. But China is now an export superpower, sitting on reserves worth more than $1 trillion – so wealthy that it recently announced its own $210 billion program of loans and credits to Africa. Some question whether the World Bank should be lending to China at all.

    “The Bretton Woods system has become outmoded,” said Robert Rubin, a former U.S. Treasury secretary who now is chairman of the executive committee at Citigroup.

    Eckhardt Deutscher, a German development official who serves as the dean of the bank’s board of directors, called for a re-examination of the role of all the institutions.

    “The biggest challenge of the World Bank is to restore its credibility,” Deutscher said.

    The most immediate issue that the bank and the fund must face, experts say, is who governs them.

    The recent bank crisis erupted over a narrow dispute over charges of favoritism against Wolfowitz. But it exposed a larger fissure over whether the United States could retain its role of picking the bank president at a time when U.S. contributions to the pool of grants and loans to the poorest have fallen in relation to what other countries do.

    President George W. Bush’s appointment of Wolfowitz, an architect of the Iraq war, was not a popular one with the Europeans in 2005, but they went along with it. Now the administration wants to retain the power to pick the bank president, and Europe wants to continue to select the head of the International Monetary Fund. But there is a growing consensus that this dual tradition is outdated.

    “The Wolfowitz situation exposed what an antediluvian system the bank has,” said Kenneth Rogoff, professor of public policy and economics at Harvard, referring to the way the head of the organization is chosen.

    Among those with vested interests in the bank, Rogoff said, are some who do not want to acknowledge that the bank’s role in lending – the total was $23 billion last year – has become less relevant to current realities.

    Last year, more than $14 billion of the bank’s lending went to so-called middle-income countries like China and India.

    The bank borrows the money at low cost because of its peerless credit rating and then lends it at slightly above that rate. The money it makes on the loans helps pay the bank’s overhead, including salaries to its 13,000 employees.

    Some bank officials acknowledge that one reason for continuing loans to middle-income countries is that their repayments keep the bank staff large enough to provide technical assistance and analysis needed by donors and recipients alike.

    In 2000, an advisory commission created by Congress and headed by Allan Meltzer, professor of political economy and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, recommended stopping loans to middle-income countries and converting loans to the poorest countries into grants.

    Meltzer said recently that he once had high hopes that Wolfowitz would transform the bank in this direction and was disappointed that he did not.

    “The basic problem for the bank is that it’s hard to see what good it has done anywhere,” Meltzer said.

    Wolfowitz defended the lending to middle-income countries as a necessary part of providing technical assistance to help them alleviate their poverty. That approach heartened many at the bank who argue that it cannot walk away from the poor of China and India, who outnumber the poor in sub-Saharan Africa.

    But while the bank channels loans and grants to the world’s poorest countries – $9.5 billion last year – the bank itself has become more marginalized as a factor in the overall global effort for the poor.

    World Bank figures show, for example, that the bank’s own contribution to the poorest countries amounts to only about 7 percent of the government-backed aid they get from 230 international aid agencies, including regional development banks and special funds in Europe for disease, education, maternal health and other programs. Large sums are also going to poor countries through private foundations.

    But even if the bank becomes less of a factor in terms of money for the poorest, many experts say it is bound to remain important.

    “The bank is often the equivalent of a strategic partner in many poor countries,” said Nancy Birdsall, president of the Center for Global Development.

    Like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund is becoming more marginal. The world economy has been so successful, and so many countries are awash in cash, that the fund, which helped bail out Mexico, other Latin American countries and several Asian countries in the 1990s, is now underused. So many countries have paid off their loans that interest income is down and the fund is in a budget crunch, looking at whether to sell gold bullion to meet its expenses.

    Its search for a new role has emboldened its critics, especially those who feel that its bailouts of the 1990s were ill-advised on the ground that they made countries complacent about their bad policies.

    Criticism of the International Monetary Fund has also erupted from leaders in Asia and Latin America whose countries staggered under austerity programs imposed by the fund in return for the bailouts. These leaders have begun discussing plans for regional funds to compete with and undercut the fund.

    But many economists say the International Monetary Fund will be needed when, inevitably, the next crisis occurs.

