Karpal Singh is the real culprit!


The truth is never what meets the eye. Oppositions in their capacity as agent provocateur, have inadvertently mastered the art of provocation, manipulation of facts, situation and emotions and perfected the art of deception.  In short, they managed to galvanize support by the majority’s dissatisfaction, despite the Oppositions’ inability to do better otherwise.

The ruckus outside Parliament on Thursday afternoon when a few UMNO Youth tried to meet up and get a reasonable explanation from DAP Chairman Karpal Singh from his utterance of “Celaka” and accusation of sending the two live bullets to him, was fully capitalized in his effort as ‘the antagonist was being victimised’.

The Star has the story:

Saturday February 28, 2009

‘We did not touch Karpal’


SHAH ALAM: Two Selangor Umno Youth leaders who confronted Karpal Singh outside the Parliament tower block say they have nothing to fear because they did not “even touch Karpal or his wheelchair” during Thursday’s commotion.

Instead, Serdang Umno Youth chief Ungku Mat Salleh Ungku Abd Jamal and Gombak Umno Youth chairman Megat Zulkarnain Omardin claimed that it was an opposition MP who started the ruckus by pushing them.

Ungku Mat Salleh said the 20-odd Umno Youth leaders had gone to Parliament on their own without any prior planning or instructions from anyone.

The Youth leaders said that DAP chairman Karpal Singh, as a senior citizen and leader, should know how to behave instead of uttering the word celaka in reference to Umno Youth during his debate speech on Wednesday, or claim that Umno Youth was responsible for sending bullets to him.

Ungku Mat Salleh said he entered the Parliament compound after obtaining a visitor’s pass. He and a few other Umno Youth leaders had a smoke while waiting for Karpal Singh outside the tower block.

When they saw the Bukit Gelugor MP arriving, they approached him and asked him to retract his statement, or repeat outside Parliament his allegations against the movement.

“We did not even touch him or his wheelchair,” said Ungku Mat Salleh, adding that Karpal Singh refused to answer and accused the Umno Youth leaders of preventing him from entering Parliament.

A few minutes later, Ungku Mat Salleh said that Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng came and, after some heated words, pushed him and Megat Zulkarnain. Megat Zulkarnain also said that he went to Parliament on his own accord.

“I just wanted to hear for myself what Karpal Singh had to say about calling Umno Youth celaka, such a rude and unacceptable word.

“I spoke nicely to Karpal Singh but it was someone else who was rude,” he said.

On the eight-man investigation committee set up to look into Karpal Singh’s complaint that the group who confronted him had committed contempt against the House, both the Youth leaders said they were not afraid because they did not start the commotion, or did anything wrong to Karpal Singh.


This demonization of UMNO Youth definitely got to stop. UMNO Youth was exercising their right to reply. The culprit here is  DAP Chairman Karpal Singh. He was the KURANG AJAR person who intended to drag HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan of Perak to court for interpreting and exercising his absolute ultravires Head of State’s call to not prematurely dissolve the Perak State Assembly, summarily dismiss DAP-puppet MB Dato’ Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin and instead appoint Dato’ Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir as the 10th Menteri Besar, after being convinced that BN had the voice of the majority in the State Assembly.

That saw the Malays explicitly demonstrated their wrath, nationwide. More than 100 Police reports were lodged against Karpal, UMNO units and NGOs. The Malays held demonstrations everywhere, including in front of his office in Jalan Pudu Kuala Lumpur and home in Penang. The anger was intensified till a point where two live pistol bullets were mailed to him, most probably as a ‘warning’ for his ultimate uncouth behaviour.

Karpal’s conduct unbecoming of an MP and Chairman of the party which is ruling the Penang state government, in the Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday is actually defying and insulting the Federal Constitution and Rukunegara. UMNO Youth reserve the right to challenge Karpal outside the augur hall, without the immunity to repeat his rude words and allegations. The UMNO Youth leaders who stepped up demanding Karpal’s personal explanation are those who are of very civil in nature.

Karpal is the sort of Opposition Leader who vehemently insults the system but instantaneously run back for protection and cover the minute he is threatened by his own provocation. Of course, whenever the system does not fulfill his whims and fancies, he would cry foul and uses his position as an ‘oppressed’ minority and Opposition to illustrate the harshness and brutality of the majority to victimise and undemocratically ‘punish’ someone like him.

Then again being a Punjabi lawyer, an anti Malay, anti Islam and chauvinist Opposition party chairman and paraplegic, makes him the ultimate minority. He uses  these positions and circumstances as an ‘immunity’ to provoke, antagonise and insult to the maximum and then the law is used as his ‘shield’.

UMNO Youth should not and never be apologetic in treating a KURANG AJAR like Karpal. The Malays cannot and should not be ‘bullied’ by people who use the system to ‘cover’ for the strategic game to dismantle the power of the majority. Karpal is managing and manipulating the circumstances and situation very well by making the majority as the ‘victim’.

This, by any count is nothing but civil-anarchism.

*Updated 1159pm

The Patriot by Tengku Putra Haron Jumat of Pulai UMNO strongly urged party leadership not to apologize on the issue.

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  1. Umno please shut up for once…yea…umno took away the immunity of the royalty 1993!mat taib run away with the sultan of selangor sister and married illegally!umno call the terrenganur royalty NATANG!umno call non malay PENDATANG!DONT FORGET….THOSE PENDATANG,that you LOW SCUMS call…is by far the main contributor to the economy!so….SHUT UP UMNO CELAKA YOUTH!!!

  2. umno does not represent all malays…umno adalah penkianat kepada melayu dan islam…umno adalah manusia paling keji di muka bumi malaysia ini!


    1. What happen if the chinese were to surround the guy that call us pendatang asing ?

    2. The UMNO YOUTH has made more than 100 police reports let the investigate. Is it that UMNO can take law at their own hands?

    3. If any of UMNO leaders or you receive 2 live bullets what will be the reactions?

    4. Please be rational and do not come to any conclusion by mere supporting the wrongdoings of those involved.

    PONDER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This sort of writing made you UMNo look like a real loser. If you guys committed wrong doing you do not blame others. I cannot see any explanation justify Pemuda UMNO actions.

    Please do not associate Malays with UMNO. I’m a Malay and never in my life I regarded myself as UMNO. And with regard to all the bullshit about UMNO supporting Sultan please do not treat us as a fool. We know what you’re doing.

    For the past 50 years Malaysian including the Malays know that the real penderhaka are UMNO. I’m not supporting Karpal Singh. I know his action suck! But he said in parliament and he already retract his statement. But the Pemuda UMNO action against people in wheelchair represent that UMNO can no longer be regarded as a Malay party but a party of bully and gangster.

  5. Betul ke macam tu, big dog.

    Susah cari makan lor

  6. you saying one bengali can totally dismantle the malay social & political structure?

    pls man, stop spooking yourself…

    get a life & get a real job.

    One Benggali could stir up the emotions of many, which in turn could get the nation into trouble. Lawyers like Ghandi proven to do that. He stirred up the emotions of many, which made the beginning of the British Empire disintergrate.

    In 1914, one Serb shot a Yugoslavian prince, which made half of Europe went to war and millions of people strewn on fields between France and Belgium, within four long years.

    In the fifties, the story of one minor woman Natrah paralysed the nation-state of Singapore.

    That is why Pemuda UMNO wants something done against Karpal. Especially when he able to belit himself and confuse so many, using the Federal Constitution as his shield.

