Where exactly is Anwar, now?

Where is Anwar Ibrahim?

Since the explosive story about young Saiful Bukhary Azlan made a Police report in Hospital Kuala Lumpur Police Beat exactly 24 hours ago, no one ever heard from Anwar. We only had PKR Vice President R. Sivarasah, then PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail making statements.

They are still talking about “Conspiracy, Police and Judiciary cannot be trusted”. So what is new?

We also heard stories that 1,000 odd PKR members surrounded Quality Inn hotel in Shah Alam and barred anyone from coming up to meet Anwar. The Police have not taken any statements from him yet, after the Police report made.

Why hasn’t Anwar face the media yet, personally, rather than have his statement read by his reps?

Unconfirmed reports also said Anwar sought asylum in the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, citing fear of ‘assassination’. Stories also rave around the sms that the Turkish Foreign Office will issue a statement on this.

If this story is good, then some of us should help him. We should set up an NGO immediately; Liberation of International Working group for Anwar in Turkey or L.I.W.A.T. for short.

Any takers? 😉

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  1. ha ha ha

  2. hey f****r… what happen if someone from ur immediate family being accused like what happened to Anwar. you dont have to have a personal vendetta..u f****r

    Comments are welcomed. However, profanities are not!

    Anyway, this is not about my family, neither is anyone’s else. This about Anwar doing it again. Two people making reports about the same man doing the same felony, separately in different period is simply too coincidental to be totally discounted.

  3. Big dog,

    I have new found respect for you. I have not encountered such a witty response to the sodomy issue until now! I’d like to be the first volunteer for L.I.W.A.T. please…can I donate and distribute specially made cork screws for the male employees at the embassy for their protection?

  4. very funny…hahaha!! 🙂

  5. Some people cannot take jokes lah.
    This is funny, but make fun about others too….one sided jer tak best lah….after all, these politicians needs to lighten up a bit…all cant wait to be in power….so let ridicule them when we can, cause when they are in power, we might end up like Raja Petra.

  6. so wicked bro….

  7. You must be a supporter of Tun Dr. Mahathir who very cleary said the last time anwar had a black eye,it was due to anwar punching himself. I suppose you would be of the kind of pervert individual who would not accdept the court verdict that found the former IGP guilty of punching Anwar. You will be also of the screwed up type that will not believe that Anwar nearly died of arsenic poisoning while being under the care of our prison Authorities. I suppose you will not believe the scientific proof by the Australaian Insitution that evaluated and found very large quantities of arsenic in Anwar’s blood then.

    I suppose you are also of the kind who will find that VK Lingam and his cronies were innocent of judicial appointment and case fixing. If you become PM of Malaysia, then it would indeed be a very and dooms day for all right thinking and decent Malaysians.

    Eminent endocrinologist Dato’ Dr. Khalid Kadir, then Director of HUKM and his team of nine experts in the entire teaching hospital cannot find the trace of arsenic poisoning in Anwar’s system. Of course I trust Dr. Khalid!

  8. Sick of this boob story.Cant they think of a better one

  9. Jangan cepat nak seronok sgt dng berita begini.kita sama2 tunggu kebenarannya.budak saiful ni pun nampaknya mental sikit.sila rujuk blog kickdefella ruangan komen pembaca,hikayat rahmat kalau tak silap sya

  10. heheheh…nice writeup/typeup bro Biggy.. no doubt d political scenario in Malaysia is getting haywired..heheh.. as for bro AnWar I tink its funny dat he choose to run as its jst a police report..takkan nak antaq masuk ISA kes tibai blakang kot.. as for d threat on his life I tink his fellow neocons threaten to assassinate him for his ol habit die hard antic.. he failed to b d PM & dey feel he cant payback.. well, TIME WILL TELL..wat can I say..heheh..(,”)


    “The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim”.
    Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931);”The Crowd”

