A royal black mail?


It seems this particular royal family is in the spotlight again. Now, it is about someone who is a third level royal, who has been reported to be in a night-club-brawl-taken-outside, has been hurt and reported to want to take legal action at the next level.

The story goes, this particular grandson of a Sovereign Ruler (whose mother is a princess to the Ruler), was out on a night rendezvous in one of Kuala Lumpur’s most happening clubs. This particular Tunku is a regular there.

Then there is this other Tunku (a second heir to the throne of one of the most richest royal family in the country), who is a career soldier with an illustrious service record (despite just being a mid-twenties gentleman), was in town with some friends. Being a stranger, he would just  want to ‘chill out’ in the most common or notable night spots, where all the attraction would be focused on.

So as any story goes, when young people have fun in night clubs, some tend to be notable than others. The heir to the throne is a good looking fine officer, mild mannered and humble to many extend. It is befitting to his training, being raised in the most strictest regime. Naturally, with personality like that, he and his friends get ‘centre stage’ attention by the most affluent and best looking young patronage of the night spot.

This does not come down well with the Tunku, who felt his ‘turf’ has been ‘compromised’ by “another stag in the pen”. So he and his buddies beginning to show displeasure, which turned into apprehension, bit by bit. After a little provocation, night club arguments went straight into a near brawl, where bottles were said to have been flung. It was not a pretty sight, even when supposedly sons of perfect gentlemen were involved.

Singapore Straits Times on 31 October 2008 reported it as the heir to the throne’s men went violent at another venue and some people were hurt, based on the Malaysian Insider’s the day before. The piece is damaging, for both families and of course, the public perception of the royal families. The motive of Leslie Lopez, who was Brenden Perreira’s and Riong Kali’s henceman in NST until not too long ago is very clear. Tarnish the good name of the royal family who has been very supportive of UMNO, the mainstay of the ruling class in Malaysia since over 60 years ago. Considering more Johoreans are rising up the echelon again, soon enough after PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s planned departure shortly, it is a good strategy to weaken the strongest force behind the corridors of power.

The truth is never from what actually happened. From personal accounts of witnesses, the provocation started in the club out of envy that turned into jealousy. The provocateurs were very uncouth and actually humiliated the heir to the throne in public, hurling words don’t befit the stature of the people who use them. Being officers and gentlemen, the professional bodyguards evacuated the decorated officer back to his hotel, to avoid open and physical conflict. As they say, “perfect gentlemen always walk away from a fight”.

The other Tunku and his friends, who were left unsatisfied, went to the the Tunku career soldier’s hotel, in the pursuit of somewhat settlement, most probably to serve their imbalance hormonal male ego trip. Since there the Tunku and his friends, now undone  and beginning to unwind after the shocking experience in the club at their hotel suite, the aggressors were stopped at the lift lobby from proceeding any further. Being professional bodyguards, they deploy necessary force to what they claimed to be in ‘self defense’ and ‘in the interests of HRH Tunku’s safety and honour’.

So some people were hurt. They made a police report. Something is amiss. The police who showed up on site at the hotel, did not check whether the aggressors were or not under the influence of either alcohol or other chemicals, since civilised matured adults would not have pursuit the conflict with the intention to use of further force. However, it was clear the motive showing up at the Sultan Ismail five star hotel that early morning was to settle the score.

Naturally, the case got more complicated. A parent of the slightly hurt Tunku (who is a princess of a Ruler) got involved. It was said that she even got the media to capture the incidence, from their side of the story. Hence, the Straits Times story by Leslie Lopez. Suddenly, this private incident became the talk of the town.

Then, it went into a deeper curve. Some people tried to mediate a truce between the two royal families. This opened up new opportunities for this family. The aggrieved party now wants ‘compensation’ for their ‘misdemeanour adventure’. When the mediator presented their request, the ‘compensation’ was for RM 10 million. It did not stop there. It was said that later, it was said to be requested up to a whopping sum RM 50 million.

Isn’t this a black mail? Someone in the family decided to ensure the media carried one side of the story to make the other party look bad and now what seemed to be a ‘royal extortion’ to make sure that the story does not escalate. Being media darling who have been bliss with  prime Kuala Lumpur socialite spotlight, these people who are also those instrumental behind the small but highly exclusive The Tatler coverage, exploited their connection in mainstream media. This PR is important for the HRH Tunku who is already second inline to the heir throne of the state, especially since he excelled himself representing the good name of the country in an Asian super power national day parade quite recently. He is also an avid sportsman who won so many title cups in a very exclusive sports, which is the mark of a true exalted ruler.

