Shouldn’t Anwar be obligated to fulfill promises and the rest of us focus on the real big agenda?



Former abuse of power convict and now Opposition Leader in the Dewan Rakyat (despite not being a member of any party) Anwar Ibrahim lives up to expectations in harping and capitalizing on the recent defection of an UMNO/BN State Assemblyman into PKR. As expected, he would make further sensational carpe diem announcements, in seizing the moment.

The Star has the story:

Published: Monday January 26, 2009 MYT 4:47:00 PM
Updated: Monday January 26, 2009 MYT 8:18:56 PM

Anwar claims more BN reps to defect (updated)


KLANG: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim claims his plans are still on track and more Barisan Nasional elected representatives would cross over to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Saying it would occur on a “bi-weekly basis from next month” onwards, the PKR adviser said people have made up their minds and “it’s only a matter of time.”

Anwar told a crowd at the a Chinese New Year celebration held at the Hokkien Association Hall here that “change was imminent and we will surprise you from time to time.”

“Now the ox has come in, just be patient … we are working hard just like the ox,” he said at the event that was organised by Selangor information chief Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew, in reference to it being the Lunar Year of the Ox.

After the Opposition’s strong showing in the general election last march, Anwar had promised that he had more than 30 Barisan MPs ready to cross over to the Pakatan Rakyat alliance by Sept 16.

None did and since failing to meet his own deadline, the former deputy prime minister’s voice had been relatively muted on the crossover issue until the defection of Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasaruddin Hashim on Sunday, who quit Umno to join PKR.

In IPOH, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin claimed that three more assemblymen could be crossing over from Umno.

He said talks were in progress between Pakatan and the three, who had approached the alliance following Nasarudin’s defection on Sunday.

“They came forward to meet us without us inviting them,” Nizar said after attending the Perak DAP Chinese New Year open house here Monday.

He however declined to reveal the identities of the three or which parties they had approached, alleging that they could be threatened.

Asked what the chances were of the three actually joining Pakatan, Nizar said there was a 50-50 chance.


Whether or not one or two more BN elected representatives defecting to the Oppositions would not significantly affect the balance of power, be it in the Dewan Rakyat or any of the State Assemblies. The unholy alliance of ‘marriage of convenience’ parties might benefit from little moral victories from such defections but that is the extend of the damage.


The real issues the rakyat should focus is Anwar “The Compulsive Liar” Ibrahim must make good of his promises. First it was the 14 April 2008 “Black 14” rally in Kelab Sultan Sulaiman padang, where he proclaimed that the Pakatan Rakyat – PR (a sordid re-packaging of once failed Barisan Alternatif) would be forming the Federal Government within the soonest period of two weeks. Then, it was the 16 September 2008 deadline of taking over from BN to run the country.

For starters, not everyone within the flimsy partnership of PR is comfortable with the defection model, let alone the game, to come into legitimate power. DAP for one would insist of gaining the power out of proper election process rather than hauling up defecting BN representatives. They would strongly work on the premature dissolution of any State Assemblies and/or Dewan Rakyat and contest in elections. This would give DAP’s ascension to power the political legitimacy and pride.

Shouldn’t the rakyat sternly demand that Anwar make good of all these promises made first, before ‘allowing’ him to make anymore statements of future undertakings?

Then again, it only shows the rakyat wholesomely accepted that Anwar is nothing but a Compulsive Liar. He has no sense of responsibility to make good of any of his earlier undertakings, proclamations and/or promises, something he continuously do without any shred of decency and shame. Of course, he would also continuously craft any damning excuse to justify, even though most of them have been coyly regarded as insulting the intelligence of the the average Malaysian.


This ‘deception political model’ inadvertently proven Anwar as someone who should not be trusted. However, his manipulative oratory skills managed to ‘blind’ and ‘halucinate’ the mind of the simpletons within the rakyat. Especially when Anwar capitalise on the cliche’ of “people are simply suckers of nonsenseness!”. Hence, he continuously re-packaged himself with more sensationalization and dramatization, both acting as an enigma of ‘first strike weapon’ and ‘pre-emptive/defense mechanism’. Who is best to learn of all these from if not from the Ne0-Con Jewish communities in Washington D.C.

