Conundrum in Kedah Ketuanan Rakyat

Words have reached HRH Sultan of Kedah that a certain state Executive Councillor (Exco) taken a married woman as his second wife. It is learnt that the Sultan was disheartened to learn that the Exco had the audacity to take oath before him, knowing fully well that he had committed an offence.

The Exco and the second “wife” are liable to be charged under Section 7 (1) of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976. Action can be taken under section 494 of the Penal Code. They could be jailed 7 years.

The Exco married the married woman without divorcing his wife of 17 years.

She, who is 19 years younger, married the Exco without divorcing her second husband whom she married after the death of her first husband. A group of people are staging a protest at the Sungai Petani Municipal field at 3pm on 9 Feb  2009 as they felt that the Exco  has insulted the Sultan by taking an “illegal” wife as escort to official functions.

Section 7 (1) of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976

Any person lawfully married under any law, religion, custom or usage who during the continuance of such marriage purports to contract a marriage under any law, religion, custom or usage in contravention of section 5 shall be deemed to commit the offence of marrying again during the life-time of husband or wife, as the case may be, within the meaning of section 494 of the Penal Code.

Every person found guilt of bigamy within Malaysia shall be liable to punishment under Section 494 of the Penal Code.
Section 494 of the Penal Code

494. Marrying again during the lifetime of husband or wife.

Whoever, having a husband or wife living, marries in any case in which such marriage is void by reason of its taking place during the life of such husband or wife and whether such marriage has taken place within Malaysia or outside Malaysia, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven (7) years, and shall also be liable to fine.

There is an exception to Section 494 of the Penal Code. The Section does not extend to any person whose marriage, with such husband or wife, has been declared void by a Court of competent jurisdiction, nor to any person who contracts a marriage during the life of a former husband or wife, if such husband or wife, at the time of the subsequent marriage, shall have been continually absent from such person for the space of seven (7) years, and shall not have been heard of by such person as being alive within that time, provided the person contracting such subsequent marriage shall, before such marriage takes place, inform the person with whom such marriage is contracted, of the real state of facts so far as the same are within his or her knowledge.

A person who commits an offence defined in Section 494 of the Penal code with concealment of the former marriage from the person whom subsequent marriage is contracted shall be liable to punishment under Section 495 of the Penal Code.

Section 495 of the Penal Code

495. Same offence with concealment of the former marriage from the person with whom subsequent marriage is contracted.

Whoever commits the offence defined in section 494, having concealed from the person with whom the subsequent marriage is contracted the fact of the marriage, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten (10) years, and shall also be liable to fine.

It has been said, the Exco is very interested in quitting and probably, jumping ship. He and his fellow party members have been known to voice out dissatisfaction on how the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Kedah State Government has been run. This is another highly probable case of Ketuanan Rakyat Government and Leadership crumbling down.

Now, the thirteen million Ringgit plus question is, how would MB Azizan, PAS President Hadi Awang and party-less Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim react to this and  their ‘pre-emptive strike’ mechanism, as always? Of course, the ‘fun’ would not be complete without statements from DAP Chairman Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang and Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, which like always will complicate things further.

*Updated 525pm

Kedah Exco V Arumugam has quit from the state post, but remained ADUN for Bukit Selambau. He wrote a letter directly to HRH Sultan of Kedah.

The Star has the story:


Published: Monday February 9, 2009 MYT 1:25:00 PM
Updated: Monday February 9, 2009 MYT 4:31:35 PM

PKR’s Arumugam quits Kedah exco seat (updated)



ALOR SETAR: Kedah executive council member V.Arumugam has relinquished his post but will continue as Bukit Selambau state assemblyman, Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak announced Monday.

Arumugan was initially an independent who joined PKR after winning the Bukit Selambau state seat in the general election last March.

He was said to have informed PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of his decision at a discreet meeting in Ipoh on Sunday.

PKR state training bureau chairman Zambri Yusuf said Arumugam has made known his intention to Anwar at the meeting.