    How on earth would you simply assume we don’t have lives and real jobs???? Just because you personally don’t know, doesn’t mean its not there! Typically a minority with under-seige mentality!

  7. Najib has 30 more meters to breast the tape. Most PR athletes are either out of steam has dropped the baton. The closest PR contender is one lap behind Najib in this 18km marathon.

    So what do these PR not-sporting-at-all sportsman do?

    They boo, jeer and throw everything they can lay their dirty paws on at Najib, including Kapal King’s wheelchair, Nuar’s spent pack of c****m, Eli’s house keys and Khalid,s cows.

  8. Umno hanya tahu satu perkara sahaja…korupsi…korupsi..korupsi!najib is not fit to be the prime minister!swearing on the holy book does not prove he is innocent!he can kill maybe 10 or more…who knows!swear on the book again!tolonglah…bangun..bangsa melayu!bangundah!umno hanya menjadikan melayu,sombong bodoh!malas…jangan salah kaum lain!salah kita sendiri kerana umno telah menjadikan sesetengah melayu sombong bodoh!

  9. this i have to say, to all malays who do not support UMNO, at least support PAS as the next big malay party. UMNO must change and PAS must be humble. PAS as a party who proclaims to be an Islamic Party you ought to know how to be humble.

    By reading lots of blog postings, i as a malay is scared that the malays will one day lose their land, and all this is by our own doing.

    To UMNO change the way you manage and change the perception people has of you and that is CORRUPTION. To PAS please dont be an idiot, please dont fool other malays with your headgear and beards. Please distance yourself from this PENIPUSINGH (you know who)
    since you have branded UMNO as kafir, how on earth can u you hug Mr. Singh.

    I read and i believe this might happen, this is what being visualize by the non malays…THE NEXT GENERATION OF NON MALAYS WILL TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY FROM THE MALAYS…!!!! and it send shivers down my spine.

    Their propaganda is indeed working, and after the last general election they have stepped up the intensity of their well planned propaganda and i am sorry to say they have cultivated the utmost weekness of the malays that is DENGKI…(dont know this word exist or not in english lo..)

    Slowly the malays are falling into their trap, suprisingly led by a vehemently ferocious orator Mr.Anwar Ibrahim…yes Anwar Ibrahim who can sway even the devil (from mahathir la) with his debonair and charisma the general malay populace who are not really into politics are taken for a free long ride.
    Ha ha…yes..mention the word free..the malays will buckle.

    To Jason..yes i agree the Chinese contributes a lot to the nations coffer..but hey..you need security and peace to be able to do business and to make millions and maybe billions and Mr Jason the current UMNO led goverment is the one who has been providing that to you your father, uncle and whoever ….please be thankful la…we do not deprive and stop u from making money in this MALAY LAND. Wonder what you and gang will be doing now if the MALAYS did not make the ULTIMATE sacrifice of giving you and your gang citizenship..!!!!

    Haiya…Jason must give and take la…cannot have the cake and eat all as well lo..!!!!

    I have lots to say but since this is my first venture into the world of cyberism i guess enough la..just to test market..haha

  10. perhaps the way to beat karpal is to pursue the legal course

    play by his rules and smash him at his own game

    observe all legalities and collect evidence

    any errors or character assasination of others by karpal should be compiled

  11. Dear Jason,

    Shut up your CELAKA mouth!You’re the CELAKA one.Indeed I’m agree with bigdog and omongwaras.

  12. Jason. Kepala Butuh.

  13. Hi Big Dog,
    I doubt Jason really cares about our Sultans.
    He just hate Malays (by calling it UMNO).
    He is the typical chinese prick.

    And I doubt Sharil is a muslim, how can UMNO members be more keji than the Baby Killers in Israel?

    As for Pemuda Darai, this is your typical Malay Apologist. He rather side with the kafiruns than his muslim brothers.

    As for not all Malays are UMNO, it is as true as not all Rakyat is Pakatan Rakyat.

    And for Karpal, please try to achieve something tangible for the betterment of Malaysia instead of continuing playing politics.
    Singh is NOT King, but an animal known as a lion.
    So Karpal, you are still not at the top of the food chain..and respect those other Singhs who dilligently wear their turban when they ride their bikes.


  14. Nampaknya sudah sampai masanya UMNO menjadi Kurang Ajar, sudah masanya UMNO menjadi samseng dan UMNO menjadi kaki gaduh kerana selama ini UMNO cuma banyak bertahan. Kini masanya untuk menyerang. UMNO tak takut ditangkap, tak takut dipenjara hanya kerana mempertahankan Maruah yang cuba disanggah oleh celaka-celaka yang semakin bermaharaja lela ini. Ayuh ahli-ahli UMNO kita bangkit. Kan kita masih ingat amanat Dato Harun Idris dulu. Misih ingat ! Masih ingat ! Masih ingat! Allahuakbar!

  15. Cina dan India macam Jason memang celaka. Tak payah nak kata Pemuda UMNO celaka & racist, Anda yang tunjukkan siapa racist sebenar. Jadi anda yang perlu diam. Memang celaka punya pendatang..

  16. Jason, I understand your reason for your frustration being a non-Malay (assumption based on the content of your comment). But please bear in mind, that you should not write sarcastically as a result of your frustration. If you ain’t able to cool it down, please don’t write. If you ain’t able to think maturely, don’t think… take a break and go for a kopi-o-kau. As a non-malay myself, we must always respect and communicate more positively with our fellow Malays or Indians whatever disappointment that everybody has. Negative thoughts doesn’t yield positive result. Please be advised.

  17. Belum sempat ke Bukit Gantang
    Bukit Selambau pun belum datang
    Kita dikejutkan kematian Adun Batang
    Di Negeri Sarawak Bujang Senang
    Maka sibuklah Anwar dan Hadi Awang
    Untuk tawan dua bukit dan satu batang
    Memang betul ini bukan kerja senang
    Kena kerja kuat tak kira malam atau siang
    Sebab musuh pasti juga mahu menang
    Musuh diketuai oleh orang Pekan Pahang
    Terkenal sebab suka bawa lari suami orang
    Antaranya Cangkat Jering Bota dan Behrang
    Dikurung hingga mengaku akan menyeberang

    Ketua musuh sudah mula menyerang
    Semua pasti beres sebab dia banyak wang
    Perbendaharan negara dia yang pegang
    Namun rakyat bukan semua mata wang
    Bukan semua gila harta macam Hee Jelapang
    Bukan semua boleh terbeli janji kau orang
    Rakyat sudah muak dengan perangai kau orang
    Kalau raja tak setuju kau orang panggil natang
    Kaum yang bukan Melayu kau panggil pendatang
    Buat demo dijalan kau kata macam kera semang
    Tapi hari tu kau yang melebih dari kera miang
    Kau rampas Perak dengan cara tipu dan wang
    Bukan dengan mengikut lunas undang-undang
    Kau juga suka siarkan gambar orang telanjang
    Memang betul sentiasa mencari peluang
    Kau pun sama malah tidur tanpa seurat benang
    Tapi kita orang tak hingin nak tengok nenek orang

    Dah dua pilihanraya di KT dan Permatang
    Dua-duanya Pakatan Rakyat menang

    Dengan izin Allah begitu juga akan datang
    Batang Ai Bukit Selambau dan Bukit Gantang
    Kita doa supaya Barisan Najis akan tumbang
    Satu signal rakyat dah meluat kat hang!