The family of the aggrieved Tunku recently made headlines all over the world when his Ruler grandfather was sued for a cool USD one million for non deliverance of commitment, by an international bank. Being disgraced in that manner in the open is something this highly socialite royal family made any effort to avoid. Thus, their willingness to wash dirty linen in public, again, is something gravely not the most admirable thing to do. Then, to deface themselves by asking that sum of money for settlement which the Tunku and his friends actually started and went to escalate further is something despicable.

The Rulers and their family are supposed to be the bastion and custodian of Islam as the faith of the Federation and heritage and culture, something the Malays willing to die for to protect. Bad enough they practice lifestyles that does not depict their role as the spiritual and ceremonial head. Now this private brawl, being turned into widespread public knowledge. This ‘royal black mail’ is a definite thinning of the wedge. It has to be stopped and resolved amicably, at any cost. The Parliament absolved immunity for private doings for the royals in 1993 specifically for this purpose. The royals must behave and be responsible for their private actions. Using the media and then use the opportunity to ‘extort’ is really low.

God help us, all!

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  1. I heard the Johor bodyguards whack NS without knowing the guy was royalty.

  2. let them settle their own problem, these royalties always fill with dirts.
    but i admire that tunku from johor who was involved in india’s national day parade.he looks like a prince compare those from ns.

  3. This royal family may not be royal for long. Likely and deservedly will lose the throne soon. Arising from the lawsuit, the Yam Tuan may soon have to vacate the throne.

    Son Naqiyuddin will not be Yam Tuan. It has long been a sore point amongst the Luaks of the behaviour of the family, unbecoming of a head of Islam for the state. Imagine each going by orang putih nicnames and openly leading a most unmelayu of behaviour.

    I was told by someoen familiar with the NS royal family that the current Yam Tuan is not the rightful ruler but was forego by another more rightful but religious family.

    With Antah ain’t worth any dime of a share and economy not doing well, this family may just learned that they have been living beyond their means. Time maybe running out and this is probably their hope to make some “last kopek” money before turning commoner again.

    I can hear Blues Gang singing their pooi pokan blues song.

  4. It might help to pay the bank the USD 1,000,000 his granps owes.

  5. Am afraid i can’t make head or tale of this.
    Errr, blog owner, i think the article requires editing.

  6. The royal families must behave and live up to their status.
    If they continue to misbehave, the people will retaliate and deny them the recognition. It has happened in many other countries where the royal status is not given official recognition.
    To ensure their survival and gain public respect, the royal family members must behave.

    I am disgusted by the fact that some royal family members act like mat sallehs, drink like mat sallehs, and sleep around like mat sallehs.
    If they continue with such lifestyle, they will lose public respect.

    What is the point of being a royal member when they could not even get the public to respect them.

    To uphold the royal institution, there must be serious effort to educate the royal members on manners.

  7. Wine, women and song + a bit of charity and contorversy here and there. Love them or loathe them that’s royalty for you and its no exception in our part of the world!

  8. As a Niner, I am hiding my face in shame.

  9. Lanuns. Assholes.

    That’s what they are.

    Tak padan dapat elauns from hasil titik peluh rakyat.

    Dr M was right in curbing their “power” the last time.

  10. Dear Big Bro,

    Concurred with “Shafiq” and “am disgusted” regarding the subject matter. The Royal Highness have act beyond their means. The people money have been wasted for women and liquor. I am very sad and ashamed as they are all the muslim and Malay and worst of all their father and maybe they will become “Ketua Agama Islam”. You are right Shafiq, lucky Tun Dr M had curbed their sole power last time.


  11. Syafiq,

    Your “titik peluh rakyat” isn’t even enough to support the salaries of govt servants and the kickbacks to politicians. So don’t talk like you pay millions in taxes. Where is your titik peluh when you yourself are being subsidised by the govt?

    Royalties are humans too, and they sometimes do abuse some of their positions but not as much as politicians and department heads who do it on an hourly basis.

    You want to talk about Tun curbing them for misbehaving? When Tun was only Deputy Prime Minister, didn’t any of his children try to take advantage of his position by forcing her way into a nightclub which denied her access?

