PR leaders’ Dato’ship should be revoked for blatant derhaka and ingkar


This episode of political power ‘hostile takeover’ in Kinta Valley really illustrated the true picture who the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders really are; power crazy maniacs. They simply refuse to muck it in and concede when the game is over.

The Star has the story:

Friday February 6, 2009

Pakatan tries to cling on as Palace prepares to swear in new MB


WHEN it rains, they say, it pours. It rained in Perak yesterday. And it was a deluge, as drama after drama unfolded all over the state’s capital.

On one hand, Barisan Nasional confidently formed the new government with the Sultan’s blessing, and even named Pangkor assemblyman Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir as its new Mentri Besar.

It has arranged for a swearing-in ceremony at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar at 3pm today.

Yet, Pakatan Rakyat has stubbornly refused to admit defeat and will not give up its hold over Perak.

In a ridiculously-packed press conference in the evening, an indignant Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said he was still the legitimate Mentri Besar of Perak.

“We will not resign as ordered by the Sultan. We are still the legitimate government. I will go to work as usual tomorrow,’’ he said.

It was clear from conversations with all Pakatan assemblymen and aides that they would valiantly hold fast to their posts and would not go down without fighting.

Everywhere in the city yesterday night, police sirens blared. Barricades were set up to block people from crowding the streets.

Despite this however, hundreds, if not thousands, took to the streets, showing their unadulterated anger over the unexpected twist of events.

And from the look of things, the flared tempers and high emotions will not simmer down any time soon.

Ironically, when it all started over a week ago, everything was brushed aside and misconstrued indignantly as, in the words of senior exco member Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, rumour-mongering started by the media.

Two days ago, however, reality slapped the Pakatan government hard in the face.

After Barisan claimed it had the numbers to form the Government on Wednesday, Pakatan almost seemed like it had been beaten at the defection game.

Yesterday, the Pakatan folk put on their bravest fronts and insisted that they were winners.

High-powered meetings with the top brass in Pakatan were held on one side while similar meetings were held amongst Barisan members on the other side.

At the State Secretariat building, more events unfolded.

The police and the Federal Reserve Unit cordoned off the building while State Secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim asked Nizar, all the state excos and their personal assistants to leave immediately and surrender their keys, both to their offices and their spanking new Toyota Camry cars.

Given the events, it should have spelled the end for the Pakatan but it did not.

Besides declaring that they were still in power, top Pakatan leaders said they would again seek an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah and plead with the latter to dissolve the state assembly.

Will the Sultan give in however, after clearly agreeing to a new Barisan government in Perak? Talk is rife that the answer would be a resounding “No”.

After a week of fierce fighting, Barisan has finally drawn the curtains close over the Pakatan government.


Earlier on Wednesday, the DAP-puppet PR MB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin sought audience with HRH Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak and requested for the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly, to pave way for a new state level elections. This was a desperate attempt for PR to have the remote chance of trying to cling into power.

The Star reported:

Thursday February 5, 2009

Nizar leaves fate of govt in Sultan’s hands


IPOH: Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin failed yesterday to get the royal consent to dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh elections.

After a one-hour-and-40-minute meeting with Sultan Azlan Shah in Istana Kinta, a serious-faced Nizar emerged at 5.35pm and told reporters waiting outside the palace gates: “I have sought an audience with the Sultan and requested for the dissolution of the state assembly. I will leave it to him to decide whether to allow the dissolution.”


The put the fact into place, DAP-puppet MB Nizar actually announced it to the Press about the dissolution, even before getting the perkenan (consent) from HRH Paduka Seri Sultan. Eventually, when HRH Paduka Seri Sultan found no merits for a dissolution and convinced that Barisan Nasional (BN) has the majority support of the Perak State Assembly to form a new State Government, DAP puppet MB Nizar and State Exco simply defiant to Tuanku’s titah and refused to concede.

In short, DAP-puppet MB Nizar never did mean when he said that he would accept whatever HRH Paduka Seri Sultan’s decision, upon the former presenting his case. He had only one wish and when he failed, he chose to derhaka (this what MB Nizar admitted at the Press Conference yesterday afternoon) and ingkar to Tuanku’s titah. The is even a report that DAP-puppet MB Nizar and his band of ‘political bandits’ even “willing to fight to the last drop”.

All of these just simply proved a point; Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders are no gentlemen at all. They will go back against their own words in their sordid madness for power and eventually commit ingkar and derhaka. This is very unacceptable.

This ingkar towards titah Tuanku should be viewed nothing less than as serious insubordination and attempting to commit crimes against the State Constitution.  Some even likened it to treachery. This is what PR is  really made of; a bunch of people who will do anything, even manipulate and antagonize the law and sovereign just to be in power.

HRH Paduka Seri Sultan should consider revoking the Datukship from now deposed DAP-puppet MB Nizar and Perak DAP Chairman Dato’ Ngeh Koo Ham. Party-less Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is also one time convict for abuse of power and now is the leader of the street-mob movement to rally the rakyat against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak (because of the decision to sack DAP-puppet MB Nizar and appoint a BN MB) also holds a Perak state investure award. The State Secretary should consider this and present it to HRH Paduka Seri Sultan, as an act to protect the maruah of a Sovereign Ruler and a lesson to defiant politicians who understand no boundaries of respect and protocol.

For the record, DAP-puppet MB Nizar and Perak DAP Chairman Ngeh were invested with their Dato’ship last April, on HRH Paduka Seri Sultan’s birthday celebrations. This is the first time a leader of the chauvinistic and anti-Malay/Islam party DAP is being honoured with such a high state award by a Sovereign Ruler, in respect of their position as an elected representative and member of the state government. The DAP’s chauvinistic and anti-Malay/Islam stance lately had been very apparent and now becoming more blatant.

