Riong Kali: The Liar’s agenda to demonize Tun Dr. Mahathir as a ‘racist’

Today, Former UMNO President and BN Chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad proved that he was right. He was lambasted by so many for his call in Teluk Intan that the Malays have right to demand part of the economic pie, especially from activities created after the New Economic Policy (NEP) was implemented.

NST has the story:


Dr Mahathir’s ‘racist remarks’ draw flak

By : M. Husairy Othman, Ridzwan Abdullah and Eileen Ng


KUALA LUMPUR: The Malays have every reason to fight for their rights, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as non-Bumiputera groups again lamented over the former prime minister’s apparently racist line.


He claimed Malaysia was the only nation in the world where the main ethnic group had admitted other races and endowed them with rights.

“We (the Malays) are not the type to protest and have accepted those who came to the country.

“We even accorded them rights unlike other countries,” he said at a talk titled “The Future of Malaysian Malays” organised by Warisan Pekembar, a non-governmental organisation, in Teluk Intan on Saturday.

Some 2,000 people attended the hour-long event.

In an immediate response, Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye said national unity was crucial to meeting the challenges of the present day.

“It’s time we thought like Malaysians and as Bangsa Malaysia to work together to forge a united country and face future challenges as one.

“Global challenges like the fuel and food crisis are best tackled and handled together. In light of these challenges, it is inappropriate to start questioning each other’s contributions and rights.

“It is more important to treat everyone as Malaysians, regardless of race, in order to contribute effectively to the country’s development.”

Dr Mahathir expressed sadness at being termed a racist each time he spoke on the rights of the Malays.

“When they speak of their rights, people say it is all right as we live in a multiracial country.

“I am extremely sad but we have every right to speak in defence of the Malays,” he said.

Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry president Datuk Kenneth Eswaran said the special rights of the Malays had never been questioned, at least in Barisan Nasional.

“There is no basis whatsoever to Dr Mahathir’s claims. The Indian community, at least those in BN, has never questioned the economic rights of the Malays.

“Dr Mahathir should know this better as he was part of the system at one time,” he said.

The former prime minister also demolished the notion of a Bangsa Malaysia, which he had proposed.

“We have failed to create a Malaysian race and must accept the fact that we are made up of different races and religions.

“Malaysia is not like other countries. We have come up with policies to help the Malays without sidelining the interests of other races.

“The New Economic Policy was designed not to deny others of their rights but to improve the economic status of the Malays.”

He said peace and harmony in the country could only be achieved when the economic divide between the races was narrowed.

“If the gap is too big, it might lead to dissatisfaction by certain groups and to untoward incidents like the May 13 riots in 1969.”

MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn said: “Now is not the time to distinguish between Malays and non-Malays.

“We are first and foremost Malaysians and we (MCA) articulate our views as Malaysians.

“As MCA leaders, we are responsible for everyone and are constantly aware of the sensitivities of Malaysians and the multiracial context we live in,” he said.



Tun Dr. Mahathir articulated his call on Saturday. The Malays, being the majority were systematically marginalized and deprived from development, which include basic infrastructure, education and health services and thus, comprehensively and economically left behind.

Therefore, the NEP was designed to correct this and ensure harmony and stability; ingredients for growth and eventually prosperity. This strategy was proven right. After NEP, the country managed achieved stability after the bloody 13 May 1969 racial riots and this created a conducive environment economic growth, where the Non Malays benefited tremendously with opportunities made available and economic pie expansion.


Lately, whenever the Malays openly discourse about their affairs and rights, which include provisions within the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia, many turned their guns towards these claimed ‘racism’ remarks. However, when some of these Non Malays talked about their affairs and interests, they say it is completely alright, appropriate and even timely. Then they went a step further to provoke the Malays, which include questioning the ‘social contract’ achieved by Malay leaders led by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Non Malay leaders and the Rulers, and provisions made in the Constitution, such as Article 153.


Why NST highlighted these remarks and reaction against what the Former Prime Minister said in Teluk Intan when they did not even bother to report the latter’s call in the first place?

NST also went on the mode of ‘promoting’ the dismantling of the NEP, something many even urbanite Malays nowadays advocate. The arguments raised by the Malay urbanites are utterly blinkered as NEP was designed to correct the systematic socio-economic deprivation of the Malays, eradicate poverty through education and economic development programs. Just because these urbanite Malays no longer in the poverty trap and managed to get comprehensive education all the way, they advocate the dismantling of the NEP. Riong Kali connivingly use this narrowed perspective as a agenda to further refute Tun Dr. Mahathir in his Malay nationalist mode, for the continuous betterment of the majority in this Tanahair.