    Tun wasn’t aware of this of course and he wouldn’t have stood for it, but children being spoilt brats do think their father owns the world.

    If a peasant holding high office can abuse his/her power everyday, should you be surprised if a royalty suffers from a lapse of judgement every now and then?

  12. Wine, woman & song + a bit of charity, controversy, abuse of power and going to mosque once a week….that’s royalty and politicians.
    Whilst Syafiq is complaining he is sweating ‘menoreh getah or menuai padi’ for king and country, the Mat Rempits and Pengkids are not as long as their turf are not being encroached on! AS for TDM he may have curb the abuses of royalties but he failed miserably to curb the abuses of money politics within the party he led for 22 years.

  13. Bigdoggy,

    Ha ha haaah
    KJ must be laughing too

  14. Negri royaltY, bah humbug, get rid of them, they are arrogant and self serving

  15. Mengharapkan orang istana hidup tanpa dosa dan cela, mungkin sesuatu yang sukar. Mereka juga manusia biasa walaupun ada title tunku atau raja.

    Budak-budak memang cenderung untuk leraikan isu dengan bergaduh.Kalau memang salah, susunlah tindakan ikut proses yang dibenarkan. Bapa zaman dulu, pulas saja telinga anak yang suka bergaduh!

  16. Temagi/Gamel,

    It has been raining everyday in KL and the traffic was bad. Had Tun Dr M done his work during his tenure maybe we wouldn’t have this much rain and there would be no traffic too….hahaha…get a life la you two! Jeezzzz…

  17. MyMalaysiaku,

    Thank you for amplifying our points that the great Tun is also far from perfect.

  18. Dear Gamal,

    It’s true that Tun is far than perfect but don’t criticize him like he done nothing for the country. At least far more than what you have done for the rest of your life.

  19. Cucu Tok Selampit,

    Scroll back and read MY POSTING! I said one of his children too tried to abuse his position, without his knowledge when he was the deputy Prime Minister. I also said that if he knew about what that particular child was up to, even he wouldn’t have approved, meaning he is an upstanding statesman.

    The imbecile MyMalaysiaku is the one who made me look like I criticised Tun, and you beleived him. Like Tun’s children, or this particular one, when she was young, the children of current royals also think that their fathers own the world, but we cannot blame the father like I didn’t blame Tun. So understand carefully before you criticize.

    Furthermore, what do you know of what I’ve done for the people? In proportion, I think I may have done more in my small capacity. If I were the PM, with all the govt machinery and facilities on the tip of my hands and the rest of the nation lining up to kiss my hands, I could have done the same. Who knows?

  20. Dear Sir,

    Selalu la Pakatan Rakyat Parpu blame Tun Dr M kerana mengurangkan kuasa DIRAJA……nah…..banyangkanlah…kalau masih berkuasa penuh…..


  21. Dear Gamel,

    Okay la. I am imbecile. Hehehe…not angry at all. Its a free space, so I suppose if calling names makes you big and mighty, so be it man 🙂 I just asked you to get a life ..heheheh

    I suppose I called you up on the basis of your para that started with “You want to talk about Tun curbing them for misbehaving?”…Then you followed up with “When Tun was only Deputy Prime Minister, didn’t any of his children try to take advantage of his position by forcing her way into a nightclub which denied her access? Tun wasn’t aware of this of course and he wouldn’t have stood for it, but children being spoilt brats do think their father owns the world.”.

    So, I called you up based on your first line la. The imbecile in me saw that as another attack on the Tun (not that I have a problem with ppl criticizing Tun) but c’mon, even when the topic of BigDog’s article is about these royal families and nothing to do with Tun.

    If you are annoyed, please pardon my imbecileness haha

  22. agree with you MyMalaysiaku..haha they just cannot live without somehow trying very diplomaticly to implicate the old man with everything..

  23. aliakbar,

    I need 9 more people to agree with me so that I can get the title “imbecile” off me… hahaha 🙂

  24. I thought that Johor whack NS and NS was the good guy not Johor.

    Well, a similar incident happened earlier this year, where a Johor prince whacked a Kedah prince at Zouk.

  25. Yeah guys, its ok for Tun’s children to abuse his position but no one else can. For that MyMalaysiaku, the title sticks on you like a bad habit for good.

    As Temagi said, and I’m inclined to agree after seeing how you worshippers of Tun act in here, he failed miserably in addressing the issue of money politics when he was in power. Now he thinks being outside he can do better? DID HE FORGET HIS MEDICATION TODAY?

