The Ketuanan Rakyat Conspiracy?


It seems the Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat Government scandals in Selangor have a slightly more complicated twist than what meets the eye. It is no longer about crack within the Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat, but more of a story of conspiracy.

This is about a high ranking PKR official and long time party-less Opposition Leader’s political secretary’s intention to ascend as the Selangor Menteri Besar (MB) if the Opposition takes over as the state government. However, former abuse-of-power convict Anwar chose former Guthrie Executive Chairman Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim instead.

The young and powerful PKR leader  have been said to be upset over this for some time. As commonly known, he has had many falling outs with Khalid and they are no longer on speaking terms. In the party hierarchy, he holds a more prominent position compared to Khalid. It  is also said that he is no longer on speaking terms with PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. Apparently, it seems because he feels sidelined in the party leadership. On top of that, rumour has it that this is about his wife. Her mere presence is said to be bothering Wan Azizah as the woman was said to be involved with Anwar at one point of time.

Anyway, the now infamous boyfriend of Selangor Exco Elizabeth Wong, who abruptly resigned recently in the height of the photo controversy, Hilmi Malek is the PKR  high ranking official’s boy. Whereas Elizabeth herself was Wan Azizah’s PA. There is a strong suspicion within PKR that this aspiring Deputy President may have had a role in leaking the photos because this would be a blow to Wan Azizah. It seems soon after the pictures were leaked, inferences were made from within PKR that Tan Sri Khalid may have had more than just a passing relationship with Elizabeth Wong.

More importantly, it might be a fatal blow to MB Khalid and the PKR strategist would have a strong chance assuming the seat of the Chief Executive of the wealthiest state in the Federation. The leakage of the 46 cows for Hari Raya Aidil Adha slaughter and the personal Lexus maintenance bill was also linked to his camp within PKR.

In any case, there is still some mystery looming about Eli Wong’s case. If there were just those photos of her asleep naked (which is not really “exciting”, unlike former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek late 2007) why is she resigning? They are after all photos taken without her knowledge.

The most probable answer is, rumour has it that she is resigning because there are still more photos that may surface. There is also rumours sprawling  around, it seems, a 35 minute video clip. However, contents are not certain.

Rumour has it that is most probably why she is resigning.

As they might always say, “There are honours amongst thieves”. Then again, this is not about common thieves. They are simply people who sordidly distrust each other. The back-stabbing is very apparent. This PKR story within Selangor Ketuanan Pakatan Rakyat has not even taken into consideration about how PAS is very dissatisfied with the unholy coalition. Not to mention  PAS’s champion of intellectualism and morality Dr. Hassan Ali’s uneasiness sitting on the same state Cabinet with the alleged DAP champion of brothels.

Are we surprise with this conspiracy theory? Then again, that was Anwar’s line of defense during his abuse-of-power and sodomy trial, all the way. As they, “What goes around, comes around”. Anwar, is tasting his own bitter medicine, again.

PKR had been always coveniently blaming BN, especially UMNO on almost every scandals they have to face. Most probably, this one is about a conspiracy within PKR to topple one of their own. It is widely known Anwar no longer can control Khalid.  Khalid has been said to be ‘listening’ to DAP within the coalition a little bit too much. If and when Anwar were to ask Khalid to step down in the overwhelming  controversy and sensation created by the MACC investigation, it proves the strong point that it was an ‘inside job’ all along. That is, conspiracy within.

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  1. Apa pun mari kita mengenali…


    Kesian kat dia orang ni. Tak tentu hala jadinya.

  2. hmmm…. this sounds like the work of…. Azmin Ali

    Heard that Anwar would dare slap the wife, but would never dare “touch” Azmin.
    Azmin is the keeper of Anwar’s secrets. And what Azmin wants, Anwar gives.

  3. There have been said that darker story relating to Azmin wife, Shamsidar Tahrin involving both Anwar and Azmin. That is why Azmin scratch Anwar’s back and vice versa. The politic in PKR will be in chaos in a short time.

  4. Big Dog,
    After PR takes over Federal Government, watchout, many will be thrown to jail in ISA. So you better move out with your illegal tax payer MILLIONS!! I hope you learn English this time when goto Australia!

    Jack Sparrow


    But we at BigDogDotCom, like many Malaysians, seriously doubt that PR will ever take over the Federal Government. Anwar Ibrahim is a compulsive liar. Its over five months now and yet NOT EVEN ONE BN MP crossed over to PR!

    Dream on!

  5. UMNO’s ailment has spread to the opposition, only it’s nastier there.

    Wong’s toy boy fits Anwar’s collection which justifies our suspicion. What????? Wong ang Khalid???? My, my…..Cleopatra Wong…ooops…I mean Elizabeth Wong sure gets around bro!!!

  6. One thing for sure the country is going to the dogs while politicians ponder who to screw next.

    That is what you get when Opposition leaders do nothing but just play politics. When they get to manage states, they simply did not do nothing progressive. Just like Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Perak.

    What is the point of the rakyat changing the management if what the new people do nothing but just mere rhetorics, day-by-day?

  7. Don’t worry too much. UMNO aka BN is in denial.. sleeping..dreaming…hallucination.. whatever it may be. The foundation is already shaking but don’t worry, UMNO will still think that they are indispensable.. Let UMNO sleeps. By the time, they wake up, most of them will be in jail for corruptions and abuse of power.