Then Riong Kali went on a step further. He reported MIC President Dato’ Seri Samy Vellu’s grouses against Tun Dr. Mahathir as being racist.


Samy Vellu: Dr M failed the Indian community


KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did very little for the Indian community when he was prime minister, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said yesterday.


Samy Vellu said the Indians had to struggle on their own for more than 140 years and achieved success only through sheer hard work .

“Despite the MIC appealing again and again for help, he refused to budge,” Samy Vellu said in response to Dr Mahathir’s remarks during a talk in Teluk Intan on Saturday.

The former prime minister had said the Malays were willing to admit other races into the country and endowed them with rights.

He had also demolished the notion of a Bangsa Malaysia and said Malaysians must accept the fact that they were just too different to be known as one race.

Dr Mahathir’s remarks have drawn flak from non-Malay groups, who felt that national unity was crucial for the country to meet its future challenges.

Samy Vellu said Dr Mahathir should not be taking a racist approach at a time when Malaysians were working hard towards unity.



Why can’t the NST do their research properly before publishing this piece? Was Tun Dr. Mahathir as what Samy Vellu said he was, “Unhelpful to the Indians’ cause”?

During Tun Dr. Mahathir’s time, Indian ethnic businessmen flourished and achieved positions even within Government more than any other era. Some even managed to become billionaires, with the opportunities Tun Dr. Mahathir’s leadership allowed them, instead giving them just to the Malays. Even Samy Vellu’s own family benefited tremendously from the prosperity created by the economic growth.

The Indians, through MIC was granted university college licenses, which include a dedicated medical college. On top of that, in June 2002 MARA, an agency enacted by Parliament to specifically develop the Malays via education and entrepreneurial development programs, opened the MARA Junior Science Colleges doors to the non Malays and unprecedentedly gave a specific quota. MARA also trained Indian youths under the Giat MARA schemes, when they faced grave issues of gangsterism amongst the Indian youths as MIC failed them.

Could this be on top of systematically fanning the racism remarks against Malay nationalism and nationalist like Tun Dr. Mahathir, this is also Riong Kali’s persona non grata agenda to demonize the highly respected statesman?

Conveniently, six days ago was the second anniversary Riong Kali lied to the world about the ‘so called’ Tun Dr. Mahathir’s meeting with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Tokyo.

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  1. Fully agree with Tun Dr.Mahathir.

    25 years for Indians and Pakistani stay in Dubai, still not elegible even for a PR Status. Check it out for yourself.

  2. The whole concept is stink.

    The objective of NEP is fair.

    Not that the implementation is wrong … rather the whole strategy is wrong.

    How could giving free money (scholarship) to deserved or undeserved students can help achieve NEP objective ? Give education loans and tell this kids to study hard and work hard and repay back the loan. And pass down the message to the parent that dont just know how to make baby but refuse to take responsibility of their own children education.

    How could having a double standard of examination for admission to University help to achieve NEP objective ? Isn’t this will create of ILLUSION of self esteem which will crashed hard once they are in the U and when they graduated with 3rd class later on. It is better to start reform this children from the primary school that hard work is the fundamental of success…. not come from some low-standard matriculation exam which tailored purposely for these certain groups. Reform the teachers to be more harsh but with love with this particular students which comes from these particular families. And once it become habits the whole ‘working hard’ thing will make more sense and they will grow up as a truly excellent individual which will pass down this trait to their children and definitely will break the low-standard cycle.

    Proper Quality Excellenct Education is the keys word.
    Not some short cut … like low qualifying standard for certain groups will help achieve this. Reform the education system. Educate and create awareness that proper high standard of education is important. Then implement it with help of true profesional.

    Reform the politician head.
    How can a politician ask the people to study Arabic language instead of English, Chinese, Indian, Iban and Malay language instead ?? Stupid MB !!
    Science is important. Math is important. Art is important. Accounting is important.
    Do not underestimate the ability of children to acquire knowledge. With the help of the community (parent, teachers, private and public sectors ) even the Godzilla could not stop this children to achieve excellency.

    And of course, with short-sighted, blind or donkey-head people, then their children future is as good as tahi lembu.

    Start from the Leaders ! If Leaders could not lead … then please go and eat shit.

    Thank you.

  3. Bigdoggy,

    I still don’t understand the NWO thing!
    Can you please, explain it to me.
    The UMNOPutras really want to get into that act!

    And Bigdoggy, PAS members are smiling these days and buying teh-tarik instead of us them! That’s good.