This should be a lesson learnt for all Malaysians. Regardless what the shortfall of others in the management and poor implementation of policies, Kurang Ajar and Derhaka against HRHs is something never they are able to do!

*Updated 1015am

The blatant derhaka and ingkar is very apparent.

The Star has an update:

Published: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 10:10:00 AM
Updated: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 10:13:27 AM

Perak: Nizar and his excos enter state secretariat


(9.50am) Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, ordered by the Perak Sultan to quit as MB, entered the state secretariat building in his state issued new Toyota Camry. He was allowed to pass through the police barricade on the main road leading to the building. He then stepped out of the car to ask the guard at the main gate to let him in. His excos were also allowed in.

*Updated 1245pm

The story of the blatant derhaka and ingkar people complicates further. The Police had to step in, intervene into a Press Conference by the recently deposed DAP-puppet MB Nizar and escort him out of the State Secretariat building.

The Star has an update:


Published: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 10:45:00 AM
Updated: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 12:28:44 PM

Police have secured Perak state secretariat: CPO



IPOH: Police have secured the state secretariat building.

Perak CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah said this was following a request by the state secretary.

“We are there to help facilitate the transition of power and to ensure the smooth running of the government machinery.

“We will also take the necessary steps to ensure the swearing in of the new mentri besar takes place as planned,” he said.

DCP Zulkifli said the security situation was well under control and urged the public to carry on their activities without worry and urged them not to be concerned by the heavy police presence and roadblocks.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported that Jalan Raja Nazrin Shah, from the roundabout in front of the menteri besar’s house to the flyover at the Medan Gopeng junction, would be closed to traffic until 7pm Friday.


This is how derhaka and ingkar people actually  behave. The Police had to be deployed to make them adhere to the Tuanku’s titah. They simply don’t understand simple instructions and protocol of matured and civilised people. In short, people like this shouldn’t be trusted to lead in the first place. Their blatant disregard for anything but what they feel like doing is so clear.

BN has lost State Government before. Back 1990 when PAS took over Kelantan, 1999 when Terengganu fell to PAS and 2008 saw the capital cities of Shah Alam, Ipoh, Georgetown and Alor Setar changed power. Never before, a  defeated BN MB or CM needed to be escorted out of his office by Police in such a manner.

Isn’t this utmost shameful?

*Updated 256pm

Now it seems that these PR derhaka and ingkar lot really don’t know where to stop. They now wants to take the HRH Paduka Seri Sultan to court!

The Star has an update:


Published: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 2:43:00 PM
Updated: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 2:46:07 PM

Pakatan warns of legal action against Perak Sultan


KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Rakyat will take legal action against the Sultan of Perak and Barisan Nasional if they persist in appointing a new BN mentri besar, s at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar on Friday, DAP chairman Karpal Singh said.

He said Pakatan had no option but to take the action because the removal of Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin by Sultan Azlan Shah, pursuant to Article 16 (6) of the state constitution, was clearly ultra vires the provision of that article.

”In law, the decision of the Sultan of Perak can be questioned in a court of law. I call on the Sultan to cease and desist from appointing a new Barisan MB and executive council later this afternoon,” he told a news conference here on Friday.

Karpal Singh said that this action should in no way be constituted as a threat to the Sultan but a was firm reminder that the Ruler was required to act within the parameters and confines of the constitution of the state of Perak, which is the supreme law of the state. – Bernama


These derhaka and ingkar people now should be exiled (buang negeri) from the Perak state!


Is the fashion and brand of KETUANAN RAKYAT which party-less Opposition Leader and former power abuse ex-convict Anwar Ibrahim and his band-of-political bandits Pakatan Rakyat leaders talked about all these while????

*Updated 515pm

The play-by-play game of derhaka and ingkar people, way beyond immaturity, who are actually acting like ‘political barbarics’:


Published: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 10:10:00 AM
Updated: Friday February 6, 2009 MYT 4:57:55 PM

Perak Update: Nizar refuses to quit MB post


04:30pm Nizar has refused to resign as Menteri Besar on the conviction that he still legally holds the post under the Perak State Constitution.

04.05pm Dr Zambry is sworn in as the new Mentri Besar of Perak after receiving his letter of appointment from Sultan Azlan Shah and taking his oath of office.

03:35pm Speaker V. Sivakumar said that he has faxed and personally handed in two letters to the Sulatn of Perak seeking permission to convene an emergency state assembly meeting and to postpone the swearing in of the new mentri besar.

03:30pm Protesters are thinning. But some are still refusing to leave even after PAS executive secretary Khalid Rahman Abd Samad appealed to them to disperse.

03:00pm Barisan entourage, heading towards Istana Iskandariah for the swearing in of the new Mentri Besar, has managed to clear the protesting Pakatan crowd and is heading to the Istana. A young boy who fainted after being hit by tear gas was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

02:45pm FRU fire tear gas into thousands of Pakatan protesters outside Masjid Ubudiah along Jalan Bukit Chandan near Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar. Police start making arrests. Some in the crowd are pelting cars making their way to the Istana.

01:05pm DAP Chairman Karpal Singh said that the Sultan of Perak had acted beyond the powers conferred to him in dismissing the state government of Nizar. He said that Nizar will file a suit against the Sultan and the new state government at the Ipoh High Court on Tuesday if the new Barisan government takes power.

12:20pm Perak state assembly speaker V. Sivakumar said that he will write to the Sultan of Perak by 3pm to seek permission to convene an emergency state assembly sitting and to postpone the swearing-in of the new mentri besar at Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar

12:15pm DAP’s Nga Kor Ming told reporters that Pakatan Rakyat will go on a statewide roadshow to explain to the people the situation and swore that Pakatan will return to power in Perak.

