Tun Dr. Mahathir bashed Omar Ong


This is phenomenon of upcoming Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s own future ‘fourth floor boys’ has come to another level. This time, former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad also went on a shooting spree.

Before this, blogger A Voice did two pieces against the Ethos CEO Omar Mustapha Ong. The second one, the blog portrayed Omar and Rohana as being “nauseatingly arrogant”.

For the record, Omar, was formerly with Multimedia Development Corporation and McKinsey before founding Ethos Consulting with late Dr. Liew Boon Horng, was one time the Special Function Officer in the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office. He left abruptly with the untimely and sudden demise of Dr. Liew. Now, he is said to be inching his way back into Najib’s close aide status.

These are very serious messages put across. Will the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister take heed on these strong messages?

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  1. well bigdoggy, it looks like these consultants 4th floor -could it be possible- did not have good enough advices and suggestions to render to the government and that most obvious did get them themselves on how to be good and successful at their job of consulting the PM. Perhaps these consultants do need effective strategic advice themselves.

    Or they did recieve the advices…

  2. BD,

    This is part of the agreement between dollah @ KJ and Najib.

    Maybe Najib will get rid of him, IF Najib CAN, once he become PM

  3. Omar Ong ni perangai dia lain sikit. His dad is Mustapha Ong, the diplomat who was caught bribing a Arab taxi driver in NY.

    Bapak borek, anak rintiklah

    Khairy’s no.1 lackey. He either should be disposed off, or kidnapped and put to sleep.

    Ethos and the 4th floor operates like a mafia. Once you’re in, you can never leave e.g. Dr. Liew. I pity many Oxbridge, and Ivy League brats dying to join in, it may look like a fun ride, but the mafia is the mafia.

    Jackasses dominates this clan, and if you are anywhere but at the top of the hierarchy, you’re just a slave, literally. Everyone is closely watched, they get people to follow you, spy on you, etc. Dr Liew is not the only consultant that was disposed off by that means.

    Everyone must toe the line, if not, they will start mixing the concrete for you.

  4. Yo doggy dude!

    Hedge funds scramble to assess damage
    By Kate Burgess in London

    Published: October 29 2008 19:58 | Last updated: October 29 2008 19:58

    Hedge funds are scrambling to assess the damage done to portfolios after bets on Volkswagen’s shares have turned sour.

    Estimates of the losses suffered by funds that went short – borrowed shares and sold them in the expectation they could buy them back more cheaply – run into several billions of euros.

    In depth: Auto crunch – Oct-29
    Regulator probes VW share trades – Oct-29
    Loopholes to disclosure widespread across Europe – Oct-29
    Porsche intentions baffle markets – Oct-29
    Deutsche Börse reputation fears – Oct-29
    Lex: Porsche/VW – Oct-29)

    After Porsche declared it held sway, directly or indirectly, over more than 74 per cent of VW’s shares this week, fund managers have been struggling to buy back shares to cover their short positions, pushing the carmaker’s share price ever higher.

    There is widespread speculation that the losses nursed by some hedge funds may be enough to force them under.

    One hedge fund manager said: “Being long of VW preference shares and short of the ordinary shares was a very common trade and there may have been more than 100 managers doing it”.

    Funds including Greenlight Capital, headed by David Einhorn, and Odey Asset Management have recently told clients that they had big short positions in VW.

    Other managers, including Highbridge Capital Management, have sought to refute reports of big losses in VW.

    Marshall Wace said its losses on VW trades “were immaterial”.

    Citadel Investments, one of world’s biggest funds cited to have lost money on VW, said: “We have suffered no losses of substance on Volkswagen whatsoever.”

    The losses have been exaggerated, argues Andrew Baker, deputy chief executive of the Alternative Investment Management Association.

    He points out that the cost of selling VW short had become prohibitively expensive for many funds. What is more, the trade had become so “crowded” – that is, so many managers were doing the same thing – it would have warned managers of the high risks involved and “managers have become more risk averse”.

    Nonetheless, said a manager, being caught the wrong side of VW’s rising share price may be the “straw that breaks the back of some funds”.

    For the past year pressure on hedge funds has intensified as falling markets have hit performance and fees, and prompted high levels of client withdrawals.

    Prime brokers that provide a range of services to hedge funds have become more risk averse in the face of extreme illiquidity and volatility in markets.

    They are raising margin requirements and demanding higher levels of collateral from funds to set against borrowing. They have also narrowed the range of assets they will consider as collateral. As a result hedge funds are being forced to “deleverage” portfolios by selling shares into falling markets.

    Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008

    (wonder if the “Ethos Capital, sebuah syarikat pelaburan jenis Equity Capital tidak banyak berbeza daripada hedge fund” – courtesy of chedet.com – has anythng to do with this – just wondering.)

    anyone into Porsche? Luuuucky Proton not into them, kan, Tun?

  5. I hope najib picks his advisors wisely …

    So, we dont want anyone with ground services apron marshalling, do we…???

  6. Thursday, October 30, 2008
    Is outcome of Munawar’s appeal indicative of what we can expect from Zaki Azmi…new Boss of the Malaysian Judiciary
    Chief Justice Zaki Azmi beginning to throw his true colours…

    Will he be able to be INDEPENDENT of UMNO and his past friends, and be able to be concerned only with justice…

    Will he be a progressive judge only concerned with JUSTICE – not fearful of developing the law so that justice be done…or will he just remain a tool of UMNO and his ‘old friends’.

    Also noted that Zaki Azmi was a businessman with involvement in a string of companies – and if so, he must recuse himself from any case involving those companies and/or related companies or even companies whereby his once fellow member of the Board of Directors or management is involved.

    Website – http://mybaru.blogspot.com/

  7. Well Done Omar !!!! We are proud of you.

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