Shahziman and Norza lost at Branch level

UMNO Branch meetings already started since mid July. Several Branches already held the meetings. However there are more to come as there are 22,000 Branches to hold their meetings before the UMNO Divisions started their meetings, in the run up to the leadership party elections during the Annual General Meeting 16-20 December 2008.

So far, there are already surprises. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah already got 30 nominations from Kota Belud UMNO Division Branches alone. Muar Division Branches also gave him some nominations as well.

The more interesting development is UMNO Supreme Council (MT UMNO) members failing to get a position in their own Branches. Multimedia and Communications Minister Dato’ Shahziman Abu Mansor and former Finance Minister II Political Secretary Dato’ Mohd. Norza Zakaria failed to be voted as Branch Head in their own turf, Tampin and Wangsa Maju respectively. Both also so far to get nominations for the post of Head at their respective Divisions. Norza is the UMNO Youth Head for Wilayah Persekutuan and 2004 party elections, his withdrawal made way for Khairy Jamaluddin to ascend as UMNO Youth Vice Head uncontested.

The writings on the wall, illustrating grassroots’ deep dissatisfaction against PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi leadership is very apparent, despite the announcement of ‘Power Transition Plan’ on 10 July 2008, which is supposed to materialise by June 2010. The ‘Meet The Leadership’ sessions, which first started in April organised by the party and then taken over by an agency under the Information Ministry, JASA ,maybe not have the desirable effect intended for. On top of these strong sentiments blasted by some grassroot members, the Management Committee of MT UMNO which had since April actively meeting Division level leaders at almost all UMNO State Liaisons organised meetings also got adverse feelings on party’s performance in the 8 March General and Elections and where the party is going.

This failure of very pro-PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and closely linked to Khairy Jamaluddin leaders within UMNO at their own turf is an indication that the party must reform its leadership and absorb the feelings and sentiments of the grassroot more. However, some pro-PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah leaders at UMNO State Liaison level like Selangor and Melaka is putting up a totally inaccurate sentiment of the UMNO grassroots in wanting PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah to stay on beyond this December party polls.

*Updated information

It seems that the Tampin Division has not finished its entire process of nomination. Shahziman is still running for the Division Head

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  1. Yes yes.

    Biar mereka takut. Biar mereka tahu kalau terus mengetepikan suara kami, mereka akan digugurkan.

  2. bagaimana boleh jadi begini?
    adakah ini kesan kata-kata Tengku A Rithaudeen –
    BPR akan masuk campur hal UMNO?

    mana mungkin, pak!

  3. Tunggu Disember.

    Jika tunggul tidak mahu berundur, banyak cawangan akan usul undi tidak percaya kepadanya.Kepimpinan baru perlu mengambil alih. Yang ada sekarang seperti tikus membaiki labu.

  4. Dear Big Dog Sir,
    Upon checking with our great leader, he says that these events should not be intepreted as a loss but allows new Ketua Bahagian to swear loyalty to the Great Leader. The Great Leader is quite confident of Norza and the Shaz-Man support and would prefer new people be given the chance to support him!

  5. Whatever happens, the raakyat is and should be with DSAI after reviewing the first case in 1998.

    Those involved in 1998, is now worried that DSAI will go on a rampage and after them. I foresee them fleeing the country like how Marcos and his cronies did when his government fell.

    Is AG sueing? Why not now and what is he waiting for, since IGP have started the ball rolling.

    DSAI will win Kulim hands down as a martyr if he his detained and jailed this time around. The option is in his hands and better still if the dog (EMN) with six shoe boxes stand against him.

    Knowing what our government stand for, the persistant fabrication of evidence such as doctering Police Reports and how the man in blue work, there is no relevance in which Medical Report is genuine. (RM50.00 will enable a sargent to help you write a very good report and even help you alter it so that you get round what you are reported against.)

