What agenda is Kickdefella up to this round?

Another blogger joined the baseless accusation train. Bad enough that Raja Petra Kamaruddin, then Malaysia Today editor (now ISA detainee in Kamunting Camp), rabidly lambasted unbelievable stories about DPM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and later wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor being directly involved in the murder and cover up of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaaribuu. Now we have blogger Kickdefella, with another propesterous story on how private investigator Balasubramaniam was paid a hefty sum of money.

Has the famous poster-maker turned political blogger any shred of evidence on these serious accusations? This is nowhere near being  in the band of “skepticism”.

The timing is also a factor. At the finest moment where DPM Najib is said to be nominated as the most popular and likely candidate (within the purview of UMNO members and delegates) for UMNO Presidency, stories like this is being published and meant to attract adverse reactions.

The title is also damning, especially on the day most sacred and important for majority Muslim Malays. UMNO Divisions are supposed to start the annual general meetings beginning 9 October 2008 and nominations for the Presidency will be closely watched, not amongst UMNO members, but the whole world at large.

UMNO President PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is at the verge of getting kicked out from UMNO. Even there are skepticism about him wanting  still to be nominated, despite the strong views MT UMNO thrown against him three weeks ago, it is still pertinent that the pressure to show PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah & Co. out through the door. Of course, it is not without within the UMNO vine, to nominate the most likely candidate which is the Deputy President DPM Najib.

These stories bloggers like Raja Petra and Susan Loone astrociously threw against DPM Najib are connivingly on the same tone that Anwar Ibrahim started, made commonly known during the Ijok by-elections April 2007. Conveniently, these people work closely together within the ambit of PKR. Their strategy had been consistently to assasinate DPM Najib’s credibility and integrity in the eyes of the public and somewhat successful, if measured from the bloggospheres’ users perception.

Theory has it that UMNO Supremo PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah is on a self destructing time bomb and ready to explode and to constantly and intensively hit against DPM Najib is the way to drive the last nail into UMNO’s coffin. Many within UMNO put hopes that DPM Najib is able to salvage what is left of UMNO from the general public’s perception and it is imperative Anwaristas destroy this last trump card. Cyber-anarchy is their game and progressively showing positive results.

What does Sheih Kickdefella expect from this posting? Get arrested another round, for more ‘investigations’? He was picked up recently for posting the Malaysian flag upside down, which is deemed seditious.

Bloggers should be responsible with their scoops. We hope he really have incriminating evidence on this new accusations thrown to make the situation much more complex than it already has, especially from the eyes of bloggosphere users. Otherwise, posting like this will just cause confussion and demean the real role of bloggers: as provider of alternative media.

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  1. how big will you get when Mukhriz become next PM. I am sure biggest than your ass.

  2. pak syeikh ni bodo betui… kalau ada bukti tu tujuk la kat mahkamah… kata islam… ni dah kira fitnah… bodo tul la… tak payah la aku ckap apa hukumya… kunun pembela bangsa la tu…. bodo tul… kau ni cam RPK gak… cakap macam tuhan… tulis atas apa yg orang cakap je… bila mintak bukti…terkucil..bagi je bukti kau tu kat mahkamah kalau ada la… bodo tahap cipan la hang ni

  3. Dear Big Bro,

    Cannot agree more with you Sir. Politic blogger must be ethical and responsible with their scoops. I once admire with his writing. But now he has more a less a total garbage like his mentor, the Kemunting detainee RPK. I don’t know what has happen to him actually. Maybe some scumbags has already deposit into his account hundred thousand of dollars.

    Keep up writing Bro and please don’t sell your sold soul due to few thousand of Ringgit. Selamat Hari Raya Bro.

  4. Kickdefella is tempting fate, just like his friend RPK. Maybe he misses RPK so much that the Malaysian Government should oblige and let him join RPK in Kamunting.

  5. Selamat Hari Raya, Big Dog.

    “Otherwise, posting like this will just cause confussion and demean the real role of bloggers: as provider of alternative media.”

    Erm, do you mean so-po bloggers, etc.
    I think surveys show, or just check the AMBP directory, that most bloggers blog for fun/social reasons/etc


    Thanks. Selamat Hari Raya to you too.