10:45am Perak CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah said police have secured the state secretariat building following a request by the state secretary to ensure the smooth transfer of power.

10:40am Nizar left the state secretariat building saying that he has been allowed to keep his car until the new mentri besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir is sworn in at 3:30pm.

10:15am Nizar was escorted out of his now emptied room at the state secretariat by Ipoh OCPD Azisman Alias who also stopped Nizar from giving a press conference in the room.

09:50am Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, ordered by the Perak Sultan to quit as MB, entered the state secretariat building in his state issued new Toyota Camry. He was allowed to pass through the police barricade on the main road leading to the building. He then stepped out of the car to ask the guard at the main gate to let him in. His excos were also allowed in.

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  1. When HRH Paduka Seri Sultan punish Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders ?
    because …

    This should be a lesson learnt for all Malaysians. Regardless what the shortfall of others, Kurang Ajar and Derhaka is never they are able to do!

  2. …the first time a leader of the chauvinistic and anti-Malay/Islam party DAP is being honoured…

    Agree… agree… agree..
    Perhaps they fail to see that they, who claim to fight for greater democratic rights, are making a sheer mockery of democracy.

  3. “PR leaders’ Dato’ship should be revoked for blatant derhaka and ingkar”

    a joke for laughing!! who mistake !!

    The more serious (derhaka) was the five and half legged frogs should not be allowed to enter the Kinta Villa again. They had actually cheated Tuanku when they sworn as Adun.

  4. Dulu saya memang penyokong kuat Anwar. Semua Anwar cakap saya setuju dan sokong habis-habisan. Oh Anwar, berapi bila dia bercakap.Terpegung dan terpukau dibuatnya. Memang Anwar mempunyai anugerah untuk bercakap, memujuk dan memperdaya. Maklumlah bila kita tengah marah dengan beberapa orang BN, dia api-apikan kita. Semua yang dikatakan macam orang mengantuk disorongkan batal yang best pulak tu tentulah tertidur dibuatnya. Kita pun kempen sama-sama menegakan Keadilan ‘kononnya’. Sokong saja apa dia kata. Buat saja apa yang disuruh. Tak faham tak kisah. Janji kita dapat lepaskan geram. Tapi nasib baik terjaga dari tidur yang begitu lena sekali.

    Sebenarnya Anwar bukan ikhlas nak tegakan keadilan. Dia hanya nak kejar cita-cita nak jadi PM. Caranya tak kisah. Fitnah pun OK. Tipu pun OK. Raayat jadi lebih susah pun OK. Melayu tersungkur pun OK. Guna negara asing bantu dia gulingkan Kerayaan OK. Negara huru hara pun OK. Agaknya kalau disuruh tukar ugama pun OK, agaknyalah. Dosa belakang kira. Bak kata semuanya OKlah. Asalkan dia boleh dapat jadi PM. Bolehkah kita rakyat Malaysia terima dia jadi PM. Sudahlah. PO DA.

    Ingat nak sokong PAS. Tapi kebelakangan ini nampaknya, PAS pun lebih kurang macam Anwar. Kini pada PAS semuanya OK. Sampai titah Tuanku yang lebih arif tentang undang-undang dari kebanyakan rakyat itu pun dia nak tentang.(Ini gara-gara orang tertidur macam sayalah dulu. Itu saya, dulu bukan sekarang) Bayangkan betapa Tuanku menghormati kedua-dua MB dan Timbalannya. Belum pun ada jasa dah bagi Dato agar bersemangat mereka berkhidmat. Tapi apabila Tuanku suruh letak jawatan sebab beliau tidak lagi mendapat kepercayaan majoriti rakyat Perak, kedua-duanya menderhaka pula kepada Tuanku. Memang tak patut.

    Saya sokong cadangan supaya kesemua penderhaka dilucutkan gelaran Dato mereka. Ramai lagi rakyat Perak dan Malaysia yang telah memberi sumbangan lebih besar telah terlepas pandang oleh Tuanku dan juga Istana. Misalnya kaki tangan Kerajaan yang telah bergadai nyawa seperti Tentera dan Polis, bertungkus lumus memakmurkan negara seperti guru, doktor, jururawat, jurutera, kerani dan lain-lain. Mereka lebih sesuai jika dikurniakan darjah-darjah kebesaran Perak kerana telah berkhidmat untuk negara sepanjang hayat mereka. They are more deserving than this PENDERHAKA.


    Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku.

  5. Hi Bigdog,

    Why are we wasting our time discussing about these politicians. I am mad because the rakyat mandate is not respected. It matter not to me from which side of the divide they come from. As a Malaysian , politicians should not be able to take us rakyat for a ride. All politicians appear to be ‘busuk to the core ‘ and in their ‘sandiwara’ they drag everyone through the drain.

    They should remember whether they are BN or Pakatan, they are in the position because of rakyat mandate and should not do anything contrary to the mandate. Must have some legislations to ‘hang’ them because today the exodus could be one way and next week another way. We, the rakyat in the middle suffer, when all the focus should be on reviving the economy. Malas lah ………….

  6. Anwar now has to taste his own cock-tail.
    You may call it Frogarita.
    Its funny how Anwar, the cunning Master-Baitor is now swimming in his own vomit of self indulgence.
    Truly a certified sick person, this Anwar !

  7. BigDog,

    Out of curiosity, if this happens in Melaka or Penang, is there the “derhaka” element? I mean no Sultan no derhaka, correcto? And since we’re on this subject, how in the world did a Pahang guy become the TYT Melaka? Orang Melaka takde yang qualified ke? Any budak Melaka reading this, appreciate your comments.

