Another nerve wrecking news making day?

Since two weeks ago, after Raja Petra’s incredible statutory declaration alleging Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor’s and two serving army officers were present when Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu’s body was blown to pieces, the nation saw a very stormy season in the news, be it mainstream or alternative media.

Tomorrow, we should be expecting another roller coaster day. In the morning, Ipoh High Court will decide on the elections petition for the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat on the 8 March 2008 General Elections, where UMNO Wanita Chief Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Rafidah A Aziz was reported to have failed to sign two of the three nomination papers.

The Star reported this three days ago:

Tuesday July 1, 2008

Friday decision on polls petition against Rafidah


IPOH: The High Court here will decide on July 4 whether to hear an election petition challenging the results of the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary constituency.

Businessman Ahmad Jamaluddin Abd Majid has named Umno Wanita chief Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz as the first respondent in the petition after she failed to sign two of three sets of her nomination papers in the last general election.

Returning officer Mohd Ghazali Jalal and the Election Commission have been named as the second and third respondents in the petition by businessman Ahmad Jamaluddin Abd Majid. Rafidah had during the March 8 elections won the seat against Perak PAS deputy commissioner Dr Khairuddin Abd Malik.

Election judge Zakaria Sam, who is also presiding over a separate election petition, will similarly decide on the same day whether or not to hear an election petition seeking to declare the results of the Kubu Gajah state seat null and void.

PAS candidate Mohd Nazri Din, claiming corruption and illegal practice by the Barisan Nasional, had filed the petition. He had lost by 66 votes to Datuk Seri Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar.


At the moment, she has been granted leave from the Dewan Rakyat sittings. This promoted further suspicion that she would lose the case.

In the evening, the Director General of Military Intelligence Agency, Malaysian Armed Forces was said to have asked for a media conference. It is not known the purpose of the media conference.

When Altantuya was murdered near Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam, her body was blown to pieces with C4 explosives. Public, especially online readers was quick to blame the Military was the source of the explosive and conveniently bought into conspiracy theory hatched by pro Anwar rumour mongerers that the Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak had a hand in it.

However, the Military was not the only agency which was supplied with the explosives. The Police too had some in their arsenal. So did the Fire and Rescue Services.

The question is now, how much more can the public handle adrenaline charged news, especially now that communications technology is efficient?

*Updated 12.30pm

It seems that Rafidah is still a Yang Berhormat Kuala Kangsar. has the report from Ipoh High Court:

4 July 04, 2008 12:04 PM  



High Court Rejects Election Petitions For Kuala Kangsar And Kubu Gajah Seats

IPOH, July 4 (Bernama) — The High Court here Friday rejected two petitions to annul the election results for the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary and Kubu Gajah state seats, both of which were won by Barisan Nasional candidates in the March general election.

The Kuala Kangsar seat was won by Wanita Umno chief Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and the Kubu Gajah seat by Datuk Seri Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar.

Justice Datuk Zakaria Sam rejected the Kuala Kangsar petition without costs and the Kubu Gajah petition with costs.


*Updated 400pm


The Director General of Defence Military Intelligence Organisation ATM Lt. Jen. Dato’ Mohd. Salleh Hj. Ismail vehemently denied Raja Petra’s claim in his SD that the Miltary Intelligence submitted a report to the Prime Minister on the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

“It is a fabrication of facts, intended to create confusion, which later lead to mob anger and chaos. We have a strong democratically elected government”, and further suggest that all the series of lies and malicious allegations are believed intended to strengthen the arguments of some people with ulterior motives and derail the confidence of the present government and leaders. Thus the process of nation building is affected.

He also denied any foreign government agencies involved in this country to threat anyone’s life, including politicians. He sarcastically quipped, “Funny, the day after Anwar said his life was threatened by a foreign security agency, he appeared infront of 10,000 people in public. That is not how someone whose life is under threat behave”.

He was asked also about the report on Malaysian students arrested in Sg. Golok over the weekend for alleged militant activities and explained that they are still waiting for a full report before taking any actions, which include to analyse the situation in the Thai border.

On the on going joint exercise between the Armed Forces and Police, Lt. Jen. Salleh said that this was a long planned exercise for public order and control, as they have new laws and procedures since the last time they organised one. He denied this has anything to do with the current ‘explosive’ issues.

He also denied any involvement of HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong issuing any instructions for Royal Armoured Corp amoured cars be deployed for the 10 November 2007 demonstration organised by Bersih, as claimed by Raja Petra on 16 November 2007 in Malaysia Today “What the eyes does not see”.