    Azienmat,hang jangan cakap bodoh macam umno yang sombong bodoh,cina telah dominasi 75.9%equity negara dan 89%sme(small,medium enterprise)tanpa cina,malaysia adalah negara bankrup…hang pikir kita melayu pandai sangat ke?dengan deb…makan sekupang.jangan lupa..cina tidak ada apa-apa deb yang bodoh tau?semua degan tangan sendiri…berlajar la dari orang lain hang azienmat…

  18. Well, let’s see wasn’t it an UMNO politician that used the words ‘Keling’ in Parliment?

    Wasn’t it an UMNO politician that called 2nd,3rd,4th Generation Malaysians as Pendatang?

    Now you try to justify this violent behavior? Simply because one man called you Celaka? If you can’t even control your emotion from a simple word like Celaka, how’d you expect Indians to react to Keling, or Chinese to react to ‘pendatang’.

    It’s embarrassing, I support Khairys call for Karpal to repeat his statement outside Parliment, nothing wrong with that, but this arrogant behavior of violent thuggery is unjustifiable.

    Aren’t comments like azienmat’s completely racist, and reflect the true nature of UMNO, particularly UMNO Youth?

  19. Kita melayu memang macam itu…tau bilang orang lain kepala butuh…pandatang.tapi kita semua telah lupa fakta..atau tidak mahu mempercayakan fakta,bahawa kita melayu mesti lihat cara cina dan melayu..memang banyak beza,lihatlah sendiri hari sabtu dekat klcc dan sungai wang…ada masa lapang saja,cina tentu kerja part time..kita melayu…dekat klccc dan sungai wang lompat semacam monyet ditepi jalan,janganlah kita melayu cakap orang cina pendatang.dan kalau mereka adalah pendatang..maka kita orang melayu adalah hamba kepada pendatang.sebab fakta adalah fakta,cina telah dominasi economi malaysia.sebab kita melayu malas..tahu kutuk orang tapi tidak tahu kutuk sendiri…sombong bodoh,lihat lah…kita melayu panggil mereka pandatang,tapi mereka anggap semacam tidak apa telah terjadi,mereak ada…SAY WHAT YOU WANT ATTITUDE,SO WHAT IF YOU GUYS CALL usPENDATANG..WE STILL PLAY A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN MALAYSIA.mereka tak macam kita melayu…kutuk sikit..kita melayu buat semacam.


  21. Keith Rozario,

    How about the DAP racists who called all malays as malay Kwai (malay devil)?

    lu orang sudah racist benci melayu lagi mau kata lu orang baik ka?

    bila olang baling batu sama sultan, lu kata boleh? bila olang bengang karpal tuduh umno hantar pelulu, mestilah boleh!

    lu olang boleh tuduh macam macam, tapi karpal juga lu olang sayang?

    big dog, jangan layan cinapeks bangang ni… dah la pemalas.. kaki pompuan kat karaoke… mostly they are pimps. and they think they are self righteous.

    ingat! kalau cina ke, melayu ke, india ke, kurang ajar dengan rukunegara,



    Maaf. Ada had utk suarakan kemarahan.

  22. apahal kutuk2 Melayu ni?
    Salah ka kutuk karpal.

    karpal panggi orang celaka tak salah ka,
    karpal tipu kata Umno bagi peluru tak salah ka.
    apa OKU tak ada yg samseng?

    To karpal..Sing mcm lu is fuKing
    kalau berani cari pasal, kena berani mati.

  23. lu kutuk2 orang boleh,

    lu mau kita beradab.

    kita beradab/berakhlak dgn orang baik aja.

    dgn orang babi, kita perlu berjihad.

    orang2 UMNO..tunjukkan telur anda, mana loyar/mana pemuda semua lembik, macam paklah..bodoh. Tak bertindak bila diperlukan.

  24. what the fuck you morons whining about, you are a bunch of fucking loosers with crutches of nep mentality. wtf are you talking about the tiger of jelutong’s fault, That just goes to show how fucking gagah dan berani UMNO YOUTH ARE, 22 big strong and wealthy morons against 1 old wheel chair bound SINGH, IT TOOK 22 GUYS TO COME UP WITH THE BALLS TO CONFRONT HIM, WOW WHAT FUCKING CHAMPIONS AND GAGAH BERANI CELAKAS YOU ARE, THERE WAS A POSTING ABOVE WHICH I found amusing,
    “you saying one bengali can totally dismantle the malay social & political structure?
    pls man, stop spooking yourself…
    get a life & get a real job.”
    yes I have to agree with this, can you imagine 1 old bengali, if there were 1000 bengali, does that mean they can sapu the whole of tanah melayu, can you imagine in India the richest state is the PUNJAB(bread basket of INDIA), do you know why? they arE the most hardworking people in India, can you imagine, they don’t need govt scolarships- handouts, free contracts, free 30% of shares from companies- basically you people are blood suckers and loosers who never suceeded in anything but in deluding your selves in your greatness, let history speak for itself, you have been conquered and bitten by every fucking nation around and been jajahed by them, 300 sikhs, inclusive of pathans and sepois kicked your pahlawan arses back to the jungles when maharajalela assasinated, only 300 took on all the malays, now you delude yourselves again, what utter rubbhish, grow up and see the light or smell the coffee instead of raping yyour own children, beinghypocrate corrupt mongrels, porah pondah UMNO CELAKA, BTW UMNO DOES NOT EQUATE TO ALL MALAYS, ONLY THE LAZY BASTARDS AND LEECHES. FUCKING CLOWNS, BTW I know where you live dickward.

  25. Malaysian…stay as one!!!we must all stay as one,the economy tsunami is reaching our shore soon..to chinese,contribute as much as you can to the poor(chinese,malay,indian)to the malays…pls stay on at any cost and not let umno goons make ruckus!if malaysia fall…it wont be good..100 thousnad and more at at the blink of jobless!we must all stay as one!

  26. Hi Big Dog,

    Farewell my friend for when the next election comes, you guys will be history and will have the honour of being remembered as having fought a battle without using their brains!

    If what you have written is true, you guys really got played. Ha! Ha! Ha! Brains always beat brawn.

    But honestly, all my friends irrespective of race were ashamed with what happened in Parliament.

    No need to feel offended, just my personal observation, delete it if you wish.

  27. Karpal “KERA KURANG AJAR” Singh ni memang sia1!!!!

    Tak serik kena tampor dgn Dato Bagong dulu!

    Mungkin Karpal ni akan jadi lebih minority lagi, lepas menjadi MP pertama kena ludah di luar Dewan Rakyat!

    Karpal ni wajar dikategorikan OKU bukan sebab dia duk atas wheelchair. Sebabnya, dia cacat akal!

  28. pak lah memang bangang. sebab org macam dia lah wujudnya komentar ‘melayu mmg bodoh celaka’ above.

  29. “chinese,contribute as much as you can to the poor(chinese,malay,indian)to the malays…pls stay on at any cost and not let umno goons make ruckus!if malaysia fall…it wont be good..100 thousnad and more at at the blink of jobless!we must all stay as one!”
    what a fucktard, what bullshit, with those celakas in charge be sure you are fucked., the moron who wrote this most probably is from mca or umno looser. blooooody celakas

  30. I use to be so thankful being in Malaysia whenever I saw on TV of riots happening in Indonesia, Philippines and Korea. I was even more concerned about going to visit those countries. So sad now to see how that has become almost a culture here in Malaysia. I must admit that all this started with Anwar’s reformasi and now becoming a modus operandi among the PR supporters.

