Tun Dr. Mahathir inspires young Malaysians

A private lunch was hosted for former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad this afternoon at Kelantan Delight restaurant, Sooka, in up market KL Sentral new West Kuala Lumpur central business district. It was in honour of his 83rd birthday, today. Some 30 odd friends were invited, which include young Malaysians from the Young Achievers Club.

It was more than sumptuous Kelantanese fine-dining lunch, rich in flavours. Everyone had tremendous time laughing and socializing, amongst old and new friends alike. Of course, a birthday lunch is not complete without the birthday boy not saying a word. Especially when common people actually await the things this Statesman has to say. His blog has an average of 70,000 hits daily, which pretty much translate the interests of the public on his thoughts. Moreover, here was amongst friends.

Some of the young Malaysian attendees spoke in his honour, after lunch.

Sarah Chen, who just completed her A Levels and soon be admitted into King’s College law school, had this to say “The thing about Tun (Dr. Mahathir), he stands out as an individual, who stays true to his beliefs, regardless any other factor. For the young people, believing in yourself and your own principles is very important”.

Darshana Sibananpham, who recently completed her studies said “I’ve known him since I was 12. It was for me, very important and that thought me how to dream. He is still an inspiration and consider myself very lucky to know him at such a young age”.

She further adds, “For me, personally, he has placed a lot of importance on unity and values, specifically for nation building. There is also an important message (here), for the young people today”.

Amanda Sabri, a second year King’s College law student on holiday from London, “The most important thing that he inspires especially young people. There is more have, than the eye can see”. Amanda, who is also the mistress of ceremony for the afternoon, claimed that Tun Dr. Mahathir managed to put Malaysia not only on the map of the world, but garner constant attention of the international community. Her own experience living in London is that now people ask her “So, what is the latest in Malaysia?”. That made a young Malaysian like her, very proud.

The Young Achievers Club presented Tun Dr. Mahathir with a candlelight stand, with personal messages attached to them. Without doubt, as these young Malaysians’ personal testimony, is a sweet gift for the Statesman. One can invariably see the smile he carved, being appreciated for something, he whole heartedly gave for over 22 years developing, the most important asset of the nation – the young people.

*Updated 6.00pm

Tun Dr. Mahathir had a special birthday gift this evening. He and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Ali were blessed by Allah s.w.t. with a 17th grand child, at 4.33pm. She is very lucky to have been born on the same date as Tok Det.

*Updated Friday 11 June 2008 1000am

The Star reported on Mukhriz’s fourth child this morning:

Friday July 11, 2008

Double joy for former premier

PETALING JAYA: It was double joy for former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who welcomed his newest granddaughter into the world as he turned 83 yesterday.

Datin Norzieta Zakaria, wife of Datuk Mukhriz Mohamad, gave birth to a baby girl at a specialist hospital here at 5.10pm yesterday.

“The mother and child are both healthy and there were no complications. The whole family is there to visit,” said Azrin Zizal, press secretary to Mukhriz.

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  1. Im proud to have a GREAT LEADER like you TUN.You are my true inspiration.

    Biar pun apa pengikut Anwar kata,apa pengikut Pak Lah dan Khairy serta anjing-anjing mereka menyalak, Karpal dan Lim Kit Siang Malam membebel, TUN adalah penyatu kami semua rakyat MALAYSIA dan yang memberi inspirasi dan peluang kepada kami generasi muda untuk berjaya.

    May Allah Bless you and Malaysia

  2. happy birthday to Tun M! may God bless u with good health and long life. Most young ppl of this generation growing up only knowing ONE Prime Minister..but the time has changed and the changes have taken time at a very different global climate then when he was ruling. Your contribution to this country cannot be denied, Tun. But it’s time you retire proper and let the present government runs, give them a fair chance, it’s only the beginning of second term and the media freedom, the increased scrutiny of all parties have made things complicated enough.

