Now Riong Kali try to spin against Najib?


Malaysian published in their main page that DPM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s so called “commitment” to the ‘Leader Transition Plan’, due June 2010.

However, UMNO members close to the UMNO Deputy President confirmed that his earlier call for UMNO to decide on the “change-of-leader” be decided by UMNO Divisions when they started their Annual General Meetings beginning of October still stands.

UMNO members as grassroot has already voiced their utter displeasure of the weak leadership through informal channels, sometime within the party. Even at “Meet The Leader” forums, organised by UMNO, be it by State Liaison (including in the presence of UMNO management committee) or Division levels, grassroot leaders, especially Branch level have started to openly criticize the weak leadership and the ‘Flip-Flop’ policies. They believed that this is the main course why UMNO and BN performed poorly in the 8 March 2008 concluded 12th General Elections  (12 GE) which saw the loss of control in 5 + 1 states.

This restlessness amongst UMNO grassroot is very apparent. Example is during the 12 GE, in the mainstay support of UMNO Johor where there are close to 500,000 UMNO registered members, saw over 100,000 spoilt vote casted. That is 1 in 3 of the national accumulated spoilt votes casted and UMNO members and supporters clearly illustrate their dismay in the Leadership by refusing to vote Oppositions but instead waste their usually treasured votes.

Malaysian Insider, a newsportal believed to be linked to Riong Kali and the Fox Media, is making another desperate attempt to spin stories very not reflective of the truth. Now that NST has lost its credibility, the alternative media seems to be Riong Kali’s new mode of spinning.

This, could not be anything else but an act of desperation.


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  1. Ni ramai yang gila nak jawatan lagi tinggi ni. Kalau Pak Lah turun, mereka mengharapkan orang yang baru nanti dapat membantu menaikkan mereka. Tambah lagi desakan orang2 yang gila nakjadi PM jugak.

  2. Badawi & ketua-ketua Umno ni pun satu hal jugak!
    Why are they so “bangang”?… It’s so obvious that Badawi is the prime reason for the people’s lack of faith in Umno.

    But yet he still hangs on, most likely encouraged and flattered by Kali continuously piling on delusions.

    So who is responsible? I’d say the other top Umno leaders who keep quiet, and waiting for “the other” to act first. Tak ada keberanian langsung! Patut la Umno dok semakin sakit.

    What are they waiting for?… for Anwar Ibrahim to seize power first, and only then they will act ka? By then, it’ll be far too late for Umno. Just look at Kelantan – How many years have it passed?

  3. You don’t expect the kalianam puliti to just roll over and die do you?

    the act of desperation is Palin
    the act of anwar is darker
    the act of obama is whitey nigger
    the act of abdullah is halfcookedhardboiled egg

  4. Kali never learns even when the stakes are so apparently down on PM; the political scenario and social fabric of this country is differently from Singapore, his image building on PM was doomed from day one.

    I noticed that his spin machinery via Malaysian Insider took a radical shift recently in trying to replace RPK’s blog Malaysia Today when it was struck off from the web with very slant postings to appease Pakatan Rakyat followers. Perhaps he was among the key figures behind the action against Malaysia Today.

    There is no denying that UMNO grassroots all over the country are aghast with UMNO and BN current poor political statures and are now ready to make the inevitable change at the top. I hear the same sentiments every time and every where I go for buka puasa and terawih functions – it’s so loud and clear. The Malays and Muslims being the dominant Silent Majority do not trust the politics brought out by Pakatan Rakyat especially the personality and leadership of DSAI and neither do they have any trust in the political leadership of PM. The dominant Silent Majority are consistent in believing and trust that UMNO and BN under a new and strong leadership would be able to return political, social and economic stability to this beloved country albeit the impending grave international economic uncertainties.

    Any further political spinning by Kali and gang including SIL and PM’s family to go against the will of the people are last minute desperations and are bound to fail. Like Zaid Ibrahim, its best that Kali and his media spinners throw in their towel and scoot into the wilderness; Amin.

  5. There can be miracles, when you believe …

    Keep dreaming, keep believing, dreams may just come true …

    More updates ..

  6. UMNO is structurally incapable of a change of incumbent leader. TDM in his time destroyed any semblance of an opportunity of a challenge from within. The opportunity was there for UMNO members to demand ‘one man one vote’ and that was quashed by TDM with gleeful support from the division heads and other syncophants.

