MCA Leaders insulting the Malays again?


The Hudud Law issue is really taking up centre stage in the P36 Kuala Terengganu by-elections campaign, now into high gear in octane-propelled drive, which is focused on getting the Non Malays, especially Chinese votes, deemed as the deciding factor. In the zestfulness of getting attention, some issues raised could be deemed as seditious.

The Star has this report:

Friday January 9, 2009

Karpal hits out at Anwar over statement on hudud law

KUALA LUMPUR: Karpal Singh has lashed out at PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim saying his assertion that hudud laws apply only to Muslims is a fallacy.

The DAP national chairman said Anwar’s statement that there was no need to reject hudud law as it was only applicable to Muslims was diametrically opposed to PAS’ avowed aim to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state.

“This has been PAS’ stand from its inception as is clearly reflected by the statements by former and present leaders of PAS,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He noted that PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat was quoted late last month as saying: “I cannot see why they (non-Muslims) cannot accept hudud laws which are no different from the colonial laws of the West”.

Karpal Singh, who is also Bukit Gelugor MP, said that for hudud laws to be applicable, the prerequisite would be the setting up of an Islamic state where Islamic laws were applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

“It is important for Anwar to know exactly what PAS intends to do in calling for the setting up of an Islamic state,” he said, adding: “Perhaps PAS president Hadi Awang should clear the air as to whether hudud laws intended by PAS are applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims in the event PAS succeeds in setting up an Islamic state.”

Karpal Singh said Malaysia was not an Islamic state and the passing and implementation of hudud laws would be unconstitutional.

MCA Information and Communication Bureau chief Lee Wei Kiat also hit out at Anwar, saying the Opposition leader’s statement saying that hudud was only for Muslims but at the same time saying that Islamic legislative aspects should not just be confined to Syariah family or civil law was contradictory.

“The statements appear to please different listeners. It still leaves the option of expanding Syariah laws against non-Muslims open,” he said in a statement.

He called on Anwar to respect the country’s parliamentary democracy which included upholding the rights of every Malaysian.

“Our party rejects any form of a theocratic state and hudud laws. MCA would like to reiterate that Anwar should honestly inform voters that hudud laws would not only affect Muslims but also deprive their rights in various aspects of their lives,” he said.


If The Star reporting on the story is accurate, then something  gravely should be done here. The MCA Information and Communication Bureau Chief Lee Wei Kiat statement is blasphemous. How could Lee comment on how Hudud Law affect and “deprive the rights in various aspects of their lives” of Malaysian Muslim? Who is he and what qualifications has he possesses to iterate such statement?

Probably, to say something about implementation of Hudud Law is acceptable. But to say Hudud Law “depriving the rights” of Malaysian Muslim, should be deemed nothing less than blasphemous and seditious. Lee should be charged for inciting anger amongst Muslims!

Lately, what is MCA Leaders trying to achieve with their statements deemed against the interests of the spirit of muhibbah, tolerance and working as a team?

UMNO should now act on this, despite having to fight this morally pertinent and important contest next weekend. Being a senior partner of the BN coalition and ‘kongsi kuasa’ formula and and immensely enjoyed the benefit being voted into power by the Malay majority for over 53 years now, MCA Leaders have time and again insulted the Malays as the majority of this country. This blatant disregard for the feelings and interests of the majority simply has to stop!

We seriously hope that The Star made an error in this reporting. Even such, the motive and agenda of The Star editors is highly questionable. MCA, which has the clout and influence in The Star, should be reprimanded for allowing either the mistake in reporting or worst still, the blasphemous and seditious statement of the Malaysian Chinese party propaganda Chief.

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  1. Saudara,

    Tahniah atas kejayaan saudara dalam memperjuangkan IJN tempohari.

    Perjuangan kita kali ini ialah untuk membantah sekeras-kerasnya pembangunan KLIA@EAST di Labu oleh Sime Darby dan Air Asia. Ini adalah satu percubaan untuk “membunuh” KLIA di Sepang yang dibina oleh YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Tun Musa Hitam sebagai pengerusi Sime Darby ingin menggagalkan semua legasi Tun Dr Mahathir. Saya harap saudara boleh melawat blog saya iaitu Saya telah memaparkan logo “No to KLIA@EAST”. Saya harap saudara akan juga menggunakan logo itu di website saudara. Terima kasih.