  3. so sad .. i’m not invited… hehehe.. not a young achiever anymore.. ald old.. and kicking dust by the roadside day by day..

    if i can achieve juz 10% of his 22 years of success, i will consider myself the luckiest old man in this world..

  4. Itu Sarah Chen cantek juga ada,
    Sama Piggy Singh tak mau kawan ka?
    Nama saya Singh tapi lembu tada jaga,
    juga bukan macam itu asshole lawyer Karpal.

  5. Piggy Singh, don’t get personal

  6. Hooray to Tun, a REAL leader.
    God Bless You

  7. Happy Birthday Tun,

    May god bless you and your family
    I am proud to be Malaysian and to have leader like you Tun.


    mungkin ada, namun belum jumpa seorang
    ahli politik di sini yang mampu articulate
    setanding Tun.
    perkara paling besar ialah Tun telah tercatat
    dalam sejarah seorang pemimpin negara (PM) yang
    sangat ‘jelas’ ke mana hala negara hendak dituju.

  9. Happy Birthday Tun,
    May Allah bless you always & terusakan perjuangan mu yang belum selesai, kebenaran akan datang jua.

  10. Selamat Hari Lahir Tun Mahathir,

    Tun sentiasa menjadi idola dan inspirasi seumur hidupku.

    -anak kedah-

  11. Wishing you a Happy & memorable Birthday Tun !

    May Allah continue to Protect & Bless you & you family always.

  12. Corr. version.

    Wishing you a Happy & memorable Birthday Tun !

    May Allah continue to Protect & Bless you & your family always.

  13. Selamat Menyambut Hari Lahir ke-83 untuk TUN

    Sebagai anak Malaysia, saya amat berbangga dengan Tun kerana telah memberi inspirasi kepada saya untuk berbangga dengan negara bernama MALAYSIA. Meskipun kita orang Malaysia rendah tetapi daripada segi kemampuannya adalah tinggi kecekapannya, hala tuju dan cara berfikir. Tetapi sekarang, saya rasa saya lah orang yang paling kerdil di dunia ini dalam keadaan MALAYSIA hari ini.

  14. TUN
    Selamat Menyambut Hari Lahir yang Ke 83,
    Semoga sentiasa dirahmati oleh Allah, diberikan umur yang panjang, dikurniakan dengan kesihatan yang baik, dihadiakan dengan pemikiran yang tajam dan dibekalkan dengan keazaman yang kuat.
    Saya ingin mengucapkan berjuta juta terimakasih kepada Tun yang telah berjuang berdekad dekat lamanya dan telah berjaya membimbing dan memimpin negara ini menjadi suara dunia.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  15. Dear Piggy Singh, thank you for the compliment, but yes, let’s not get too personal. This article is about Tun M, and the greatness he’s achieved- so once again, Happy Birthday Tun, I wish you all the success in the world(not that that hasn’t been probably attained already =p)!

    p.s:Thanks for the write up Big Dog, and Rocky too!
    btw, what I said was that the real thing that sets Tun M apart,what really inspires many is the fact that he stands by his beliefs, regardless.He shows the youth how believing in yourself is most important-for at the end of the day everyone can turn their back against you, but you must be firm in your own principles.


  16. How can it be that Tun ‘placed a lot of importance on unity and values, specifically for nation building’ when he supports racist policies? Are you people blind?

    NEP is a policy to alleviate the underdeveloped Malaysians, especially Bumiputra so that the country can move forward in stability, harmony and peace, the most important ingredient to success of multiplural and complex Malaysia.

    After NEP was formed and implemented, things are much better. Example, when the economic crisis of 1997-8 hit this region, places like Indonesia saw riots where the Chinese were very much affected. Chinese businesses and properties destroyed and lives threatened. None of the sort happened here. Why? The majority of Malaysians (Bumiputra) felt that they are not economically deprived and choked and blame it on other people, like Chinese.