The fact that Anwar is not a member of any of the political parties within he PR  guild has completely eluded everyone’s focus. How could PR parties in consensus agree to make him the Opposition Leader of the Dewan Rakyat when he is not even a legitimate member in any of these political organisations? Doesn’t it occur in anyone’s tiniest brain processing capabilities that the fact that Anwar isn’t legally part of PR means that he is keeping his options wide open to return back into UMNO, the real and most probable odds for him to become the legitimate Malaysian Prime Minister?

That could only spell out clearly one thing; Anwar is ONLY interested in becoming the Prime Minister at any cost, regardless which ever avenue presents itself first. This had been a lifelong ‘wet dream’ of someone who almost made it there (at least as the Acting Prime Minister), till fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad abruptly ended all that in one sweeping stroke on 2 September 1998. Anwar deployed the ‘intellectual anarchy’ strategies and tactics as the perfect model to realise this dream, even to a point of causing chaos and topsy-turvy in society known for  its civility and mannerism.

We the rakyat should stand up against this Compulsive Liar and his endless  and continuous game of deception, manipulation and distortion of facts, riding on expectations and charging on emotions. As an aspiring Prime Minister, has Anwar ever talked about the failing Western capital and financial institutions, downsizing of manufacturing and thus importation of Malaysian made semi completed products, which will adversely impair the economy? How about the downsizing and closure of many manufacturing operations, including based in PR controlled states like Selangor, Penang and Perak, which will make Malaysian workforce redundant? That is far from any short to medium term plans of economic stimulus packages to help in the more liquid sectors of the service and retail industries.

These real issues slipped everyone’s mind and attention when Anwar talk about his deception model politics. Penang, a PR controlled state is expected to be plagued with a reduction of its manufacturing sector by up to 10%, due to the global economic slump. For an economy which is 30% of the Malaysian GDP, that should be something to be worried about. And yet for someone who keeps harping of taking over the management of the nation soon, Anwar never spoke about this and the rakyat conveniently never demanded him for this thoughts (regardless how he is able to ridicule the nation when he presents his case). The attention of a responsible and genuine leader should be on the worrisome report of one million Malaysians would be made jobless  from the economic downturn, which include voters of his own constituency and homestate, instead on the  TUDM S61 Nuri utility helicopter replacement contract.

We have bigger issues to put this nation on the right track, in the wake of a really bad global economic recession presenting itself on our doorstep very soon. At any cost, we have no time to ‘play ball’ with someone who has done and plan nothing but cause further distraction, distortion and/or diversion of everyone’s attention, resources and faith of the system. Thus, the focus should be on the real issues, problems and of course solutions available and should be planned and sought.

This is the pertinent agenda. This is the priority resolution to determine our survival in one of the worst test in modern history. So lets get on with it!

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  1. alaa… anwar ni, kalau lah dia tau kucing aku masuk rumah jiran aku yang PKR tu, mesti seluruh malaysia dia umum kucing aku dah defected.

  2. Dear Big D,
    You cannot blame the guy for keep on trying and trying. Sure he failed couple of time already but you cannot expect someone especially that caliber to douse suddenly.
    This is a challenge to UMNO people of all hierarchy, to keep them on their toe, a so-called check and balance to all their weaknesses and abuses, I would say.
    Whatever kind of politics he is playing, excellent it may seems, he was schooled in UMNO’s vernacular and I know out there a Sifu is smiling and applauding his former student.
    For you to say that the unique no.1 problems out are economical and not apolitical requires some imagination. But a lot of people would think otherwise, where the brightest and willful of economists will never outshine political masterpiece. People can die once without food on the table, but it cannot but suffer thousands of death in the absent of political conscience.

  3. Sorry, don’t understand you seem to be pre-occupied with our Economy?

    Didn’t Najib say (on numerous occasions) that Malaysia would not experience a recession? Don’t you trust Najib more than Anwar? If Najib is to be trusted, then we shouldn’t worry about the economy right?