    The nine states have their provision for the Sovereign Rulers to give their perkenan. So, the four states without Sovereign Rulers have their TYT to do that except for the issues involving Islam and Malay heritage, which HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong has the perogative. Whether it is “derhaka” not for these TYTs, its the court that needs to interpret this.

    Melaka and Penang have had non state born TYTs for a long time already. Raja Tun Uda of Selangor, Tun Awang Hussein and Tun Saadon Zubir, have served Penang as TYTs. So were Tun Abdul Aziz of Selangor, Tun Syed Zahiruddin of Perak and Tun Syed Ahmad of Kedah as ceremonial head for Melaka.

    Its the perogative of HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong at that time to appoint these people as TYTs.

    Whether a local born man should be deemed qualified and appointed as TYT, is something the rakyat is not involved to determine.

  8. It’s very interesting in this country. When Umno’s candidate for MB turned down by Sultan of Terengganu, he was unfair and was called “binatang”. When PR candidate refused to obey the sultan his datukship must be revoked. Yet all he is asking is do it constitutionally. Go for motion of no-confidence or dissolution. No he was not given and the sultan chose to dismiss unconstitutionally. I say so because dismissing a MB other than the mentioned methods was found in Perak constitution though people may argue sultan could do that. The question where is the compelling reason for such drastic action. Both parties have equal numbers except the three hoppers who call themselves as independents. Could they have become independent without their respective parties? One most important factor the sultan failed to notice is, he has set the precedence of party hopping as acceptable. Now politicians who disagree with their leaders would start negotiate with their rivals to jump which will prompt a lot of money and corruption to take place either to maintain them or to buy them.

    How come in this country everything BN does is legal and others opposing BN and UMNO are always wrong? The future Malaysia leaders are going to be nothing but corrupts of corrupts.

    In Terengganu, it was different. It was the same ruling aprty which won. The candidate of MB’s post was deemed unacceptable and HM wanted another candidate. BN accepted Tuanku Sultan Terengganu’s decision, despite the apprehension from the elected ADUNs.

    There is no party hopping in Perak’s case. The 3 ADUNs left their respective parties and did not join another. They only threw support behind BN, hence BN is able to form a new State Government.

    Party hopping was something Anwar propagated. So now he has a taste of his own medicine.

  9. A good lesson for Malaysians indeed. Hope everybody stops sleeping, now is the time to wake up.

    PR is BULL, they are nothing but gangsters. When BN lost, there was no street demo, no threat against the Sultan etc. Now, look at those PR clowns, want to sue the Sultan some more……..POdah!!

    Najib, good work! U should do the same with other States controlled by these bodoh sombong clowns.

  10. Ha ha ha

    Now the “penipu” rakyat shall taste their own medicine! After all, they are the one who came with the idea of “crossing over” in order to take the government. I still remember the time when they said it’s okay for any state or parlimentary representatives to cross over into their side.. **** was made by ****** and hadi boroi and so so so…but they have underestimated the power of DSNTR ha ha ha………….

    Kenapa dulu boleh, sekarang tak boleh wahai penipu rakyat? are you bigots a “two-alam” creature like frogs ha?

    Comments and opinions are welcomed. However, profanities are not.

  11. Royal push for immunity

    NOV 26 — A member of Malaysia’s constitutional monarchy has urged that full immunity for the Malay Rulers from criminal and civil proceedings be reinstated, hoping perhaps to tap the spring of positive vibes towards the institution since the general elections in March.

    The Regent of Negeri Sembilan, Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Jaafar said that if a Ruler exercised his duties in protecting the Federal Constitution in a fair and just manner, he should be protected as well.

    “The full immunity from civil and criminal proceedings should be reconsidered so that he is on par with other constitutional monarchs around the world…Royal immunity has been lost for 15 years. It needs to be reclaimed and reinstated so that the constitutional monarchy can be restored to its full sovereignty so as to play a more fitting role in the 21st century as a guardian of the Federal Constitution,” he said when delivering a talk on the “The Role of the Constitutional Monarch in 21st Century Malaysia.”

    He noted that immunity is essential for the Malay Rulers. “Take the situation where we have a hung Parliament, the Ruler comes in to decide on a Prime Minister from one side of a political party and imagine if the other side of the political party opposes it and takes the Ruler to court,” said Tunku Naquiyuddin, adding that the loss of immunity was a major setback for the monarchy.

    His move to float this balloon is likely to be rebuffed by a number of stakeholders, including former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It was Tun Mahathir who led the charge against constitutional monarchy in the late 1980s and 1990s. Around 1992, the media exposed the excesses of the royalty and their extravagant lifestyle.

    It so happened that a hockey coach was assaulted by a member of the Johor royalty. This unleashed a wave of public anger against the Rulers and culminated in Parliament, amending the Constitution and withdrawing royal immunity.

    The personal immunity of Rulers was removed, except for the legal process relating to the performance of their duties.

    Some Malaysians may question the timing of Tunku Naquiyuddin’s statement on reinstating the full immunity of the monarchy. His father, the Ruler of Negeri Sembilan was recently in the dock in a legal tussle with a bank.

    A special court ruled that Tuanku Jaafar Tuanku Abdul Rahman had to pay Standard Chartered Bank nearly USD1 million to honour his commitment in a letter of credit over a business deal.

    This was the first time the special court had heard a case involving a member of the royalty.

    The Malay Rulers have been a pillar of strength and certainty since Election 2008 changed the political landscape and injected a degree of chaos in the system here.

    Royals such as Raja Nazrin Shah of Perak and the Sultan of Selangor have become voices of moderation and progress and have attempted to keep politicians and overzealous civil servants in the check.