    Also, so what if a prince whacks another? Let them eliminate one another and reduce the nuisance.

  26. mymalaysiaku,

    Had Tun Dr M done his work during his tenure he wouldn’t whine ’bout money politics in his blog today!

  27. Gamel/Temagi,

    You know guys, every single of us will probably wonder if we had done enough in everything we did. Nothing is enough. So, I am quite sure you too feel the same. Even the most powerful person in this earth cannot do everything but every one of us tries too. But if you two thinks that Tun M didn’t do much, then that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. But to blame him for every thing, that’s pretty lame in my opinion.


    Where did I say or anyone for that matter say it is right for his children to abuse his position. C’mon man :). Don’t put words to my mouth at least 🙂


    Money politics? 🙂 Hmmm…I wonder. But nah…despite all the facts and arguments before this on who is probably responsible, arguing this with you who is (probably) hell bent to blame Tun M for everything is a waste of time 🙂

    My nick sticks to me like a bad habit? Hmmm…this I don’t understand. But then I am an imbecile 🙂

  28. Hmm, I’m glad I came here.

    I’m enjoying this exchange between MyMalaysiaku and Gamel/Temagi!!

    carry on guys/gals 🙂

  29. Blimey for a blogger whose underlying principle is to form an unsolicited opinion, it is interesting that you went to great lengths to portray certain parties in absolute light, thus making a little to much of one side over the other?

    Seems to me that someone is in someone elses pocket……

  30. MyMalaysiaku,

    I blamed Tun for everything? DO you understand English at all?

    If I can recall, I said one of the Tun’s children tried to abuse her father’s position by cursing her way in a nightclub which refused her entry when she was young. I was showing an example of the similarities between her and the young royals who like her then, were a bloody nuisance like the two minor princlings in question recently.

    I only blamed Tun on his inability to curb political corruption when he was in power. THAT IS ONLY ONE AND YOU CONSTITUTE THAT AS BLAMING HIM FOR EVERYTHING?

    Who’s the sucker here huh? I love and respect the man to bits but your constant sucking up to him makes me sick because it makes other people mad at him instead of you for carrying his marbles when even he doesn’t need you to.

    Also, I wasn’t referring to your nick! I was referring to my labelling of you as an imbecile that you have proven here without a shadow of a doubt, will stick on you like a bad habit for life.

    Comprende? Or do I need to translate that into Ancient Malay language?

  31. From an outsider point of view this blog article seems very biased, not to mention very confusing. Can’t you just report the facts of the night without going into all the family history? I’m sure what really happened was not as complicated as you made it out to be!

  32. http://tinyurl.com/6k7qtj

    Is this related to the same person?

  33. Dear Sir,

    Have always been a reader of your exposing blog.
    Would appreciate if you could let us in on some breaking stories for us to echo in our new portal!


    rgds, PJ

  34. Hmm, pusing2, Tun jugak salah. I have no idea that the whole Malaysia revolves around Tun. Hehe.

    Just to be fair, the johor royalties have history of violent throughout the years. Adam Chow Kit, Golf boy incident, Rawa incident etc. But NS royalties? As a n9er, we think they are wayyy too much mat salleh in them. Omak ai, minum-minum kek kay el. Omak den golak yo.

    Suka hati lah. Maybe they are enjoying their free time after 1,000 years of serving the rakyat? Hehe.

    The funny thing is, pun intended, those who whack the royalties now are the one shouting the loudest ‘daulat tuanku, selamatkan kami’ pre-post march 2008.

  35. In support of mymalaysiaku…

    I must be an imbecile like mymalaysiaku coz the last paragraph of the said posting by gamel misled me into thinking that he was talking about Tun:-

    “If a peasant holding high office can abuse his/her power everyday, should you be surprised if a royalty suffers from a lapse of judgement every now and then?”

    Who was he referring to? The previous two paras were about Tun and his children.

  36. MyMalaysiaku,

    Even-keel, you are. Cool. You remind me of Clint Eastwood. Now please leave those two kids alone will ya.

  37. Bro,

    This NS Royals were indeed notorious. I really missed my life saving when tempted to buy few lots of NUYU ONELINE where this royal in collaboration with an American Chinese promoted their fictional investment which turned out to be a scheme cepat kaya.