    You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.
    ~ Malcolm X

  11. Not surprising that Anwar is at his “best” again – scheming things to create a situation that he’s not only being victimised in yet another allegation of having committed an unnatural act (or acts)but also have recieved threats against his life.Goodness gracious me is it part of Malaysian culture to get rid of political opponents by just assassinating them. When was the last attempt?
    This is definitely a drama choreographed years ago being replayed. To those who know Anwar and has observed his body languages,should notice that he possesses the traits of a good and convincing actor.
    The other turn of events which disclosed that he has taken refuge in the Turkish Embassy, to me, is a clear indication that he is conscious of his guilt therefore he chose to apply the reverse psychology approach or as a form of escapism. The 23 yr old complainant who is to get married soon is said to be in a trauma. He’s too raw to be made a pawn in a political conspriracy. He has more to loose if his report to the Police is a fabrication.
    He’s also seeking international sympathy as well as create dissension and despondency and sway the trust of the people away from the flip-flop Govt.
    The ramifications from these developments are not good for the security and well being of the country and the Govt therefore must be firmed and robust and quick in its counter actions both within and without.
    The rebutals must be convincing with the minimum of rhetoric but confined to facts and legal provisions. The safety of the 23 yr old complainant and his fiancee must be safeguarded. Under the present circumstances he(they) could well be a victim of a possible assassination or kidnapping.QED.


  12. Big Dog,

    I know why Anwar Al Jubs chose Turkey as his immediate destination to seek asylum when this fresh charge of sodomy made against him.

    Isn’t the ancient kingdom of Turkey, a nation called Sodom and Gomorrah, during Lot’s time?



    What a ‘convenient’ coincidence! 😀

  13. hehehehe…

    To Dollah

    “You must be a supporter of Tun Dr. Mahathir who very cleary said the last time anwar had a black eye,it was due to anwar punching himself”..eeekkk, wrong answer..

    Correct answer is (quoated from JMD)

    “When Anwar Ibrahim appeared with a black eye in the courts in early October 1998, the whole nation was in shock. TDM made a press conference. In the news, a foreign journalist asked TDM, ”could the injury be self inflicted?” To which TDM replied “there is a possibility that it could be since he could gain political mileage from it”.

    But the following day in Reuters and BBC News, the headline that came out was “Dr Mahathir said Anwar’s injury was self inflicted”! This headline remained in everyone’s mind and caused some injustice to TDM. He was merely agreeing with the journalist about the possibility of self injury.

    but LIWAT is funny..you just cannot not to laugh..

  14. Kau sibuk kesian pasal Anwar buat apa? Cuba kau orang fikir pasal budak tu pulak. Kalau kau orang ada adik di paksa liwat olih orang hebat berimage islam dan di yakini olih semua orang,kalau betul macam mana?Kenapa perkara aib selalu timpah pada saudara Anwar.Kenapa mat2 lembut selalu ada disekeliling Anwar.Allah selalu menduga umatnya yang soleh dengan perkara yang membawa derita yang berat tetapi dielak dari benda2 aib tetapi Anwar selalu di timpa perkara aib.Kenapa?Islam jangan dibuat sandiwara.Fikirkan!

  15. Kalau kes Anwar semua orang tak percaya tapi kalau kes orang lain semua orang cepat percaya.Pak Imam pun pernah kena tangkap liwat budak inikan pulak orang politik.Ia atau tidak jangan kita pandai2 buat andaian.Pak Lah mungkin bodoh tapi bukan orang zalim.Tunggu dan lihat.Anwar lari buat apa,berani kerana benar.Image Islam takkan tak percaya tuhan kut.Kalau betul buat kena larilah.

  16. Siapa tak percaya baguslah takda siapa bising.Siapa nak percaya suka hatilah jangan ada yang sibuk.Kata negara demokrasi,betul tak!

  17. There’s very good chance DSAI is hiding underneath the cellars of the Turkish Embassy; if I remember the story of Lawrence of Arabia, Lawrence was “liwat” by Turkish troops. Yeap, DSAI should be among friends there before being arranged to taken away by his goons from the US Embassy giving protection to the Chairman of the Foundation of the Future and a visiting professor at a US university. Perhaps DSAI will be flown to stay with Michael Jackson, I am sure they will love each others’ company. “Birds of a feather flock together”.

