Ketuanan Rakyat leaders deflecting and should be arrested under ISA to prevent instability


In light of the recent wrath of the Malays against DAP Chairman Karpal Singh for wanting to sue HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak for the dismissal of DAP–puppet MB Nizar Jamaluddin and appointment of Dato’ Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir as the Xth Perak Menteri Besar, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng now pushes the blame on fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad instead.

The Star has the story:

Saturday February 14, 2009

Blame it on Mahathir, says Guan Eng


GEORGE TOWN: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has blamed former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the uproar over Karpal Singh’s plan to sue the Sultan of Perak.

He said Karpal Singh, who is DAP chairman, was merely stating a matter of law that the Sultan could be taken to court.

Lim said it was Dr Mahathir who was behind the 1993 constitutional amendment that allowed Rulers to be stripped of their immunity from prosecution.

“If we look at history, the person who made this law is from Umno. If you want to place blame, then blame the Umno person who is responsible for the deed,” he told reporters before receiving a courtesy call from the Penang Bar Committee at his office in Komtar yesterday.

In Petaling Jaya, Karpal Singh said there was no legal basis to banish him from Perak.

“I firmly stand by my opinion that the Sultan of Perak can be sued in court in his official capacity for having dismissed the Pakatan state government,” he said in a statement.

He said under the Banishment Act, 1959 (Act 79), he could not be banished from any states in the Federation of Malaysia because it is an Act relating to the banishment and expulsion from Malaysia of persons other than citizens.



Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad amended the Federal Constitution in 1993 to revoke the immunity of HRH Rulers for private conduct. This is to ensure that HRHs be responsible on their own actions , moreover when they act on personal capacity. However, if and when HRHs act in their capacity as Sovereign Rulers, the immunity still stands. The institution of HRHs as the symbol of sovereign  and custodian of the Constitution is still intact.

In the episode where HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak gave a titah for DAP-puppet MB Nizar to stand down immediately and Dr. Zambry to take over, was really a situation where an act in accordance with the Perak State Constitution. HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak evaluated the situation and interpreted the provisions that warrants the change-over of the State Government. After all, DAP-puppet MB Nizar did announce to the press that he was ready for any of Tuanku’s titah, when he sought audience to disssolve the Perak State Assembly.

Unable to deal with ‘defeat’, Pakatan Rakyat leaders resorted to their usual antics, which include street demonstrations that turned violent. They resulted to instigate the rakyat to go against the decision. One of it is to drag HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak to court.

This is really a sordid attempt to deflect a situation where the rakyat, especially amongst the Malays have came out in strength to voice their anger on Karpal’s biadabness. Many who have been indifferent on politics now chose to take sides because of this over-biadabness.

The Government should really look into the situation where the Malays sporadically illustrated their anger clearly on the issue. So far, 98 Police reports have been made against DAP Chairman Karpal by different NGOs and UMNO leaders. Drastic actions should be taken to contain the situation, especially from escalating any further.

The Home Minister should consider using the Internal Security Act (ISA) against Pakatan Rakyat leaders as their actions have resulted in so many rakyat showing their anger. The anger and wrath of the Malays could resulted with instability and disharmony across the country. This should be prevented and ISA is specifically designed for the prevention against internal security threats.

Mere bannishment from the state is simply inadequate. DAP Chaiman Karpal should be hauled for this. So should other Pakatan Rakyat leaders like deposed DAP-puppet MB Nizar and DAP Jurassic leader Lim Kit Siang. The real dalang, party-less Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim also should be arrested for master minding all these. The pattern of losing power and instigating anger of the rakyat now is all to familiar just as when the was sacked as the Deputy Prime Minister on 2 September 1998. The only difference is that now, he was careful enough not to have a tagline (“Reformasi” or the likes) for this attempt to create and instigate public outrage against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak.

This should stop now, at all cost. Peace, harmony and stability nation is paramount., especially in trying times. The maruah of HRH Rulers should be defended. It is  really bad when a HRH Sultan had to speak out against the outrage against civil modesty, which PR leaders are staging at the moment in defiance. The Government should not allow Pakatan Rakyat manipulate the situation further and create confusion amongst the rakyat. Some might resorted to demonstrating their wrath in ways we would be sorry for.

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  1. 1,000 UMNO supporters (like you) turned up with chants of Daulat Tuanku.

    35,000 turned up to show support for YB Nizar.

    I guess we know who has the support of the people, and what is nothing more than an UMNO ploy.

  2. The government under the present leadership prefers a free-for-all street brawl. To the top ceo of the government, catering for the minority takes precedents. He knows not what hrh is to the malays.

