Bakaq: I apologize to the Police Force


“With utmost sincere, I apologize to the entire Police Force for that posting”.

That is what blogger Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar @ Bakaq the Penarik Beca uttered to me moments ago, when we spoke on the phone. He sent me an sms explaining it was not his intention to degrade the Police Force with the posting. So I decided to call him, even in the wee hours of the morning to ask how my friend has been. He took the opportunity to explain a great length of what had happened.

“The Police treated me very well. Therefore I am compelled to give full co-operation during the short detention for questioning”, stating that the Police officers interviewed him with utmost professionalism. “I admit I made a mistake and I did not even attempt to justify what I did”. He explained that he ‘cut and paste’ the defaced Police Force crest from a comment posting in Malaysia . Bakaq also admitted his unconditional commitment for the entire investigation process to follow through, including being called up for further interviews.

He also admitted that he is ashamed of his own kin and friends who are members of the Police Force, which might feel slighted for his action.

He was released yesterday evening. He was questioned in Bukit Aman but was held in lock-up at Sentul District Police HQ. The Police told him that they will forward the investigation papers to the Attorney General’s Chambers for further action.

We at BigDogDotCom would like to congratulate the Police for handling the suspect whilst in investigation with utmost professionalism. Thank you for treating our blogger brother well.

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