“Arumugam has decided to quit his position as an exco due to the mounting pressure on him and his family to defect to Barisan Nasional.”

Speculation has been rife for weeks that Arumugam intended relinquish his post due to the mounting pressure to stay in Pakatan Rakyat or defect to Barisan as an assemblyman.


V Arumugam was elected as ADUN for Bukit Selambau during 12th GE 8 March 2008 as an independent, defeating the MIC candidate. The PKR Kedah Chief Zamri Yusof, whose nomination was rejected by the Election Commission, had offfered Arumugam to join his party and a Kedah Exco seat upon winning the Bukit Selambau DUN seat, since Pakatan Rakyat wanted a multiracial State Government.

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  1. uhhhh the plot thickens for PR Penipu Rakyat

  2. Big Dog,
    Do you think the Gamuda theories are correct? Thanks

  3. BD,

    Protest sini, protest sana, protes merata-rata. Over the slightest of issues, no matter big or small. Looks like the spark started by the November march two years ago has taken a life of its own.

    If an offense has been done by the Exco as you reported above, let us hope the authorities act quickly to charge him and his wife in a court of law. May justice prevail. Let that be the end of his political career, unlike mca’s infamous leader still going strong it seems.

    Kudos to the team that persuaded those friendly independents to abandon their camp. It was politicking at its finest, showed great improvisation, more finesse, than the plain crossover, at least on paper it still looks ethical as they are merely independents who supported BN. What would have been great is for them to come out with an official statement why they abandoned the sinking ship, that would have been a great pr and morale boost for BN.

    Things look good, BD.

  4. I heard one of the senior ministers in Umno had an extra-marital affair with a married woman. Because he was madly in love of her physical attractiveness this minister divorced his first wife with children, offered compensation to the husband of the woman he was having affair with. Only after that the husband agreed and divorced this woman so that the minister could marry her.
    Today she is very famous and waiting for the husband’s promotion.

    Can you verify this?

    No I can’t. This posting is about the Kedah Exco. Please focus on the issue at hand and not other unrelated issues.

  5. That guy has been reported resigned from his post. Eventhough he has breached the Section 7 (1) of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, he is more noble than the four frogs in Perak. As a Malay I respect him more than the three Melalyus and one China in Perak.

    Pray for another buy election that will sink deeper into BNs wound. At least it is a landslide for the people of Bukit Selambau in terms of the needed development that was not heeded by BN..

  6. ****** ……………..apa nak comment. tak boleh pakai…

    Also, i noted that PR MPs are like pariah except for a few souls. Most of them are low class and good for nothing. Who am i to judge them but representing rakyat???

    hello… how to distinguish them from UMNO which is also made up predominantly of kucing ***** alias nangka busuk fellas???

    habis lah parliament malaysia.

    Comments are welcomed. However, profanities are not!

  7. satu lagi kerajaan akan muncul tunggulah. politik bosan, bosan, bosan.

  8. Kedah Exco member V Arumugam from PARTI KEADILAN RAKYAT, has relinquished his post today.

    Lee Kok Liang,

    Thanks for the alert.

  9. Poor guy. Luckily, he quit PKR to join BN. Now everything’s ok. Unlawful only if you are with Opposition. Once crossed over, no more salah, like the two guys in Perak facing corruption charges. Once crossed over, boleh selesai lah. Besides, this guy now can also expect $$$.

  10. Thank You for sharing your posts. Many many informations that I never heard before. 🙂

  11. Those who call people Pariah unnecessarily, please bear in mind. In the early days, part of those Hindus who converted to other major religions did so to escape being called as Pariahs. So, folks look around yourself, there could be some of your relatives who are known as same race as yours on their IC could have been the products of those Pariah roots. If that’s the case it equates to spitting on your own face.

  12. Thanks Big Bro for the info. Politic aside, susah juga ye untuk orang bukan Islam kalau jatuh cinta lebih dari satu. Maunye masuk jel!

    Itulah pasal. Kalau orang Bukan Islam tinggal bersekedudukan saja, memang tak menyalahi undang undang. Tapi dalam kes Arumugam ni, dia berkahwin (cara Hindu).