    From the very beginning of his premiership, deep down, he is dap+pkr.

    The present on goings, suits his secret agenda well. It is his last hurrah-horrey.

  3. I agree with On February 14, 2009 at 12:13 pm First Born.

    From where I’m standing right now it seems that the theory of so called freedom of speech is the real agenda of Mr Flip-Flop himself.

    I really hope the MALAYS will wake up and see the real picture.

  4. Agreed at that time these two mamaks Mahathir and Anwar bulduzzed the amendments which still considered unconstitional because no cosent from DYMM Majlis Raja Raja?We the 46 PAS and other opposition tried to stop them but failed.

  5. Teman berpendapat semenjak krisis tercetus dan sehingge 31hb Mac, tiade ape yang jelas tegas cergas akan di ambil olih kerajaan pusat,sebab masing masing yan terlibat di Kabinet melayani haluan servivle sendiri yanani ,aku jadi ape pade 1 hb April nanti.PEE EEm yan akan bersara sedang teralu cbok ngan rites and shakhands.

    Olih yang demikian semua oran termasuk EMBEE dulu dan EXCO dulu dan loyar loyar nya kan mengambil kesempatan akan “leader ship vaccum”.
    “buat rumput kering ketika matahari bersinar”.
    kasihan le Perak,kasihan lah Malaysia.
    changkat lobak.
    arjuna waspada

  6. We should understand what TDM had done in order to blame him.

    Making the Sultans go on trial if he did wrong is not the same as humiliating them.

  7. Well wriiten Big Bro.

    Dear Keith Rozario,

    The 35,000 Morons you are talking about are the same jobless people that go around the globe for the purpose of protest. These Morons do not represent anything. May I ask you how many immigrants and criminals involve in the 35,000 Morons?

  8. tuan big dog, saya ingin mengutarakan sesuatu. adakah ini semua permainan khairy dan anwar di mana mereka menggunakan serampang dua mata????
    kalau orang nak kutuk karpal, memang sepatutnya pun, tetapi jika kita cuba lihat dia cuba come clean apabila menyentuh tentang makhluk perosak anwar tu, saya rasa tersentuh juga. tak tau nak cakap la, game apa yang khairy n anwar are trying to play.
    apa apa pun, saya lebih berminat utk mengetahui apa yang karpal katakan tentang betapa anwar tak layak memimpin. tentang isu menghina raja, mengapa pula khairy tidak mengambil berat sangat sewaktu bapa mertuanya derhaka dengan agong beberapa bulan yang lalu. hish, fishy la.

    Pemimpin PR ini semua jenis ‘kaki wayang’. Oleh demikian, percubaan untuk ‘come clean’ mungkin perancangan licik untuk memberi simpati dan bermain “good cop, bad cop”. Orang apabila terdesak, sanggup berbuat apa saja, termasuk tikam sesama sendiri dari belakang.

  9. Jebat,

    I’m a Malay. I respect your opinion and always consider you to be one of the better bloggers around but I wish to point out to you there are Malays that have a differing stand to what you propagate. Appreciate then that you should consider rewriting this statement “In light of the recent wrath of the Malays against DAP….” to include the word “some” or any other words preceding the word Malays to reflect that not all Malays are in agreement with your point of view. I know that you quoted more than 98 reports were made against Karpal but UMNO does not represent me nor does these NGOs.

    I believe that no one is above the law. And so do you. And so should everyone who believes in the rule of law. I can agree with your posture on the demonstration. I think it’s a crude way of delivering on one’s point of view but having experienced firsthand how the authority acts or more precisely, react, to demonstration organised by non-BN or bodies who happened to have differing views with the BN government, I wasn’t surprised the KK demo turned out to be as you say ‘violent”.

    I cannot but disagree on your statement that our Sultan is untouchable. Dr Shad Faruqi had a nice article written in the STAR that clearly brought the issue to fore. He wrote that “from Day One of Merdeka, the King and the Sultans were open to civil suit for their official actions. They were only immune personally. In 1993 even the personal immunity was taken away.” There are dissenting views obviously but let the court decides. After all this is a constitutional matter and courts are always the arena to adjudge.

    The way I see it is that you are bent on equating the suit against the Sultan as an act of treason. Why? Isn’t the constitution supreme? What Karpal did is simply a recourse provided under the constitution. For you to conveniently accuse others of being derhaka on the basis of your Melayu lineage, I cannot accept it.

    Playing the race card is well-worn tactics of UMNO. Please enlighten me on your statement about Nizar being a DAP puppet. People say he’s discriminating against the Malays. When you ask them how, oh well, for a start he’s giving away lands to the Chinese. In the name of God, the Chinese that were given the land are deserving lots, people who have been toiling on the land for ages. But I suppose why let the truth gets in the way, right, especially when there’s always that Cina bogeymen theory that UMNO needs to perpetuate.