    DSAI’s up to his big tricks again, wants as much international outcry to cover his despicable crimes while telling the world he’s in danger from Malaysian authorities. He sure is a cry baby, better for him to give up his Malaysian citizenship and stay with Michael Jackson under the auspices of the US government/ United Nations. Param should also join him.

    For the weeks to come, the media should play all about the world’s famous personalities who love sodomy starting with Sodom and Gomorrah. Then you will have many cuing up to join your L.I.W.A.T. NGO. Ha…ha…ha.

  18. Remember that story about Lee Kuan Yew offering him assylum in 1998 on the condition that he change his name to Lee Wat Yew? He went to the wrong Embassy man! Ha ha ha

  19. Clearly Anwar is trying to gain lots of political mileage from this event.

    1) Anwar and PKR claimed that Saiful was forced to make the report by police. Is PDRM so stupid to do that after all the allegations that they are facing right now? (altantuya murder case, etc). Of course after that they said the boy is a mole and sent from Najib’s camp (meaning the boy voluntarily made the report). So, which one is the culprit? PKR make your mind!

    2) Anwar claimed he has received many death threats. Why police said there were no report at all be made prior to this about the death threats? Well many of us know well this actor is very good adding curry to the kuah to make his story looks good.

    3) Why Anwar suddenly become a chicken and right away hiding at Turky’s embassy? If you are rightful you should have given full cooperation to the police. After all you know well our legal system police can’t arrest you without any good reason and without a trial. Even during TDM era Anwar was only arrested after he and his supporters started making havoc all accross Malaysia and doing a lot of damages to the public utilities during demonstration.

    There is only one answer: berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah!!

    4) You think pak lah and his regime is so stupid to plan all this political ploy at this time? after all the turmoil they having right now they cant afford another controversy. They know well rakyat are desperate to see some channges now. They may be stupid, but not that stupid

    Although I;m not 100% convinced that Anwar is a sodomizer (98% though) but all his acts clearly showing that he is a master in gaining political mileage and to get more sympathy from the public. After all PKR won lots of seats in last GE mostly because of sympathisers from public that choose to become his supporters. Hmm. probably also all these latest sandiwara is his own wayang .. prolly to get more supporters so that his mission to become the next PM can be reached faster..

    or probably its hard to get rid of old habit, after all that boy tak kurang cute nya

    only god knows.. but time will tell..

  20. BD,

    1. Who gains the most from this episode?

    2. Who loses the most from this? Saiful.

    3. Trap or no trap, if the predator caught the bait, then he should go down.

    The truth is out there.

    Siapa Tipu Siapa

  21. […] it was true PKR Adviser and convicted Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim sought sanctuary in the Turkish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The excuse was, “Under assassination […]

  22. “Anyway, this is not about my family, neither is anyone’s else. This about Anwar doing it again. Two people making reports about the same man doing the same felony, separately in different period is simply too coincidental to be totally discounted.”..

    Very true BD.. I agree. Supposed if found guilty, he should be penalised to the maximum sentence for being convicted the same crime time and again.

  23. Why u so bad?

    No good.

    We wait for police investigation lahh.

  24. Is in heaven on earth. The Turkish Embassy…
    Something about Turkey that we should know;
    (The last paragraph really strike my thinking…)

  25. Masaalah org melayu ni terlalu taksub pd sesuatu yg dia sayang, walaupun hakikat nya perkara itu salah. ini lah sifat yg akan menjahanam bangsa melayu kita sendiri. INGAT, “ORG MELAYU PERLU BANYAK BERFIKIR DAN JGN TERLALU IKUT PERASAAN “.

  26. […] Anwar dituduh semula kerana meliwat Saiful Bukhari Azlan. Maka berlaku drama/sandiwara semula. Anwar ‘hilang’ dan lari dalam percubaan mencari suaka di Kedutaan Besar Turki. Kemudian mendakwa nyawa beliau diancam. Yang menghairankan ialah sehari selepas keluar dari […]

  27. […] again, on 29 June 2008 we did ask Malaysians to form a new movement to fight for Anwar; Liberation of International Working Group for Anwar in Turkey or LIWAT for short. That movement could have done a lot for his ‘drama’ against this case, which […]

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