A royal black mail?


It seems this particular royal family is in the spotlight again. Now, it is about someone who is a third level royal, who has been reported to be in a night-club-brawl-taken-outside, has been hurt and reported to want to take legal action at the next level.

The story goes, this particular grandson of a Sovereign Ruler (whose mother is a princess to the Ruler), was out on a night rendezvous in one of Kuala Lumpur’s most happening clubs. This particular Tunku is a regular there.

Then there is this other Tunku (a second heir to the throne of one of the most richest royal family in the country), who is a career soldier with an illustrious service record (despite just being a mid-twenties gentleman), was in town with some friends. Being a stranger, he would just  want to ‘chill out’ in the most common or notable night spots, where all the attraction would be focused on.

So as any story goes, when young people have fun in night clubs, some tend to be notable than others. The heir to the throne is a good looking fine officer, mild mannered and humble to many extend. It is befitting to his training, being raised in the most strictest regime. Naturally, with personality like that, he and his friends get ‘centre stage’ attention by the most affluent and best looking young patronage of the night spot.

This does not come down well with the Tunku, who felt his ‘turf’ has been ‘compromised’ by “another stag in the pen”. So he and his buddies beginning to show displeasure, which turned into apprehension, bit by bit. After a little provocation, night club arguments went straight into a near brawl, where bottles were said to have been flung. It was not a pretty sight, even when supposedly sons of perfect gentlemen were involved.

Singapore Straits Times on 31 October 2008 reported it as the heir to the throne’s men went violent at another venue and some people were hurt, based on the Malaysian Insider’s the day before. The piece is damaging, for both families and of course, the public perception of the royal families. The motive of Leslie Lopez, who was Brenden Perreira’s and Riong Kali’s henceman in NST until not too long ago is very clear. Tarnish the good name of the royal family who has been very supportive of UMNO, the mainstay of the ruling class in Malaysia since over 60 years ago. Considering more Johoreans are rising up the echelon again, soon enough after PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s planned departure shortly, it is a good strategy to weaken the strongest force behind the corridors of power.

The truth is never from what actually happened. From personal accounts of witnesses, the provocation started in the club out of envy that turned into jealousy. The provocateurs were very uncouth and actually humiliated the heir to the throne in public, hurling words don’t befit the stature of the people who use them. Being officers and gentlemen, the professional bodyguards evacuated the decorated officer back to his hotel, to avoid open and physical conflict. As they say, “perfect gentlemen always walk away from a fight”.

The other Tunku and his friends, who were left unsatisfied, went to the the Tunku career soldier’s hotel, in the pursuit of somewhat settlement, most probably to serve their imbalance hormonal male ego trip. Since there the Tunku and his friends, now undone  and beginning to unwind after the shocking experience in the club at their hotel suite, the aggressors were stopped at the lift lobby from proceeding any further. Being professional bodyguards, they deploy necessary force to what they claimed to be in ‘self defense’ and ‘in the interests of HRH Tunku’s safety and honour’.

So some people were hurt. They made a police report. Something is amiss. The police who showed up on site at the hotel, did not check whether the aggressors were or not under the influence of either alcohol or other chemicals, since civilised matured adults would not have pursuit the conflict with the intention to use of further force. However, it was clear the motive showing up at the Sultan Ismail five star hotel that early morning was to settle the score.

Naturally, the case got more complicated. A parent of the slightly hurt Tunku (who is a princess of a Ruler) got involved. It was said that she even got the media to capture the incidence, from their side of the story. Hence, the Straits Times story by Leslie Lopez. Suddenly, this private incident became the talk of the town.

Then, it went into a deeper curve. Some people tried to mediate a truce between the two royal families. This opened up new opportunities for this family. The aggrieved party now wants ‘compensation’ for their ‘misdemeanour adventure’. When the mediator presented their request, the ‘compensation’ was for RM 10 million. It did not stop there. It was said that later, it was said to be requested up to a whopping sum RM 50 million.

Isn’t this a black mail? Someone in the family decided to ensure the media carried one side of the story to make the other party look bad and now what seemed to be a ‘royal extortion’ to make sure that the story does not escalate. Being media darling who have been bliss with  prime Kuala Lumpur socialite spotlight, these people who are also those instrumental behind the small but highly exclusive The Tatler coverage, exploited their connection in mainstream media. This PR is important for the HRH Tunku who is already second inline to the heir throne of the state, especially since he excelled himself representing the good name of the country in an Asian super power national day parade quite recently. He is also an avid sportsman who won so many title cups in a very exclusive sports, which is the mark of a true exalted ruler.

The family of the aggrieved Tunku recently made headlines all over the world when his Ruler grandfather was sued for a cool USD one million for non deliverance of commitment, by an international bank. Being disgraced in that manner in the open is something this highly socialite royal family made any effort to avoid. Thus, their willingness to wash dirty linen in public, again, is something gravely not the most admirable thing to do. Then, to deface themselves by asking that sum of money for settlement which the Tunku and his friends actually started and went to escalate further is something despicable.

The Rulers and their family are supposed to be the bastion and custodian of Islam as the faith of the Federation and heritage and culture, something the Malays willing to die for to protect. Bad enough they practice lifestyles that does not depict their role as the spiritual and ceremonial head. Now this private brawl, being turned into widespread public knowledge. This ‘royal black mail’ is a definite thinning of the wedge. It has to be stopped and resolved amicably, at any cost. The Parliament absolved immunity for private doings for the royals in 1993 specifically for this purpose. The royals must behave and be responsible for their private actions. Using the media and then use the opportunity to ‘extort’ is really low.

God help us, all!

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