The ‘wayang’ is afoot!


Former Deputy Prime Minister and abuse of power convict Anwar Ibrahim first claimed that he was stripped naked when brought to HKL on 15 July 2007. He also claimed that his privacy was ‘molested’.

Malaysian Insider has the story:

Anwar: I was stripped naked and measured




By Wan Hamidi Hamid

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was stripped naked, had his private parts examined and some other body parts measured during a medical check-up at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital last night.

He also alleged that he was detained in a police lock-up “fit for a dangerous criminal” and used a towel brought by his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail as his mattress.

Despite this humiliation and hardship, Anwar was in a defiant mood today, adamant that the government had no case against him.

“I’m so confident that I will overcome this case if it is conducted professionally. I’m pleading to the Prime Minister to ensure this investigation is conducted professionally and that we can be done with it,” said Anwar, drawing applause and cheers from hundreds of his supporters who were standing behind an already large entourage of journalists at the press conference.

He insisted that the attempt by the Barisan Nasional to derail the Pakatan Rakyat’s march to power will fail and pledged to continue speaking at political rallies around the country.

“We should go on. The issue is not Anwar. The issue is the state of governance and the economic management of the country… Despite the government’s plan to derail me, Pakatan remains strong,” he added.

The large crowd at Anwar’s house where he held the press conference.

During the press conference, he touched on his detention, saying that he was questioned for almost five hours yesterday and 30 minutes this morning before he was released. He blasted the police for keeping him overnight.

“Still it was a blatant lie by the police when they refused to release me last night despite their assurance. Their argument was that I did not give my blood sample. Why is giving my blood sample a condition for police bail? It’s already in their possession. They’ve seen my private parts. What more do they want?”

He was especially upset with CID director Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin, saying that his behaviour reminded him of the former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor, who beat him up while in custody a decade ago.


Then yesterday, the HKL Director Dato’ Dr. Zaininah Mohd. Zain said it was nothing like that. Infact, she claimed that the examinations procedure was explained first to Anwar by some consultants and written permission was obtained for the examinations. has the story:

Saturday July 19, 2008 MYT 4:23:08 PM

Anwar not made to strip naked, says HKL director


KUALA LUMPUR: Hospital Kuala Lumpur director Datuk Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain said that PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was not made to strip naked.

In a statement here Saturday, she said that prior to the examination, two specialists explained in detail the examination procedures to Anwar in the presence of his lawyer.

“Only after having obtained his written consent did they proceed with the examination.

“He was then examined by the two specialists who adhered to proper clinical procedures during the whole course of the examination. At no time throughout the examination was his decency violated,” she said.

Police took Anwar, 61, to HKL on Wednesday night after he was detained earlier in the day for medical tests following a sodomy allegation.

After he was released the next day, Anwar said he was stripped naked and had his private parts examined and measured at the hospital. He also refused to give his blood sample for DNA test and have photographs taken. – Bernama



So, the ‘wayang’ has begun!

And now he is taking the ‘wayang’ on a typical old time ‘bangsawan’ roadshow.

Anwar hits the road again


Andrew Ong | Jul 19, 08 4:33pm

Barely 48 hours after being released from police custody, Anwar Ibrahim is back on the road again to continue his whirlwind tour throughout the country.

His first stop last night was around 9.30pm at Cheng, Malacca where he enthralled a Chinese-majority crowd of about 3,000 for nearly 40 minutes with his trademark flair and wit.

There was little new material to his repertoire but Anwar focused on casting doubts on investigation of the sodomy allegations and stoking public anger at the government’s decision to raise fuel prices.

“My appointment was at 2pm, but at 1pm, they ambushed me and arrested me as though I was Osama bin Laden,” said Anwar, prompting laughter throughout.

In his speech, Anwar repeatedly stressed on his ‘ordeal’ during the arrest such as sleeping on the concrete floor and how he was stripped and almost photographed naked during a medical examination.

“When I refused to be photographed, they said I was not cooperative. Well, when we take over and arrest Najib, let’s see if he is willing to be photographed,” he said.

‘Blood hungry’

Anwar also repeatedly cast aspersions on police investigations into the sodomy allegations and that the manipulation of the police report against him was highly plausible.

The former deputy premier said that during the police interrogation, he had given a minute-by-minute account of his whereabouts and relevant witnesses to the police.

