Choosing the right hereditary ruler


When it comes to an issue of appointment of a Sovereign Ruler, there is always the aspiration of the rakyat wanting their say in the criterion. As the appointment has never been democratized, therefore the aspirations, based on the set expectations and values that is closer to the rakyat will never be realised. However, when some degree of the ‘democratization’ is ‘opened’, then the rakyat would very much want some aspect of their aspirations fulfilled.

A Sovereign Ruler, one of the nine hereditary rulers constitutionally provided within the Malaysian political realms, has two pertinent roles. Their absolute power on issues governing Islam and the Malay heritage and culture,  which binds the nation together, especially amongst the Malays who are the majority of the populous. Being the custodian and defender of the Islamic faith and the head of Malay traditions and heritage, they are expected to live a life that befits the role and responsibility that have bestowed upon them.

As they say, not only they have to lead a respectable lifestyle as a Sovereign and Hereditary Ruler, they must also be perceived to do so. More so, their personal integrity should be also under scrutiny. These are the virtues nowadays many no longer willing to compromise, regardless how traditionally the common rakyat, especially the Malays live up to the feudalism and the colourful history that comes with it, as part of the Malaysian identity.

However, some do not. Their liberalized ‘western-like’ and bourgeoisie lifestyles, totally contradicts their roles and what has been expected onto them. Bad enough if these decadent or somewhat near bohemian lifestyles are done in private and away from the public knowledge. Some thrived on these ‘parties’ an ‘cocktail dos’ being published on almost as a permanent feature on the periodicals that will be in hands of Malaysia’s most affluent personalities and socialites.

These opulent lifestyles, with their social arrogance of not sensitive to the feelings of the common rakyat should be regarded as a disgrace to the position that the system place them. Regretfully, humility is never described as one of their traits.

Then, when there exist issues that does not befits the stature of the family they represent, sometimes evolves into something really complicated. Example when a brawl which someone started was brought into public knowledge, especially the settlement demand of the exorbitant sum of RM 50 million!

The decision makers on this private and very close ‘democratization’ process of installing a Sovereign and Hereditary Ruler should consider all these, especially the expectations, based on values of the common rakyat. The integrity of the Ruling Household must be protected, for the right reasons. The Malay heritage, is a supreme realm that must live forever, in the hands of the people which God chooses. Hence, they should be God fearing people, as an example for the common rakyat.


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