    Najib will steer our country clear of a recession, even though our black gold is worth about a third of what is was in July 2007, and our manufacturing sector is taking a beating. NAJIB WILL GUIDE US OUT.

    Even though technicians in semiconductor firms, are having difficulties paying their house and car loans because of reduced overtime and forced leave. Paycuts and retrenchments seem to be the order of the day, BUT NAJIB SAYS THERE’S NO RECESSION.

    So the question is, which politician isn’t a liar (I agree Anwar is).Both sides of the political divide are as guilty as the other.

  4. Al Juburi ni memang tali barut CIA aka Yahudi Neo
    Con pun!

    Agenda menjahanamkan ekononi dan memporak perandakan masyarakat , utk kuasai politik adalah roadmap mereka di Washington & London. Al Juburi ialah alat niat jahat itu!!!!

    Kalau tidak, masakan ALbright, Wolfowitz, Rubin begitu kuat bagi sokongan, sampai lawat di Munich hospital!

  5. Biar Brader Anwar jadi PM, dan humban engkau dan boss engkau masuk ISA, baru perasaan.

  6. Hi Big Dog,

    Haven’t touched you for sometime…Same as before I see…Full of spite and hate.
    I suppose people have to make up their mind…
    This country needs a new leader and not the ones from both sides carrying excessive baggage.

  7. I love Anwar.
    whatever he is

  8. We should have beaten up this traitor to death when he was under our detention.

  9. Salam Big Bro,

    Si Nasa ni orang UMNO yang cari makan. Kalah Ketua Bahagian Bota, merajuk dan melompat katak masuk PKR. Saya rasa elok juga kalau sampah-sampah dalam UMNO ni keluar parti dan masuk PKR. Biaq busuk parti PKR. Ye tak? Tak rugi apapun.

    Betullah tu. Itu sebab kita tulis artikel ini. Untuk ingatkan seberapa orang bahawa orang cam Anwar akan modalkan insiden “sampah lompat parti” sebagai menunjukan UMNO/BN itu hampir runtuh!

  10. ramai juga geng pkr masuk kat blog ko ni..hehe..takpelah…kalau d izinkan Yang Maha Kuasa, jadi ar dewa tu Perdana Menteri(minta d jauhkan)…Perdana Menteri yang ada patungnya.kalau patung lilin yang glamer tu ok gak….boleh masuk book of record…

  11. You can take side but just don’t be on the wrong side. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. Good Luck, see you when I see you!!!

  12. Anwar is charismatic. He is a crowd puller. A friend of mine always regard Anwar as a person who thrive in a chaotic environment. But can he handle malaysia and its future as a prime minister?

    His statesmanship is questionable sometimes. As on record, he has been jailed for power abuse, that worry some who are not familiar with his theatrical antics.

  13. anwar the moron said that starting february, every week there will be one bn MP or Adun will crossover to pakatan. he had said in september last year that the numbers are growing by the hours and now this february thing.only fools will believe him.
    he is only an entertainer(joker), not a leader.he had failed before when he was in the government.he will not be able to lead malaysia into glory but disaster is guaranteed.

  14. Why are the people in power afraid of this Ex-Convict!

    If you listen to the people & BUCK UP, don’t you think the majority will swing back. As simple as that!

    The fact now is the people at mass is fed up!


    But can they really CHANGE! Really tough Man!

    Yup. We totally agree with you.

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  16. […] It seems that former abuse of power convict Anwar has a taste of his own medicine. His PR Perak State Government collapse to a ‘coup d’etat’, which was achieved from defection of three PR ADUNs into supporting BN. Anwar himself was propagating BN MPs, especially from Sabah and Sarawak to ‘jump ship’ and support PR, as a model for him to gain power and form the Federal Government by 16 September 2008. Until present, he is unable to fulfil this promise. […]

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  18. […] oratory skills facade. Especially his ‘Black 14′ promises, which lead to the over-exposed-but-yet-to-be-fulfilled 16 September 2008 ‘coup d’etat’. His inability of tasting-his-own-medicine should also be considered, before Malaysians ever […]

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