    Many professionals too got caught with the tactics of this tunku.

  38. I don’t think it is kali and gang getting mileage what about you and rocky,you spinners all the same ha ha ha.

  39. AyorLemuju,

    Indeed you are an imbecile.

    You just insulted Tun by implying that I was referring to him as a peasant when I was actually referring to the govt servants who become little Napoleans taking advantage of the rakyat everytime they visit the govt offices.

    Non Partisan,

    The whole world doesn’t revolve around Tun, only in here it does, because his ball carriers are all over the place.

    It’s not Tun’s fault. Some people just enjoy being servants even when their service isn’t required.

    As far as the Negeri Royalties are concerned. they made the papers again today.

    Perhaps the Johor Prince can help pay for their debts, if that is what it takes to save the good name of Malaysia in Hollywood.

  40. Fark the Kings and Queens of England and the defender of the christians faith! They are a bad example to the world. Fark the King of Siam!

    Fuck the Vaticans and their popes!

  41. The Negris have aquired another skeleton in their cubboard. Naquiddin’s eldest son married a divorced royalty with a notorious reputation who just recently in an interview with Prestige magazine talked about the joys of being a FIRST time mother to their new baby girl. This despite her having a teenage son who she abused and abandoned.

  42. blog owner is biased in his article..
    his english is also horrible..
    he should get his facts right instead of having loaded sentences and paragraphs..
    did the royal family of johor pay him to spruce up their image?
    does anjing besar know that the prince frm NS recently recovered from cancer?
    did he use a gun to attack tunku ismail? or was it the other way round?
    anjing besar indeed..

  43. Salam BD,

    When we talk about ‘pemimpin’ the royalties must not forget that they are a bigger ‘pemimpin’. I cannot say the biggest cos that would be fall under the category of our ‘Rasuls, Nabi, An-biya’, Ulama’ dll.
    Just go back to history and we can see how corrupt, gila kuasa, ‘rasuah’ etc. these royalties are. Hope you can help to dig info on all these problems with royalties.
    A good lesson for the most glamor searching royalty in the country.


  44. Tunku First of Asia,

    Did you come in here to become a bitching English teacher or read the contents for information?

    Perhaps you’d like to comment on his table manners as well. If so I can arrange a dinner engagement for you where you can even tutor him on the finer points of writing.

    Furthermore, what has his recovery from cancer got to do with him insulting the Johor Prince? If he was an angel so grateful for having recoverd from a fatal illness, shouldn’t he be at the mosque giving thanks to Allah rather than celebrating his recovery at a local nightclub? Is that how the Negri Royalties exhibit their keshukuran?

  45. eventhough im PR supporters…but i still support Dr M for dismissed the royal immunities…

    raja berjiwa rakyat? make me laugh till die. do they really give charity? make me laugh also. ”charity” to the ZOUK mostly the princes of malaysia.


  46. sigh. no matter what is said. fact remains that one party approached the other in their hotel. confrontation for what reasons?
    won’t say much. but the military man royal has my respect.
    and by the way – rm50 million is too little for the integrity of a true royal like him unlike those those who determined the figure.

  47. Deepo,

    Yes, the royalties give much charity. That is why Tunku Abdul Rahman gave your forefathers citizenship and you are laughing to death because of his stupidity.

    We thank the Tun for setting the record straight on this, reminding that you people are bloody immigrants.

  48. This is a typical case of two Donkeys fighting each other in public !. Both to be shot if given my way of handling it. But we must all respect the rules of Law as such what was the Police doing ?. How come nil arrests carried out after all the violence in public ?. Can the Royals fight it out and get away with it ?. What would happen if a non-royal were to be involved and got injured or hurt ?. If I (tiger me ! )were to be caught in between the Donkeys’ fight, both would have ended up you know where-lah. Its not like the kancil in between the two elephants story-lah.

  49. Kissin cousins???

  50. how can have 2 Donkeys? one with deadly weapon?
    More like USA vs Mauritius??

  51. Deadly weapon ????,,,geeeeee ISA case-lah.
    Why was the Police not involved here ?,,,,,right time to use ISA, fit for purpose kan ?.
    Cissssss,,,,bila lagi nak guna kuasa ISA man.

  52. Let’s put all the royals on an island and let them kill each other, instead of us who actually work for a living.

  53. Very much agreed with Ismail Said. Majority of these royals are good for nothing goons who are real disgrace to the M’sian monarchy. Some of them are so dumb, they’ve to be watered twice a week!

