An appeal for Hashim


We at BigDogDotCom has the latest on former USM developmental economics professor and Old Putra Hashim Hussain Yaacob. Apparently, after the successful triple CABG surgery on 5 January 2009 at IJN, Hashim has remained almost entirely in the ICU. His condition is not that encouraging.


Given his age factor, condition of the blockages and diabetes, the recovery is not that promising. He is conscious although the surgeons gave him medicines for him to rest better.

Obviously, Hashim needs a lot of help. Given the time already spent in ICU, the earlier estimate cost of RM 50,000.00 is expected to be much more.

Now is the time Hashim in need of friends. Although his Old Putra buddies already made a lot of effort to help him, we at BigDogDotCom wish to appeal for more help for Hashim. Especially from his Ex-RMC, Ex-Binghamton  (US) and work comrades, especially those who have benefitted from his sharing of thoughts. Also people who know him closely. This is the time to show love, generousity, care and passion. This is the best time, to give back to Hashim for what he has stood for and by, to many all these years.

May Allah bless all of those kind enough to assist Hashim in his most difficult time of need. May Allah bless all who have cared for him in this most crucial moments. May Allah bless Hashim.

*This posting is by no intention to demean and discredit the professionalism of those who have cared for Hashim, during his stay in IJN.

*Updated Thursday 12 February 2009 1100am

Hashim Hussain Yaacob was called to be with God at 530am this morning.

He never recovered well enough beyond the ICU since his surgery on 5 January 2009. To all those who have helped and cared for him, may Allah bless you

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