When asked about Raja Petra’s allegations in the SD issued over two weeks ago “The Police should investigate thoroughly and get the truth out of RPK”.

The full media statement:





4 July 2008

1. The week’s events are being seen in the light of political developments in the country and for many almost a repeat of 1998 that was a shocking breach in Malaysian political culture and something many never wish to revisit. Because of this, we are dealing with a similar set of issues: firstly, the disbelief and anger of the majority of Malaysians; secondly, executive interference with the judiciary, the police and Malaysia Armed Forces (MAF) specifically, the Military Intelligence; and thirdly, the personalities of the key players which are Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Throughout the weekends, Malaysians were exposed to accusations by various parties which claim wrongdoing by others and this was compounded by various counter accusations to discredit and tarnish the reputation and image of opposing party.


2. This chain of events started with the allegations made by a well known blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (PRK) through his statutory declaration on purported facts related to the murder of the Mongolian translator, Altantuya Shaariibuu in October 2006. Apart from naming the three individuals which he claimed that were present at the scene during the murder of the Mongolian translator in the document, he also accused the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Badawi had received a military intelligence report about the murder. This later followed by the police report which made by Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) assistant, which accused DSAI of sodomising him on 26 June 2008.


3. DSAI seek ‘safe haven’ at the Turkish Embassy when he was informed that his life is in danger and he claims received information from foreign military intelligence (neighbouring countries) and therefore he seek ‘help’ at the Turkish Embassy. DSAI ‘refuge’ at the Turkish Embassy has attracted much attention from the international community and this has complicated matters further. A day after he left the Turkish Embassy, DSAI made a police report alleging the tampering of evidence in the case where he was punched by the former Chief of Police. Yesterday, DSAI again made headlines when he presented a statutory declaration by a former Special Branch police officer in which he stated the DPM had relationship with Altantuya.


4. These developments point to a new trend in which Malaysian politics is embracing. It feeds on the rakyat’s sympathy by creating various stories/accusations which have not been confirmed. In addition, these developments have caused dilemmas in our society and can lead to a chaotic situation which can affect the nation’s security. This is not the Malaysian culture and the Malaysian way of life.


5. Malaysians are confused and tired of all these accusations and allegations which are based on fabrication of facts and can affect the strength of Malaysia’s national power. There are reports of foreign military intelligence’s involvement in plotting the downfall of the country’s leadership and this is not true. As the Director of Military Intelligence (DMI), I can assure all Malaysians that this allegation is not true. Based on our relationships and networkings, I am confident of the country’s security and now is an opportune time to invest in Malaysia. Furthermore, there is no military intelligence report on the murder case of Altantuya. This is strictly a matter for the police department and its enforcement agencies to look into.


6. As the DMI, I believe that facts which are confusing Malaysians will cause more anger and will lead to more street demonstrations. This will also lead to chaos in the country. Malaysians have to believe in the leadership and discard all their fears as the present government is strong and able to proceed with the democratic process. It is of paramount importance that all Malaysians know that our military intelligence is always monitoring the security of the nation as some parties, intentionally or unintentionally wants to see the country in tatters.


7. Irresponsible parties are using confusing facts for their own personal interests or agendas. These facts are hard to believe thus, the rakyat will lose confidence. Many incidents or reports involved the role of the military and military intelligence. Here, I have to stress that these reports which are made by unknown parties are immoral. These irresponsible groups take pleasure in seeing the Malaysian society in ruins and encourage the culture of accusations among each other. This will lead to the detriment of the country’s economy and stop the progress of the nation. In the end, all Malaysian will be at the loosing side.


8. As the DMI I feel I have to stress that the military intelligence report which was mentioned in RPK’s statutory statement is not true. Since I took over my position as DMI, it has not come to my attention that this report existed. As for DSAI’s statement that he alleged foreign military intelligence sources informed him about his safety is also not true.

*Updated 800pm


The Star has a report on the media conference.


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  1. I fully agreed with you that””However, the Military was not the only agency which was supplied with the explosives. The Police too had some in their arsenal. So did the Fire and Rescue Services.””

    You tell us who is keeping the stock and monitor the issues ????

    The truth is that, some of these agencies do training over and over again, on their own time. When these explosives are taken out for training purposes, no one really keep account how much were actually used during the training. And the nature of C4 explosives would have damning effect, even a little bit.

    So bits here and there (which can be easily smuggled out from the training area in one’s pocket), taken from the original stock for training purposes, in separate time could be accumulated for something else.