  54. REally dont understand why no action taken by the Polis.Dont tell me tats been taken care of as well?

  55. my advise in future the public must make a police report to ensure law and order be respected by all.
    Royal or not, one cannot take the law into one’s hand-lah. suggest to take away all guns issued to the public plus royalists. Bukan negeri cowboys-lah. only the police and armed forces personnel be issued with arms when on duty only.
    itching for a fight, we can arrange a special ring for it, I don’t mind participating too,,,anyone interested in the 80 kg weight class (light heavy weight)?. I can still remember the boxing days,,,,lots of fun. Am ever ready,,,,anyone royal blood around ?.

  56. Both the Tunku’s are scumbags. Don’t think for a second that the Johor dude is such an honorable guy. Wasn’t this guy the one who whacked the hockey coach a while ago?

    Nope. You got you facts wrong. Check your details properly before even suggest anything in the open.

    When Gomez was whacked, this Johor Tunku was still only in his primary school. Please don’t simply prorate anyone just because their uncle was immatured. This Johor Tunku has a saint for a mother, hence he was well brought up.

  57. Big Dog,

    Don’t fret too much over the remarks.

    These monkeys think that the peanuts they pay in taxes is enough to maintain the royalties, pay the govt servants including the police and the armed force.

    Heck, even their backsides are being subsidised by the govt and they act like they are above the royals and all else.

    Look at it this way, they were born peasants and will remain such till they die. This is a cheap way of getting satisfaction out of their jealousy for those higher in stature then them.

    Remember when one minister’s son whacked to death a guy who thought he was tough who brought his friends along for assistance and still kicked the bucket? Where were all these monkeys then?

    Why make a big fuss over two royals? Is it because your girlfreinds can’t stop looking at them while you people are left standing holding their handbags in the clubs?

  58. Looks as tho the Johor Prince with the weapon is getting away scoot free………….as usual!!Probably will get hauled up only if he shoots his own foot!! The way he is going ….it will be sooner than later!!!

  59. Capt Said…even if we made a polis report do u really think the Polis will do anything?? They are so concerned with issues curbing ISA that these other issues of running around with weapons do not seem to matter.

  60. Of course people are jealous of the royalty. Who doesn’t want to live the rest of their lives lounging around without a care in the world.

    The older royalties waste their time on dinners and parties for Tatler magazine. The younger ones flaunt their wealth at clubs. Its all a big giant party.

    Yes Gamel, make fun of ordinary folks who toils daily trying to make ends meet and watching his hard earned monthly salary support these ‘noblemen’. If my tax support their lifestyle, I demand that they don’t act like assholes.

  61. Cheers!
    I made on photoshop glitter myspace pics.
    have a look at them:
    Thank you 4 your site 🙂 xxoxo

  62. Whatever your opinions of the royal families are it is completely irrelevant to the fact that Tunku Nadzimuddin was held at gun point and beaten by Tengku Ismail and his party.

    May I suggest changing the title of this blog to ‘Another Royal Bribery’, with the sub-heading of?
    ‘Is there anyone left in Malaysia who cannot be paid off by the Johor Royal Family’

    Clearly BIGDOG can, and it is extremely naive of him to think that anybody with common sense would think otherwise. For someone who has no connection to either family, he seemed to have a lot to say on the matter and definitely referred to the Johor party as gentlemen far too many times. Anybody who has met them would know they are far from being gentlemen.

    It is shameful that a Royal thinks he has the right to do whatever he wants to anyone and then pay everybody off to get away with it. This has been going on for far too long and it’s about time justice came to the forefront.

    With the investigations in full swing it looks like a certain family may get a big slap of reality.

    Then we will see what side of the fence you sit on BIGDOG, even if you are still counting your dollars.

    Right. In the first place, how do you know Tunku Jaime was held at gun point? Was the story appeared, being verified?

    Try to get the statements of HRH Raja Muda Johor’s bodyguards’, which the Police took. You’ll find something interesting, rather than popular belief.

    See the bigger picture. Two men had a row in a night club. One walked away. Then the other chap pursuit the one who walked away, all the way to the hitel. Why? He wants trouble! Not good enough the gentleman between the two walked away rather than engage, the trouble actually caught up with him to his hotel.

    Naturally, some people need to defend themselves. Hence someone was hurt. The the Police were called in. No urine or blood sample was analysed.

