Bar Council apparent biasness need the first reforms

Bar Council has done again. It calls itself the “champion for equality and justice” but in reality it is far from one. Tun Salleh Abas is just one of the victims of the Bar Council’s bias. Time and again, the people who lead the Bar Council have shown how grossly unjust they are.

Take for example Lina Joy’s case. Bar Council took sides on an issue which is private in nature. In this case, the right of a minority challenging norms and accepted tradition, with systematic and structured attempt -flavoured in hurting the sensitivities of the majority superseded protecting the interests of the majority; the supposed maxim of having law.

Then it was about Bar Council’s another attempt to belittle Islam, which is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, guised cunningly as “intellectual discourse”.

Then the issue of the vehement protest on the appointment of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Badariah Sahamid as a Judicial Commissioner. Bar Council practiced double standard when it came to one of their ‘friendly’ party, Dr. Visu Sinnadurai, who had been appointed High Court Judge. This was actually highlighted in Federal Court Justice Dato’ Azmel Maamor’s judgment in the Court of Appeal hearing pertaining to the matter.

Then, this latest on the Tun Mohamed Salleh Abas’s case. This is totally unfair and unacceptable professional conduct for the guild to uphold the legal practitioners’ goodwill amongst the public.

Why should the public gave anymore trust in Bar Council’s ability to manage the credibility of their professional guild?

Its the attitude of Bar Council leaders that is ruining the rest of the professionals. Often enough, they profess the covenant of “Constitution is the supreme law”. However, they also conveniently neglect to uphold the maxim by interpreting the law exists, even in the void, without considering the norms and values what society stood for and why the law exist to cover the need and interest of society.

In all, Bar Council has shown to be themselves as “Cakap tak serupa bikin“. ‘Law reforms’ prophecy that they so desire must start with themselves first. Bar Council’s blatant policies and practices descrminatory,  masquaraded as professional conduct must end and it has to be now. Otherwise, it just a case of “Pot calling the kettle black”.

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  1. bar council or bias council?

  2. Berbelit-belit ni sememangnya species ular punya nature, and dua punya belit is more deadly if species ular ni ni dah jadi lawyer.

  3. It is always the acute shortfall in the integrity of the key personalities rather than the organization that is at fault especially when these personalities forget themselves and the professionals they lead as ego, biasness, arrogance and prejudice takes precedence and blind them. The abuse of power, nepotism and opportunistic become prevalent as they seek “udang disebalik batu” and use others merely as pawns (in this case Tun Salleh Abas) to achieve their apparent objectives. The moral of the story – Ambiga doesn’t really practice or appreciate the democracy and transparency that she and her reformist counterparts lauds, she is as heinous as Terasa Kok and her DAP colleagues in becoming hypocrites of the highest order. Pariahs of the same skin flock together!

  4. actually they are politicians first before they are legal experts

    the issues they chose to “champion” are apparently more of a political nature rather than legal

    perhaps the laws of the land is one aspect of governance that they can challenge

    RM82,000 for Bar Council dinner?

    is this the price for accomodating silence??

  5. RM82,000 for Bar Council Dinner,paid by the government from the RAKYAT’S money,its a smack on the PRIME MINISTER ABDULLAH BADAWI’S face.He thought by funding the Bar Council Dinner he can win them over and they will support him,Pak Lah was completely wrong ! a snake willl always remain a snake giving little chance it will bite you and the venom is very poisonous.

    Theres a malay saying, lawyers are lawyer burok and some says lawyers are liars but now its proven they are bias and double standard.

  6. Buatlah macam mana pun.

    Terangkanlah macam mana pun.

    Tetapi puak penyokong FREEcondom of speech tidak akan mengaku kesilapan mereka.

    Pendapat mereka sahajalah yang betul.

    Buta hati dan buta mata.

    Inilah dia permainan sebenar mereka.

    Lawyers and politicians are actually from the same shit hole. They lie through their teeth.

  7. A man went to a brain store to get some brains to complete a demanding course he was undertaking. He saw a sign with prices for professional brains offered at a particular brain store. He then questioned the staff about the cost of these brains.

    “How much does it cost for engineer brain?”

    “Three dollars an ounce.”

    “How much does it cost for programmer brain?”

    “Four dollars an ounce.”

    “How much for lawyer brain?”

    “$1,000 an ounce.”

    “Why is lawyer brain so much more?”

