Mukhriz: Pemuda UMNO perlu berani berubah untuk kekal relevan

Exco Pemuda UMNO Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir hari ini menegaskan bahawa Pemuda UMNO perlu ‘berani berubah’, demi menentukan relevan, kesinambungan Perjuangan dan penerimaan serta sokongan rakyat, terutama generasi muda kepada parti nasionalis Melayu dan BN itu.

Beliau, yang juga MP Jerlun dan calon Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia, mengingatkan Pemuda UMNO bahawa keputusan Pilihanraya Umum ke XII (PRU 12) 8 Mac 2008 menunjukan jelas bahawa BN hilang sokongan dan undi dalam saluran 3, 4 dan 5, yang mewakili pengundi muda dan baru. Ini lebih jelas disahkan semasa Pilihanraya Kecil Parlimen Permatang Pauh Ogos lepas.

Mukhriz mengatakan demikian semasa diminta berucap dalam sebuah majlis Moreh disebuah hotel di Johor Bahru malam ini. Sejumlah pemimpin dan ahli Pemuda UMNO dari bahagian sekitar Johor Bahru datang dalam majlis ramah mesra dan tidak formal itu.

Menurut Mukhriz lagi, sekiranya UMNO, terutama Pemuda UMNO gagal dan tidak berani berubah, maka peluang untuk UMNO terus menduduki sebagai pemangkin proses memartabatkan dan menjaga kepentingan Bangsa Melayu akan makin tiris.

Beliau adalah dalam rangka lawatan kerja Pemuda UMNO di sekitar Selatan Johor selama dua hari. Antara rangka lawatan ialah perbincangan dengan MB Johor, buka puasa di Tebrau dan Moreh di Tanjong Piai.

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  1. sedih lihat khairy umum bertanding..khairy masih tak sedarkah…cukup2 lah tu…hadui…kita semua dalam umno “menangung” akibat kerana khairy lah yang membawa punca….alahai khairy..sudah2 la tu…

  2. Mukhriz kalau nak dekati golongan dari saluran 3, 4, dan 5 perlukah pergi ke hotel?
    Mukhriz tolong jangan pergi hotel lagi!

  3. harap2 mukhriz dpt pencalonan secukupnya. nampaknya mykmu telah melancarkan perang secara senyap terhadap mukhriz.mereka begitu taksub dgn khir toyo yg menjatuhkan bn di selangor. mereka sanggup potong kawan, tapi akhirnya akan menjadi mudah utk kj.

  4. Change what??? wait for “NOHari” to change or resign then rejoin.

  5. Tahniah Mukhriz…anda ikhlas dan berani menceritakan yang benar…ada setngah nya tak berani …seperti lawan lawan tuan…Mereka jelas mengampu dan tidak berani menyatakan yang benar…salam untuk semua

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    We value you opinion. However, we have little tolerance of such behaviour.

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  7. This vicious, coward and corrupted Umno government is so afraid of ordinary people, especially the working class, expressing their discontent through peaceful protests – a democratic right.

    The main ruling party, Umno elites, capitalist leaders who falsely profess themselves to be devoted Muslims have indeed hijacked the religion.

    Almost my whole life, I defended such ideological racial-religious supremacies out of a false sense of patriotism and loyalty. This is why we need to learn, educate ourselves and think critically throughout our lives in order to be a true human being.

    Furthermore, to fight against the real enemy – the greedy and corrupted criminals from the ruling elites and capitalist classes, be it from Umno, MIC, MCA and so on – although the Umno leaders are the most and main deceitful culprits.

    Opposition parties globally also need to be heading towards this, especially against the extremely vicious and corrupted Third World ruling elites, governments and capitalist classes.

  8. When the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hamid Albar announced yesterday that the Cabinet has approved the proposed Race Relations Act to strengthen ties among the different races in the country, I immediately thought of two matters.

    The first is the “penumpang” controversy set off by the Bukit Bendera Umno division chairman, Datuk Ahmad Ismail as part of Umno’s most racist and inflammatory campaign in the Permatang Pauh by-election, which was decisively rejected by the voters from all racial groups uniting as a pioneering Bangsa Malaysia to give a thumping victory to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to return to Parliament in triumph after an enforced absence of a decade.

    The real fall-out from the “penumpang” controversy was after the Permatang Pauh by-election, where for two weeks, Ahmad was allowed to assume “hero” status among extremists and communalists for his provocative, inflammatory, insensitive and racist reference because of the abdication and bankruptcy of the moral and political authority of the Cabinet and the Barisan Nasional leadership in failing to take immediate action to strike down such divisive and destructive outbursts.

    Ahmad’s grandparents migrated to this country from India. Why should a Malaysian who is a second-generation locally born in the country be so irresponsible, provocative and racist as to question the loyalty of a Malaysian Chinese like seventh locally-born generation Tan Siok Choo, daughter to Tun Tan Siew Sin and grand-daughter to Tun Tan Cheng Lock – whose ancestors came to Malacca 237 years ago in 1771?