    In the morning, the mother of the beaten up guy wanted to get even. She asked the mediator for RM 10 million, for “settlement” Then it went up to RM 50 million. The final “asking” price was RM 100 million (negotiable, of course)!

    Doesn’t it show that some people wants to capitalise their own misconduct, for making what seemed to be an “extortion”????

  63. ha ha ha ha ha ha…… oh please stop I’m in hysterics here. Do you really believe the nonsense you have been told to write?

    I genuinely didn’t think your blog could look more fake until your reply. Congratulations you have excelled yourself.

    As you say the police have started their investigations and no matter how much the Johor Royal family try and cover this one up the truth will come out. There is not a big dog or small dog in this world that can prevent this.

    And to be honest your attempt at it is very poor. There is not a single statement in your reply which appears genuinely true. I just find it so hilarious. Next thing you’re going to tell us is that Tunku Nazimuddin pulled out a samurai sword at them and had Yoda as his side kick while the ‘gentlemanly bodyguards’ sipped tea and stroked kittens.

    Have you ever heard of responsible journalism? Make sure that the information from you sources is the truth before put it on your blog. Everyone is aware of the many shocking incidents of the Johor Royal Family. As I am sure they are aware that they are renowned for paying for people’s silence.
    The truth will come out and I look forward to you eating your words.

  64. Bigdog, like smallcat, I can’t tell you just how tickled pink I am with the hilarity of your unashamed bias towards “HRH Tunku” from Johor. Anyone with half a mosquito’s brain can see right through the sheer audacity of your comments and positions that they can only come to the conclusion that you are a ‘hired pen’ that takes instructions from severely deluded people who possess extremely inflated opinions of themselves. The other possibilities isare that you are severely challenged in the intelligence department, kena pukau or perhaps an avatar of the “gentleman officer”.

    I have a few questions to ask you – how do you know that house of Johor is the richest royal family in Malaysia? You keep referring to the gentleman from Johor as “HRH Tunku” as if you are required to, as if you are a member of staff or in a master-servant relationship. You clearly do not accord other royals with the same courtesy of respectful title usage.

    You mentioned that the Johor royal is a “career soldier with and illustrious service record”. Is he really a serving soldier in a recognized armed forces? In what position does he serve? What might be the distinguishing moments of his “illustrious service record”? Can you cite any medals received for service excellence awarded outside his home state?

    Everyone knows that the Johor royals travel everywhere with a sizeable entourage. Do you expect intelligent people to actually believe that anyone without anything less than an army would pursue HRH Tunku and his posse with the intention of “looking for trouble”.

    Finally, this is not the first time the royal family from the south has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Go back through 20 years and you will see a distinct pattern. Would you really have us believe the garbage you are spewing? Come on…. you must be more intelligent than that. Or do I give you too much credit!

    Whatever it is, you at least provide some comic relief for all us ‘titikpeluh-ers’.


    Yes, if you care to read my other writings about Malay Rulers, I address them as His Majesty or HRH. I am protocol conscious when I address members of the throne. Yes, HRH Raja Muda of Johor is the second in line to the Johor throne. Thus, he deserves the “HRH”, unlike the other Tunku (who is a grandson from a daughter of an ‘elected’, not hereditary Ruler).

    Yes, HRH Raja Muda Johor was given the honour to lead the 61 Squadron Indian Cavalry on India’s national day. If I am not mistaken, it was last year. By far, it is almost unheard of an officer who is not a citizen given such an honour, especially to lead the elite horseback famed Indian lancers. In my books, this is a mark of an officer with an illustrious career in the armed forces, despite his 26 years of age.

    Why did Tunku Jaime and the lot pursuit HRH RMJ to Crown Plaza, in the middle of the night? Cookies and down with warm milk? Definitely not after a brawl they started at The Heritage Mansion! That is nothing but “Looking for trouble”, especially after HRH RMJ withdrew from the incident and retired at his suite, having a light meal with friends.

    Are the reports substantiated, even the past 20 years? Were there any credible eye witness?

    In this Crowne Plaza incident, we personally spoke to some of the people involved.

  65. Sorry bigdog, forgot to ask – how do you know that Tunku Nadzimuddin is “Tunku Jaime”?

  66. PL tell me why no polis action yet????????????????/

  67. Bigdog, no need to say anything more. You’ve confirmed all my suspicions. BTW, I still can’t stop laughing!

  68. its good to hear that despite the bleak situation in this country someone still has a sense of humor!!!