    “Do you know how many lawyers we had to kill to get one ounce of brain?”

  8. Bar Council office bearers are an embarassment to the profession.
    They are very biased. A law need to be enacted to criminalise such perverts who twist law and facts to satisfy their personal agenda.
    The bar council as lost the public respect.

  9. loyar ah! biasalah, ada wang baru boleh cerita!

  10. It is blatantly obvious to everybody except Umno gangs.

    That is because they are corrupted, suffering from denial syndrome, regressive Muslims, low IQ and living in the past.

    They would rather see and prefer the nation going to the dogs than having meritocracy and doing away with NEP.

    Otherwise, how does one explain the rot and malaise this country is suffering?

    This country has racist laws that discriminate against minority citizens. Over the last 3 decades the discrimination has gotten from bad to worse.

    The policies of this government reminds us of South Africa’s apartheid days which was condemned by all humanity.

    I wonder how these racists can reconcile their actions with the tenets of their religion.

    Lying, incompetent, hypocrite, faking, denial, crook, corrupt, unjust, stupid, pretending, all these words are apt to describe them – Umno.

    How on earth Malaysia could sink low low low!

  11. Bigdoggy,

    you are some lawyer yourself.

    Testing the limit of the law of the land or the patience of the peoples’ court this Bar council and why the ‘gomen people’ letting you do the job?

    you are some lawyer yourself.

  12. Yes. Everybody is equal.

    But Bar Council is more equal.

  13. Bar Council is TOO RACIST..

    Macam ni kah kita nak meletakan HARAPAN? Kalau memerintah masyarat berbilang kaum macamana???
    Melayu perlu BERSATU…kalau berpecah ini lah akibatnya…MELAYU jangan lagi ada sikap TAK SAMPAI HATI….Mereka cuba PECAHKAN kaum MAJORITY kepada kumpulan kecil…then BERKUASA..

  14. Bar Council hampeh. Menyokong benda yang berat ke arah mereka dan dalam masa yang sama menimbulkan kekecohan. Sudahlah, tak boleh pakai lah kepala diorang ni.

  15. Bar counsil now NOT a professional Lawyer anymore, They are now Professional DRINKER AND DRUNKER.
    Thanks God the De facto Law minister now resign, or else,more rakyat money will be use to buy Tequila for FREE PARTY.
    Hope new minister(whoever it is) will not sponsor party to bar counsil by giving CHINA GIRLS

  16. The Bar Council undoubtedly has been politicised. The officials of the council are playing politics, and biased politics mind you, under the cover of their robes. They twist the words of the law and in anything they do they make sure that they take cover under the legal mumbo jumbo. They are surely becoming a pressure group.

  17. As their organisation is named they frequent the bars. That is where they gossip and exchange information as well as bashing other people.
    Yet they go on the moral high ground of upholding justice forgetting that they are the biggest culprits in not upholding justice.
    Take a look at all the serious and celebrated cases before the courts. They are not interested in meting justice to perpetrators of crimes but are more interested in winning cases even when they know their clients are guilty as nail. So they go about getting their client acquitted on a technicality. And to them this is justice of the highest order?
    But to the victims or families of victims and the society how can this be justice when the perpetrator of a crime is let off the hook merely on a technicality?

  18. “In this case, the right of a minority challenging norms and accepted tradition, with systematic and structured attmpt flavoured in hurting the sensitivities of the majority superseded protecting the interests of the majority; the supposed maxim of having law.”

    That’s quite a mouthful there. Are you sure?

  19. “So you Rocky Bru and gang, if you bother to ask any senior lawyers, they will tell you in the 1988 judicial crisis, the Bar fought for judicial independence and not Tun Salleh. As a judge, Tun Salleh wasn’t of good temperament and some lawyers even preferred to appear before the old Lord President Tun Hamid!… Vohrah’s application was approved years ago and not by the present Council who looked at principles and not personalities. If you had checked the legal directory on the Bar Council’s website, KC Vohrah was called to the Bar on 19.12.1964. This means Vohrah must have practised for sometime before he became a judge… Tun Salleh should learn to be grateful for what the Bar did for him!” [Edited]”

    On Salleh Abas, I got the above from Rocky’s Bru. So how to undo what was erroneously done by the previous office bearers? Maybe, you big dog has got some answers up your sleeve that you are not telling us. In Selangor, the new state govt found out that there was alot of things done by the previous UMNO lead state government that could not be undone …

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