    The way I see it, what Karpal did in Parliament is simply childish. Its like a brat showing his tongue at other kids while hiding behind his mother’s skirt. He can’t possibly believe that he can just get away with mischief, can he?

    The real bully as I see it, is really Karpal. Hiding behind his OKUness, LAWYERness and MPness, he is really nothing but a bully. In reality, its the poor UMNO blokes who are disabled. There were put at a disadvantage when insulted but unable to refute. Karpal knew very well that its only their words against his. And being an OKU and an MP, he had the upper hand. Furthermore, it was within the Parliament compound! Go figure!

    I personally find Karpal a pugnacious bloke. He ‘cari gaduh’ with everyone who disagrees with his ‘righteous’ beliefs. He disagreed with his Pakatan Rakyat allies in PAS, and even called the ‘GOD-like’ Anwar to repent! I’m sure he got quite a wallop for those in-house backstabs! Even Lim Kit Siang denounced his ‘taubat’ statement notwithstanding that Karpal is Pengerusi Kebangsaan DAP! So, typical of a bully, he sought of lash against the guys who can’t fight back, ie the UMNO youth fellas!

    On one hand, we have this singh who refuses to wear a turban, threatening to bring the Sultan to Court when it was he for 7 terms now as MP, to whom he swears taat setia to every new term of Dewan Rakyat, or these overhyped media reports which probably is only hearsay from only one or two wire sources?

    Anyone here there during the event to eye witness? So whose’s to say? Chances are, we are all made jumpy by sheer clever political manipulation of events. In which case, the Malaysian public is made into fools only to be string-puppeted by this very sly and manipulative ‘OKU Lawyer Singh MP’!

    I dunno bout the rest of you, but for the time being, I’d rather focus on cari makan to make sure there is roof over my head, and food for my wife and kids!

    I have only one country to which I belong to, and I’m trying to make the best out of it. It really disturbs me when a fellow countryman try to sabatoge this only country of mine!

  31. BigDog,

    First of all, congratualations for posting even the most rediculous accusations on UMNO by the sour graped, internet savvy wannabes who think they are the ones holding political power in Malaysia.

    If it were the other way around, having UMNO supporters hogging their blog, they would not publish it. This shows that we are brave in confronting these gutless cowards.


    UMNO may not represent all the Malays, but it represents 3,599,999 more Malays than you, so why don’t you go find yourself a non Malay MP and take pictures of her fanny while she’s sleeping instead huh? Make yourself more useful for Azmin.

    Pemuda Darai,

    UMNO doesn’t need losers like you trying to act liberal minded as though you belong to the intelligent Malay species just so you can be accepted by the affluent non Malays who look down on you. Look in the mirror man! Your nose is flat, your skin is brownish yellow, sleep in a sarong and a torn singlet and eat belachan like it’s swiss cheese! You’ll always be branded as a Malay loser by them.

    Dick up,

    What makes you think by saying that this old cripple is the culprit, he can “totally dismantle the malay social & political structure?” You’re the one exagerating here, not the Dog. You must have graduated from the Anwar Institute of Drama Queens.


    You have just rediculed the Holy Quran by distrusting the man who swore on it. It is incumbent upon you as a Muslim to give that person the benefit of the doubt after doing so. If he lied, Allah will eventually do justice to him. You have swayed your faith on God’s judgement and May He curse you to the depths of Hell on Earth even before the Angel of Death takes your soul away. Amin.


    Tolong tengok-tengok sikit, takut-takut antara yang macam monyet terlompat-lompat di KLCC itu anak awak sendiri yang awak tak terjaga.


    He is a spastic tiger who is trying to get attention then pathetically hides behind his spasticity for sympathy. A Fuc*ing COWARD if ever I saw one. His son the moron who’s seen too many Tamil movies trying to challenge the UMNO guy but remained near the door instead of moving forward is also full of SHIT!

    If Karpal Singh and his coward son thinks highly of his surname or whatever the fu*k you refer the Punjabis to, then why the hell are they hell bent on trying to look like an Indian without the turban?

    Yeah, we’re trying to wake up and smell the coffee but that strong stench that you Benggalis put in your hair is making it difficult, that even my shit smells like Yves St Laurent compared to it!

  32. Aku SETUJU SANGAT dgn Tuan Gamal, non apolegetic utk pertahan maruah Bangsa &

    Karpal “KERA KURANG AJAR” Singh ni memang cam sial!!!!

    Dulu dah kena tampor dgn Dato Bagong pun tak serik-serik lagi!

    Karpal KERA KURANG AJAR ni wajar di ISAkan, sebab rata rata timbulkan kemarahan orang Melayu! Nasib baik Menteri KDN Syed Hamid “KODOMO LION” Albar; Singa kartun yg layak tertera atas kotak ubat gigi kanak kanak aja!

    Kalaulah Nazri atau Shafiee Apdal jadi Menteri KDN, dah lama IGP cadangkan tahan bawa Ordinan Darurat.

    Bangsat cam gini BAHAYA dibiarkan bebas bersuara! Silap-silap, boleh undang tentera US & Singapore kunun kunun dtg ‘pertahan’ rakyat & pelaburan mereka, bila tercetus huru hara besar antara kaum & ugama, akibat MULUT KARPAL KURANG AJAR ni!!!!

  33. Mulut engkau sama saja…sial…apatah sombong bodoh lagi,si quad Erat tu..melayu macam hang la yang memalukan bangsa melayu…bodah sangat la hang melayu semua yang selalu kutuk orang lain tapi tidak tahu berlajar kutuk sendiri,ini dipanggil sombong bodah,patutla melayu kita semua ini adalah dalam kategori pendapatan yang paling rendah,apatah lagi dengan ilmu iq dan eq..kalah semua,kerana dengan semua melayu hang yang bodoh-bodoh diatas tu!

  34. Di Malaysia ini ada satu bangsa yang telah merosakkan budaya, adat resam dan cara hidup masyarakatnya:

    1. Memulakan budaya rasuah
    2. Memberi komen dengan mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat dengan memaki hamun
    3. Pentingkan wang ringgit
    4. Perasaan ‘insecurity’ yang tinggi e.g. budaya pasang grill rumah. Tembok great wall keliling rumah.
    5. Tiada sifat kekeluargaan – hanya jumpa ibubapa setahun sekali.
    6. Pandai menyalahkan individu lain, diri sendiri saya betul.
    7. Mengaku bukan pendatang tapi berbahasa dengan bahasa rasmi negara sendiri pun tidak boleh.

    Itu sebab negara-negara lain tidak memberi muka kepada bangsa ini secara pukal ditanah air mereka, kecuali kena benar-benar ‘assimilate’ dengan budaya tempatan nya.

  35. Gentlemen & Ladies,

    Don’t let your frustration get into your head. Cool down, take a deep breath and then count your blessings. All Malaysians irregardless of races, religions, and creeds still cherish peace and harmony of the country.
    If Karpal said something that hurts Permuda UMNO, it’s only Karpal himself
    If Ahmad Ismail doesn’t understand what is sensitive to other races, it’s grave mistake on the part of Ahmad Ismail the small Mamak himself
    If Hishamuddin being a coming-up leader for the country, doesn’t grow up being a mature leader, it’s his fault as I have always respect his grandfather Onn Jaafar and Hussien Onn.

    So let us think and write something more positively instead of condemning everyone. Negative thoughts does not yield positve result..

    Please be patience, be fair and be honest to yourself, to your fellow countrymen and to God if you have one.