    The World Trade Organization, established in 1995 as the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which was founded at Bretton Woods, is struggling mightily to salvage the current round of trade talks that started five years ago at Doha, Qatar. Many trade experts fear that if the talks fail, it could lead to a reversal of 60 years of trends opening the trading system to more flows of goods and services.

    The Doha talks are at an impasse because the United States and Europe are refusing to lower barriers on farm goods, and both are demanding that India and other exporting countries lower barriers of their own.


    How good is Mikhriz’s finance and economics team?
    He is chairman of a franchise one stop shop?

  15. What is this former AG afraid of. He should immediately step down from SUHAKAM.

    Justice Ian Chin was acting in proper manner when he talked in this matter in showing `openness` by revealing to both parties to decide if he should be recused.

    I only infer from the former AG`s outburst that he too was party to previous misdemeanors, and that he should be investigated further.

    Also the AG should start proceedings against the former AG along the similar lines that Mr. Lim Guan Eng, (current Chief minister, Penang) was sent to prison on a somewhat similar matter.

  16. to sivarasah
    I believe you must have ESP to conclude from a persons’ writing that he/she is emotional. I believe that YOU do not grasp the issue at hand. I have always maintained that a Judges’ position is one of integrity.Should they be threatened, coerced etc to undermine their authority in deciding cases by whosoever is in power,they can resign in protest with dignity stating their reasons thereof.Such an action will definitely arouse attention to the predicament.Or,they can ignore these actions and continue to adjudicate without fear or favour honouring the oath of their office.TSAI and now this Judge,being learned men could have taken this course of action.To make a long comment short,what is devoid is reprimanding people like you who do not know and will never know as can be seen from your frivolous comment.

  17. Let hang the lawyers and the judges
    – and Mushraff!

    Long live cricket!

    Dutch are champions.

  18. Salam

    Betulkah Anwar Agent Amerika ?

    Soalan untuk Anwar-Betulkah terima duit Yahudi?

    Video 7-Siapa godfather Anwar ?

    Video 6- Siapa taja Anwar PRU 12?

    Sumber :

  19. Bigdoggy,

    Member dari Masjid Simpang Enam, Penang kirim salam beserta pertanyaan ini:

    agen Russia?
    agen German?
    agen Jepun?
    agen China?
    agen Indon? – opps, that is my friend(anybody wants help to get maids, we do bangladesh and indian labor) so that makes us agen bangla and india as well.
    agen british?
    agen Perancis?

    Kalau toya mat amin agent to tok arab pun tapi jual quran macam yahudi, nasrani dan munafik apa beza orang malayu yang ahlul politik di sini?

  20. Truth will set you free! Spill the beans, judge! People need to know the truth. People like Mahathir and his cronies are really afraid as all the shits are about to hit the fan.

  21. As the Malay proverb says, “Kalau tak ada angin, masakan pokok bergoyang”. Though it is extremely difficult to prove who is right and who is wrong, as it’s his words and Tun’s, but circumstantial evidence may give Justice Ian Chin the benefit of doubt – knowing what Tun did – directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly during his tenure.

    The world knew how forceful, autoritative, cunning, shrewd, smart and tough Tun was when he was in power. Definitely he would have said what was claimed – whether he meant well or not.

    I wouldn’t say Tun was good or bad. He did a lot of good things. But he also did a lot of bad bad things. The current problems facing UMNO, BN and the country, was his doing. Why is he making so much noice after stepping down. What is he afraid of? Is he concerned that Pak Lah will dig up all his wrong doing? Not so easy, as we Malaysians are very much the forgiving type. Let’s not concentrate on the bad things he did but concentrate on the good things. Otherwise life would be full of vengeance,anger, greed etc.

    As an elder stateman, Tun should rest and enjoy life with his love ones, instead of getting embroiled with politics and controversy one after another. He had his time. He had his opportunity. What else he wants. Sit and enjoy life. People will respect him more. Tun is an old man. He should not go to war anymore. He should just divert any attack aimed at him, instead of attacking back. If he keeps on doing that, more and more attacks will be levelled against him. He should know that a lot of people dislike him.

  22. […] Alam. High Court Judge Ian Chin’s controversial statement, which did not go well even with former Attorney General. Tun Dr. Mahathir explained that the Malays have the right to stake their claim for their share of […]

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