    They and other members of the monarchy have also sought to make the Malay Rulers institution more relevant to these times.

    But this is the first time that one of them has come out publicly seeking for immunity against criminal and civil prosecution to be reinstated.

  12. […] ini. Episod terbaru ini jelas menunjukan kepimpinan seorang yang gila kuasa seperti Anwar, tergamak melakukan apa saja untuk berkuasa, termasuk berlaku ‘derhaka’ dan ‘ingkar…, yang menjadi simbol perpaduan, penaung ugama Islam dan adat resam dan budaya Melayu. Possibly […]

  13. The question to ask is this, are so called ‘lompat party’ allowed in a legit goverment? So let say if all the BN parliment guys goes to PR? will the goverment automaticlly become PR goverment?? I thought you have to do a vote of no confidence first then after that you got to have the AGUNG blessing and then will there be a new goverment..correct me if i’m wrong is not my strong point see..and further more…is it me or when you called the MB a DAP puppet ‘chinese puppet’ isn’t that racism??? I’m a mix my mum a chinese and my dad a malay..and I find the word an offence to me…and hold on just a minute…there’s more…so if you say to the agung “binatang” you get away with it and if you don’t want to step down from MB which the public decide on the election day legally you get a tittle demotion..hmm..well that’s democracy at the lowest level…and lastly…UMNO says it fights for ISLAM…soo…aren’t you forgetting something…or you didn’t read the quran or try to read it or try to learn from it…so if you ultimately fight for ISLAM…where is the law of hudud that is written inside the holy book of AL-QURAN!!!???????…i’m a conservative so tell me please…

  14. The decision by DYMM Paduka Sultan Pk to demand that Pakatan MB and Exco step down and BN takes over, is a very proper and constitution decision. It is not only equitable but also regal.
    He did what was right after the GE Elections on 8 Mar by consenting to Pakatan to form the Govt as some analysts pointed that Paduka Sultan if he were to play politics could have asked Tajol Rosli to form a Govt as the Pakatan is actually not a registered political party.
    He remained a monarch with conscience and most importantly backed by extensive legal knowledge and experience.
    Didn’t the Pakatan cohorts realised that the same Sultan gave them that opportunity to form the Govt in Mar 08?
    They cannot condemn his latest decision. Legally and constitutionally it was his right.
    The blatant reactions by Pakatan leaders especially Nizar may tantamount not only as treachery but also les majesty, an offence under the Penal Code.
    To threaten or even to block the entourage of the heir to the throne is a serious offence. If that were to happen in Thailand the security forces on duty would definitely had fired on the unruly crowd.
    Islam encourages its believers to be loyal to Allah, the Prophet, the clergies and of course those leaders who conduct themselves in accordance to the Islamic dictates.
    What happened at Bukit Chandan Kuala Kangsar was simply to be condemned – if they were from PAS then the party must ask themselves are they following the tenets of Islam?

  15. Dzulman, PAS is religious just in name only. Now we see the real PAS. By being what they are now, we know that they are as power crazy as DSAI. Don’t understand why they are so stupid. Can’t they see that they are just being used for other people’s agenda? Malays are being encouraged to fight with each other. This is not good for Malaysia.

    DSAI, I hope you drop dead. May Allah reciprocates to you whatever DOSA you had inflicted on Malaysia and its people.

  16. Ape lah sangat datuk ship pangkat pemberian manusia di dunia.

  17. Bro,

    I’m troubled by this episode mainly by the thinking by most posters and you yourself that the Sultan did the right thing under the constitution. Having the chance to read various articles and opinion pieces of this matter, it is safe to say that there is an ambiguity on the actual rights under the constitution of the Sultan to dismiss the MB. So why blame Nizar for trying to assert his rights? In my book he’s not being derhaka. Perhaps as many have suggested the more “Melayu way” would be for Pakatan to concede rather than humiliate themselves and inevitably the Sultan. But perhaps again the more “Melayu way” has proven to be our Archilles heel all along. We are known to be a rather compliant, accommodating race. Maybe Nizar is on to something that have eluded us Malays for eons. Nonetheless, the way he was forced out is rather distasteful, don’t you think?

  18. I agreed on your point Macahan…I mean Nizar non the less a human being..not an animal…if the Sultan ask him in a nice manner…like in an audience of DUN to actually lay down arm then…it is right for me….not by paper or media…thats a coward way…say it face to face…why and why…be a gentleman..ur a Sultan non the less a figure of religion and people..or are you as corrupt as all the politician???Sultan is only a title..remember that…this is not 14th century anymore where Sultan have ‘daulat’ nope…thats gone already…I the sultan still have daulat…Genting Highland won’t be build…and ppl please read the history…this is all start for Lord Reid before independence where Sultan only have rights on religion matter and economically ‘advice’ by the politician…why do i quote advice???because Sultan does not actually have power over political matter…and for Pakatan being an actually political party… don’t have to form a big party to beat BN…remember when we achieved independence???BN wasn’t still a party but a coalition of parties an alliance…

  19. shoot I push the submit button…well as for ppl who said PAS isn’t an ISLAMIC party…you better study more…seriously…go to Kelantan and truly see the government there…and if you still don’t agree…well let see UMNO then…shall we..they say they are the defender of MALAY and ISLAM..but..for 50years…have you ever seen HUDUD law that the holy book preach??? and remember…MALAY is a race…not a religion…so if an indian(mind my language) convert to islam does he/she become a MALAY???? and let see about the current news shall we…the GAZA occupation….why does the UMNO goverment didn’t do something about it???why only PAS want to debate about it and send humanitarian relief to them….hmm..odd doesn’t it…

  20. […] desperation, PR resorted to being BIADAP from being derhaka and ingkar to HRH Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak. This got majority of Malaysians came out and showed their […]