  36. Wahai orang-orang Malaysia..
    sedarlah semuanya.
    sesungguhnya kita adalah insan2 yang tidak suka keganasan. Kita sudah biasa tinggal dalam kadaan harmoni sekian lama. Janganlah hancurkan ketenangan ini semata-mata disebabkan provakasi ahli politik yang ada agenda tertentu.
    Kenapa kita sanggup dibuai emosi dengan kata2 yang dilemparkan oleh insan2 bermulut celupar seperti karpal singh?
    Sesungguhnya manusia yang sakit badan, sakit mental, sakit hati dan busuk hati memang mudah melemparkan kata-kata yang menyakitkan hati orang lain.
    Kita yang boleh berfikir apa yang baik, apa yang buruk dan mana yang helah, janganlah terikut2 rentak manusia-manusia yang dah kena rasuk syaitan dan dajal.
    Karpal patut meminta maaf kepada pemuda Umno kerana kerana mengatakan mereka celaka.
    Yang pasti Karpal mesti mohon ampun kepada Agung dan rakyat jelata kerana mengelar dirinya “KING” dalam parlimen baru-baru ini.

    Karpal juga patut mohon maaf kepada Pemuda Umno kerana menuduh pemuda menghantar peluru hidup. Mungkin peluru dihantar oleh musuh dalaman Pakatan Rakyat kerana Karpal pernah “serang” Anwar.
    Mungkin Anwar atau kuncun-kuncunya cuba melagakan orang-orang lain untuk mengalih perhatian memandangkan kelemahan2 dalam PKR dan Pakatan makin terserlah.

  37. to mukheeler,
    Hey friend,you must get your facts right, man.Do I hear right that you said over time Malays will lose their land without proper governance.Don’t you know that Malays have lost almost everything to their masters UMNO.Pockets of land belonging to Bumiputras especially in towns were acquired by the government for tuppence and then sold to a third party at a small margin of profit only to be sold, later on, to Supermarkets and the like at a price beyond your imagination.I have said it before and i will say it again that we are merely tools to the Administrations as they are the masters and we are mere servants. As if you do not realize it that many giant companies belong to some elite group of people made up of Tuns,Tansris,Datuks and the haves.We are back to the feudal age where the Lords were supreme and the rest were slaves.Time will tell if we still have the same air to breath, 10 years down the road under BN rule most of us will be slaves in our own land.

  38. Sejak bila pulak UMNO ni synonymous dengan Islam? Aku tengok ramai mamat-mamat UMNO kat KL ni kaki betina, kaki botol, kaki rasuah dan macam macam kaki lagi. Sembahyang Jumaat pun jarang-jarang, sembahyang harian tok sah tanya la.
    Eleh-eleh, bila marah Karpal Singh, takbir konon dalam satu paragraph, next one mencarut. Pigi dah…

    Aku tahu mamat mamat UMNO ni marah sebab takut next election kalah terus. habis la contract2 mudah dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Tak ada lagi la chan nak lepak hisap curut mahal kat Havana Club, nak hisap artis-artis murahan, nak beli kereta sport guna AP free dan lain lagi. Tu yang marah sebenarnya. Bukan sebab nak protect raja ke apa…

    Dah lama dah aku tahu..sebab tu last election aku pangkah opposition walaupun dah empat kali pilihanraya lepas aku pangkah dacing…

    Dah tak sanggup lagi aku tolerate nonsense puak puak UMNO ni..lagi aku menyampah bila aku tengok puak2 nama kadeer,azeez,kareem dan yang sewaktu dengannya dok hijack issue melayu ni. Nak bagi nampak cerdik pi beli PhD pulak..Oii, pi sekolah lah dulu lepas tu baru tipu orang, ni tipu diri sendiri lepas tu nak tipu orang pulak.

    maaf ya tuan punya blog..merapu-rapu pulak.

  39. Bodohlah jason kat atas tu, macam aku tak tahu kau kutuk umno sebab kau tak dapat NEP, bukannya kau nak keadilan ke hapa ke, cakap tarak serupa bikin. fuckatan riot kutuk sultan kat perak boleh, umno kutuk karpal kat parlimen tak boleh… tui…

    walaupun aku bukan orang umno, tapi kalau kau wat perangai kurang ajar macam ni, aku lebih rela undi umno.


  40. Karpal supporters please read this carefully.

    Karpal is already a lawyer. How does he know UMNO Youth sent the bullets without any Police investigations, before any Court trial? Making educated guesses? Banyak cantik.

    If UMNO were to do the same thing, ie say that DAP has sent the two bullets, Karpal will shout bloody murder. Karpal will accuse UMNO of being judge, jury and executioner. But when Karpal is doing the same thing, how come no one from the Pakatan points this out?

    Where is the guarantee that the two bullets were NOT sent by someone else to frame UMNO or to increase tension in the country or even to boost someone’s flagging support?

    Then based on rash judgement, Karpal called UMNO Youth “celaka”. And again Karpal did both from inside the safe confines of Parliament. Parliament can be used to say anything you want but when you abuse Parliament to make rude and unfounded accusations, then you are lowering the sanctity of the entire Parliament, including that part where Karpal also sits.

    The Opposition feels that their seats in Parliament are sanctified, they feel that the seats occupied by BN are satanic. But now Karpal’s actions have actually lowered his stature. Worse he has made his side of Parliament a ‘bayyi jual susu lembu’ operation also.

    So Karpal, please dont be surprised if your unprofessional (and maybe a little cowardly) action in Parliament has invited visitors from OUTSIDE Parliament who want to query you.

    They are not stooping low down Mr Karpal. They are merely coming down to your level of cheap theatrics. If you are low class, then rest assured they will talk to you ‘low class’. They are not English educated lawyers like you (altho you did take ten years to pass your law exams) so they will speak in the manner they know best.

    But you will not know how to speak to them because despite 60 years here you cannot speak any decent Malay. Hence you will forever remain a stranger in this land.

    If you want to sue the Sultan of Perak, by all means go ahead. But have you not noticed that Anwar Ibrahim (your DAP’s kuda tunggang) does not want to get involved? If you push this ‘I want to sue the Sultan’ agenda, Anwar’s Malay supporters will abandon you. You may cause the break up of the Pakatan.

    But everyone knows that your threats against the Sultan is just acting. Have you filed any papers yet? No? Why not Mr Brave Singh is King. You are just threatening to sue the Sultan for political mileage. This shows how much you respect the Sultan of Perak, a Malay ruler and sovereign of the State. You can sacrifice the respect that is due to the Sultan just for your ‘lembu susu’ theatrics.

    Everyone knows you will not sue the Sultan. You dont have the guts or the legal intelligence to undertake such a course of action. You know very well that the Sultan acted within his Constitutional powers.

    Mr Karpal it is not a sin to be descended from a ‘lembu susu seller’. It is not a sin to be a Punjabi, either in Punjab or in a foreign land. It is not a sin to be born low. Arent we all more or less the same? But it is stupid to continue behaving like a low class ‘jual susu lembu’ fellow.

    And it is even more stupid to expect respect from anyone when you abuse the highest institutions in the land (the Courts and the Parliament) just so that you can show low class behaviour.

    Mr Karpal in Hong Kong the standard phrase for Punjabi security guards among the Cantonese is ‘stupid’ (sor). Would you like the Malays to speak Cantonese?

    Laksa Mana

    Thanks for the bloody good argument and points put forth.

    Boleh di ajak pi makan laksa ni……..