    Even up to now, Ahmad is totally unrepentant and immune from any police prosecution for his incendiary utterance – while the Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng who had professionally reported Ahmad’s speech was detained under the draconian Internal Security Act but saved from the full iniquity of the ISA because of instantaneous nation-wide and international outrage.

    What is the use of a Race Relations Act in Malaysia if the Ahmad Ismails enjoy immunity from the law being able to get away scot-free for their inflammatory, offensive, insensitive and racist utterances without fear of having to face criminal reprisals from the police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers for their seditious utterances?

    The second matter that comes immediately to mind is about political developments the other side of the globe – Barack Obama’s presidential candidature in the United States.

    Only 220 years ago, the Negroes were slaves in America, totally deprived of all political, economic, social and human rights. Today, an American black is one of the two contenders for the American Presidency in November – marking a historic breakthrough in race relations in the United States.

    What has Malaysia to show in race relations in similar field after 51 years of nation-building?

    When we achieved Independence in 1957, the Merdeka social contract and the Malaysian Constitution is unambiguous in providing equal citizenship status for all Malaysians, as in stipulating that any Malaysian, regardless of race, religion or class, can aspire to the highest political office in the land to become the Prime Minister.

    The only condition for anyone to be Prime Minister is that he commands the confidence of the majority of the Members of Parliament.

    During the first premiership of Tunku Abdul Rahman from 1957 to 1969, nobody would raise an eyebrow at the assertion that any Malaysian, whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban and regardless of whether Muslim, Chrisitian, Buddhist, Hindu or Taoist, can become Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    Half a century later, under the fifth Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, anyone who makes the assertion in public place that any Malaysian, regardless of whether Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban, and regardless of religion, whether Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Taoist, would be looked askance and even deemed to have made a most
    “insensitive” statement.

    There would even be groups in the country who would feel justified to be “provoked” by such a straightforward statement to launch vociferous protests up and down the country.

    Why is this so, despite the Vision 2020 objective of creating a Bangsa Malaysia out of the diverse races in the country, which was proclaimed 17 years ago in 1991?

    Will the proposed Race Relations Act resolve these knotty problems of Malaysian nation-building, or is its purpose to further institutionalize racial segregation and discrimination which have surreptitiously crept into various aspects of Malaysian life and taken deep and subversive root?

    Will the proposed Race Relations Act open the way to enable and empower a major breakthrough like the Barack Obama phenomenon to take place in Malaysia or the reverse?

  9. Umno leaders are hypocrites. On one hand, the ministry of education continues to restrict students’ participation in politics through the University and University Colleges Act 1971 and on the other, education itself is used as a political issue and pawn by leaders from both sides of the government.

    The recent protest by UiTM students in Permatang Pauh to oppose the opening up of its university’s enrolment to non-Malays is proof of our government’s bias when the situation benefits their own political mileage.

    To make matters worse, the prime minister vetoed the suggestion almost immediately without so much as giving it a thought.

    Adding to the hypocrisy, the education ministry approved an allocation of RM1 million to the few Chinese vernacular schools in Permatang Pauh a few days later in an obvious attempt to win the hearts of the Chinese community for the coming by-election.

    If this is not considered mixing politics and education, then I suppose the world must be flat.

    It’s amazing how the government spends taxpayers money to achieve their own goals as if it belongs to them entirely. The majority of schools in Malaysia are in serious need of funds and not only those in Permatang Pauh.

    If every school needs to wait for a by-election before getting due assistance, then this is definitely political blackmail at its worst.

    In the case of UiTM, this tactic is also being used to retard the progress and development of a single community. This time, the blackmail works in a different way – by restricting the enrollment to a single community, the government effectively limits students from being exposed to real competition and challenges posed by the multiethnic make up of Malaysian society.

    How do we expect these students to excel in their studies and be competitive in the real world if they have never been exposed to any real obstacles at all? Isn’t it true that the government has wasted millions, if not billions of ringgit to produce graduates who are only fit to work as clerks and coffee-boys?

    The only logical reason I could think of for this illogical education policy is that it has been implemented to produce unthinking and subservient young Malaysians who will forever be indebted to the ruling government.

    After years of political intervention, our education system has grown into a jungle of malfunctioning institutions deprived of a unified vision.

    I have always wondered why there is a need for so many different types of schooling system in a country of only 27 million people. Is it part of the ruling party’s aim to segregate our future generations so that they will remain polarised and therefore easier to control through communal politicking?

    It is no secret that the quality of our education system has regressed to such an embarrassing level as compared to our neighbours. Even our ministers and government leaders realise this decline and send their children overseas to be educated.

    But not many families can afford an overseas education for their children. The large majority of Malaysians have no choice but to accept the mediocre standard of teaching from the various public institutions, which I would label as ‘half-way houses’ for students with retarded goals.