  21. […] Rakyat akan berjaya menjadi dasar baru Malaysia melalui proses ‘lompat parti’, masakan Kepimpinan Ketuanan Rakyat Perak begitu pedih untuk menerima realiti dimana DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan sebenarnta murka. Baginda dikatakan amat kecewa dengan pelbagai […]

  22. […] Dalam perkembangan berasingan, baginda DYMM Sultan Selangor juga bertitah atas fenomena rakyat menghamburkan perasaan marah, emosi dan penentangan kepada Sultan Azlan Shah sehingga tergamak berlaku penderhakaan dan ingkar. […]

  23. It looks as if the Perak DUN Speaker has more power over and above his own Sultan in that he could even nullify the appointment made by the Sultan by suspending the new MB and his EXCO. Whatever is the DUN Speaker’s interpretation of the law or whoever is advising him, it is ludicrous and absurd.

    DUN Speaker Siva even thinks that he too has the power to declare a DUN seat vacant and to command SPR to hold a by election on an unsigned letter purported to be the resignation letters of two DUN members.

    By the look of it, he thinks that he is above not only the Sultan but also the chairman of the election Commission.

    My view of his recent act of suspending the new MB and his EXCO is a direct challenge against the authority of the Sultan and he could be liable to be detained under the ISA for undermining national security if not charged under section 121A of the Penal Code.

    Assoc Prof Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin
    Law lecturer IIUM

    Bahasa Malaysia
    Speaker DUN Perak seolah-olahnya mempunyai kuasa mengatasi dan melebihi Sultannya sendiri sehingga boleh menggantungkan MB Dato Zambri dan Exconya yang dilantik Sultan. Apapun tafsirannya dan siapapun penasihat undang2nya, ianya tafsiran yang peilk dan janggal.

    Speaker DUN Perak Siva juga berfahaman bahawa dia juga berkuasa mengistiharkan mana-mana kerusi DUN kosong dan juga berhak mengarahkan SPR mengadakan pilihanraya kecil berdasarkan surat yang tiada bertarikh kononnya dua kerusi DUN adalah kosong.

    Nampaknya, Speaker DUN Perak bukan sahaja mengatasi kuasa Sultan bahkan mengatasi kuasa pengerusi SPR juga.

    Pada pandangan saya, tindakan Speaker Dun Perak menggantungkan MB baru dan EXCOnya adalah suatu tindakan mencabar kedaulatan dan titah Sultan dan suatu perbuatan yang membolehkannya ditangkap dan ditahan dibawah ISA kerana menggangu gugat keselamatan negara dan atau didakwa dibawah seksyen 121A Kanun Keseksaan.

    Prof Madya Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin
    Pensyarah Undang2 IIUM

  24. […] KURANG AJARNESS of DAP Leaders is getting over bearing. It is almost that they simply want to provoke and test the patience of the majority […]

  25. […] Negara’ during the height of Reformasi movement ten years ago. They are now willing to be ‘ingkar and derhaka‘, in their greed for political power and at the expense of civility, normalcy and adherence to society’s protocol and traditions. […]

  26. Dari Prof Madya Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin
    Pensyarah Undang2 IIUM

    Komen saya terhadap rancangan “Hujah, NTV9” pada 9.30 – 10.30 malam siaran langsung dari UiTM – “Krisis Perak”.

    Ahli2 panel akur (concede) bahawa adalah hak Baginda Sultan mengikut kewajarannya (budibicaranya) untuk atau tidak membubarkan DUN Perak.

    Prof Dr Shad Faruqi tidak menolak bahawa adanya ruang (secara implikasi) dibawah Fasal 16(6) Undang2 Tubuh Negeri Perak bahawasanya jika permintaan MB untuk DUN dibubarkan tidak diperkenankan, MB berserta EXCOnya hendaklah meletakkan jawatan. Namun disini Prof Shad tidak memberikan jawapan nyata (express) bagaimana jika MB Dato Seri Nizar enggan berbuat demikian. Pada pandangan saya (Dr Abd Rani), jika Dato Seri Md Nizar engganpun, itu tidak relevan kerana akan dianggap sebagai sudah meletakkan jawatan (mahu atau tidak). Hanya selepas itulah MB dan exco baru dilantik Baginda Sultan.

    Sebab Dato Seri Nizar memohon DUN dibubar tidak lain dan tidak bukan bahawa beliau sendiri akur (conceded) sudah kehilangan majoriti ADUN2 dan beliau pun tidak sekali-kali mohon kepada Sultan sidang diadakan bagi menentukan sejauh mana undi tidak percaya terhadapnya itu betul. Maka bila Dato Seri Md Nizar memohon DUN dibubar, padahnya adalah beliau dan exconya (Majlis Eksekutif) shall tender resignation jika permohonan untuk membubarkan DUN tidak diperkenankan Sultan.
    Justeru, untuk kemudiannya mengesyorkan DUN dibubar sebagai jalan terbaik adalah merupakan langkah terkebelakang setelah akur bahawa sememangnya Baginda Sultan mempunyai budibicara untuk atau tidak membubarkan DUN.
    Bubarkan DUN bukan lagi suatu opsyen setelah Baginda Sultan membuat keputusannya (res judicata) kerana itu ibarat tidak menghormati dan mengingkari keputusan Baginda Sultan.

