Matthias Chang dared Justice Chin and Chief Justice Hamid Mohamad to tell the truth

Lawyer Matthias Chang this morning challenged Justice Ian Chin of the Sarawak High Courts to an open debate within seven day for his allegations of “thinly veiled threats” against former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Otherwise, risk by being demanded by an “Officer of the court” like Matthias Chang to be sacked from the esteemed job at the bench by the Chief Justice. He also made an open call to Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad to verify Chin’s claim in the open as he also attended the special meeting with Dr. Mahathir, then.

“Outrageous accusations lodged against him (Dr. Mahathir), (so) those in the know must come forward” urging CJ Hamid and other Judges to come forward and either corroborate Chin’s allegations or retired Court of Appeal Judge Dato’ Shaik Daud Ismail‘s and another serving Judge’s, as per reported in the papers.

“These are serious charges. Chin used language unbecoming of a Judge”, reiterated Chang again today. He also questioned the timing of this, now, as previously also raised by BigDogDotCom.

On the same note, he also charged Minister in the Prime Minister’s department Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim as “Corrupt, no transparency, no integrity, more of a crony of the Prime Minister!”. He explained that Zaid was unfit to his current postion as he was found guilty of money politics by UMNO Disciplinary Board and “Refused to appear infront of the Disciplinary Board to prove his innocence”. This was said in the context of Zaid’s statement in that he did not doubt that Chin was telling the truth.

He is ready to be dragged to court by either Chin, Tun Hamid and Zaid for these challenges. Matthias Chang called for a media conference as his law office in Jalan Kampar (Off Jalan Ipoh), Kuala Lumpur this morning. The list also include Bar Council President Ambiga Sreenivasan, who according to Chang issued a statement accepting Chin’s allegations, without even bother investigating the truth. “She is a hypocrite!”.

Later, Chang added that this issue being raised now has an ulterior motive. “Whenever there is a crisis under PM’s (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) watch, the diversion is to attack Dr. Mahathir”.

*Updated 3.30pm

This is’s report on Matthias Chang’s media conference this morning:

Dr M’s ex-aide: Judge bitter because he wasn’t promoted

Andrew Ong | Jun 13, 08 2:10pm

Sabah and Sarawak High Court judge Ian Chin made damning allegations of judges being threatened and sent to an ‘indoctrination boot camp’ because he was not promoted, claimed lawyer Matthias Chang.

Chang, a former political secretary to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said that Justice Chin was “angry” because he was not promoted as Chief Judge of Sarawak and Sabah.

“He cannot understand why Richard Malanjun was promoted to the post instead. He blames the former prime minister but he care not to examine his infantile behaviour,” Chang said in a statement distributed at a press conference at his office in Kuala Lumpur today.

Before hearing the Sarikei election petition on Monday, Chin told both parties that Mahathir issued “thinly veiled threats” during the Judges Conference in 1997 to remove judges through a tribunal.

Chin claimed that a month later, together with selected judges and judicial officers, he was packed off to a ‘boot camp’ and was indoctrinated with the view that “the government’s interest was more important than all else”.

Chang dismissed Chin’s claims that Mahathir had threatened the judges in the 1997 conference by citing two judges quoted by New Straits Times on Wednesday.

In the report, former Court of Appeal judge Shaik Daud Mohad Ismail had expressed shock at Chin’s claims and not remembering Mahathir issuing any threats.

Similarly, an anonymous serving judge quoted by NST said that Chin may have “took the opportunity to speak from the Bench because he thought Mahathir was responsible for blocking his promotion”.

Chief Justice should speak up

In response, Chang said that the statements from the two judges had showed that Chin was making “wild allegations” against Mahathir.

“At least two judges have contradicted the veracity of (Chin’s) statement. There must be an investigation against him on whether the veracity of his statement against Mahathir is founded,” said Chang.

He also slammed de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim who was quoted as saying that he had “no reasons to doubt” Chin’s claims despite the reports quoting the two judges.

Chang also questioned the timing of Chin’s revelation and why the latter complained of Mahathir’s alleged threats with the proper authorities.

“How can he expect the ordinary man to report against corruption when he does not dare to stand up and report to the Chief Justice?” he added.

Chang then challenged Chin to a public debate on the latter’s clams.

“And I challenge him to hold me in contempt of his court in making this challenge,” he said.

Chang also took serving Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad to task for failing to “clear all doubts” about what actually happened in the 1997 conference.

“Those in the know (and attended the conference) should come out and clear the air,” he added.

He added that the Abdul Hamid should also initiate investigations into Chin’s allegations.

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  1. Big Dog,

    Its look like Malaysia have dump and deaf current as well as retired judges,they are so coward to come forward and tell the truth nothing but the truth.

    The allegations by justice Ian Chin is very serious and the challenge by Mathias Chang is even more serious but why except Dato Shaik Daud and former AG Tan Sri Abu Talib dare to speak up.Where have the rest of the JUDGES gone ? Cant they all come forward and testify ? what is there to be scared of.

    Judges you are all very respected and knowledgeable person,the public have very high regards on you and the court,its a shameful act if all of you dare not speak up.

  2. Pertuduhan Justice Ian Chin sangat serious yang dibuat dalam mahkamah ketika bertugas sebagai “hakim” dalam kes berkaitan keputusan pilihanraya PRU 12 suatu kawasan di Serawak.

    Kenapa dizahirkan pertuduhan “berat” dalam suasana demikian.

    Pengakuan zaid pula “mengiakan” kerana dengar dakwaan pertuduhan berat tersebut GAMBARKAN menteri penjaga undang2 telah menyebelahi Ian Chin.