    Don’t you worry. UMNO is a party that withstood every single test there were, the past 63 years. And they came out champion all the time. UMNO was formed with nationalism as its soul. The same spirit weather us through independence, formation of Malaysia, the regional communist and superpower ‘chess game’, the regional Cold War, several economic crisis and recession, constitutional crisis and even Reformasi days.

    Pakatan Rakyat, especially PKR is a party formed out of convenience to suit someone’s personal agenda and nothing more. People like this can’t go far, especially when they are married out of convenience. Time and order of nature will show the truth. Like how PR Government collapse in Perak and failure (or non deliverance) starting to show in Selangor and Penang.

    UMNO will still be there for the Malays and Malaysia. Of course the dynamism of the world requires some adaptations. In the final analysis, as Al Capone says it “You want to know who the winner is, you wait who will remain in the ring when the bell strikes!”. By the grace of God or coincidentally (take your pick), it had always been UMNO: DULU, KINI dan SELAMANYA!</em

  8. The rakyat are waiting not in too far distant, when UMNO will start to disintegrate itself. Great powers such as Rome Empire, Chinese Dynasties, Majapahit, British Empire all start to decay internally. What is UMNO comparing to all these once great empires. But then UMNO thinks that they are invisible. It’s only by the goodwill of the East Malaysians that UMNO survive. But still they continue to show arrogance, corruptions, racial, and whatever more sins they are in. They steal Perak through their unethical act and they feel no shame over it. Come next election, their last bastion in Johor will be smashed and that’s where UMNO will be thrown into the dustbins forever. Thanks to almighty God. Amin.

    Funny. That is what they all say, probably to make themselves feel better that there is such glimmer of hope. In reality, their aspiration is based on hopes and nothing more. That is why they don’t actually have a plan, even when they are given the opportunity to do it. Like Selangor, Penang, Perak etc. Look at Kelantan these past 19 years.

    Likewise, UMNO carry the aspiration of nationalism; to ensure the survival of the nation is upheld through the spirit and soul of Perjuangan (something many, especially those who threw support behind PKR no longer value nor understand). Perjuangan is the single most important driving factor that brought Malaysia to what it is today.

    UMNO is a party of 3.2 million members. That’s 20% of the Malays in Malaysia. UMNO is the mainstay of support for ALL BN component parties in Semenanjung. Sabah has only a handful of UMNO MPs and none in Sarawak. BN holds 140 seat in the Dewan Rakyat of which only 31 comes from Sarawak. Means UMNO has the pivotal roles of providing support for the remaining 109 Dewan Rakyat seats. With constituencies where UMNO MPs have over 40,000 majority, much can be said for the confidence of the Malays on the party. The support of power in Malaysia lies upon UMNO and its members.

    That is why, till present, former abuse-of-power convict Anwar Ibrahim is NOT A MEMBER of any political party, despite now the Opposition Leader and defacto Leader of the Pakatan Rakyat. His ONLY HOPE to ascend into the Prime Minister’s seat is based on the ability of coming back into UMNO. No need rocket scientist to figure this out! Now this persona-non-grata is still hedging his hopes of making a comeback into the nationalist party.

    Some UMNO Leaders should not be there, for all the wrong reasons. UMNO has its own ways and system to rectify their Leadership issues and re-generate itself. Just like how Anwar was expelled on 3 September 1998. UMNO did become stronger even lead BN to win the landslide GE 11 March 2004, only one term after the chaos created by Azizan Abu Bakar-burgerer Anwar simmered into oblivion.

    Can the realm of Malaysian politics be gambled on non-ideological or personal vendetta movements based on personality cult? Which civilisation in history even started in this manner and actually had some footing?

    So, UMNO Leaders come and go and the nationalism spirit will stay on forever. DULU, KINI dan SELAMANYA!

  9. why is Anwar the ‘de facto’ leader of PR and not THE leader of it? because PR is not even a party. it’s a coalition (by word of mouth) of parties against BN. to up the ante, all these party in PR don’t even have the same major agenda. the only thing that unites them is the hatred for BN. that’s also why their supporters always act violently. they know that they are fragile…


    Should we trust people like these, to run our country?

    That’s the reason why Pakatan Rakyat failed in Selangor, Penang and Perak. PAS did not achieve anything in Kedah and Kelantan either.

  10. For all the ‘good’ politics of UMNO, it’s a humiliation that all its former presidents left the party with much regrets in their later life.. the list includes Onn Jaffar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Hussein Onn and Muhammad Mahathir. With the exception of Tun Razak who died earlier, as well as Abdullah Badawi who is going to leave office with much disgrace. What little honor is there left for an obsolete party except with a hugh liability of tainted UMNOputras.

    What UMNOputra?????

    No such word!

  11. Good one BD. This writing is RPK-esque and will surely appeal to those who really see the facade of the so called opposition. You have to fight fire with fire.

    If you listen carefully to all the opposition ceramahs then it is just the same old, same old of BN this that but nothing original on how to bring the country forward, it is as if the only thing they know how to do is to speak bad of BN. Tak ada modal langsung!

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  16. […] there is the intra-PKR ’sibling rivalry’ which is believed to escalate into a ‘conspiracy&#8217…. It was very clear that YB Azmin was partyless-Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King […]

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