    Pandang Prof Dr Shad yang mengatakan bahawa dalam kes Stephen Kalongningkan DUN sememangnya “masih bersidang” sedangkan diPerak sudah ditangguhkan tanpa tarikh ditetapkan sekian lama (adjourn sine dine) perbezaan itu pada saya (DrAbdul Rani) tidak membawa apa-apa makna yang kuat. Fasal 16(6) tidak menetapkan sokongan majoriti ADUN2 hendaklah (shall) diraih dalam sidang DUN. Maka penentuan Sultan diistannya bahawa sokongan majoriti sudah berpihak kepada BN adalah tidak salah disegi undang2. Bahawa adalah lebih baik sokongan majoriti ADUN2 dibuat semasa sidang DUN samalah seperti elok sembahyang dimasjid berjemaah berbanding sembahyang sendiri dirumah. Ataupun memberikan pengajaran (lecture) didalam kelas berbanding di padang rumput – namun sah tetap sah. Lagipun Dato Seri Nizar sudah akur (concede) beliau tidak ada lagi majoriti dan minta DUN dibubar. Fakta ini tidak lagi perlu dipertikaikan (not a fact in issue – agreed fact).

    Berkenaan Fasal XXXVI (1) Undang2 Tubuh Negeri Perak jelas bahawa Sultan mempunyai kuasa dan hanya bertanggungjawab mengadakan paling tidak satu sidang setiap 6 bulan – tempoh ini pun belum tamat dan akan hanya tamat mengikut kata panel2 itu – 15 Mei 2009.

    Perkara XXXVI (1) Undang-Undang Tubuh Kerajaan Perak Darul Ridzuan memperuntuk “DYMM hendaklah dari semasa ke semasa memanggil bersidang Dewan Negeri itu dan tidaklah boleh membiarkan tempoh enam bulan berlalu di antara perjumpaan yang akhir lepas dalam satu persidangan dengan tarikh yang ditetapkan bagi perjumpaan yang pertama dalam persidangan yang di hadapan.”

    Pun begitu, untuk sidang itu sah, suatu notis hendaklah diisukan oleh setiausaha DUN yang mana tidak dibuat. Notis ini adalah mandatori (wajib) sepertimana yang saya faham dari perbincangan panel2. Pun begitu,

    PT 1 (Perintah Tetap DUN) yang mengatakan “maka Setiausaha Dewan hendaklah membacakan Pemasyhuran DYMM Seri Sultan Perak Darul
    Ridzuan memanggil mesyuarat..”.

    Maka Sultan mempunyai kata akhir (ultimate say) dan jika belum diperkenankan Sultan, jika sidang dibuat diDewan pun adalah tidak sah apatah lagi ditempat yang tidak diwartakan iaitu dibawah pokok?

    “PT 10 (1) mengatakan “ Penggal Dewan hendaklah diadakan pada waktu dan tempat sebagaimana yang ditetapkan oleh DYMM Seri Sultan Perak Darul Ridzuan dari semasa ke semasa melalui perisytiharan dalam Warta,”

    Fasal XXXVI (1) Undang2 Tubuh Perak memberi Sultan kata akhir (ultimate say) samada sidang DUN boleh atau tidak dibuat. Dalam hal ini, saya tidak nampak relevannya perbezaan samada sesi DUN di tangguhkan, prorogue atau sebab dibubarkan seperti mana pandangan Prof Dr Shad bahawa jika di tangguhkan perkenan Sultan tidak diperlukan lagi. Bukankah sultan mempunyai kata akhir (ultimate say, veto) dibawah Perkara XXXVI (1) Undang-Undang Tubuh Kerajaan Perak Darul Ridzuan untuk memerintah agar sidang yang ditangguhkanpun supaya tidak dibuat sehingga arahan selanjutnya dari Baginda Sultan. Tindakan “mengunci” adalah bukti Sultan tidak perkenankan sidang itu dibuat.

    Indulgence (kelonggaran) Baginda Sultan tidak boleh ditakrifkan sebagai bermaksud bahawa sidang DUN boleh dibuat tanpa perkenan atau permasyuharan Bagina Sultan sepertimana terdapat dalam Undang2 Tubuh Negeri Perak

    Bahawa hujah SPR adalah badan bebas dan tidak tertakluk kepada Speaker DUN dalam menentukan casual vacancy lebih kuat dan logik. Kuasa SPR sepertimana terkandung didalam Akta Pilihanraya. Speaker DUN sekadar pengaturcara/referee semasa sidang DUN, dan SPR tidak menjawab (accountable) kepada Speaker DUN. Apakah surat yang tidak bertarikh itu sah? Mengikut Mahkamah tidak. Mengapa? Dibawah undang2 kontrak pun, suatu perjanjian yang dipaksa (oppressive, undue influence dan sebagainya) adalah voidable (kesahannya boleh ditolak). Maka ADUN2 lompat itu sudah menafikan perletakkan jawatan mereka dan membatalkan surat tersebut. Lagipun mandat ADUN adalah dari rakyat (pengundi2) bukan dari parti – maka apa hak parti meminta mana2 ADUN letak jawatan jika melompat? Bukankah itu undue influence -dan dalam kontrakpun adalah voidable? Apapun, SPR bukan dibawah arahan Speaker DUN.

    Lompat itu sah disisi undang2 dan dibenarkan oleh perlembagaan.

    Jika parti2 politik dapat sampai kesuatu settlement, memanglah baik. Jika tidak Mahkamah adalah penyelesaian terbaik sama ada menang atau kalah. Membubarkan DUN pada saya adalah langkah kebelakang setelah Baginda Sultan membuat keputusan dan seoalah-olahnya tidak menghormati kewajaran Sultan ataupun Sultan kononya tidak menggunakan kewajarannya bila tidak perkenakan DUN dibubar.

    Adakah hanya kerana 3 ADUN, Sultan dikehendakai bubar DUN? Dengan membubarkan DUN bermakna ADUN2 yang lain turut terpaksa hilang kerusi-kerusi mereka juga? Mereka-meraka ini tidak mempunyai ataupun menimbulkan apa-apa masaalahpun. Maka dimana ketidakwajaran Sultan?

