Bar Council apparent biasness need the first reforms

Bar Council has done again. It calls itself the “champion for equality and justice” but in reality it is far from one. Tun Salleh Abas is just one of the victims of the Bar Council’s bias. Time and again, the people who lead the Bar Council have shown how grossly unjust they are.

Take for example Lina Joy’s case. Bar Council took sides on an issue which is private in nature. In this case, the right of a minority challenging norms and accepted tradition, with systematic and structured attempt -flavoured in hurting the sensitivities of the majority superseded protecting the interests of the majority; the supposed maxim of having law.

Then it was about Bar Council’s another attempt to belittle Islam, which is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, guised cunningly as “intellectual discourse”.

Then the issue of the vehement protest on the appointment of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Badariah Sahamid as a Judicial Commissioner. Bar Council practiced double standard when it came to one of their ‘friendly’ party, Dr. Visu Sinnadurai, who had been appointed High Court Judge. This was actually highlighted in Federal Court Justice Dato’ Azmel Maamor’s judgment in the Court of Appeal hearing pertaining to the matter.

Then, this latest on the Tun Mohamed Salleh Abas’s case. This is totally unfair and unacceptable professional conduct for the guild to uphold the legal practitioners’ goodwill amongst the public.

Why should the public gave anymore trust in Bar Council’s ability to manage the credibility of their professional guild?

Its the attitude of Bar Council leaders that is ruining the rest of the professionals. Often enough, they profess the covenant of “Constitution is the supreme law”. However, they also conveniently neglect to uphold the maxim by interpreting the law exists, even in the void, without considering the norms and values what society stood for and why the law exist to cover the need and interest of society.

In all, Bar Council has shown to be themselves as “Cakap tak serupa bikin“. ‘Law reforms’ prophecy that they so desire must start with themselves first. Bar Council’s blatant policies and practices descrminatory,  masquaraded as professional conduct must end and it has to be now. Otherwise, it just a case of “Pot calling the kettle black”.

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