TPM Najib Razak akan teruskan agenda PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah

Timbalan Presiden UMNO TPM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak akan membuat kenyataan media petang ini berkenaan kenyataan PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi semasa membuat pengumuman tidak bertanding jawatan Presiden UMNO semalam.

Dalam kenyataan ini, TPM Najib akan mengumumkan bahawa semua reform yang cuba dilakukan oleh PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah seperti Suruhanjaya Perlantikan Kehakiman, Suruhanjaya Anti Rasuah, Suruhanjaya Khas Integriti dan mengadakan Konvensyen Barisan Nasional untuk membaiki hubungan antara kaum dan ugama akan diteruskan.

Mungkin ini akan menerima reaksi negatif, terutama dikalangan akar umbi UMNO yang sebenarnya mengharapkan perubahan dan tidak meneruskan agenda agenda yang direncanakan oleh ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’.

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Aren’t we glad we were wrong!


Last night, we read this in The Star. This is about PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announcing his willingness not to contest in UMNO top party elections in March 2009.

Thursday October 9, 2008

I’m glad I was wrong, says Mahathir


PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s decision to not contest in the Umno elections in March will be good for Umno as it can rebuild itself.

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he was glad he had been wrong when he wrote in his blog that Abdullah would not step down.

“Of course, I am very happy for Umno, not for myself, because Umno can rebuild itself.

“But Umno will not be able to restore the full confidence of the people as many of its supporters, who voted for the Opposition, may want to continue working for them,” he said in response to Abdullah’s announcement here yesterday.

Dr Mahathir, however, said he felt it was better for Abdullah to step down now rather than wait until March as he could still be an obstruction because he was not giving Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak full authority to rehabilitate the party.

“Until March Pak Lah must keep quiet and let Najib run the show. He should not interfere because if Najib appears to be following him or taking his advice, I think the latter will lose support,” he said.


This morning, we read this about pro-UMNO bloggers, as per reported by NST:


PM proves many bloggers wrong


KUALA LUMPUR: It is open season, not only for those offering themselves to contest the Umno elections in March.


Bloggers also jumped on the bandwagon to be the first to report, or speculate, on what Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would announce at the Barisan Nasional supreme council meeting yesterday.

News website Malaysiakini, for example, quoted the Kuda Kepang blog as saying that Abdullah would defend his post.

Kuda Kepang blog owner, former Parit Sulong member of parliament Ruhanie Ahmad, wrote that Abdullah was expected to announce his decision to stay on at yesterday’s BN supreme council meeting.

He claimed that Abdullah decided to defend his post after a three-hour meeting with his supporters that dragged into the wee hours.

An “influential Umno insider”, however, told Malaysiakini that the meeting was just a “casual meeting”.

“He has made up his mind. He will step down. I don’t think Abdullah decided this morning that he would defend his post,” it quoted the insider.

The Patriot, a blog by Pulai Umno division vice-chief Tengku Putra Haron Aminurrashid Tengku Hamid Jumat, hedged his bets by giving three courses of action that Abdullah might take — deciding against defending his post, contesting the party presidency and contesting but handing over the premiership to his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, in March.

Another Brick in the Wall and Big Dog’s The Thirteen Million Plus Guy Rambles reported that Abdullah was going to defend his post based on information they received on meetings held at the prime minister’s official residence prior to the BN supreme council meeting.

Even former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was unsure whether Abdullah would make the announcement of not contesting the party’s presidency.

“I have this suspicion that he will not. If he does not, it would not be surprising. He is not a man of his word,” he wrote in his blog.

Abdullah has proven him and many others wrong.

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These are the news what we are waiting for. Personally, we wanted PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah to go from December 2005. It was when The Star quoted him “I dunno, I am not involved” when was asked about a much smaller stock broking firm ECM Libra’s proposal to ‘acquire’ (guised under ‘merger’) Avenue Capital, which was four times much larger in size, capital and customer base. The deal became highly controversial that even the Minority Stockholders Watchdog Group put up a  formal protest note against the issues raised and treatment during the merger process, which include ‘impairment of goodwill’ of RM 296 million.

From then onwards, confidence of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah digressed. This was captured in a special commemorative edition to mark his four years in power.

By far, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah created history in Malaysian politics. He was the shortest serving Prime Minister and a BN Chairman which won the highest mandate and within the same term, lost the most seats in a General Elections, 2/3 majority of the strategic control of the Dewan Rakyat and 5 + 1 states to the Oppositions.

The blogs, especially socio-political actually flourished and exponentially grown because of criticism against PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and Co, which include son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin and son Dato’ Kamaluddin Abdullah. Of course, we should never exclude the ‘Level Four Boys’ when we talk about PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and the “power of the darkside” over decision making influence.

Now, all of those moments and episodes we Malaysians have told to endure, is coming to an end. The speculation about PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah wanted to stay on that blogs like this one felt strongly was about  was meant to give pressure for him to quickly give up the UMNO Presidency and Premiership. For all intend an purpose, our objectives were met.

In the final analysis, aren’t we all glad that we were wrong?

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