    So my dear fellow malaysians, whatever race you are, the question is:-

    1. Do you want to be part of history?
    2. Do you want to play a part in toppling this Corrupt Government of ours?
    3. Do you want to join our Asean brothers who have already toppled their corrupt and useless government?
    4. Do you want to let our corrupt and useless government and politicians continue sodomising you?
    5. Do you know besides the petrol increases, there are other areas we are robbed of our hard earned money in the name of Privatisation.
    6. Do you or have you been deprived of a decent job in the name of M&A.
    7. Do you know many suffering Malaysians, have been robbed on their job and families broken as a result of Bolehland big grandoise plans and life style set backwards 30 years.
    8. Do you know if you are given the same privilege as the 1st Mamakk family, you can also be a billionaire and not resort to commit suicide when the financial crisis sets in in 1997.

    And many more questions that we can start asking and only you will know the answers.

    Lets show it via the ballot boxes starting with Kulim.

    Go for a change and hope for the better.

    The system needs a complete overhaul and the beauty of it is we decide who runs our lives and not the Politicians.

    Once again, my dear malaysian brothers, please be bold enough to go for a change and see to it that justice is done. Do not adopt a “tidak apa dah biasa and nothing we can do” attitude.

    The well being of your children and future generations is in your hands.

  6. Tahniah kepada cawangan-cawangan berkenaan yang bertindak berani menyingkirkan pemimpin yang tidak mempedulikan suara akar umbi. Nampaknya politik wang Norza (burung kecil) dan Shahziman tidak laku lagi. Norza di kawasan kota, Shahziman di desa, kedua-dua cawangan sudah bijak menafikan politik wang dan berpegang kepada prinsip perjuangan. Begitulah yang sepatutnya dicontohi oleh semua cawangan dan bahagian. Kalau dihulur, ambillah tanpa rasa terhutang budi. Duit yang mereka hulurkan itu pun kerana kedudukan mereka dalam Umno, ringkasnya duit Umno. Sebenarnya yang diterima itu adalah hak ahli-ahli Umno sendiri dan bukan dari karung atau poket mereka yang menghulur. Jangan rasa terhutang budi dengan duit yang diberi. Buktikan undi anda untuk yang benar-benar berbudi kepada agama, bangsa dan negara ini melalui parti.

  7. abdullah badawi and khairy jamaludin armada most likely to be sank….

  8. UMNO members must think well and decide well in the ongoing Divisional elections, because the future of the Party is at stake.The wrong choice of leaders will most likely spell doom for the party, and don’t think that is unlikely. Remember, including the “New” UMNO the party is already 62 years old, very old for a political party anywhere in the world. Even the Communist Party as we know it has crumbled to nothing like it was when USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries were in their heydays. And UMNO had never been that dominant by comparison.
    It’s not a difficult choice for UMNO members. It’s not like the Malay saying “throw up, it’ll kill mother, swallow,it’ll kill father”. Both parents are safe.
    The incumbent leadership is bad for UMNO AND Country.There are alternative candidates offering their services, and many are of known quality. So it’s not as if we are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    The bad leadership is the main cause of the 12 GE disaster for UMNO especially, and by association, BN in general. The whole strategy, the timing, the campaigning,the choice of candidates and the handling of issues, was bad, plain and simple.
    This is not revenge or witch-hunting time. This is correction time, big time. 4 years have been wasted, and still the Leadership is content to talk about old court cases which have no bearing on justice,and new motorcars which could be left to state leaders to sort out.So much for their priorities.
    Even a simple proposition of fuel pricing is messed up.Now instead of going to the ground to talk to ordinary UMNO members, the KL leaders are busy and with great fanfare “talking” to PAS leaders. PAS leaders are not going to help UMNO – they have never done so, and will never do so. So much for barking up the wrong tree.
    So UMNO people, speak up or forever hold your silence !

  9. BigDog,

    Please understand that branches can only propose for the division to nominate, the branches themselves cannot nominate, only the Divisions can nominate. You are confusing the man on the street by not understanding the difference yourself.

    Thank you.

