The houses in Mosman Park

We obtained first hand photos of some said houses, on Bayview Terrace, Mosman Park, west of Perth, Western Australia. These were obtained this afternoon, in sunny pre-summer Perth weather.


These are the two famous photo of the house with the address 34 Bayview Terrace, Mosman Park, Perth WA which first appeared in Malaysia Today sometime last year. It was still under renovation then. Now, it is fully completed.

These ones are numbers 44, 66 and 66A on the same street.


dscn6962The houses, three in the row, fronting the Mosman Bay.

By far, we have reasons to believe these are the most prolific and luxurious address in all Western Australia. Another Brick in the Wall blog was right. The east facing view from these three houses, overlooking Mosman Bay is most outstanding. The cliff on the park across from these three houses were at least 100 feet high (from the waterfront).


This shot, was taken two hours ago. Note the skyscrapers on Perth, towards the west of the Mosman Bay.

Who ever bought these houses, must really want to live here for the rest of the intended lives, as free people. These are definitely serious addresses for people with lots of money, migrating and starting a new life here in by far the most posh suburb of Perth. Never in doubt, people who live in this address, would make these homes with most amazing views as a “holiday home”.

Just to clarify, as per reported by Another Brick in the Wall blog on 19 April 2007, there are no houses on 22 & 24 Bayview Terrace. Only empty lots, meant for two separate bungalows. However, the sign in front says that they were sold. It even have drawings for the proposed bungalow lots.

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