Call for boycott on Singapore, as Israel’s defense partner


Recently, there have been calls for Malaysians to boycott US made products, in support of the latest brutal invasion on the Palestinians in Gaza, which already cost the lives of over 750 innocent civilians, especially non combatants like women, children and old folks. We should also look closely the other major supporters  and ‘strategic partners’ of Israel, in the terms of defense, especially people so close to us.

SAR 21 assault rifles and ammunition have been used to brutalise and massacre the defenseless and downtrodden non combatants Palestinians in Gaza, including women and children. Little that the world realise, SAR 21 automatic assault rifles are indigenous weapon developed and manufactured by Singapore Technologies. The CEO of Temasek Holdings is Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore Prime Minister Brig. Gen. (NS) Lee Hsien Loong. Temasek Holdings is the parent company to Singapore Technologies, a GLC.


Singapore, have had very close and strategic partnership with the Israelis, especially in defense since their expulsion from the Federation of Malaysia 9 Aug 1965. Within two months, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew received the Israeli Defense Attache based in their embassy in Bangkok for immediate military assistance, in favour against India and Egypt. Soon, six military advisers were dispatched to form the Singapore’s pioneer military unit; the First Infantry Regiment, commonly known now as 1 SIR. The rest is as they say, is history.

Till present as being very good friends, Singaporeans still receive military assitance, especially advance training from the Israelis. Formalised military collaborations have been strengthened since then, especially when formal organisations are formed for the co-operation and development projects. The  effort put by both nations on R & D work on defense and strategic weaponry is immense. The progress and direction all of these co-operation and joint developmental work should be worried and frightened about. Singapore is Israeli third most important strategic partner in defense development.

Time an again, Singapore is being coined as “The Israel of the East”. Hence, Malaysians should unanimously support the call to boycott Singaporean products, in support of our brothers living vicariously in their homes, now under siege and brutal bombardment.

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MCA Leaders insulting the Malays again?


The Hudud Law issue is really taking up centre stage in the P36 Kuala Terengganu by-elections campaign, now into high gear in octane-propelled drive, which is focused on getting the Non Malays, especially Chinese votes, deemed as the deciding factor. In the zestfulness of getting attention, some issues raised could be deemed as seditious.

The Star has this report:

Friday January 9, 2009

Karpal hits out at Anwar over statement on hudud law

KUALA LUMPUR: Karpal Singh has lashed out at PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim saying his assertion that hudud laws apply only to Muslims is a fallacy.

The DAP national chairman said Anwar’s statement that there was no need to reject hudud law as it was only applicable to Muslims was diametrically opposed to PAS’ avowed aim to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state.

“This has been PAS’ stand from its inception as is clearly reflected by the statements by former and present leaders of PAS,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He noted that PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat was quoted late last month as saying: “I cannot see why they (non-Muslims) cannot accept hudud laws which are no different from the colonial laws of the West”.

Karpal Singh, who is also Bukit Gelugor MP, said that for hudud laws to be applicable, the prerequisite would be the setting up of an Islamic state where Islamic laws were applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

“It is important for Anwar to know exactly what PAS intends to do in calling for the setting up of an Islamic state,” he said, adding: “Perhaps PAS president Hadi Awang should clear the air as to whether hudud laws intended by PAS are applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims in the event PAS succeeds in setting up an Islamic state.”

Karpal Singh said Malaysia was not an Islamic state and the passing and implementation of hudud laws would be unconstitutional.

MCA Information and Communication Bureau chief Lee Wei Kiat also hit out at Anwar, saying the Opposition leader’s statement saying that hudud was only for Muslims but at the same time saying that Islamic legislative aspects should not just be confined to Syariah family or civil law was contradictory.

“The statements appear to please different listeners. It still leaves the option of expanding Syariah laws against non-Muslims open,” he said in a statement.

He called on Anwar to respect the country’s parliamentary democracy which included upholding the rights of every Malaysian.

“Our party rejects any form of a theocratic state and hudud laws. MCA would like to reiterate that Anwar should honestly inform voters that hudud laws would not only affect Muslims but also deprive their rights in various aspects of their lives,” he said.


If The Star reporting on the story is accurate, then something  gravely should be done here. The MCA Information and Communication Bureau Chief Lee Wei Kiat statement is blasphemous. How could Lee comment on how Hudud Law affect and “deprive the rights in various aspects of their lives” of Malaysian Muslim? Who is he and what qualifications has he possesses to iterate such statement?

Probably, to say something about implementation of Hudud Law is acceptable. But to say Hudud Law “depriving the rights” of Malaysian Muslim, should be deemed nothing less than blasphemous and seditious. Lee should be charged for inciting anger amongst Muslims!

Lately, what is MCA Leaders trying to achieve with their statements deemed against the interests of the spirit of muhibbah, tolerance and working as a team?

UMNO should now act on this, despite having to fight this morally pertinent and important contest next weekend. Being a senior partner of the BN coalition and ‘kongsi kuasa’ formula and and immensely enjoyed the benefit being voted into power by the Malay majority for over 53 years now, MCA Leaders have time and again insulted the Malays as the majority of this country. This blatant disregard for the feelings and interests of the majority simply has to stop!

We seriously hope that The Star made an error in this reporting. Even such, the motive and agenda of The Star editors is highly questionable. MCA, which has the clout and influence in The Star, should be reprimanded for allowing either the mistake in reporting or worst still, the blasphemous and seditious statement of the Malaysian Chinese party propaganda Chief.

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