is going through technical housekeeping


Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s highly popular blog is facing a technical glitch due to unprecedented heavy traffic, since Thursday 19 June 2008. The technical team is resolving this good problem to have.

Online traffic information tool calculated that’s traffic is the 65th most popular website in the country. By far, this the most popular and probably, a record breaking in traffic growth for a Malaysian weblog. It even surpassed NST online’s, which is ranked no. 76 in Malaysia.

Bloggosphere surfers are advised to be patient whilst the original site is being migrated to handle expected bigger traffic.

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  1. That explains why its down.

  2. A most pleasant and deserving news for Tun. Let’s all continue visiting and responding to Tun’s widely admired postings on issues of national concern/ interest. Syabas Tun.

  3. Malaysiakini stated that one of the reason for to suspend was due to the ‘racist’ article or comments … wonder how they actually set the standard because there are many blogs under who publish racist comments towards Malays …

  4. BD,

    APAhal Reuters keluar cerita BS Tahir kawan baik Kamaludin dah di “release” dari Kamunting and put under house arrest.

    Bukan ke selama ni dia tak pernah ditahan di Kamunting dan sebaliknya cuma put under house arrest dan bebas kemana mana.

    Mesti ada sebab depa release dia ni. Yang herannya kerajaan Sri Lanka pun tak pernah bising. ahupun kerajaan UAE, business based Tahir

  5. Thanks for update, BD!

  6. Hie BD,

    Appreciate the aggregate contents available here.

    UMNO D.U has just launched its own blog.

    This is to seek permission to link and at times paste some articles for the purpose of reference.

    Do visit our blog. Your support and advise would be much appreciated.


    UMNO D.U

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