    Affirmative action is something progressive and does good for the nation and the moment everyone felt better, unity can be achieved.

    BTW, we do not have racist policies like Indonesia and Thailand where the Chinese are made to change their names to local names and speak only the local language. National holidays are allocated for minorities like Chinese and Indians, sometime more than once a year (You have none of that sort in the more developed nations). Chinese in Malaysia are free to even have vernacular schools, where something countries managed by Chinese like Singapore does not allow to do.

  17. selamat hari lahir tun!

  18. Dear Tun,

    I grew up loving you. Yes, I grew up believing all that was said on TV and our newspapers about what a great leader you are. We Malaysians were taught to believe that Malaysia=Mahathir. It must have been in my teenage years that I learned words like ‘propoganda’, ‘dictatorship’ and ‘authoritarian rule.’ Now, I have grown up and when I think of you, I cringe and I get angry, then I feel a sense of hopelessness, and the irreperable state of our country and the sorry state of our people. I pray to God, that Malaysia and Malaysians will one day know a better world. Is it too much to dream that one day you’d wake up and decide to right all the wrongs you have caused? Make us proud of you all over again Tun, and become a hero. Be the first politician in history to stand up and own up. You could be a legend if you wanted to.

  19. Dear TUN,

    I admired and love you very much. Thanks to you people like me with no family wealth or connections can be well educated and live comfortably,we manage to upgrade ourself , you made me who I am today. May Allah Bless You, Always. A lot take for granted what they get here,free education, scholarships,good health services ,peaceful country etc. Please, please look no futher,see what happens to our neighbours,no farmer’s son is going to be a doctor there.If your born a pauper that your fate for many generations to come.Be thankful and grateful that we are born Malaysians. Thanks a million to you TUN.

  20. Assalamualaikum Tun,
    You are a true muslim in this modern world, I thank Allah SAW for giving our country such great leader like you. Alhamdulillah

  21. Sarah, since I’ve posted birthday wishes to Tun at previous posting, so I came out with different lines (and off topic as well) for my comment in this posting. Thousand apology.
    Judging from Tun’s apperance, he always looks cheerful and calm. Compared to that man who once claimed “the truth will prevail”, Tun is still smiling while that man is now blushing.

  22. My youngest son (10 yrs-old) score ‘A’ – an essay on Tun M.

  23. alangkah bertuahnya tun menyambut hari lahir ke 83 dengan badan yang sihat, mental & fizikal, masih aktif berfikir dan memberi pandangan yang bernas untuk tatapan kita semua.SELAMAT HARI LAHIR TUN!

  24. My congratulations to Datuk Mukhriz and the family on the arrival of their new born.

    To Tun, many happy returns of the day.

    May the new born and Tun be blessed with good health all the days of their lives.

    Ewoon, a Malaysian,

    On behalf of Dato’ Mukhriz, thanks for the kind thoughts.

  25. Happy Birthday to u TUN.U always be my inspiration.

  26. Bersyukur kepada Tuhan kerana kerana Menghadiahkan seorang Manusia Luarbiasa kepada Malaysia untuk mentadbir malaysia selama 22 tahun… selama 22 tahun, semua nikmat telah dinikmati oleh semua lapisan masyarakat Malaysia…. Saya berdoa kepada Tuhan agar ‘nikmat’ itu dipanjangkan umur, sihat tubuh badan, dimurahkan rezeki, diberikan kesihatan berpanjangan… namun, secara peribadi.. ‘nikmat’ itu menjadi idola seluruh keluarga saya sehingga adik beradik saya berebut-rebut menamakan anak mereka seperti nama ‘nikmat’ itu. itulah TUN MAHATHIR…
    Selamat Hari jadi ke 82 Tun…. hepi dan terharu bila nampak Tun dalam TV…

  27. […] ones like Sarah Chen and Amanda Sabri over a birthday lunch on what they think of the Old Man.Click here for his story and more […]

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