Mukhriz’s statement on the latest Zionist aggression in Gaza


The international community must condemn the abhorrent and blatant aggression by the Zionist state of Israel perpetrated against the innocent and defenceless Palestinians living in the Gaza strip that has so far claimed at least 250 lives and wounding 700 people.

We exhort the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to stand in unity with our Palestinian brethren against the state sponsored acts of terrorism intended to inflict irreparable damage to the meagre existence of a people robbed of their land by Israel and its allies. Muslims all over the world strongly condemn the murderous attacks that have not spared the old, women and children. Furthermore, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) is deliberately targeting civilian targets when it bombed Gaza’s Islamic University.

We call upon the world’s Muslims to be steadfast in rejecting this act of terror that has the tacit support of the United States.

The people of Malaysia denounce Israel’s military operations and call for the Israeli government to forthwith cease and desist its attacks on the densely populated Gaza Strip. Israel has neither the moral high ground nor the legitimacy in carrying out its actions. The IDF has stoked the anger of peace loving citizens throughout the world and must therefore halt the mobilisation of its troops along the Gaza Strip border with Israel.

In this regard, we are prepared to volunteer and extend humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people in their hour of need. For your information Kassem Aina of the National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT) is organizing humanitarian aid in the form of essential food items such as milk and medicine. Monetary donations are welcomed.

Contributions can be sent as ‘Donations for Children’ to the National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training-Account number: 000 1 10684 5002- First National Bank, Immobilita Building– SWIFT Code: FINKLBBE, Hamra Street, PO Box 113-5453. Beirut, Lebanon.


Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir

UMNO Youth International and NGO Relations Bureau /

Coordinator Peace Malaysia

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  1. sheer hypocrisy of the west …

    IDEALS (decency) comes second to the mighty DOLLAR

  2. salam.

    setiap kali ada serangan terhadap Palestin,maka setiap kali itu jugaklah seluruh dunia mengecam tindakan rejim Zionis.tapi kecaman hanya tinggal kata-kata apabila tiada tindakan pun yang diambil terhadap Israel.US macam biasa menyokong tindakan sekutunya itu.

    negara-negara Arab sendiri tidak mampu untuk berbuat apa-apa seolah-olah dunia arab telah diikat kaki dan tangan mereka.

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