Can Barack Hussein Obama fulfil the expectations of his crafted and strategized ideals and promises

Democrat lawyer Barack H. Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America minutes ago. He took the oath in front of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court on the steps of the Capitol, Washington D.C. on the exact date every four years the past 43 earlier US Presidents which have been sworn in, at the most watched event of the year other than the opening of any Olympic games.

Illinois native Obama replaces Texan President George W. Bush, who has had a very controversial period the past eight years in modern American history. From his election into office, in the controversial ‘chad’ episode against Democrat candidate Albert Gore of Tennessee in 2000, Bush administration saw the collapse after the Enron scandal, 9-11, attack and invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003, bubbling of ultra speculation of oil prices, the collapse of major US financial and capital institutions and the gross unemployment of American jobs, expected to reach 11 million new retrenchments by end of this year.

Obama made very harsh admission and ambitious promises in his inaugural speech:

January 20, 2009

Hopes high as Obama takes office; markets wobble

Matt Spetalnick and Caren Bohan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Barack Obama
takes over as U.S. president on Tuesday with hopes riding high he can conjure
up a rescue that will jolt the world’s biggest economy back to life and contain
the financial crisis ravaging global markets.

The first African-American to become
U.S. president will take his oath against the backdrop of plunging world stock
markets, prospects of a drawn-out U.S. and global downturn, a trillion dollar
federal deficit and fears of more crippling bank losses.

Underscoring the dire state of the
world economy, Japan reported consumer confidence plunged to a record low last
month in yet another sign of deepening recession.

Asian stock markets dropped sharply
on Tuesday in the wake of European losses after Britain’s multi-billion-pound
bank rescue unveiled on Monday failed to assure investors and main markets in
Europe were expected to keep falling.

“For the next two to three
months, hopes for economic steps by Barack Obama will surface from time to
time,” said Yoshinori Nagano, chief strategist at Daiwa Asset Management.
“But once equity markets recover some ground on those hopes, they are
bound to face grim reality again.”

Obama’s team has vowed to make its
bailout funds work harder to get credit flowing again to cash-starved consumers
and companies and is expected to announce soon changes to the second half of
Washington’s $700 billion bank rescue scheme.

The incoming president is also
working with lawmakers to launch a two-year $825 billion fiscal stimulus plan
by mid-February. In one of the most eagerly awaited inaugural addresses, Obama
is expected to reassure Americans that the country can rebound from hard times.

Governments around the world have
committed trillions of dollars to fiscal stimulus packages and bank rescues in
response to the crisis that has spiralled from a U.S. housing slump and pushed
the world into its worst downturn in decades and many firms deep into the red.

Britain’s multi-billion-pound bank
rescue announced on Monday was the second since October and came as Royal Bank
of Scotland said it was on course to report a 28 billion pound loss for 2008 —
the biggest in UK corporate history.

After modest gains early this month,
investors pulled back again, battered by grim economic data and news of
corporate losses and job cuts as the fourth-quarter reporting season gets under


Economic figures due later this week
and news of corporate shake-ups and downsizing are only likely to deepen the

The Japanese government said on
Tuesday its consumer confidence index hit the lowest level since the survey
began in 1982.

December trade data due on Thursday
is expected to show a record 30 percent fall in exports from a year earlier, a
sign that even industrial powerhouses such as Toyota Motor Co are struggling
with rapidly dwindling global demand.

The world’s top carmaker on Tuesday
named Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the company’s founder, to head the company
and lead it through the crisis as it heads for its first-ever annual
consolidated operating loss.

Britain is set to confirm on Friday
the world’s fifth-largest economy is now in its first recession since 1992.

China, the world’s main growth
engine, on Tuesday reported its first rise in urban unemployment in five years
as its economy slows sharply from heady double-digit growth rates of the past
five years.

China is expected to show this week
that its economy expanded in the final quarter of 2008 at its weakest rate in
nearly a decade.

Asian shares retreated about 2.7
percent and U.S. stocks futures fell about 1.5 percent heralding a tough day
ahead when Wall Street reopens after the Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday.

“There could be some positive
psychological effect on the market about Obama’s economic policy,” said
Tony Tong, analyst with China Everbright Securities in Hong Kong. “But the
implementation will take time and its impact on the economy may take (even)

Commentators have pointed out that
the public expects Obama to achieve so much that he looks doomed to disappoint
no matter what he does.

“The expectations for the Obama
administration are off the charts,” said Willian Keylor, a history
professor at Boston University. “Whatever he accomplishes will be below
the extraordinary expectations that people have for him.

Markets worry not only that bank
rescues and government pump-priming will take time, but are also increasingly
aware that those extraordinary actions to stem the financial wildfire come at a
steep price, such as ballooning fiscal deficits.

Monday’s downgrade in Spain’s credit
rating by Standard & Poor’s drove that message home, hitting the euro as
investors feared other government in the euro zone could experience the same
fate as they spend heavily to refloat their economies.

Copyright © 2008 Reuters

The 13 million Ringgit question is that, can Harvard schooled Obama really do it?

Obama also promised better relationship with Muslims of the world, at the times where over 1,300 innocent Palestinian non-combatant lives were ‘massacred’ mercilessly by Zionist Israeli soldiers in one of the most internationally loathed bloody conflict in modern times. Not withstanding the ‘Middle East issue’, which has not been solved since 1948 with the furthest it got was the Oslo Accords, achieved during President Bill Clinton’s administration in 1993.

Would Obama’s foreign policies, be any different from State Department Marshall’s plan and policies, since the fall of the Axis powers in 1945, has taken with a lot of skepticism.

Herbert Hoover took oath at the times where the US economy faced near catastrophic state and never able to do it. John F. Kennedy tried to change the ultra right winger policies put in place by the military might industrial influence and insensibly failed, which later saw his assassination, live on national TV. James E. Carter III, in his honesty also failed, especially in the wrath of Muslims in the late 70s.

How would media strategized elected President Obama do any different, apart from a more structured and strategized media plan and execution. The fact that the American politics, especially foreign and economic policies have been heavily influenced and carved by Jewish controlled industrialists and capitalists, promises not much room for pragmatism in what Obama said this cold Washington D.C. afternoon, in an event watched live by billions in 240 countries.

In a melting pot country, bankrupt in adulterated traditions and culture which saw  gross fabrication  and manipulation of history, heritage and value system, is where Obama iaking the Americans and the rest of the world for the next four years should be expected nothing less than a massive attempt of Hollywood style crafty enigma of reality shows, political thrillers, run totting westerns, romantic and situation comedies, Broadway musicals, endless ramblings of soap operas, engineered professional wrestling and Monday night football games and TV induced evangelism and telethon fund raising programs.

Like in 1997 Time-Warner movie “Wag the dog”, the cliché shall go, “Its nothing like the showbusiness!”

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