    I think you know what we meant

  6. The best person to ask will be RPK.
    But he is in Kamunting.
    Meanwhile, do ask this question among yourselves.” Where is Bala and his entire family?”
    How long can 2 adults and 2 school going kids can go on a “holiday”?

  7. When you are pushed to a corner and someone offers you lots of green stuff (which you desperately need at this critical time), you kinda compromise and start to deal.

    Money for “service” as stipulated by the sponsor.

    Many Malaysians have fallen into the GREEN trap. I believe the PM-in-waiting was first.

  8. macam biasa la bigdog. inilah kerja mereka. fitnah, cakap tanpa bukti dan tidak berasas. ini lah kerja mereka biasanya..

  9. When the seagulls… follow the trawler… it’s because they think… sardines will be thrown into the sea”.

  10. Yeah, the sooner they can find Bala the better…. where is he anyway? And his family…. can this case be considered kidnapping? Is he outside on his own volition? Disappearing like that suggests otherwise. Monitored calls to family members too is suspicious. Funnily enough, this Bala seems to be off the radar of the autorities……

    If he is outside the country, what is he doing? Does he have the means to migrate? I don’t think so….

    Like I said, the faster Bala is found, the better. Meanwhile, Sheikh has a lot to answer for, and I hope the questions are asked of him. No one is above the law say the authorities but it seems to ring hollow.

    The way the Altantuya murder case has progressed leaves a lot to be desired. Bala has to be brought to court, to address his SD earlier. If the autorities fail to do this, the trial will forever be considered flawed.

  11. Some writers write for fun and free, some write for a penny.

    I will not guess who pay RPK and Kickdefella. I will drive miles for a good 18 holes, but i will not write for assholes, not in a million holes. Anyway, I am not a writer!

  12. “DPM Najib is said to be nominated as the most popular and likely candidate (within the purview of UMNO members and delegates) for UMNO Presidency”

    Most popular amongst whom? A band of thieves, ma I presume?

    Afterall if you were to look up his C.V. You will have him tied up with things like:

    -Caught with his pants down in Teluk Kemang
    -Threatening to spill the blood of the Chinese with his keris.
    -Alleged links to a murder victim – Altantuya.
    -Close buddies with accused murderer, Razak Baginda.
    -Accused of being involved with murder of Altantuya.
    -Wife accused of murder of Altantuya as well.
    -Question mark over the disappearance of PI Balasubramaniam and family after the PI’s Statutory Declaration directly linked Najib to Altantuya.
    -Question mark over a number of Defence contracts benefiting companies operated by or controlled by wify.
    -Question mark over RM500million commissions paid to Razak Baginda’s company.

    This is not all of course. And most of them are nothing but allegations.

    In civilised society, if they were honourable men or women carying such baggage, they would have long resigned.

    If not, the people who can will dump him.

    Here, you, Bigdog, suggest that he is the most popular, presumablyin UMNO.

    Now, what does that say of UMNO members? Not so good is it?

  13. let the truth prevail; never condemn Sheih and RPK if Big Dog himself is no ‘angel’.

  14. [Sending with WordPress ID didn’t work. Forced to use another identity. If there’s a duplicate, MAAF]

    Salam, Boss.

    There’s this new site by an anonymous blogger – “a Ronin – a Samurai without a master”- called: Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics at http://cendana287.blogspot.com (It’s temporarily called `something else’ right now – Badawi’s Bru: Addicted to Putrajaya)

    It’s an attempt to see this very serious matter of politics in a lighter vein; with satire, spoof and lampoon of things Malaysian

    And there is this latest post which quotes your post here – plus puts you up as “one of the powerful dukes of the Kingdom of Blog Malaysia”

    It’s here at:

  15. With RPK, Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders were obviusly happy with the atrociuos lies about TPM Najib published in MT, if they were not paying him for them.
    But RPK had his religous side.(Read ‘sesat’).Noticed how no PAS leaders nor PKR’s Muslim leaders ever commented about the debates and articles on Islam in MT.
    When RPK was arrested with ISA, many thought it was appropriate because of the distortions on Islam created in MT.
    So now having Sheih who is on PAS payroll and surely more ‘well guided’, he is the best person to carry on the baton from RPK in lambasting Datuk Najib to sabotage his premiership.
    But this time around we can be sure that Sheih will stay clear of religous issues while he continues to taunt the government with more and more accusations, allegations, inneuendos etc etc.
    This is next course for DSAI and Pakatan Rakyat’s psy war as they try to damper the public’s memory of the Sept 23 takeover hoax.

