Bakaq: I apologize to the Police Force


“With utmost sincere, I apologize to the entire Police Force for that posting”.

That is what blogger Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar @ Bakaq the Penarik Beca uttered to me moments ago, when we spoke on the phone. He sent me an sms explaining it was not his intention to degrade the Police Force with the posting. So I decided to call him, even in the wee hours of the morning to ask how my friend has been. He took the opportunity to explain a great length of what had happened.

“The Police treated me very well. Therefore I am compelled to give full co-operation during the short detention for questioning”, stating that the Police officers interviewed him with utmost professionalism. “I admit I made a mistake and I did not even attempt to justify what I did”. He explained that he ‘cut and paste’ the defaced Police Force crest from a comment posting in Malaysia . Bakaq also admitted his unconditional commitment for the entire investigation process to follow through, including being called up for further interviews.

He also admitted that he is ashamed of his own kin and friends who are members of the Police Force, which might feel slighted for his action.

He was released yesterday evening. He was questioned in Bukit Aman but was held in lock-up at Sentul District Police HQ. The Police told him that they will forward the investigation papers to the Attorney General’s Chambers for further action.

We at BigDogDotCom would like to congratulate the Police for handling the suspect whilst in investigation with utmost professionalism. Thank you for treating our blogger brother well.

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  1. Salam.

    Saya tumpang gembira sdr Bakaq tidak dipengapakan dan duduk perkara semakin jelas.

    However bro, the next time you are in contact with him, saya pohon jasa baik bro tolong tanya dia, does he still believe in putting the Jalur Gemilang upside down//Kickdefella, People’s Parliament & Rocky Bru etc?

    For a change, how abt mintak dia pause sekejap and visit Roslan SMS dan Al Muslimin on the same subject. At least these 2 bloggers are also for Islam, the one and only.

    I have just read both; after which I proudly sang the Jalur Gemilang// lyric & You Tube on Ahmad Hadeed’s blog. Yes, it’s still early Saturday morning.

    My stand is cinta kasih kita kpd negara tak sepatutnya ada had dan hari, regardless of distress or no distress.I’m very pissed off with the unnatural campaign. It reflects badly on the country, its people, including bloggers whom, for years now, I’ve been relying more than the mainstream media for information.

    Wht’s urs bro?

    P/S I salute the small band of bloggers who have started to put the Jalur Gemilang the proper and respectful way and make their stand on the unnatural campaign initiated by Kickdefella.


    I don’t agree with disrespecting national symbols and colours, such as displaying the Jalur gemilang upside-down. Whilst we may not agree with some leaders in the administration, we as Malaysians should not degrade or demonstrate our dismay and anger against the institution; the Constitution, the establishment, agencies and also symbols and colours, such as the Jalur Gemilang, coat of arms, crest, emblem etc.

    Personally, I think some people have gone too far on this and over-dramatize the situation with childish antics.

  2. Bakaq loves to do a reverse psychology in his posting. Though we may have different party inclination, which I respect his democratic right, he is a fairly sincere in his writing. This is unlike one famous bloke, who keeps spinning conspiracy.

    I find it petty that he be detained for posting a desecrated police crest.

    But sensitivity is very much confined to the effected party. And the fact that soldiers defend their flag with their life in battlefield reflects the importance of defending symbol.

    Whatever sensitivity that is deemed as offensive, it should be justified by law. If the arm of the law is stretched onto Bakaq, it should be for a genuine and significant offence under the definition of sedition in the act. Otherwise, it would do no good for the police image.

    Thus far, it sounds like Bakaq has been taken care off well and treated not in the manner the police has oftenly been exxegerated to abuse. I am glad and trust the police in being professional and continue to work to improve their professionalism.

  3. To err is human and to forgive is devine!! I think Bakaq is being sincere in his confesion to you. Unlike some who prefer to exegerate his or her ordeal under police custody. Anyway most of the members of PDRM must have forgiven him, but it will not stop the law taking its own course !

  4. original from

    “kena letak di ruangan selepas put the script here dan sebelum ”

    just want to share with all bloggers who love our flag and Malaysia

  5. Sdr BGDC,

    Sekali lagi, dengan kes Penarik Beca ini, tidak dapat dinafikan lagi bahawa setiap orang yang berada di bumi Malaysia ini tertakluk sepenuhnya dibawah kuatkuasa undang-undang Malaysia.

    Tidak kira mereka itu pengendali entiti maya yang mempunyai server/hosting dihujung dunia sekali pun, selagi mereka beroperasi didalam negara ini, mereka tetap tertakluk kepada undang-undang Malaysia.

    Jika blogger merasa berhak mengkritik, maka pihak yang dikritik juga berhak menggunakan hak yang diperuntukkan oleh undang-undang untuk memberi tindakbalas terhadap keritikan itu.

    Ada ubi adalah batasnya, ada kritik adalah balasannya.

  6. Bro,

    My first time post in your blog though I have followed your postings for some time.

    I agree with Mentiga. The Internet is not a safe haven.

    In the meantime, I am waiting for your piece on the Bar Council forum. Quite a commotion.

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