  4. IF there anyone for dear Samy Vellu to blame for his interpretation of FAILED-INDIANS, is his own self. NOT Tun Mahathir, NOT the govt and certainly NOT on other races.

    Im just too tired to elaborate more on this. Riong Kali is even more a waste of time to me.

  5. Samy Vellu dont be stupid.Sorry! I mean you are really very stupid.Tell me who is the second richest man in Malaysia? A Malay or an Indian!

  6. Kali patutnya dimasukan dulu ke PUSAT PEMULIHAN PENAGIH ARAK TEGAR sebelum layak cakap mengenai melayu, islam dan negara sebab segala tulisan dilakukan sewaktu beliau tengak MABUK ARAK

  7. BigDog said:
    The Malays, being the majority were systematically marginalized and deprived from development, which include basic infrastructure, education and health services and thus, comprehensively and economically left behind.

    Sometimes I dunno if you Mahathir supporters are plain dense or money has changed hands to spin for the old man.

    All that you have said occurred, and intensified, under Mahathir’s 22 years of rule. Malays were deprived of development, basic infrastructure, given poor educational opportunites etc because wealth of the nation was squandered away building a pair of useless towers, upkeeping an inefficient auto sector, billions wasted in heavy industries, building putrajaya and the palatial PM mansion, not to mention other stupid stunts like sending a bunch of morons to parachute down on the north pole with a proton car.

    Malays have paid the price for this man’s pride and trivial pursuits, and yet there are some of you who still prostitute yourselves at his feet.

  8. Sesungguhnya “Melayu mudah lupa” itu benar dan “Melayu mudah lupa diri” itu juga benar. DEB dan dasar-dasar selepasnya berjaya mewujudkan sebilangan kelas menengah Melayu yang mendapat manfaat langsung program yang dilaksanakan, sama ada dalam sektor ekonomi ataupun yang lebih ketara dalam pendidikan. Melayu yang sudah sedikit berjaya dalam suasana peluang yang dibukakan oleh dasar mengutamakan bangsanya merasakan dirinya sudah cukup sebagai kayu ukur bahawa sebangsanya juga memiliki kemampuan untuk berjaya dalam suasana persaingan terbuka. Dalam masa yang sama, sebahagian mereka inilah yang merebutkan tempat untuk anak-anak mereka ke MRSM dan SBP dan menafikan peluang anak-anak sebangsanya yang lebih memerlukan dari kalangan berpendapatan rendah di bandar dan luar bandar. Bukanlah rahsia bahawa terdapat permohonan ke MRSM oleh ibu bapa yang pendapatan bulanannya bukan sahaja puluhan malahan ratusan ribu ringgit. Salah satu segmen yang lantang meyuarakan bangkangan terhadap polisi mengutamakan bangsa terdiri daripada kelompok ini. Seolah-olah mengalami simptom “bipolar”, mereka yang sudah menikmatinya dan mereka masih mahu anak-anak mereka terus beroleh manfaat, pada masa sama mereka menyatakan ketidakadilan polisi yang dilaksanakan.

    Seringkali perbandingan dibuat dengan negara lain, khususnya di negara yang dikelaskan sebagai negara maju. Dengan memikirkan secara ringkas, dapat kita katakan bahawa kebanyakan negara berkenaan telah terjajah sepenuhnya oleh bangsa kulit putih daripada kaum peribumi yang asalnya mendiami tanah-tanah berkenaan. Mereka tidak boleh dibandingkan dengan orang Melayu dan Tanah Melayu kerana mereka sememangnya pendatang asing yang berasal dari tanah yang tidak ada kaitan langsung, misalnya USA, Kanada, Australia dan New Zealand. Orang Melayu telah berkurun lebih awal menghuni kepulauan Melayu yang merangkumi Alam Melayu keseluruhannya. Mengatakan orang Melayu berasal dari Indonesia oleh sesetengah pihak menunjukkan kedangkalan pengetahuan mereka tentang sejarah serta kecetekan pemahaman mereka tentang fakta sebenar. Di negara-negara yang dikelaskan maju itu, kaum kulit putih tidak memerlukan sebarang bentuk dasar mengutamakan kaum kerana mereka telah menindas peribumi asal selama beratus-ratus tahun sehingga mereka muncul sebagai majoriti dan dominan dalam segala segi. Mereka ini kemudian dibandingkan dengan bangsa Melayu yang telah teraniaya oleh penjajahan selama berabad lamanya, sesuatu yang memang jelas tidak saksama untuk dibuat perbandingan. Selama ratusan tahun penjajahan di Alam Melayu itu dipenuhi dengan perampasan dan penafian hak, sama sebagaimana yang berlaku terhadap peribumi di benua Amerika, Australia dan sebagainya. Segala dasar pengutamaan kaum yang direncana dan dilaksanakan adalah dalam rangka untuk mengembalikan hak-hak yang telah dirampas dan dinafikan selama ratusan tahun penjajahan berlangsung. Pelaksanaannya pula bukanlah dengan cara merampas hak sesiapa melainkan dengan membuka peluang baru dan memberikan sedikit keutamaan kepada bangsa Melayu sebagai tuan asal tanah ini.

