BigDogDotCom is two years old…..


BigDogDotCom celebrated its two years in operations minutes ago. With over 745 postings, 10,000 comments and two million visits, we at BigDogDotCom would like to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support and attention that everyone have given us these past two years.

The first posting after announcing BigDogDotCom is live online was about Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s boldness in challenging the West during the 3rd Perdana Global Peace Forum in February 2007.

The past year, a lot had came and passed, here in bloggosphere. BigDogDotCom  gained even mainstream media’s attention. However, the proudest moment for us here at BigDogDotCom is when we managed to attract the attention on Hashim Hussain Yaacob’s plight. The little effort we did, we managed to alleviate his condition, even for a short while.  That posting managed to get his Old Putra buddies to raise a substantial amount of money to help him, who was in dire needs. Unfortunately, Hashim was called to be with Allah s.w.t. on Thursday 12 February 2009.

Special mention is accorded to (now, Rocky’s Bru,, KMU Utara, KMU Selatan,, Malaysia and Another Brick in the Wall.

Again, two million thanks to all!

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