  13. very sad to note that his resignation me to do with his own personal lust but the blame shot off straight to BN claiming he been kidnapped and balckmail upon if he doesnt join BN or MIC or whatever.

    how irony this Indian could make a blunt remarks as such. macam orang kebulor sangat poddaaaahhhh….. dapat sekor pun takde makne nye …porek.

    menyampah betul kekadang dengan propaganda PR ni. PAS pun sekor lagi. wei bigdog u wanna eat tose somemore aaa…..


    I’m afraid, I am no fan of thosai. Infact, I am not a fan of Indian or Mamak food. My system cannot tolerate spicy food … 🙂

  14. mr suresh, the word ‘pariah’ is no more exclusive to the indians. the word now an universal and acceptable term in english vocabulary to describe an outcast in not only a social situation but also a political statement. remember south africa once was regarded by many a pariah nation because of its apartheid regime. similarly, the term ‘amuk’ which was synonymous to the malays when describing the dangerous behaviour of a person when he goes on a rampage with a parang, is now used to describe anyone who goes berserk and causing harm. recently we have seen some indians such as in hindraf had been afflicted by this amuk disease which is now no more exlusive to the malays..language is a living thing…

  15. Ini Arumugam tak guna punya orang. Bila orang tanya apa sebab dia mau berhenti, dia cakap BN selalu offer dia berjuta-juta Ringgit untuk masuk BN.

    Ini bukan kes nak tukar parti dari PKR kepada BN.
    Ini kes nak tukar BiNi.

  16. Notice all the crooked PR either resigned or jumped to BN.

  17. The 13 million $answer that DSAI says, is that crappy politicians is a disease of all parties. Well I would even say PAS, one of the colition partner is perhaps the most ethical and noncorrupt group of politicians.

    With regards to Karpal, well here is what we need; an open party system of democratic expression. In BN one is punished by expulsion and etc.


    (The Star Online Reports)

    Arrest warrant out for Mohd Osman

    IPOH: The Magistrates Court here has issued a warrant of arrest against Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu for failing to turn up in court for his corruption trial.

    His sister said he was hospitalised for observation because of a heart ailment, but was unable to produce an MC.

    His counterpart Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi also failed to turn up in court, but his lawyer produced the necessary documentation to prove he was unwell.

    The two, whose resignation from PKR last week sparked a sequence of events that ultimately saw the state government falling into Barisan Nasional hands, were charged in a Sessions Court on Aug 25 last year with allegedly receiving bribes over the application for a RM180mil housing project in Sri Iskandar in Perak Tengah.

    The case was heard Tuesday at the Magistrates Court because no Sessions Court judges were available

    Well, God works in mysterious ways.

    We are also sure that the late Bukit Gantang and Kuala Terengganu MPs were also looking fine and healthy few days before they were struck with heart attacks. Its unfair to make this statement.

    Let the Magistrate Court decide whether the accused was really ill when he failed to turn up for trial.

  19. Dah la gatal, lupa undang undang pulak. lepas tu, boleh lupa protokol pulak. That guy should resign, biggie!
    In fact, i’d kick his bigamist ass myself.

    But then again, this is not the first time the political world was rocked cos some guy cannot keep his pants zipped.

    Well, for non Muslim Malaysians, if one fornicate and practice extra marital sex, it does not break the Family Law. However, if he takes on another wife, its unlawful. An Exco should be careful about these things.

  20. Bro BGDC, Say No To Lompat party!

  21. […] RM 5 million.  Even DSAI himself told Rakyat that UMNO was responsible. However, some of us hear other version of story. Resignation caused by non-political factor. Which one is true? I do not know. To add worse story […]

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  26. […] Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering), Jamaluddin Md. Radzi (Behrang), Mohd. Fairus Khairuddin (Penanti), V. Arumugam (Bukit Selambau), Mohd. Radzhi Salleh (Lunas) and the most recent, Badrul Hisham Abdullah (Pelabuhan […]

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