  10. gamal abdel nasser ini keliru bila dikatakan norza (burung kecil) dan shahziman tewas di pemilihan cawangan, sebagai KETUA CAWANGAN masing-masing. sila baca dan fahami betul2 dan tidak cuba menulis dengan kesimpulan yang terkurang tali.

  11. kau org ni ,bnyak sangat komen, gaji dah dapat ke, ini nak bulan puasa. kita org pun gaji belum dapat lagi. mungkin kita dapat esok. penat lah nak komen, ok nak pegi sembahyang. jgn marah ya

  12. alhamdullilah dah dpt gaji la ni nak gi pasar lepas tu nak gi bayar duit rmh. ada balance sikit nak main forex sikit. dpt 20 pips pun jadilah.

  13. Aku gembira dengan berita Norza dan Shahzima terlumkup. Tak kiralah DS Najib kata pencalonan diperingkat cawangan tak boleh dikira kerana pencalonan adalah dari bahagian. Tapi kuasa cawangan boleh influence keputusan bahagian. Kalau orang seperti Norza dan Shahziman dah digulingkan siapa akan mengambil tempat mereka. Mistilah orang yang dipilih oleh cawangan. Mungkin akar umbi (cawangan) sudah membuat strategi bahwa ketua2 cawangan yang tak mahu ikut cakap mereka digugurkan. Syabas akar umbi. DS Najib terlalu yes sir dan play safe type. Calonkan TRH dan TSM untuk memimpin UMNO seterusnya negara. Pemimpin2 yang ada sekarang semua nak penohkan poket masing2 bukan nak berjasa kepada rakyat dan negara. Kadang2 naik meluat mendengar mereka berhujah dengan semangat memperjuangkan nasib rakayat. Tapi tengoklah masa kini rakyat memderita dan miskin kerana kenaikan harga barang keperluan melambong. Rakyat yang makan gaji wang mereka macamtu aje. Mana lah akal pemimpin2 yang kita beri kepercayaan. Dekat lutut kut. Teruskan perjuangan kamu wahai akar umbi. Sekurang2nya roh kamu akan sentiasa aman burkat doa2 cucu cicit kamu apabila mereka tahu nanti yang telah berjuang untuk mereka.

  14. its about time that we Umno members act in order to save this country. the grassroots must voice their concern laud enough to shake Sri Perdana itself.

  15. Berasiam, klau tak faham bahasa orang putih, tanya orang yang lagi tahu.

    Bigdog tulis: “So far, there are already surprises. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah already got 30 nominations from Kota Belud UMNO Division Branches alone. Muar Division Branches also gave him some nominations as well.”

    Bahasa Melayunya, ” Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah telah mendapat 30 pencalunan dari cawangan2 dalam UMNO Bahagian Kota Belud, cawangan2 dalam bahagian Muar juga mencalunkannya”.

    Yang saya cakaptu Cawangan2 tidak ada kuasa untuk mencalunkan sesiapa dalam MKT. Mereka hanya boleh mencadangkan supaya bahagian yang mencalunkan. Fahamtak bezanya berasiam. Apa pulak kena mengena dengan si Norza dan Shaziman?

    Kalau tak faham lagi, saya terjemah bahasa Peranchis pula. Hanya sebelum itu, sila baca dan faham perlembagaan dan peraturan mesyuarat UMNO.

    Terima kasih.

  16. ini nampak macam harga beras akan naik,
    siapa yang dapat bunga?
    siapa dapat nama bila Abdullah masih Perdana Menteri
    dan Nor Mat Y mofII?

  17. Jika mereka beri duit, walaupun ia sumbangan, tapi ia tetap rasuah. Rasuah akan merosakkan institusi UMNO. Jika mereka berikan duit, apa kata kita dermakan duit itu untuk pembinaan tandas awam, perhentian bas dan least, kita tak makan duit haram itu.

  18. Betul ka?

    Aku diberitahu bahawa Pekan Tampin (Shaziman’s branch) belum meet lagi.

  19. The latest in the warong kopis is that these two will be proposed seconded and voted in at the division level.

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