  2. Macam mana dia orang tak perlekeh?
    Bila ahli UMNO buat kenyataan ‘rasis’, dia digantung keahlian tapi bila ahli-ahli MCA/GERAKAN buat tuntutan serta kenyataan yang lebih ekstrim, pucuk pimpinan UMNO tak berani nak tegur pun!

  3. UMNO terlalu berlembut dalam banyak perkara asas yang dipersoalkan oleh komponen BN. Itulah salah satu sebab orang Melayu, termasuk ahli UMNO sendiri semakin hilang kepercayaan kepada UMNO dalam memperjuangkan kepentingan orang Melayu dan agama Islam. UMNO lebih menekankan kepentingan UMNO sendiri, demi memelihara perpaduan BN, hingga membelakangkan orang Melayu dan agama Islam.

    Dalam kes Kuala Terengganu, seharusnyalah orang-orang Melayu di sana membuktikan bahawa undi Cina yang 11% itu bukanlah faktor penentu kemenangan kepada pihak yang bertanding. Dengan kata lain, oleh sebab komponen BN yang mencetuskan kenyataan mempersoalkan kesan Hukum Hudud ke atas orang Islam, sebagai hukuman, eloklah undi diberikan kepada PAS secara menyeluruh.

    Wan Farid bertanding sebagai calon BN. Yang keluarkan kenyataan adalah anggota BN. Jika orang Melayu masih bersemangat Melayu, wajarlah BN dihukum. Mohd. Abdul Wahid bertanding sebagai calon PAS. PAS tidak pernah mengeluarka kenyataan yang mencabar kepentingan orang Melayu dan agama Islam. Maka menangkanlah dia sebagai petunjuk kepada komponen BN supaya jangan terus kurang ajar. Jangan biarkan 11% undi Cina terus dijadikan faktor penentu kemenangan. Biarlah majoriti menjadi penentu supaya tertutup mulut Cina yang kurang ajar selama ini.

  4. Salam Sdr BigDog,
    I feel you are being disingenous in trying to tie the hudud statement as a reason to hate the MCA. You hate them regardless of whether this particular division leader said anything in the first place.
    Padedoh says if you wanna fry a small fish, you don’t need a big cauldron.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. Dear Brader BDDC:

    Please allow me to repeat the passage under discussion:

    QUOTE:”1.The MCA has also criticised Anwar, with its Information and Communication Bureau chief Lee Wei Kiat saying the PKR leader’s stand wavered and shifted according to the audience.

    “2.His statement leaves the option of expanding syariah laws to non-Muslims open,” Lee said, calling on Anwar to uphold and defend the constitution.

    “3.Our party rejects any form of a theocratic state and hudud laws. MCA would like to reiterate that Anwar should honestly inform voters that hudud laws would not only affect Muslims but also deprive their rights in various aspects of their lives,” he said.[Comment By BARADAN KUPPUSAMY,The Star, 10 Jan 2009][QUOTE]

    The passage was a comment by Kuppusamy; not a straight news written from Sdr Lee’s press statement.

    It is obvious that there was a printing error in para.3, when we note that in para.2, Lee was talking about “non-Muslims”.

    Lee is not qualified to discuss about Malay/Muslim rights in any case. If he attempts to do that, I will be the first comrade to “TIBAI” him!

    I think Lee is still too young for this post in the party – same rank with the Information Chief in Umno ( Tan Sri Mat Taib). Can you sense the difference between Lee & Mat Taib?

    Kalau lagu ni standard MCA, TAK LAMA LAH!

    p.s. That explains why a fortune-teller told some press that Ong Tee Keat is MCA’s one-term President only. Wish him lucklah!

  6. Brother Big Dog,

    I thought UMNO and MCA kamcheng?

    Why you attack BN’s friend? Like that UMNO will have no more friends left to fight next General Elections.


    Well, that was then.

    Now MCA behaving more like DAP. They have forgotten how they have been voted into power since 1955. Some of MCA leaders forgotten what does it mean to be a “friend”. Some of the MCA leaders now prefer to be selfish and look inwards, instead of the bigger agenda, which include the needs of the majority.

    So, I am here to remind them. Eventually, this “convenient forgetfulness” will escalate into something irreversible. Then no good will come out of that. What we have achieved the past 50 years should be continued, for the betterment of the majority as opposed the interests of sub-minorities. Its pertinent for Malaysia to move on.

    As simple as that.

  7. […] openly belittle the BN’s non-UMNO parties – both in the MSM and the many, many UMNO-controlled […]

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