  41. kalau la masa ku tengah jalan-jalan tiba-tiba terjumpa karpal … ambik aje batu ke kayu baling terus ke muka karpal .., kene tak kene nasib le … kurang ajor betul punjabi sekor ni …

  42. Layari kkamdias.blogspot.com, artikel Yuran atau Rule of Law. Peguam politik tidak layak memperkatakan The Rule of Law kerana mereka bukan pejuang rule of law tapi sebenarnya manipulator rule of law sptmana soros memanipulasi kewangan dunia.
    Menyebut Celaka dalam dewan imuniti adalah bukti jelas Karparat Singh adalah spekulator laknat ‘The Rule of Law’. Undang-undang sudah dijadikan senjata untuk dia hancurkan institusi-institusi pertahanan melayu termasuk raja2.
    Apa bezanya org yg tidak menghormati undang2 dengan org yang menyalahguna dan memanipulasi undang2 utk kepentingan politik mereka? Itu lebih dasyatlagi. Mengguna undang2 untuk mencapai niat buruk.

  43. hee…orang cina tidah ada nep juga boleh berjayalah.kita melayu…denagn nep?dep?,makan sekupang.disebabkan orang cina rajin,orang cina tidak perlu nep juga boleh berjaya.kita melayu…yaa allah.neplah ynag telah menyusu kita melayu selama 50 tahun,justera itu menjadikan kita melayu malas.bnagunlah melayu.adakah kita hendak minum susu ibu walaupun kita sudah dewasa,inilah scenarionya…sudah 50 tahun..masih nak minum sus ibu…MALU!MALU!MALU!

  44. Bro BDCDC,

    Harap sdr teruskan perjuangan menegakkan keadilan. Kalau kita betul, kita kata kita betul. Kalau kita salah, kita akui, saya xde masalah.

    Kalau betul Pemuda UMNO yang Karpal kata serang dia tu betul bersalah, silalah ambil tindakan undang2 dan jgn menyalak shj.

    Kenapa Karpal tidak mengulangi tuduhan beliau bahawa Pemuda UMNO yang menghantar peluru dua butir (dulu pun rasa mcm ni jugak, tp hidup jugak karpal) mengulangi dakwaan dia dia luar parlimen ataupun membuat polis repot yang mengatakan pemuda umno yang menghantar peluru dan mengancam keselamatan beliau.

    Sebabnya mudah, kerana karpal tiada bukti apa2 pun. Si Karpal itu hanya menggunakan isu tersebut sebagai satu batu loncatan supaya ahli2 PR menyokongnya kembali dan bersimpati dgn beliau. Tidakkah ianya bukan perkara mustahil jika peluru tersebut dihantar oleh orang2 sendiri?

  45. Jason,better take care of your student at Sarawak Curtin University in stead of playing politics,Your shemistry department is full of shit!!!!

  46. Yes, UMNO YOUTH memang PATUT belajar menjadi KURANG AJAR…jangan bagi ruang pun pada PENDATANG..tengok saja plan mereka di PERAK.

    Tentang KARPAL..dia memang dah nak MAMPUS…patut dapat 2 PELURU pun….KEKUATAN dia terletak pada GOBIND (anaknya)…letak dalam ISA pun tak guna gak…kena upah sorong wheelchair lagi! So perlu CARI ALTERNATIVE yang “TERBAIKKKKK”!!

  47. BigDog…

    I found this latest drama very interesting. I wanna share something with you in regards to the Malay as the dominant race in Malaysia. However, this didn’t come from me though. I am just here to share what have been told to me. So, to the fanatics…’don’t shoot the postman’.

    Malaysia has becoming like the US where the dominants are the white whereas the blacks are the minority. When the blacks goes around shooting or killing people, the people will say it is because they are being bullied. They did that as a retaliation. Somehow, when the white does the same to the blacks, racism or racist is said to be the motives.

    Big Dog, don’t you find the similarity here? Other races in Malaysia are to free speak their mind openly without having to think twice, but the Malays must refrain from saying it, not wanting to be labelled as a racist.

    I don’t know how long this will goes on, but to me what is important here is to put a stop to all this. Karpal may have his own reason for doing all this but how the way it was done is wrong.

    Correct me if I am wrong here.


  48. Realitinya orang bukan melayu sudah naik tocang dan besar kepala. Mereka sudah hilang hormat terhadap melayu dan meminta hak mereka melebihi orang melayu, ini sudah lebih.
    Memang mereka menguasai ekonomi tapi bukan sekarang dulu lagi pun. Tapi tak lah sampai boleh kata pemuda UMNO celaka. Dan kita pula yang terhegeh-hegeh ikut rentak mereka kenapa? Hari ini mereka kata pemuda UMNO celaka tak mustahil lepas ni kata melayu keadilan & pas, islam pun. Mereka minta hak kita sokong, kita tuntut hak kita tak payah sokong? Mereka berniaga pun siapa yang sokong..
    kepada Sabriman & Ibrahim terima kasih atas kata perangsang anda, saya terima nasihat ikhlas anda sbgai saudara sebangsa seagama. Nampaknya besar sangat dosa ‘pemuda celaka’ itu telah lakukan berbanding bangsa lain, dosa dah berkarat sampai nak minta ampun pun dah tak boleh?. Itu saya serahkan antara anda dengan pemuda, kritikan dan cadangan kemukakanlah pada melayu umno, saya tak nak campur.
    Tapi bila melibatkan si bedebah Singh, Lim & Siva yang terang-terang biadap@celaka kepada pemuda-melayu-umno/pkr dan pas saya sebagai melayu pasti bangun menentang kerana saya lebih utamakan bangsa berbanding perkara lain, tapi tak sampai biadap macam ‘king’ itu sewenang2 memaki dan buat fitnah di tempat mulia macam negara ini negara singh..
    Walaupun bukan ahli atau penyokong UMNO, tak semestinya saya tak perlu sokong tindakan mereka dan biarkan mereka sendiri mempertahankan hak kita, orang melayu.
    Tak salah bukan berpendirian sama dengan ‘Karpal memang Celaka dan Gila’..

  49. Well BD, if you really wanted to see Malays displaying their wrath, you should’ve looked at the photos at the Perak MB’s house & Friday At Kuala Kangsar a few weeks ago. Not just some photos of a only few hundred goons showing up in front of Karpal’s office, and led by one of the three Pemuda contenders.

    C’mon, 20 plus people to confront a man in a wheelchair? Its not like he’s some Bollywood Hero who can take on 200 hoodlums at once!

    This is episode in Parliament last Thursday wasnt planned. The 20 odd Pemuda UMNO showed up to ask Karpal to explain himself on his utterance and accusations (Laksa Mana was right in his analysis!). The ‘scuffle’ started after Karpal (feeling intimidated), son Jagdeep and Lim became their usual rude self and antagonise the young men.

    This did not happen just like that. The Malays are already very angry with Karpal. Hence the 100 odd Police report made all over the country. Compared to the changeover Government episode in Perak, how many Police reports were made against YAB Dato’ Dr Zambry Kadir? How many Police reports were made against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak for not dissolving the State Assembly (as per requested by DAP-puppet MB Nizar, summarily dismissing DAP-puppet MB Nizar and appointing Dato Dr Zambry Kadir as the 10th Perak MB?

    The episode in Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar, its all about ‘Reformasi’ style street hooliganism. No Malay wrath there! When Anwar & Co lose power, they behave childishly! The Malays are tired of this! Maybe, the got conned once in 1998. Now they grow wiser.