    To wit, unable to deal with ‘reality’, UMNO leaders resorted to their usual antics, which include as file many police reports as possible, call for use of ISA, counter with illegal demonstration, make sure the mainstream media spins thing. And always, always equate DAP with PAP, don’t forget to mention the Singapore Malay. And people wonder why some equate UMNO to the Nazi Party.

    To Cucu Tok Selampit : those 35000 jobless morons that you derided, they have more of my respect than you. Are you Pasquale in disguise?

    You are probably right. The will be Malays who would not agree with everything that we have here in BigDogDotCom. However, 98 Police reports sporadically lodged by all sorts of NGO in far flung places in the country basically illustrate the anger of a lot of Malays, if not majority. So what if you are minority and your dissenting voice on the issue is not reflected in this? The interests of the majority superceeds the interests of the minorities. That is the underlying principle of democracy.

    Yes, the Malays, especially UMNO, still hold position on representing the voice in Perak. Simple math shows that UMNO is the single largest party being represented in the Perak State Assembly.

    When a HRH Sultan acts on behalf of the state, he enjoys the immunity. Only when he acts on his own personal capacity, his immunity is lifted.

    It is so unclear with MB Nizar was a puppet to DAP. His Exco is DAP-centric. Even right from the start they wanted Perak DAP Chairman Ngeh to be sworn in as the IX Perak MB. However, that failed. Hence, Nizar was appointed. That’s why the Perak Exco decision all these while had been DAP-centric, despite DAP is only represented by 18 people against UMNO’s 28.

    So many Perak Malays are against the decisions decided by the Exco. It was said even HRH Paduka Seri Sultan also had his reservations. Of course, teh typical ‘Kurang Ajarness’ of the Perak DAP, including Exco members had also cropped up. One incident, it was said when the HRH Paduka Seri Sultan was briefed by the MB and Exco, one of the DAP Exco dressed ‘inappropriately’ and asked not to be in the briefing.

    If that’s the only argument, ‘deserving people who have toiled on the lands’, then same treatment (of giving away lands) to MNCs like Shell etc. should also be considered. Land issues had always been a state issue. Hence, the HRH Ruler should have a say how land matters be treated. In this case, many believed that HRH Paduka Seri Sultan was very unhappy on this issue as well.

    These ‘antics’ as you called them is actually an Anwar Ibrahim strategy and typical of his tactics. ‘Police report’ had always been his game. This is the reason why he got into trouble with the Azizan Abu Bakar thingy in the first place; Azmin Ali made a Police report on Khalid Jaffri’s book and then ACP Musa Hassan investigated on the case. Its also the same manner he asked his ‘Reformasi’ people do continuously ever since 3 September 1998.

    Now, PR is suffering from Anwar’s own bitter medicine!

  10. Big Dog

    Sorry, my salutation is for you and not Jebat.

  11. Brother,

    Have you heard the latest about Hishamuddin Aun, the Group Chief Editor of NSTP? Apparently, he has asked Jamaluddin Jarjis to talk to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to retain him as GEIC.

    It is disgusting as to how low he can stoop.

    Last week, Berita Minggu carried an interview with JJ and this week it was the Sunday Times, all by Hishamuddin’s instructions.

    I almost puked reading his column on Najib today. He is carrying balls lah.

    Last week he even kissed Rosmah’s a*se. And this is the same guy who has been going around saying that Rosmah is the actual Prime Minister-in-waiting. He has even said that Najib is being queen-controlled by Rosmah.

    And guess what? Hishamuddin has even dyed his hair black…

    p.s. Kenapa takut sangat Hisham? Kan kau dah banyak bagi bisnes pada isteri kau, owner of Casa Impian. You are part owner of the company. Takkan sampai nak jilat ju**r Rosmah, Najib dan JJ. Malulah sikit…

    Hang Lekir

  12. […] many variables. If this  ’social and racial unrest using political channel’ is what DAP Leaders set out to achieve, then the right tool to prevent should be deployed. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Obey the Sultan of Johor! Published […]

  13. […] Like expected, Anwaristas would not take defeat like true gentlemen. They would use every single avenue in the law process, to disrupt the appointment of the new BN Perak Government, even if it meant that the Perak Government is bought to near paralyse. Party-less Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is the dalang to all these derhaka. Pakatan Rakyat demonstrated their true colours: Power and nothing else. not even the interests of the nation. They even resorted to tactics of inciting hate and anger amongst the rakyat. […]

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