  69. Bigdog, why do i get the feeling u r not keen to see this investigated by the Polis?? We do not really want the days of the Wild wild West to be upon us ??

  70. Big dog you are full of it, as I read it you Malaysian Bloggers make a big deal about being free speakers and yet you on the other hand seem to be a puppet

    A couple of Questions for you

    1. How do you know it was a light meal? perhaps you could you let us know what the light meal was please?

    2. I agree with wayan how do you know his name?

    Correct me if I am wrong but

    Did the most respectable honourable Johor blah blah blah and relations

    Kill a golf caddy
    Assault a hockey coach
    Attack holiday makers on an east coast island

    And thinking about it wasn’t one of these fellows not aloud to travel abroad as official royalty because…..how can I phrase this sensilbly he was a little bit….Gilah!?

    Seriously they are Hillbillies the lot of them

    Dude pull your head out of your £$^& and start being a blogger with balls and dont be manipulated and report the truth…..otherwise you lose your credability

  71. Looks like u r losing the plot??? BigDog u HAVE lost your creditability…………..but then again did u have any to start with??? Surely u are not a Johor puppet?? Then again Puppet Master??? Dark side ………

  72. Oh dear big dog……..

    Looks like you have been named and shamed!!!!!!!!!!
    There is just one other thing. 60% of your ramblings are just compliments to ‘HRH Raja Muda Johor’ AKA ‘The Prince of Darkness’. Do you mind if I ask? Are you in love with him? OR did he just pay you to write all of that?

    They really are the only 2 logical reasons for your ramblings.

    I gather you have now realised that the people who read your blogs aren’t as stupid as you thought. Shame on you BigDog.I would have to agree with Dath Vader you are a puppet, but I would also say you are a muppet for thinking anyone would believe you.

  73. Well said Small cat………..but he should be given a chance to xplain his stance……….if any..that is!!
    Dark side is upon him!!!

  74. u are stupid moron.

  75. Big dog is NOT stupid moron…….He thinks we are stupid moron!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Big dog is full of dog shit. What a moron!

  77. shame on you Big Dog and the Johor Prince. Did u know all sultan here before is pirate boss alongggggg time ago. Know the story man.

  78. Salam

    A must READ for everyone…


    Thank you.

  79. Happy new year………….BIG Shit…………oops..sorry…mean Big Dog!!!

  80. Don’t give so much credits for Dr Mahathir yet.FYI he strip the Royal’s of it’s immunity back in 1993 is due to the fact that he had bad blood with the royal family of kelantan in UMNO politics (i.e Tengku Razaleigh @ Ku Li) .And that’s the only reason.

    As for the young prince who are fighting , that’s good .I am pround of you my prince! . Time to grow up to be a king not to be like sissy.I say why not you and him go one more round mano amano ,no bodyguards , no firearms , no stupid firecrackers , just you and him settle the due once and for all.And the emerge winner , regardless where he’s from Johore or otherwise Negeri Sembilan will become our king and rule our country , so that we can forever forget about the corrupted goverments! We can be your judge . What say you my dear prince?!Are you man enough?

  81. Don’t give so much credits for Dr Mahathir yet.FYI he strip the Royal’s of it’s immunity back in 1993 is due to the fact that he had bad blood with the royal family of kelantan in UMNO politics (i.e Tengku Razaleigh @ Ku Li) .And that’s the only reason.

    As for the young prince who are fighting , that’s good .I am proud of you my prince! . Time to grow up to be a king not to be like sissy.I say why not you and him go one more round mano amano ,no bodyguards , no firearms , no stupid firecrackers , just you and him settle the due once and for all.And the emerge winner , regardless where he’s from Johore or otherwise Negeri Sembilan will become our king and rule our country , so that we can forever forget about the corrupted goverments! We can be your judge . What say you my dear prince?!Are you man enough?

  82. Nice to see royalty whacking each other for a change.

  83. […] We are not sure why after 11 months, the case did not progress further. Probably the statements recorded were contradictory to each other and yet making ot difficult. Regardless, going to the press and media is a grave mistake. After it came be proven that the “aggrieved party” did demand a RM 50 million ’settlement fee’, it almost sound like an organised extortion and a ‘Royal Black Mail’. […]

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