Petrol price could be @ RM 2.00/litre?


An update of the earlier notion that the retail of petrol prices could actually go as low as RM 2.10/liter, within this year. The current market and cost of production price of petrol had actually come down very recently.

Yesterday, the Mean of Platts, Singapore (MOPS) is traded at USD 107.50/barrel for octane 97 petrol. That is roughly RM 2.30/litre for retail price at the pump stations. So if the PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is really serious about providing the rakyat affordable petrol; i.e. RM 0.30 below the MOPS U97 price, then the fair retail price for octane 97 petrol should be at RM 2.00/litre at the pump stations.

How so about it YAB Prime Minister, who is also YB Finance Minister? Spare us the rakyat the burden and let us enjoy retail petrol at RM 2.00/litre, please……

* Updated 245pm

Word has it PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah just resigned as Finance Minister I and DPM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak has assumed the Cabinet post. So Dato’ Seri Najib, how about it?

Your first act is to relieve the rakyat’s suffering.

*Updated 415pm reported this:


Abdullah, Najib Swap Portfolios, Committed To Power Transition Plan

By: Ramjit

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 17 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today swapped the finance and defence portfolios between them.

With this, Abdullah now handles the Defence Ministry while Najib takes care of the Finance Ministry.

Both leaders also stay committed to the transfer of power in 2010 as planned, which means that Abdullah will defend his Umno president post and Najib, the deputy president post, in the December party elections.

Najib taking over the finance portfolio was part of the power transition process between the two leaders by giving him (Najib) more roles, said Abdullah at a news conference at his office here Wednesday, with Najib also present.

Abdullah said the finance portolio was important, taking into consideration the current economic situation in the country and uncertain world economic climate.

He believed that Najib would shoulder his responsibility in his new portfolio well, especially in ensuring that the economy remained strong to face the challenges.


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  1. Bro

    Baru jap dier pindahkan jawatan Menteri Kewangan tu Kat Najib. Lari kot? Karang hujung bulan kene announce minyak.

  2. Pak Lah knows his grass-root support is wanning every minute,hence this unexpected move!! Many consider this as an act of corruption of highest order, in trying to appease DSN from challenging him for Umno top post. Nampak sangat nak terus berkuasa!! I don’t think the arrangement goes well with the rakyat, they think it as a form of political bribery!! DSN should be cautious about the whole thing, there may be pits everywhere because to many of his detractors, he is yet to clear his name in purchasing some of the military assets (submarine?) what more heading a financial ministry!!!! Anyway lets wait and see!

  3. Ya lah…kena tunggu dan lihat. Tapi yang paling marah sekarang sang isteri lah kot. Abis lah. Macam mana nak dapat kontrek Kem Pertahanan lagi sekarang?

  4. I guess PM is afraid the armed forces might play a role in an unexpected transition. SO he wants to head the Defence Ministry to ensure the Generals are behind him.


    yang kementrian baru ini kementerian KEWANGAN! lagi chantek dari kem pertahanan beb…boleh pergi shopping sakan pasal kontrak mana2 kementerian lain kalau tak de kelulusan kementerian ini tak load!!! Faham Tak? Merry Christmaslah kepada Isterinya!

  5. Giving Najib MOF portfolio is nothing, am sure he will still have to report back frequently for flip flop approvals.

    This proves that Mr. Flip Flop has no intention of leaving. He will be in control of the Army and will have the Polis to back him up.

    ISA will be used on anyone who disagrees. Well done UMNO. The world is watching and laughing.

  6. The petrol price must go down by any cost!!

  7. bro biggy,

    Plah holding d Ministry of Defence?? Is it to protect himself frm a possible coup d’etat by bro AnWar or by DSN himself in case he merge or have to relished his power wth/to Bro AnWar?? wat makes bro Zaid resigned in a huff??.. more conspiracy coming up/? more untold stories will b unfold,.. more aib will b shown to d funking world!!?? heheh..wat else can I say,..d country has gone wrong..(,”)


  8. Tun is still holding back openly endorsing TRH. Even so, TRH is his last choice after travelling around the world mentioning Najib, Muhyiddin, Rais and everyone else he can think of.


    TRH FOR 2008! TRH FOR 2008! TRH FOR 2008!!!!!

  9. Bro, I hope he read this and more importantly, understand the point you are trying to make.

    Good day my brother

  10. Rasanya buat macamana pun boleh reda la sat…saya nak basmi miskin tegar…saya nak perbaikan BPR…saya nak perelok kehakiman…dari dulu lagi Pak Lah cakap….sama ja…tak berubah …yang pasti Che DEt suruh berhenti Pak Lah tak paham paham lagik…heran…Jenerasi Muda ah hilang semangat dengan Pak Lah…Pak Lah bila resmi IT…Pc ker laptop ker haram pun tak pegang….agaknya Pak Lah tak reti berkaitan PC kot atau minda nya sama dengan orang orang kg saya yang sangat takut dengan PC….adakah relevan pendapat saya ini…wahai penulis penulis blog….

  11. An update of the earlier notion that the retail of petrol prices could actually go as low as RM 2.10/liter, within this year. The current market and cost of production price of petrol had actually come down very recently.

    That would be lovely if it were true, Biggum. In previous times – ie without the Arabs, India, China and Russian industrialisation – there would be a global recession.

    A new global economics model – in the west is recession and in the east stagflation while the stock market flourishes.

    so where down which street do we take the malaysian economy to get out of the turmoil?

  12. Mungkin dia bertukar jawatan seperti itu untuk memberikan tanggungjawab yang lebih berat kepada Najib dengan harapan Najib akan betul2 bersedia dengan peralihan kuasa nanti. Jika terbukti Najib betul2 mampu untuk menguruskan semuanya nanti, sudah pasti peralihan kuasa akan berlaku.

  13. Good move by UMNO, looks like they are planning to pass the baton to Najib. First move of swapping the power is to let the new Finance Minister, Najib, to deliver the good news such as petrol price going down around $2.10. This welcome news will lift up the people confidence and therefore gain more people support. Then Pak Lah will step down, another move which people are waiting for. Another move to save UMNO from deep abyss.

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