Tun Dr. Mahathir: The Government is absolute failure & everyone is thinking for their own political career

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said this morning that the last 100 days is a disaster, “The Government is not responding to the rakyat (message). The Government is in denial”. He added, “There is no Government now. Everyone is just anxious in their own political future”.

“The Government is absolute failure! They resolve everything by giving money”, as he gave the examples of RM billions extended to Sabah and Sarawak whenever PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi met their leaders and also the unprecedented ex-gratia payments made to the sacked Judges. He said this at the media conference after the launching Dr. Salleh Buang’s book “Smart Growth” in Perdana Leadership Foundation this morning.

“To spend money, there must be provisions. Now the Government is giving away money secretly”, in reference to the ex-gratia payments, when ask where did the money is coming from. “When you do anything in secret, (there is) a lot of things to hide”.

“The PM says something, the Cabinet says something, the Ministers says something else. Then there’s ‘flip-flop’ decisions!”, responding to the question on de facto Law Minsiter Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim’s proposal for law reforms, announced the day he was listed in the Cabinet after the 8 March General Elections.”A dinner is given to back his proposal (for Zaid Ibrahim’s Judicial reforms) and he had the PM announced the ex-gratia payments (where else the Cabinet already decided there will be no apology to Tun Salleh Abas and the five sacked Judges)”.

When asked about DAP Chairman’s move to motion on Raja Petra’s statutory declaration based on “reliable source”,  at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, “They are not really interested in Justice. They are not really interested in solving the crime. It’s a political agenda. This is an opportunity they seize to run down someone”.

Last night, former Supreme Court Justice Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin, who was suspended for three months during Tun Salleh Abas’s tribunal period appeared on TV 1. He was asked whether he was ready to appear on TV and tell his story “Yes I am. But don’t have to call me. They can call anyone else, including other Judges. Some of them can give contradictory opinion”. He then elaborated on Justice Ian Chin’s inconsistency statements on the “Veiled threat”, “Today, Ian Chin said ‘I dropped hints here and there’”. “I hear ‘hints’ that he is a corrupt Judge, but that is only a ‘hint’”. He also said he will ask for  Judicial Review for decisions already made in court, responding to the question on V K Lingam’s intention after the tribunal convened.

“I am guilty as ‘Judge’ (charge)”, adding sarcastically which drew laughter from the Press in the PLF conference room.

The former Prime Minister also elaborated on nation’s financial standing, “Petronas has a lot of money. In 2006, they made RM 86 billion. The Goverment supposed to have a lot of money. On one hand The Government is freely distributing money and yet they claim they have deficit”, and explained that the country’s saving ratio is high, which is 40% of the GDP.

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  1. dr Mahathir,
    you are great leader.

  2. We will never see a person to the standard of Tun, for a long time to come. We will never forget his contributions to the nation all this while. God bless you Tun.

  3. Bigdoggy,

    It makes you like you want to cry reading about Tun…
    Hey, thanks. I always get a good laugh reading about what Tun has to say.

    So do you think there is anther round of Mahathir Bashing? Not by the chicken shit cyber goons, dude but the MSM.

    Bigdoggy can you ask the Doktor: when does he think they are coming to throw him out of the Office of the Advisor to Petronas? Before or after they kick the Marican?

  4. wow.. are those cocksucking posts made by TM itself. He also claimed he has evidence that Anwar is a homosexual. If someone could be put through court simply through hearsay and statement by witness who later claimed they were intimidated and tortured into making confessions, what’s wrong with people accusing you of judicial interference based on statements made by judges in an open court? tak malu ? you around telling people are homosexual without even a fucking shread of evidence and you now want to sulk and whine on the same basis? just diam diam in Langkawi and sell your Japanese roti lah, mamak..

  5. Hello everyone,

    Yes I agree with what Wan said. We will never see a person who is so capable of bringing out the country like he did till every nation will recognize our country in their heart. When they see Malaysia, they remind themself of Mahathir in their mind. And with the current situation, Tun is trying so hard to make AAB “step down” as he believes that he is not doing the right thing for the country and with the current issue which crucially hits the federal governments credibility and management of ruling the country. New agenda keeps rising for the PM and his deputy has lead to “unsecure” of his status position to the government. Opposition parties saw these agendas as opportunities for them to make chaos in the management of the federal government which is majority in minor hold by BN. This seems to make the citizens more angry and fed-up with the current political issues which is said to be “purposely made”. With the current political progressive in this country, the rakyat and the government neeed to be more open-minded and more mature in understanding the issues and not just take certain views on one-side. This is important for the stability and the development for our country in realising the vision of 2020. Thus AAB, government, authorities and the rakyat generally, lets work together towards the vision we dreamed for so long of.

  6. The rakyat demanded for judiciary reform, and Pak Lah, fresh from the mortal blow of the 12th GE result, appointed Datuk Zaid for it, against (sometimes) the party’s own flow and wishes. For years the people have been crying at the poor state of our public transport (even think of why? is Pak Lah solely responsible for the chronically imbalanced development of our national car projects as compared to the public transport system?), and now that the fuel subsidy is scrapped the administration is finally giving more weight to this aspect. Dr M is not trying to make Pak Lah step down because he believes he is not doing the right thing for the country, he’s doing so because he thinks Pak Lah is not doing things according to the ways he used to – Machiavellian and iron-fist style. He’s angry that in acknowledging the ugly past of our judiciary, freeing Anwar and not clamping down on the robust development of the opposition and the alternative media that led to the result of the 12th GE…he who ate lots and lots of chillies is now feeling the pedas that with himself gone, the country is moving towards a more open, democratic nation.

  7. Tun, you also give away lots of RAKYAT MONEY to ensure the survival of Proton, to Perwaja Steel, to highway concessionaire, to IPPs, to Astro, to Daim… shut up aje lah, Mahathir Mamak Kuthir. We don’t like Pak Lah but you are probably the last person on Earth who has any right to criticise him… just diam diam in Langkawai jual Japanese roti…

  8. Dia buat/tuduh orang tak pa. dia pun 2 x 5 juga. Mamak tetap mamak. cakap belit-belit

  9. and may I add another point? Tun M of anyone would know how much money Petronas has. Tun M was fortunate to have ruled the country when time was different,and Petronas financed all of the projects that he wanted. Now we are beginning to see the toll of the maintenance of these projects are gonna take on us, and he is responsible for the bubble of artificial economy we operate within now, both in terms of our economy and intellectual capital.

  10. we know well tun you are the warrior make malaysian known by the world,but in the same time tun should know that pak lah trying his best to serve his country but some of the dirty people in umno it self not jujur with party so in which way do you think pak lah can concenterate in his work.so why not we together with pak lah support him for make our malaysian better.HIDUP TUN @ PAK LAH

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