  50. kalau ada orang bolih di-letupkan dengan C4, Apa tu 2 peluru, bukan susah sangat nak dapat kalau pdrm diketuahi olih umno. Adakah dakwaan Karpal bahawa celaka yang hantar peluru itu. pakai lah otak sekit wahai sicacat nep.

  51. Yeah, it’s kind of sad that after being independence for nearly half a century, the same game of showing brawl instead of brain, is still imprinted in their mind. Whatever it may be that Karpal is a controversial person, but then he is not subjected to any count case despite records number of lawsuits. That’s quite amazing despite being handicap physically as well as being on the opposite side of the power-to-be.

    We only hope that the country can overcome the impending economic crisis in the horizon. May the Good God bless all the good Malaysians.

  52. Dear LIARS. PLease watch the video… and spot how the so called Pemuda Umno held YB Karpal Singh, and acted nothing more than a rempit thug.

  53. Dear LIARS. PLease watch the video… and spot how the so called Pemuda Umno held YB Karpal Singh, and acted nothing more than a rempit thug

    ps: please delete the previous comment.

  54. Kam,

    Aku tengok ulang ulang Youtube ko post tu, Ketua Pemuda PJ Utara, Serdang, Gombak semua mampir kpd Karpal Singh don tanya dia baik baik, mcm gentleman. Latt Sharizan cudup sabor ulang soalan, mintak Karpal KERA KURANG AJAR Singh jelaskan, di luar Dewan.

    Karpal yg berdegil mahu elak dr menjawab!

    MASALAH HANYA TIMBUL, lepas Gobind Deo, Lim & YB Serdang turun, kunun kunun nak rescue Karpal KERA KURANG AJAR!

    Memang benar dakwaan KP KP tu. Pemimpin DAP bila one-on-one, tak berani! Muka cam penakut! Muka Karpal KERA KURANG AJAR Singh musibat cam KERA SUMBANG BUAT SALAH!!!!

    Padahal, Ungku & Latt mula mula, tanya Karpal baik baik. Masalah timbul HANYH LEPAS Jadgeep, Lim & YB Serdang sampai!


    Tuan BigDog, Tolong publish komen ini. Thanks!

    Last warning! Jaga bahasa.

  55. Apa yang tension sangat soal karpal tu…beri peluanglah kepada dia untuk menjelaskan sejelas jelasnya berita benar…Janganlah ditunjukkan sikap pemuda dok demo pasal karpal…semalam kat TV pasal derhaka sultan kedah pulak…saya tengok gelagat gelagat orang UMNO tunjuk perasaan cukup memalukan…tak perlu buatlah malu kat orang…semalaysia tengok…sikap sedemekian lagi orang akan membenci UMNO…tak percaya buat lagi…yang best ustad azizan MB Kedah…stedy ajer…dr mahathir pun suka

  56. Aziemat!!!ada apa utuk dihormatkan,melayu tidak ada apa…kecuali rasuah,mat rempit,c4,malas..kalau seluruh malaysia hormat melayu kerana ini…mampus semalaysia!jangan cakap semacam melayu kampung…aduh!tentang hak..apa itu definasi hak.adakan kita memhormati hak mereka,kalau kita melayu menhormati hak kaum lain,melayu tidak akan sampai ke tahap sekarang!SOMBONG BODOH!ilmu kaum lain di malaysia telah merlebihi kita melayu berpuluh-puluh tahum dahulu,jangan cakap tentang hotmat…selagi kita melayu dalam keadaan sekarang,selagi ada mat rempit,rasuah berleluasan,malas,jangan cakap kaum lain tidak menghormati melayu,saya sebagai melayu juga tidak akan menghormati kaum saya sendiri,sebab kita melayu tidak ada sebarang perkara yang boleh dihormatikan

  57. […] civil-anarchy is something Malaysia should vehemently avoid, in a complex social fabric system so many managed to build and trust forstered through time, with […]

  58. Hahahaha…KAPAL SINK is really SINKING….i was told tat MAT REMPITS bantai 2 SINGH kat KL…Hmmmm….MAT REMPIT dah ada nilai KIASU cuma MUNGKIN TERSILAP pilih SINGH….

  59. Salam, baru aku tahu betapa ramai sesangat orang2 asing dan orang2 melayu benci terhadap orang2 melayu di Malaysia. Rupa2nya baik didepan aku, 1 minit aku pusing, mereka tikam aku dari belakang.
    Dalam 4 tahun lepas, jiran cina aku punya baik dengan aku dan orang rumah ku. (Aku kawin dengan ‘orang luar’). Depan aku punya lah manis, rupanya belakang aku, dia mengajak orang rumah aku minum arak (tidak kah dia tahu orang rumah aku sudah menjadi orang muslim). Di tambah lagi dengan mengumpatnya terhadap orang melayu, buta kah dia yang aku ini orang melayu. Sampai sekarang dia masih manis terhadap ku, tapi aku tahu siapa dia dan siapa ‘mereka’ sekarang. Paling aku sedih bangsa aku sendiri jadi tali barut kepada kafir2 disekelilingku.
    Semoga aku dan keluarga diberi pelindongan oleh Allah s.a.w. dari syaitan yang bertopengkan manusia dan paling aku takuti ialah dari bangsa aku sendiri. Amin


  61. NikDublin
    You are right. In America the Caucasions are forbidden from calling the Negros “blackie or black boy” but the negros can talk down to them by referring to them as “hey White boy!” I’d be damned before something like that happens in this land of the Malays!

    Checkout this article in The Patriot @ http://tpj-one-thepatriot.blogspot.com/2008/09/dato-sri-najib-you-didnt-represent-me.html

  62. Lailatul Izwan,

    Oleh kerana kamu pandai mengutuk diri sendiri sebagai orang Melayulah yang menyebabkan kamu menjadi sundal politik kepada bangsa asing yang menghina bangsa kamu itu.

    Sekarang baru aku tahu, dalam politik pun ada GRO.

  63. Kam,

    Thanks for referring us to the YouTube on the confrontation. Karpal didn’t look so Regal then did he? He didn’t look like Singh the King….more like The Stinking Singh then.

    Once again thanks a million.

  64. ^ Actually Gamal, the fact that you fellas need to send 20 to face down with one disabled man, only shows UMNO Youth people are a bunch of plastic pendekars.

    BD, So over 30,000 Malays (not including their nonMalay comrades) show up at Nizar’s house, Ipoh, and in KK, and that is street hooliganism. While a small bunch (by comparison) of few hundred UMNO Youth guys protest in front of Karpal’s office. And somehow, despite the tiny ratio to the former… this is considered the “Wrath Of The Malays”.

    Last I checked, Malay doesn’t mean “UMNO member and UMNO member only”… or has the laws of mathematics changed?

    30,000??? My foot! Maybe 4-5000, tops! Ohh, we forgot! Pakatan Rakyat people dunno how to count. Yup, that’s bloody it. Remember how Anwar on his 14 April “Black September” speech in Kampung Baru, he announced ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ will take over the Federal Government within 3-4 weeks time. Then he revised it 16 September.

    Its been almost six bloody months now!

    Well, over 100 Police reports made in far flung places within Malaysia, including in Semporna. That should represent the WRATH of the MALAYS!

    BTW, Anwar Ibrahim mastered this street hooliganism. The same tactics were used 11 years ago, so as in Jakarta, almost monthly. Yes, the people are actually paid money to ‘practice gorilla-ism’!

    Acid test is bloody simple; How come when Anwar’s 16 years tenure in UMNO, there’s NO SUCH HOOLIGANISM ON THE STREETS????