  2. Memang banyak cerita panas sehinggakan yang paling panas pun nampak sejuk dan nyaman. Harga barang yang meningkat telah tidak diberikan perhatian sedangkan semakin ramai yang mengeluh, daripada rakyat biasa, peniaga kecil hingga kepada perniagaan besar yang telah mula mengalami kesannya. Media, sama ada arus perdana dan alternatif, memberikan liputan yang berterusan terhadap isu-isu yang dicipta dan ditimbulkan hampir setiap hari yang tujuannya tidak lain untuk mengalihkan perhatian daripada isu pokok yang sebenarnya. Mudahnya perhatian dibelokkan walaupun para pemblog sedar bahawa isu-isu itu hanyalah sebagai tempelan tarafnya. Dalam keadaan sekarang, pemblog seperti tuan bukan harus menjadi pelapor, tetapi penyelidik dan pemikir yang berjuang untuk memastikan isu kepimpinan lemah Dolah tidak terus dilupakan begitu sahaja oleh isu-isu goreng pisang. Teruslah mengingatkan khalayak supaya pembaca tidak alpa tentang ancaman sebenar melalui Dolah dan kaum kerabatnya terhadap negara yang kita cintai ini. Lebih baik bercerita bagaimana cawangan-cawangan Umno boleh memainkan peranan untuk menyelamatkan negara kerana sehingga sekarang perkara itu masih kabur. Jangan biarkan Dolah dan Khairy tersenyum kerana para pemblog yang merupakan ancaman kepada mereka selama ini pun turut terikut rentak tarian mereka dengan isu-isu goreng pisang yang mereka jajakan.

  3. Nothing surprising about other local agencies/ authorities in the country having sources C4.

    Now that DSAI has linked the Pxxx Balak SD with the RPK SD to blow up the Atlantunya case in Shah Alam and the Sodomy Part 2 has the absolute and undivided support of certain foreign powers, I am sure C4 explosives are also available with the secret services of several of the foreign ministries in Kuala Lumpur. With some bucks and net working, anybody can have these explosives from these foreign sources, who know they give you free and teach you how to use them in the name of greater freedom, liberty and human rights i.e demonstrasi & reformasi = chaos and mayhem.

    So why pin point the Ministry of Defense as the source of C4? Oh, I forgot – the target of character assassination is DPM, the Minister of Defense. PKR and Pakatan Rakyat’s modus operandi – deception, deceit and treachery in upholding shitty SDs. Shitty as they are means they are desperate and in trouble, they have no solid evidence against DPM, its all HEARSAY, good for coffee shop gossip.

  4. Hmm…I wonder if in the end we will get to put all jigsaw puzzle together.

    Meanwhile, Anwar is asking for Saifool’s allegation to be quashed. I don’t know what that means exactly. But, anyhow, with alibi, contrary evidence and all, Anwar should just meet the allegation head on. It shouldn’t be a problem at all to prove that he is being framed this time as will not let go his diaries this time around.

    In the end, I think this seemingly calm but chaotic situation will drag down many sides especially the rakyat.

    This will never happened if we have strong leadership to begin with.

    I couldn’t have said it better

  5. Even with strong leadership, there will still be people who will be working extra hard to take over the power in any way that they think is possible.
    They won’t attack the highest leader-the post that they have been eyeing for.Instead they will inject speculations and choas to the rakyat, twisting and making the rakyat believe what they want them to see. When the rakyat starts to doubt and divide themselves,then these clever beings will go full force with their dirty plans.
    how sick is that?

  6. Hi bro,thanks for your explanation.

    My pleasure. Thanks for raising this up, for the benefit of many.

  7. BD,

    I guess Datuk Rahmah (mak KJ) must be praying for Rafidah loosing the case.


  8. The Flip Flop disease is infecting the Opposition as well… duhhh

  9. Anybody can suggest me where to have a good sup bontot?

  10. […] SDs. Of course, nothing beats Raja Petra’s ultra controverisal expose, of which include the Military Intelligence Chief media statement on the issue. Then the announcement of the ‘Power Transition’ in UMNO Leadership. Its about the […]

  11. […] 4 July last year, Director General of Military Inteligence of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) Lt. Gen. Dato’ M… and vehemently denied Raja Petra’s claims as per SD. Never before in the history of ATM that […]

  12. […] attempt to create anarchy and weakening the country went as far as the  Director of Military Intelligence Lt. Gen. Dato’ Mohd. Salleh Hj Ismail had to call for a medi… to explain the actual situation from the lies Raja Petra […]

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