22 November 1963: A date Obama should remember


At 1230hrs yesterday (Central standard time), 0330hrs Malaysian time today, it is exactly 45 years ago 35th US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated at the Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas. That tragedy became a damning mystery, till date where lone gunner Ex-US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for the shooting. Oswald died few days later whilst under Dallas Police custody, during a transfer, shot at point blank by a night club owner Jack Ruby.



The most important lesson to be learned from the assassination is that the succeeding president made decisions Kennedy refused to make that changed world history. Not too long after taking over Kennedy, 36th US President Lyndon Baines Johnson issued the order of US forces direct participation, then intervention in the Vietnam conflict. Twelve years later, after 56,000 casualties and tens of billions USD spent, US withdrew not only from the undeclared conflict, but hastily evacuated in disgrace when South Vietnam was overran by the forces from the north.The anguish, agony of defeat and humiliation is a little bit over bearing that will scar the hearts of Americans for generations.

The physical, economic and mental/psychological consequences of Johnson’s commitment into the illegal war which left millions of Americans affected, for many years. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was the disease hundreds of thousand Americans suffer for a long time, mostly for involuntarily participation in the conflict 9,000 miles away from home. A series of social problems developed partly because of the war, which left Americans unable to resolve and deal till present day. This includes street drug abuse, pop culture and most of all, the hippie culture of evolved during the late sixties and protest and pressure against the conscription into the war was a factor these new bad habits developed in meteoric rate.


Now, Barack Hussein Obama II has been elected to take over from George Walker Bush as the upcoming President, due to swear in January 2009. Obama, being a democrat like Kennedy, would face similar issues that will almost make history repeat itself. Obama plan to resolve to illegal military conflict which Bush committed the US into; Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of billions USD has evaporated in vain for this, not including the waste of lives and limbs many young Americans have to endure. Obama now will have to manage the physical and psychological pain that Bush created from the Afghanistan and Iraq illegal war, just as post Vietnam.

Obama will have to antagonize the lords of the US military industrial complex if he plans to halt what Bush started. Now that the US economy is in peril, the Government will not be able to sustain, let alone fund future military projects they already committed, like Joint Strike Fighter and Sea Wolf sub programs. Of course his priority should be reviving the US economy, especially domestic, where millions now affected by jobs and homes losses. However, to the minority upstairs who control the economy, the military industrial complex which include hardware, software, commodities, finance/banking/capital markets, logistics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and energy industries, would very much want to see these specific problems addressed first.

How, where, when and what speed will Obama spend the USD 700 billion bail out program is still unclear. Many Americans are skeptical about this plan. It went through in last week’s G20  meeting as a ‘non event’. It is a specific topic that the APEC leaders are discussing in Peru at present moment. Getting the plan approved is the begining but the how the plan affects other economies, which include APEC countries is closely monitored. Will the military industrial complex be channeled, even indirectly, for this bailout program is something very interesting to be followed. The integrity of Obama as the new hope for America and ‘willing to change’, is very much at stake.

The US economy is still very much under the tight grasp of the neo conservatives and the Jews. Recent collapse of major Wall Street  financial giants is the testimony how much of a problem Obama had to deal with. Many believe that there are more to come. To jump start the economy, most probably Obama require to ensure bigger Federal Government spending. For a Government which is almost bankrupt with loans and an economy which has been bubbling-ready-to-burst, his plans for the economy will very much affect global economy. Naturally, these drastic policies will also affect the US foreign policy, which is a major factor in global politics and international diplomacy.

The US foreign policy shifts is something the world should also closely observe. Not only a democrat, but a non-Anglo Saxon president like Obama will be expected to have and adopt a more ‘global friendly’ policy and strategy, as opposed to Bush’s hardliners centric doctrines. In 200 history of international diplomacy, never before US foreign policies had been so ‘unkind’ and thus, utterly unpopular amongst the rest of the world. Even traditional supporters like EU has time and again went the opposite ways (with the exception of United Kingdom). Obama’s willingness to undo what Bush started is very much somewhat skeptical, to many analysts.

US lost a lot of friends during the Bush’s hardliners approach. In their eagerness, the Machiavellian artists trolled the Americans into the worst ‘terrorism’-phobic, which eventually evolved into a morbid obsession after the 9/11 tragedy. Their ‘home security’ policies did not come well in the international arena, especially as champions of liberty, freedom and democracy, the US practiced some of the most draconian mannerism against human rights there is. The Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison experience will not easily forgotten. America now has a serious PR problem, being the ‘Baddie’ in the eyes of the rest of the world, as opposed to the same Republican agenda twenty years earlier demonising communism. The same military industrial complex during Eisenhower’s, Johnson’s, Nixon’s, Reagan’s and Bush’s time is very clear being the ‘backbone’ of the idealism of “The American Way” so-called ‘free market’ economy.

The thirteen million ringgit question is, what if Obama failed in his ‘expected agenda’ to assist and bring back the US military industrial complex up from its knees. Will he suffer the same fate as Kennedy, 2 years 10 month after swearing in? More so, Obama is the first non-Anglo Saxon President in US 233 years history. Even if Obama did spend sometime in an Israeli kibbutz, his policies for his eagerness to resolve the ‘West Asian conflict’ and the Zionist politics is very much doubted.

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