He told the crowd that from his alibi, there would be no case against him but worried that should he give a blood sample for DNA testing, it would be tampered with.

“And that’s why they want my blood. The minister wants blood. The police wants blood… I’m not afraid to give blood. I’m only afraid that they play foul,” he added.

Anwar summed up that the sodomy allegations were undertaken to stall his return to parliament and Pakatan Rakyat’s road to Putrajaya.

“They know that should they not come up with these allegations, I would have contested in a by-election by now,” he said.

Defection claim

He said that he had chosen a suitable constituency for the by-election and it would be timed together with the defection of four Barisan Nasional MPs – two from Peninsula Malaysia and two from Sabah and Sarawak.

“I can’t name them yet. Once they announce their defection, I would announce my candidacy for a by-election,” he said.

Anwar is speculated to contest in Kulim Bandar Baharu seat currently held by PKR’s Zulkifli Noordin, should the latter be disqualified as an MP in a election petition filed by the losing candidate Abdul Aziz Shiek Fadzir.

Anwar’s second and last stop for the night was about 30km away in Kampung Kesang Tua, Jasin where he addressed a crowd of about 4,000 people on a small soggy field.

This time, Anwar used adopted a more polished Bahasa Melayu to address the Malay majority crowd, of which many came prepared with picnic mats.

As with his ceramah in Cheng, Anwar spoke at length to defend himself from sodomy allegations and soaring fuel prices.

He also repeated his claim that large sums of foreign funds, particularly from Saudi Arabia, are on hold because investors are waiting for Pakatan Rakyat to take over the federal government.

Anwar would be speaking at another ceramah in Kuantan tonight and in Batu Pahat tomorrow night.


The last time he had a ‘wayang’, it caused a lot of  opportunity cost to the nation.

He had the ‘wayang’ of people tried to inject him with HIV infected needles in prison (hence the order to do his blood test under Contagious Disease Act – that was how the DNA profiling was made in 1999) and later, how he was purportedly being systematically poisoned with arsenic whilst in Sg. Buloh prison. Justice Arifin Jaka ordered that he underwent strict medical examinations (‘trial within trial’ , as delay tactic) and HUKM Director Dato’ Dr. Khalid A. Kadir,  who is also the nation’s utmost eminent endocrinologist (specialist of internal medicine) and his team of nine top most expert failed to ascertain Anwar’s claim.

The thirteen million Ringgit question is, how far will the ‘wayang’ go before Malaysia turn towards another mob-driven anarchy attempts?

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  1. Typical Anwar goes road for Bangsawan road show to fool everyone, no doubt.
    But Biggy, this time around the will the tickets be sold out?

    That’s the thing about this ‘Bangsawan’. They are good in selling tickets even when the show is not good; the make the target audience believe that buying the tickets is the right thing to do!

    But when the audience finally run through the show, its really nothing at all…………..

  2. I had worked under Datuk Dr Zaininah, and i must say that she is one boss that is humble, strict in her work, very professional and fair. And i can say most doctors who worked in Penang hospital and KLGH will say the same thing. So when she produced the statement, i believed her. I also believe that the specialists involved are also very professional. So Mr Anwar is just a plain liar, he will say anything to suit himself. By attacking the medical community, is by implying that our doctors are substandard and unprofessional. So now, Mr Anwar and gang wants to bring down the doctors too? A liar ia always a liar!

    This is a good testimony. Thanks

  3. The question is why the authorities entertain Anwar’s calls which are nothing but to divert the focus of the rakyat on his alleged crime ! This stunt is nothing new when dealing with him. The investigators should not be perturbed or distracted by his move but maintain their professionalism. There seem to be too much of political interference especially top most leadership. Everybody should quit or refrain in giving press statement and let Anwar alone speak, thats expected of him!! The less talk the better for justice to prevail. Sometimes, interjections by politician may cost the investigation dearly. The leaders should not succumb to Anwars tactics drawing into media debate!! The government side should not bee seen as ‘menegak benang basah’ There is no law where the PM can order public servant to do this or omit to do anything. Anwar should seek court INJUNCTIONS to refrain both AG and IGP in handling the case which unfortunately come under their charges. So why must PM acted as if he is a court and fall into Anwar’s trap.

