Money Diverted Will Come Back To Gold With A Fury

Dow’s Suckers’ Rally Is Over – Money Diverted Will Come Back To Gold With A Fury

– By Matthias Chang

Future FastForward, Wednesday, 13 August 2008 08:06

Many have asked me why I have not written anything on Gold. I have written enough on the subject matter of gold and in my book, “The Shadow Money Lenders and the Global Financial Tsunami” I have given ample reasons and justification to hold on to gold.

Daily price gyrations of the metal, as a result of manipulations by central banks and speculators have not affected my strategy. This is because I look at the fundamental trends affecting the global economy – and the trend is down and out. Worst is yet to come for the global economy.

During the Dow’s Suckers’ Rally, there were even times when banks were in deep shit announcing massive write-offs, yet the Dow went up. Yet, from July 2007 till the first half of 2008, the Dow plunged each time the financial shits hit the ceiling fan.

How can anyone with any brains believe in the garbage that “when financial data are not as bad as expected (even though the data reflects massive write-offs) the Dow has reached the bottom and will recover”?

Those who believed in this stupid nonsense and went back to the stock market will soon be bleeding profusely. This is because the Bush & the Neo-cons war party got it so wrong with the Georgian armed aggression in South Ossetia. This event, coupled with more mess coming from UBS and JP Morgan, will push down the Dow from its recent rally.

This will result in mass hysteria and panic, and assholes will jump back to Gold, some barely able to survive the sharp downturn after the close of the Beijing Olympics.

Gold is now at bargain prices. This is a golden opportunity to come in again and wait for the inevitable upturn by the end of August.

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