    In order to rectify the situation, we should start by voting in qualified leaders who are educated in various fields and not merely half-past six goons who depend on their charisma and racial rhetoric to put them in power.

    Secondly, our civil service should employ people based on meritocracy to ensure their capability in delivering quality service to the public.

    Teachers and educators should be properly trained to provide the best education for all our students. They should be fluent in languages, professional and most of all, able to instill a sense of excellence and creativity in our children.

    The progress of the country depends on our future generation but just look at the abhorrent ways our educators and politicians treat our children. Not only do we produce teachers who are uninspiring and insensitive, but also a few who have no qualms about dishing out ethno-phobic remarks in class.

    We need leaders in the education field who are brave enough to develop policies and education syllabuses which will enable our students to take over the helm of leadership in the future.

    Malaysia cannot afford to have selfish sifoos or teachers who only teach half the knowledge to our children in the hope that they do not overpower the teachers themselves.

    We must come to our senses now and admit that there are faults at every level of our education system – national schools, vernacular schools, smart schools, universities, colleges and religious schools.

    It is not surprising that national type schools have been very much neglected and more parents are sending their children to vernacular schools. Even the Malay and Indian community enroll their children in Chinese medium schools as these are perceived to be more academically orientated and the students more disciplined.

    However, Chinese schools tend to emphasise a lot on academic achievement and rote learning, so much so that the faculties of creative and critical thinking are not well developed.

    The various religious schools in the country might be able to produce students who are well versed in theology but not able to cope with the material side of life. Some of these schools could also be breeding grounds for political extremists cloaking themselves in religious robes to recruit their followers.

    And of course we have the various government sponsored mono-ethnic institutions such as UiTM which continue to produce students who have not been exposed to the multicultural realities of our country and the world.

    If we are to assess the situation objectively without looking through our own veil of different political ideologies, race and religion, it is obvious that the national type school education is still the best for the creation of a united, civilised and educated nation.

    The first thing the policy makers should do is to stop the rot and retardation in these schools. This will require the whole hearted effort by our leaders and their willingness to abandon policies based on racial lines.

    We need to inject new blood into the education system and create education policies which are based on meritocracy. Teachers should be well trained in their various fields and specialties.

    Promotions should be based on merit and achievements and not merely on seniority and preference alone. The standard of education syllabus in our national schools should be raised to international standards in order to produce students who are competitive world wide.

    If we can revive our national schools, students will start to gravitate back to these schools and at the end of the day, fulfill the goal of national unity and progress. If we can provide an atmosphere of fairness in these institutions, then we can get rid of politicians who shout their lungs out upon hearing any sensitive suggestion about education policies.

    At the moment, the only way to resuscitate our education system is to replace warlord politicians and archaic educators with visionary leaders.

    Fifty years of political ping-pong have damaged and retarded a few generations of potentially smart Malaysians. Let this be the final year of our regression!

    Let us hope that a new beginning will dawn upon us soon.

  10. Ruyom
    That’s not BN/UMNO doings. It is solely the work of Pak Lah. Blame it to the leader. you replace pak lah and the ripple effects will starts. Beginning with SIL and SCOMI….

  11. PR – calunkan ruyom sebagai perdana menteri malaysia daripada anwar ceruk tok kun!

  12. Mukhriz Cries Foul Over restrictions

    JOHOR BAHARU, Sept 21 (Bernama) — Jerlun Member of Parliament Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, who has announced his intention to contest the post of Umno Youth chief, Sunday called for an immediate stop to attempts to restrict party members from meeting with leaders or candidates, saying they were contrary to the democratic practice in Umno.

    He claimed that some Umno Youth members had been prevented from meeting with him while others had been disallowed at functions he attended.

    “I see unhealthy elements (in the campaign for the contest for Umno Youth chief) in the form of restrictions. When I am invited to meet with friends in the divisions, certain (Umno Youth members) people are disallowed there…

    (what kind of friends are those, Mukhriz?)

  13. Tindak tanduk Abdullah akan menentukan masa depan Khairy dan Mukhriz. Jika tekanan berterusan dan ada petanda jelas seperti yang disebut oleh Rafidah bahawa Abdullah beruntung jika dapat melepasi 58 pencalonan, ramai yakin Abdullah akan berundur sebelum Disember, malah seawal Oktober.

    Masa depan Khairy akan gelap jika Abdullah berundur seawal itu. Gagah Khairy adalah superficial. Dulu Mukhriz, terpaksa ketepi. Dulu Tengku Abdullah turut ketepi untuk takhta kedua dalam FAM.

    Sekarang belum tentu.

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  17. hidup hanya sekali,kalau itu pun takut nak berubah lagi baik jgn jadi manusia.if changes is what u need do it,practice it,implement it.Dato mukhriz,u are our last hope utk bersihkan apa yang kotor done by si polan tu….hidup MUKHRIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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