    Bangsa Malaysia itu sebenarnya merupakan sesuatu yang songsang. Dengan sekali lagi mengambil contoh yang berlaku di negara-negara yang dikatakan maju di benua Eropah, negara yang terbentuk di sana adalah berasaskan satu bangsa tertentu. Kita dalam keadaan sebaliknya, iaitu beberapa bangsa utama yang mendiami sebuah negara mahu membentuk satu bangsa yang baru. Apa yang mungkin lebih tepat dan penting untuk kita capai ialah pembentukan masyarakat Malaysia yang bersatu padu, yang terdiri daripada berbilang bangsa. Sekiranya masyarakat Malaysia yang bersatu padu pun gagal dibentuk, jangan bermimpi untuk menzahirkan bangsa Malaysia.

  9. Ramai berpendapat yg pak lah memang tidak mempunyai mutu sebagai peminpin negara, betul! tapi jangan terburu buru utk mendesak pak lah letak jawatan sekarang, bagi ruang masa utk dia letak jawatan,Bg pandangan saya, dia akan melepaskan jawatan nya juga sebagai peminpin negara tapi bukan sekarang, kalau pak lah di desak supaya melepaskan jawatannya sebagai peminpin negara, amat mengaibkan. kalau anda sendri sebagai peminpin negara di desak turun tak mungkin anda akan melakukannya. biarlah keadaan umno reda dulu. lepas tu biarlah pak lah buat keputusan utk pengantinya

  10. Bigdoggy,

    Saya sokong pendapat Taji Said malah saya mahu Abdullah Ahamd Badawi mati sebagai Perdana Menteri dan dia perdana menteri lagi sepuluh tahun.

    As for The Watcher, do you see K-E-N-T? I don’t think so you do.

  11. Bigdoggy,

    Have a great life. Ameen.

    Kid Jerlun will be wiped out! That is the odds today on him: KO or TKO doesn’t matter.

    Great to see sami v playing the tamil-movie hero. That is a pure non racist party unlike MCA and the rest. UMNO is not a racist party it gave up being race base political party. Vote for PAS!

  12. Bro Biggy,

    Wat can I say,..heheh..(“,).. by d look of it seems dat MCA,Gerakan and MIC has been bought over by the DAP’s agenda dat is Malaysia Malaysian or is it d othr way aroun..neway d chinese & Indians now r gonna demand for their rights as d rakyat coz dey noe d current Malay(UMNO) leader is a weekling and PLah giving d billions demanded by Sabah & Serawak proove dat PLah is not a gud leader to bow to demands frm Sabah & Serawak.. wat can I say,…Malaysia is heading towards d NWO & dats a big problem.. their strategy is gaining momentum as lies aftr lies have been thrown to Tun M and if lies keep coming up dat often then ppl will start to believe as dis is d stategies use by d Illuminatis and CIA/MOSSAD…d only way to win d rakyat’s mind is to kill off d Great Malay Leader/Fighter i.e TUN DR.MAHATHIR..without him & his voice den d country will fall into their hands..PLah is doin dis to prepare Bro AnWar for d take over..he will definately fled d country by d time AnWar took over.. Australia is waiting for d Moron to be their resident evil…heheh…wat can I say, bro…(,”)


    p.s Biggy, I mention to voicy about making PLah step down thru d use of d internet..will need d help of fellow bloggers tho..r u game? if so i’ll try to fix a date to meet u and bro voicy (d voice)..keyword is ‘Civil Disobedience’ we do not have to demonstrate on d street tho but i tink d way suggested by my european fren is fool proof as he claims dey have done it to put sum1 out of d office wth success.. 🙂 acknowledge my comment if ur game…ciao bros

  13. The Watcher:

    Thank you for the typically broad general statement that characterizes the attitude of a growing number of Malaysians.