    Bila Pakatan Rakyat mewawarkan lompat beramai-ramai ADUN ke pihak mereka tiada pula masaalah – maka kenapa pula kerana tiga ADUNyang melompat – isu ini diperbesar-besarkan. Rakyat perlu fikir, apakah mereka berfikiran dengan baik dan wajar? Apakah mereka ini mewakili semua rakyat Malaysia atau semua rakyat Perak atau sebahagian besar/ sebahagian kecil sahaja?

    Saya dah berulang-ulang kali mengatakan bahawa jika pengundi2 merasakan mereka telah ditipu dan tertipu dengan calon DUN mereka – bukankah yang “menipu” adalah calon tersebut – dimanakah salah Sultan? Adakah calon tersebut disarankan Sultan atau PKR/DAP? Siapa yang cuai dalam mencalonkan ADUN2 yang melompat tersebut? Maka siapa sebenarnya cuai – Sultankah?

    Maka soal wajar DUN dibubar atau tidak, yang sudah berlalu biarlah berlalu – sekarang tugas Mahkamah menyelesaikan dan pihak2 yang menyalah guna kuasa atau menggunakan kuasa yang salah perlu dipertanggungjawabkan.

    Prof Madya Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin
    Pensyarah Undang2 IIUM

    Terima kasih.

    Menyingkap kisah PRU 12 8 Mac 2008, Barisan Nasional hanya mendapat 28 dari 59 kerusi DUN Perak. Selebihnya, 18 DAP, 7 PKR dan 8 PAS dan secara logiknya, kesemua 31 ADUN ini TIDAK AKAN MEMBERIKAN SOKONGAN kepada BN.

    Maka DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Perak perlu menawarkan jawatan Menteri Besar kepada ADUN yang mendapat sokongan majoriti, setelah MB Perak VIII Dato’ Seri Mohd. Tajol Rosli Tan Sri dtak lagi ‘menikmati sokongan’ majoriti tersebut. Lalu baginda menjemput kesemua 31 ADUN Bukan BN dan yakin bahawa mereka sebulat suara bersetuju memberikan sokongan kepada ADUN Pasir Panjang Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin keyakinan untuk menubuhkan Kerajaan Perak yang baru.

    Oleh itu, YAB Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin dijemput DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Perak untuk menjadi Menteri Besar Perak IX.

    Hujung Januari 2009, dua ADUN PKR dan seorang ADUN DAP serta ADUN Bota (yang isytihar keluar UMNO) mengisytiharkan bahawa mereka tidak lagi menyokong MB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin. Sebaliknya, mereka bersetuju untuk menyokong BN.

    MB Nizar mengadap DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Perak untuk mendapat perkenan membubarkan DUN Perak.

    Namun baginda memilih untuk bertemu kesemua 27 ADUN BN + 2 ADUN PKR + 1 ADUN DAP +1 ADUN Bota (yg bersetuju kembali kepada BN) dan yakin bahawa BN mendapat sokongan majoriti DUN Perak. Oleh demikian, baginda memecat MB Nizar dan mengundang ADUN Pangkor Dato’ Dr. Zambry Abd Kadir sebagai MB Perak X.

    Baginda memilih cara yang sama untuk menentukan pihak yang mana layak untuk diundang menubuhkan Kerajaan Perak dalam kedua dua senario, iaitu bertemu ADUN yang terlibat.

  27. The Federal Court (5 judges) unanimously held (9th April 2009) that the Election Commission had the authority to determine whether there is or not a casual vacancy.

    Indeed sivakumar is brave enough in tinking that he was above and over the Eection Commission.

    Whether wrongly or rightly decided, these 5 Federal Court judges cannot agree with Sivakumar.

    Soalan seterusnya adalah, adakah dia mengatasi Sultan pula bila menggantungkan Dato Zambri dan EXCOnya?

    Prof Madya Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin
    Pensyarah (Public Law) IIUM

  28. […] style of leadership, which they dared to resort of being blatant ‘derhaka and ingkar’ as well, was a clear-cut Anwarista SOP was being clearly portrayed during the Perak Government […]

  29. […] decisively reprimand them in accordance to the limit of the law and HRH Paduka Seri Sultan should seriously consider to revoke all the state awards. If they do things that are detrimental to national security, which include sedition, then throw […]

  30. […] The all hell broke loose. Suddenly, PR leaders are not willing to play by their own rules of the game they wanted to create in the first place, which is ‘jumping ship and crossing over’. The moment they had face the music, they want to change the rules and steps. DAP-puppet MB Nizar contradict his own earlier statement and they are willing and ready to defy HRH Paduka Seri Sultan’s titah and be in state of ingkar and derhaka. […]

  31. […] Monarchs as long as their political agenda is met and otherwise, they incite the rakyat to do the most unCOnstitutional things. Suddenly, these totally innocent people got themselves exposed to threats against their right as a […]

  32. […] Pakatan Rakyat Primates in their sordid attempt of being ingkar and derhaka, have put the state of Perak in […]

  33. […] of Malaya’. Nevermind Anwar was the mastermind of the attempt to insitgate the rakyat to revolt against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak. Nevermind the fact that Anwar instigated IPTA students for the so-called ‘death due […]

  34. […] 2. The Perak pseudo-constutional crisis and the ‘revolution’ against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak […]

  35. […] Anwar yang dituduh untuk kali kedua bagi jenayah sumbang seks meliwat dalam tindakan ingkar kepada DYMM Paduka Sultan Perak Februari 2009 harus juga diambil kira. Jelas, pemimpin seperti Anwar dan Chua merupakan petualang […]

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