  65. Salam, apa lagi yang mereka2 inginkan? Mereka ini tinggal diMalaysia kebulur sangat? En Ibrahim, kamu tuntut hak untok mereka, hak untok kamu sendiri dan keluarga apanya? Malu jadi orang melayu?, cukup aku belas pada kamu, cukup aku belas pada emak bapak kamu. Meka2 yang jadi mat rempit tu, jangan salahkan kerajaan, emak bapak mana pergi?. Anak2 merempit pon nak salahkan orang, anak kamu yang merempit, salah kamu lah. Kamu jangan fikir orang2 kafir tiada yang berasuah ye. Kamu ingat orang2 cina dan india tiada yang pemalas? Mereka rajin buat kerja haram, berjudi, berasuah, jual arak, melacur anak orang baik lelaki baik perempuannya, jual cd haram, jual mercun haram, jual anak, apa2 pon janji dapat ‘easy money’. Tidak kira apa bangsa, yang memberi pon berdosa yang mengambil pon berdosa. Melayu apa kamu ni! Ada lah perasaan malu sikit cakap macam orang tiada Allah dalam hati. Kamu siat2 lah kulit kamu lidah kamu apa yang ada pada diri sendiri kalau malu jadi bangsa sendiri. Orang macam kamu ni memalukan bangsa aku, ugama aku. Sico.

  66. Salam, BTW, rakyat perak tidak bercakap untok keseluruhan rakyat yang menatap disana. Jangan perasan.

  67. The last time i remember there was a tale of one country man manning the balai,when the phone rang he picked it up and the voice over the other side said 5 melayu(meaning the regiment 5 melayu)this country man said you ingat saya satu singh takut kah.LOL.

  68. brighteyes,
    20? I only saw 2 confronting him.and he was pissed scared out of his wits that he sounded like he was speech impaired on top of being a cripple!
    The UMNO guy was also waiting for his chicken shit son gobind but the coward was just acting tough but scared shit to come down of the steps. Real Tamil-like…

  69. I say from now on Karpal should be addressed as Karpal Celaka Singh…. any objection?

  70. big dog, you are living in your own shallow world and having your own narrow view that is tinged with racism. What agent provocateur? If Karpal said something wrong, sue him in court. If you can’t sue him due to immunity in Parliament, ignore him. If you can’t ignore him, then blog or use other channels to counter his allegation.

    What pemuda umno did is gangsterism with threat of force, against a disable person. Uncultured. Mob rule. Disgraceful. Choosing to threaten with fist instead of winning over public opinion via words and wits. No wonder umno is loosing support. Never learn. That is why. Please continue. It will serve PR good. Help them win more elections.

    We are all Malaysians. We share this same country. But with the words in this blog’s comments like “kafir”, “pendatang”, “land of Malays”, I doubt if we as a nation has any chance of advancing forward and be proud to be a successful develop nation.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not racist or chauvinist. Any Chinese or Indians that say “Melayu hantu” etc, I will equally look down on the person who utter such words.

    Grow up big dog. Earn the right to use the word “big”.

    Look at the video carefully. Two Pemuda UMNO stepped up to him and ask him, politely, to explain himself. Gangsterism STARTED ONLY when Jagdeep and Lim arrive at the scene.

    Yes, people like Karpal and Lim are pendatang and/or immigrants! No doubt about that. The simply refuse to assimilate into and respect the majority. They do very little for the betterment of the majority. They simply ONLY focus on their narrow interests!

    Generally, look at the mentality of pendatang like this? How many of them willing do die, serving for this country? Making this country developed is far lesser importance as compared of defending this country, first!

  71. umno memang natang.. pemuda memang celaka..

  72. Big dog, I can’t believe it. We have common ground actually. You said “….gansterism started…”. You did mention the word “gansterism”. It seems that both of us agree that the group of umno youth behaved like gangsters. No?

    This gangster behavior is something that disgust most Malaysian public. Don’t agree? Try show the video clip to your children and tell them that “Ini teladan yang ayah mau kamu contohi. Tengok, mereka uguk itu biadap punya singh. Tengok! Tengok!”

    No. I saw the video over and over again. The 2 Ketua Pemuda UMO asked Karpal Singh nicely. Then his response ticked them of. Why cant Karpal answer the questions back nicely and simply repeated what he said in the Dewan Rakyat the day before?

    Memang Singh tu biadap. Orang tanya dia baik baik, dia respon cara biadap!

    The scuffle only comes when Jagdeep, Lim and the Serdang MP came to the scene. So it was the DAP MPs who reacted as gangsters to the incident.

  73. Does anyone remember what the fight is about?
    This whole ruckus. When did it start? One starts throwing stones and it never stops. Is it because we care? Do we really care? Its hard to point at anybody sometimes but obviously there are some to be blame. Is it because of riches that we came down to this? Maybe, its jealousy? Envy? I know where it all came from but no one will agree. SO the fight continues, its among the signs of the end of time anyways. Its written. Man will argue, will fight more and more. Nobody will admit they are wrong because everyone believe he is right. So? What can we do? Nothing. It goes on, and on, and on.

  74. Wow … I am totally amazed. From what you are suggesting, DAP “gangsters” are:

    Datuk Keramat assemblyman Jagdeep Singh
    Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng
    Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching (a lady gangster??? Yeah! Malaysia Boleh!)

    The infamous trio roughed up more than 10 umno youths after being provoked. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 3 against more than 10 umno youths. The trio intimidated the group of umno youths, yelled at them, chased them and sending them scurrying back into the Parliament building. Then the trio stood in front of all the journalists and declared that they will defend their rights; and the honour of RAKYAT, FREEDOM AND MALAYSIA. Finally they proceed to slogan shouting of “Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat!”

    If that is the case, then my sympathy is with the victims of gansterism – the group of more than 10 umno youths.

  75. Generally, look at the mentality of pendatang like this? How many of them willing do die, serving for this country? Making this country developed is far lesser importance as compared of defending this country, first!

    so big dog,tell me honestly..r u willing to die for ur country,Malaysia?i seriously doubt it.if ur answer is yes my reply is talk is cheap.

  76. dear big dog

    Im kinda fed up with ur attitude trying to justify every shit that UMNO does even if the truth is right in front our eyes.We the rakyat r not stupid la bro so plz la if u cant justify it just don say anyting.I noe its so obvious that ure pro-UMNO.I just cant help it.haha

  77. What if I say indeed the rakyat are stupid:
    1)for not realizing that there is no way a true democracy can exist in Malaysia so long as we have a desire to live peacefully among the Malays, Chinese and Indians.
    2)for not realizing that full democracy with freedom to say anything one likes did not even work for a homogenous society like the Philipines and Indonesia
    3)for not realizing that Singapore is what Singapore today due to the type of democracy that they practise; even them being a homogenous society
    4)for not realizing that all the squabbles today will come to nothing as this is a zero sum gain game that Malaysians will have to play like it or not.
    5)for not codemning the idiot who said that Malaysia practices apartheid. How can a segregated and victimised society be the controlling power of the econonmy of a nation.
    6)for not codemning the idiot who claimed genocide for the Indians. How come Ananda Krishnan surivived the genocide?
    7)at lastly for falling into the trap of everything that is not now is better and everything is now is worse off..

  78. […] Teoh was a witness to the recording of Pemuda UMNO never attacked DAP Chairman Karpal Singh on You Tube. He was then an aide to Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua then. He was reprimanded and […]

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