    BigDot, I have been following the case closely and I feel Anwar manged thus far to precondition the mindset of the rakyat into believing what he wanted them to believe!!! A case of the previous ‘wayang’ revisited!!
    So you tell DSN to influence the cabinet to SHUT-UP. Too many people are playing policemen and persecutors, who are irrelevant to the profession to deal with crime! The media should not dwell so much on it because it is just another crime being committed and addressed by the relevant authorities!!!!

  4. ehhh.. Anwar not afraid ka? Nanti kena tembak? Malaysia is not a safe place, kan?
    i think the show will go on and on and on just like that eveready battery comercial. Our leadership is to weak to address the problem.

    That is so true!

  5. Many of us know DSAI for what he is, a great liar yet a shrewd politician making maximum use of the media to have a trial by media i.e the American way as the best avenue to neutralise the sodomy investigation. But yet he is still able to attract big crowds to hear his speeches even from the more supposedly staunch Islamic (PAS) supporters.

    Perhaps DSAI is having his way at the moment because
    1 The MSM has for along while not been reporting news reflect the realities on the ground say the effects of the massive oil price hike on the sentiments of the Rakyat. For example, it’s not just an issue of understanding the difficult decisions by the Government, there is much, much more than that which the MSM are not carrying due to Kali & SIL prerogatives – never paint Flip Flop PM in any bad light. Thus the MSM has a big credibility gap.
    2 The credibility gap becomes worst when PM and SIL insist to remain in power. The Rakyat at almost every corner of the country, wants PM and SIL out pronto and yet UMNO members are asked to agree to the two-year transitional hand over to Najib. The Rakyat is just so tired sick and therefore DSAI easily draws the crowd.
    3 Reporting credible news to refute the half truths and lies perpetuated by DSAI and the opposition blogs could have more effective if not because of 1 and 2.

    Thus while continuing to put DSAI in a corner, the core source of the problem has to be resolved quickly – PM and SIL are not wanted by the Rakyat. If UMNO is to survive and continue having the trust and confidence of the Rakyat, the grassroots need to just kick out PM and SIL at the forthcoming PAU. Because of them basically, BN and UMNO at the moment cannot remain in power if an election is held to-day; that is the word going round everywhere.

  6. Khehehe……….

    Mahathir kata Anwar mencederakan diri sendiri!

    Rahim kata dia tidak mencederakan Anwar!



  7. Tun Mahathir tak kata Anwar tumbuk muka sendiri.Tun kata Anwar MUNGKIN tumbuk muka dia sendiri.Tak usah cerita banyak tak liwat bersumpahlah.Tak berani pasal betullah tu.Itu aje aku punya tafsiran mudah.Orang kita bolih tipu tapi kalau Allah tunggulah akibatnya.

    Kemungkinan Anwar mencederakan diri sendiri, untuk dijadikan modal meraih simpati dan memburukan Kerajaan dimata antarabangsa adalah besar. Maklumlah, Drama King!

  8. Cerita sondol bontot ni takkan habis walaupun siasatan dah selesai nanti tetapi Persidangan Cawangan Umno akan tamat dalam tempoh sebulan aja lagi. Antara Persidangan Cawangan dengan sondol bontot ni, nampaknya BG lebih utamakan yang kedua. Teruskanlah BG, dan lupakanlah perjuangan untuk menurunkan PM flip flop menjelang Disember ini. Mungkin BG pun dah keciwa dengan DS Najib maka BG beri tumpuan kepada DSAI ke’belakang’an ini. Sekurang-kurangnya kalau DSAI jadi PM, BG boleh berharap untuk jadi pembantunya pula nanti. Tahniah BG.

  9. Perjuangan belum selesai.

    Sementara sandiwara berterusan, ekonomi merana.

  10. Menarik jadi Malaysia kita ni dengan kehadiran badut sarkis Anwar. Banyak babak2 sedih yang pilu lagi menyayat hati kita dapat tonton. Episod demi episod dapat kita lihat yang semakin lama semakin menarik. Isu2 hangat dibangkitkan menjadikan drama ini sangat menarik untuk ditonton. Konon je sakit belakang lah apa lah, sekali bila lepas dari kandang, elok je sihat pergi melalak sana sini. Hebat sungguh daya pemulihan Anwar. Patut tanya dia macam mana dia buat supaya sembuh cepat.

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