    Failing any change in government, AAB will be re-elected President in December with NTR as Deputy. UMNO is a party of status quo. There is no value or incentive for its members to stick their neck out much less the branch or division heads, while the inner circle has all the incentives to remain in power. The so-called silent majority will remain just that – silent. This is, as the Undercover Economist would put it, The Logic of Life.

  7. najib must clean his name first from altantuya case before consider to become next malaysia pm..

    let create “fair royal commision” and begin the trial of rpk solidiration

    -get local news gadget-

    What for? Najib’s name is smeared in mud because of Anwar and RPK.

    What is there to clean up when there is nothing to clean up in the first place. Refer to Dato’ Syed Abdul Rahman Al Habshi’s confession in Permatang Pauh last month. That is enough to exonerate Najib’s name.

  8. bro biggy,

    Jst to say sumting bout KAMALI IBRAHIM’s statement “The so-called silent majority will remain just that – silent. This is, as the Undercover Economist would put it, The Logic of Life.” yuppies..heheh..u mite b rite bro KAMALI but i fear wat ppl overlook is d ‘hot blood’ dat runs in nearly all of dis silent majoriti Malays,..wat happened way back in 1969?? even d Indonesian Malay bloodhood woz on standby to come to Malaysia to protect deir brothers.. i dread to tink if PR thru d idiotic n immoral way of bro AnWar wud manage to govern for more den a week or 7 days if we like to see figures..916 my armpit,.. Kamali bro, hang bkn tak sedaq keadaan la ni camne, takkan hang tak nampak ketegangan kaum la ni?? hang kalo dari kampong hang mesti sedaq jugak apa bang Chaq n Pak Chaq2 hang dok sembang, tu tak trdengaq lagi Tok Ayah2 sembang di kedai kopi,.. jd kita jgn amik remeih benda ni no.. kalo hang rasa PLah maseh akan brkuasa saya rasa tak mungkin pasai even ada conspiracy theory mengatakan bro AnWar nak buat ‘Perjanjian Syaitan’ dgn PLah pun ia nya mungkin brjaya untuk tempoh 7 hari,..heheh..apo nak dikato..ada mata lihat, ada telinga dengaq,ada mulut diam, ada otak pikiaq,ada rambut terpacak, ada kaki tunggu apa lagi tak lari,..heheh..salam bros..bulan posa tak baik naik angin tak ketahuan sat lagi jd cam bro AnWar, gila meroyan.. wat else can I say..heheh..(,”)

    SAY NO TO NWO!! SAY BYE TO AnWaR & PLah!! SAY WELCOME TO FUTURE PM TGK RAZALEIGH aka Ku Li..insyaallah!!(mungkin compromise lain dh kot)

    p.s bro, ada ka patut PLah leh tanya kat Najib bila sebut.. ” Turun?? habieh tu saya nak buat apa?” wakakaka..
    Pi lari dok Perth bukak ‘Cafe’ Nasi Kandaq baru la,..:)

  9. Whatever was said the “crime of M….” should not be buried.

    Cepat lah!!down under is not nice place to stay.

  10. You don’t understand.

    Whether the Prime Minister is Badawi or Tengku Razaleigh, UMNO tu dah korup hingga ke akar umbinya.

    Takde guna lagi.

    UMNO tak boleh ubah dengan sendirinya. Sebab bila dah dapat makan banyak wang, takkan nak lepaskan?

    Satu saja kebarangkalian UMNO berubah — iaitu bila mereka duduk di bangku pembangkang. Baru mereka terpaksa berubah sekiranya ingin dipilih oleh rakyat lagi.

    Selain itu, sorry lah. Mintak maaf. Sudah terlambat bagi UMNO.

  11. hhhhmmm…..pening dibuatnya.

  12. Spin?

    WHen it comes to Najib today, I’m not quite sure Kali needs to spin it because Najib has adopted the classic flip flop attitude from his boss.

    One day he says one thing then the next he says another and his officers say it’s the press spinning. Heck! if you are the number two most powerful man in the country and you can’t do anything about the press lying about your statements, then you do not qualify to lead the country!!!!

    Pick a leader who said he was going for it from day one and hasn’t changed his stance ever since. Don’t pick a leader who says he doesn’t want to contest in the dining hall, then sneaks into the kitchen and tells you to nominate him.

    UMNO is known as the party of wimps today because of leaders like him and his cousin.






  15. […] Riong Kali controlled media is trumping up the spin that DPM Najib is ‘playing ball’ with PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ […]

  16. […] of demonising leaders like Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. As the result of these over-spinning and eventually lying, the Malaysian public lost faith on the once ‘media trend […]

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