    Peleknya ! Ian Chin SEBUTKAN pertuduhan, Zaid terus aja SELAMBA dalam TV nampak MENGIAKAN. Siapa lebih ADIL ? Adakah Zaid bertuagas jaga KEUTUHAN majikan @ pak lah hinggakan apa sahaja kata tidak baik ( BELUM PASTI KEBENARAN) dengan segera DISOKONG !

    Ini meragukan adakah Suruhanjaya Kehakiman untuk lantik hakim nanti benar2 BEBAS !

    Jika Suruhanjaya Penyiasat hendak ditubuhkan, tubuhkan SURUHANJAYA PENYIASAT SALAHLAKU IAN CHIN yang bercakap / bertindak guna masa DIGAJI KERAJAAN semasa sidang mahkamah untuk suatu hal yang tidak relevan !

    Jika benar Justice Ian Chin berani, silakan buat cara terbuka dalam sidang akhbar untuk memudahkan “gayung bersambut”

    Kebenaran diharap segera menjelma !

  3. Matthias has got it right! Congratulations.

    The problem is the old man-DrM-can not actually do anything but write all about it in his blog!

    Why Mattthias so squeky gung-ho and not a peep out of Kid Jerlun is my question for you, big doggy.

    Actually, YB Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir said something along what I also said here in this blog, about timing. It was reported in NST.

  4. If DSAI said he couldn’t even remember ever attended a boot camp in 1997, does it mean, Ian Chin had lied? Or Anwar had lied? If Anwar lied, meaning he is indeed a liar and all other things he said should be discounted. If Ian Chin lied, then it is true as what other judges said about him – that he is bitter for not being promoted. Therefore he is acting in a way unbecoming of a judge for putting his personal issues first instead of being impartial. He should therefore be adjudged in a tribunal.

    Thank you.

    I am not sure about Justice Ian Chin, but Anwar Ibrahim is definitely a compulsive two-faced-forked-tongue pseudo liar!

  5. you’re right Mr. Mathias….. whenever there are crisis… there will always be topics to pin down TDM to divert people’s attention…. and the strange thing is… always about judges…. and zaid (paklah’s pet) will bark after the alley dog barking….. pelik bin ajaib… but we the people know of this tactic already….. the same tactic is being played over and over… but this time….go on Mr. Mathias… please help TDM to clear his name… I respect you as I respect TDM… bravo and thank you very much

  6. The comment after Jebatmustdie

    pseudo ~ false
    pseudo liar = false liar which means opposite of liar which is honest ?

    confused ?

    Pseudo = wannabe

    In Anwar’s case, he is a liar (two-forked-tonguely-spin/twist), he carefully minced his words that is laced with honey and thus, made his a “Pseudo-liar”. And he has a morbid compulsion of doing that, to different people in different circumstances!


  7. So does that mean he is a wriggling
    tongue tied snake dibbling in honey?

    Does he carry condoms or
    sell them? and rabbits’ foot?
    and popping viagras?

    man bigdoggy – you’re strange

  8. and is Mukhriz having
    a lawyer for breakfast
    a judge for lunch
    and a prime minister for dinner?

    Who is the new Prime Minister after
    abdullah ahmad Badawi, bigdoggy?

    good luck to you, Kid Jerlun

  9. I smell sumting fishy here, heheh..wat can i say bro,…(“,) the timing and the way it woz said makes it doubtful to believe..wat cud be his agenda?? hoping 2 b future members of the tribunal to elect judges to d bench, joining Tun Salleh & others supporting PLah?? or is he being paid to make the statement?? is it his conscience?? or is he trying to get publicity for his future involvement in politics(make $$) well, time will tell bro, heheh..but if I’m rite bout Tun’s then its gonna be a blessing in disguise for his next move… If we can anticipate tings like dis to happen, dun u tink Tun anticipated dis kind of accusation coming to him?? one wonders wats on Tun Dr.M’s mind… its like he is playing chess with watever dat comes charging his way, heheh… i believe in Tun’s honesty as its not easy to rule a country wth mixed etchnic & religions..we have been living in a peaceful country with gud economic standing during Tun’s 22yrs of leadership with vision…Like Tun said ‘I only fear of frame up’ it’s sumting dat can happen…wat can i say…heheh..way to go TUN DR M…May Allah Bless you with courage and wisdom to fight d Illuminatus… I suspect all d while bro AnWar is behind all d sh*t in Tun’s govt at d time…using Tun’s name for tings he want to implement thus making Tun d victim…only Tun knows d truth and d truth will all be laid bare on his blogs…”the words are sharper than the actions” go get them, Tun and fellow bloggers!!


    p.s bro Biggy, we must alwiz expect d worst in order 2 b prepared, shudn we..heheh..(,”)

  10. Apa benda p-u-k-i-m-a-k N-W-O tu, bigdoggy?

  11. Bro. Matthais,

    You still defend DrM when it’s clear for all to see he was a corrupt dictator. You once swore an oath to your god that you would uphold “TRUTH”. I call on you now brother to live according to the obligation you made all those years ago.


  12. […] a Police report against Chin. The one time political secretary to the fourth Prime Minister even dared the Chief Justice to step up and tell the truth on what Chin had […]

  13. My very honest opinion, why the top brains are fighting each other ? Let this be understood by all the TOP Ex-Men that when both elephants fight, the grass suffers. At this time, put all differences aside, come together as a TRUE Malaysian and strive forward for the betterment of all malaysian citizens regardless of Race, language & religion.

  14. […] PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah to withdraw from office, in the UMNO retreat in Shah Alam. High Court Judge Ian Chin’s controversial statement, which did not go well even with former Attorney General. Tun Dr. Mahathir explained that the […]

  15. […] READ MORE HERE This entry was posted in ARCHIVES 2008 by admin-s. Bookmark the permalink. […]

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