  16. Big Dog, jangan la tibai Sheih kaw kaw, nanti dia merajuk and threaten to stop blogging for good. Oh, he did that already. Or, he might even resign from the AllBlogs’ protem committee. Nahh… this I’m certain he wont do.

  17. I Am No King, I Am Just The Last Pawn.

    In a game of Chess when all the pieces have fallen, a lone surviving pawn can turn into a powerful queen if it reaches the end of the board. In a game of politics, if you are not the king, make sure you are that surviving pawn.

    Did Malaysian future First-Lady bought 14 wristwatches worth RM 7 million in a shopping spree in Hong Kong?

    Well, no wonder whom ever who broke into my house do not even bother to take my wristwatch because mine is the “branset” or better known as “Cap Ayam” type compared to the diamond studded Rolex which cost RM500,000 each.

    Did Rolex actually cost that much? I don’t know. But I know that I once fall in love with a Tag Heuer that cost around RM2,500. I save my money for it but, when I had enough, I changed my mind and I rather to continue to love the watch that I shall never buy then buy the watch and never to use it because I feel guilty of spending so much money on it.

    I was told by my source that the lady bought those watch as a gifts to few peoples in certain Ministries.

    People asked me why I did not reveal my source, I told them, in western countries, reporters rather go to prison then exposing their source. I shall do the same.

    People told me what I have written is all lies until I furnish the evidence to support it. I asked those people, what about when the Government sent people to Kamunting under ISA, did the government release the evidence to the public or at least present it in the Parliament.

    I still remember during the ‘Operasi Lalang’ the ‘kertas putih’ was released in Parliament to support Government decision under Tun Dr. Mahathir’s administration to detain these people under the ISA.

    Did we see any ‘kertas putih’ on the Hindraf, Raja Petra Kamaruddin and those Jemaah Islamiyah detainees?

    When the Government claimed that Hindraf’s leaderships have some connection with the Tamil Tigers, let us ask where is the evidence? When the government accused Raja Petra Kamaruddin as inciting unrest by insulting Islam, let us ask, where is the evidence?

    I am just asking for a level playing field from those UMNO’s ‘toilet paper’ boys. If you do not have balls to taste your own medicine, then just move aside please.

    By the way, I heard Najib has sodomised Abdullah pretty hard that Abdullah cannot even sit on the premier seat without tears flowing like a stream. My father always reminded me, not to kick a man when he is down. For that, perhaps time has come for me to make peace with Pak Lah.

    It is not nice for us to let Abdullah goes into the history book and being remembered in disgrace as “Bapa Kemaluan”. Pak Lah should fight to defend his premiership and go down in dignity.

    Because the moment your cease from becoming the president, those UMNO ‘toilet paper’ boys will be to occupy to wipe your successor’s ass. It will be left to us, the people who you take for granted to take care of you. I hope if you actually learned something from your premiership, it is the fate of your predecessor is the lesson.

    So, I make a sumpah to myself, if tomorrow or come Wednesday, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi decided to stand fighting for another term as the President of UMNO, I shall stop kicking him.

    When you hurt the people of your own kind, I am the first to crucify you, but when you are hurt and fighting for your dignity as a man, I shall be the first to support you!

    You have my word Dollah. And this is Kickdefella not the UMNO ‘toilet paper’ boys making the sumpah. Trust me Dollah. Please trust me… so Please trust me. If you don’t trust me then just declare that you going to stand for the election so you can see how truthful am I. He he he…

  18. A point that we shall agree is writing with responsibility. Blog is a place to express our view. And we must do it for the benefit of our beloved country regardless who you are. But, writing condeming a person with intention to smear and tarnish his character by giving misleading information is regrettable.

    So, how we shall write?
    Do we write with head?
    Do we write with brain?
    Do we write with ass?
    Do we write with hate?
    Do we write with anger?,

    We read so many blog sites. And again,

    do we read with head?
    do we read with eyes?
    do we read with brain?
    do we read with ass?
    do we read with hate?
    do we read with anger?
    do we read with heart?

    And many of us falls into the trap !!!!!!!

    And why can’t we be a litte bit wiser?

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