    Are you then denying the success of my father? Or my mother? Or myself? How about the countless other Malays who has made a successful leap in the economic and social front precisely because of the economic boost generated by the projects?

    The plan was brilliant, but perhaps Malaysians just weren’t ready (read:too lazy) to step up. Even TDM admitted his failure to change the mindset.

    So before blaming others, look at yourself. What have you done to succeed in life?


    UMNO D.U

  14. Bigdoggy,

    Home Ministry Probes Allegation On Malaysian Link To Intended Bomb Attack In Colombo

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 17 (Bernama) — The Home Ministry has begun investigations into an allegation that some Malaysians planned to give instructions to a group of Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger terrorists to launch a bomb attack in Colombo.

    This followed the arrest of six members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ellam (LTTE) on Saturday in Wattala, Sri Lanka, with the seizure of 2.7kg of high-powered C4 explosives.

    According to a news report in the Sri Lankan online daily, ‘The Mirror’, the suspects under interrogation by (Sri Lankan government troops), said they were waiting for instructions from some Malaysians – via the telephone – to launch the attack.

    Commenting on the news report, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the government would investigate the matter thoroughly, and take severe action against any Malaysian with links to the LTTE.

    He said his ministry had contacted the Sri Lankan government to clarify the allegation in the news report, and seek its assistance to obtain information on the alleged links between some Malaysians and the LTTE.

    “I have checked the news report personally…Malaysia will never tolerate any type of terrorism. If it is true that some Malaysians are involved with the LTTE, we will take severe action.

    “There have always been allegations that some Malaysians are involved with the LTTE,” Syed Hamid told reporters after the opening ceremony of the Eight Asean Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime (8TH SOMTC) here Tuesday.

    Meanwhile, Syed Hamid said the actions of those involved in street demonstrations over the hike in fuel prices would only create hardship for others.

    “Fuel hike is an international problem and taking their dissatisfaction to the streets is not the solution. We should work together to tackle the problem, learn to live under current circumstances and try to adjust to a new lifestyle,” he said.

    Syed Hamid was commenting on a planned protest over the fuel price hike at several locations in the country, scheduled for next month.

    What the shemalocum is this??

  15. TDM-bashing is the “in” thing these days.Even when the old man ( a father to most malays) scolded his children (malays) to wake up, sober up, work hard, sudddenly the neighbors went ballistic. Wow, so caring kah? What happened in someone else’s household also want to know? Funny how the Malays never even asked what went on in the various chinese associations meetings. Must be discussing how to help Malay businessmen.

    And funny how one indian from nowhere land became stinkin’ rich by being a malaysian under TDM complained that TDM was being unfair to indians. What is he? A Mat Salleh? Who made him that rich? Singapore? Anwar? Indian pun mudah lupa…

  16. I think in future government census and publications on statistics, they really need to break it down more. i mean come on, bumi, cina, india, dan lain-lain only? why not break it down to malay, cina, india, iban, kadazan, bidayuh, melanau, … and then we can see the true picture. and does it mean that, it must be the exact composition as the population breakdown. in that case, then we seriously got to breakdown the bumiputera category. i’m sure there is a large number of ibans and i’d like to see how many iban doctors are there as compared to malays, kadazans, …, don’t just only compare to chinese and indians all the time. surely it’s not that big of a deal to add a few more columns in the table if you really want to cerminkan komposisi?

    on another note, wouldn’t you want the best doctors when it comes to your health and not one who got into med school just to fulfill some population ratio. how is sick is that? (pun intended)

    well according to Wikipedia the Malays in total make up about 10 million of the 27 million in 2006, which means it is about 37% of the population. So for example in arkitek, which is 45.3% in 2005, most likely this has already been fulfilled. the others, getting there or already there by now. for accountants, well err.. there’s this myth.. i’ll leave it at that. anyone to verify the data so it can truly mirror the exact composition of the malays in the bumi category, which i guess is what this discussion is all about.

  17. […] of the wealth of this nation, without eating into others’. Riong Kali, as usual, tried to demonize Tun Dr. Mahathir with distorted facts. One of BN component party, SAPP announced their withdrawal from the […]

  18. […] PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi look good and at the expense of demonising leaders like Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. As the result of these over-spinning and eventually lying, the Malaysian public lost faith on the […]

  19. […] he was at the helm of NSTP, Riong Kali attempted to demonise Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, a Statesman who has been admired and adored for his bold criticism against PM […]

  20. […] managed to ’throw the spanner to the works‘. He also should be held responsible for NST’s attempt of demonising Tun Dr. Mahathir as a racist, which should be categorically place him as an anti […]

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